How To Find AC Leak Test With Nitrogen

An AC leak is something most homeowners face in one way or the other. Well, it can be quite disturbing and, in most situations, make your home less comfortable.

So, what must you do when your AC has a refrigerant leak? One common recommendation that most experts give is conducting a leak test to fix the leak before incurring profound implications.

Ideally, finding leaks in the system is one of the most critical aspects of making lasting repairs. From modern electronic leak detectors to nitrogen tests, there’re multiple ways that one can use to detect leaks in HVAC units.

Here, we will focus more on nitrogen tests. Due to inert nitrogen characteristics, most industrial processes use it at several stages of manufacturing and inspection. It can be safely used to test for leaks, assess plumb work, or perhaps, check the integrity of pipeline networks. Simply put, it’s pretty useful.  

 Although most folks prefer this method when testing for leaks, it can be quite pricey. Nevertheless, it’s still a pretty straightforward process. Here are the best ac leak tests with nitrogen currently on the market!

What is Leak Testing

I know you love the best products in the market. That’s why our review above incorporates only the finest AC leak test nitrogen detectors. As the name suggests, a leak detector helps you detect any leakage from your air conditioner.

These leaks are prone in your AC or a refrigerant. Therefore, to have the best ac leak test with nitrogen, we have prepared a vast buying guide that will lead you. 

If you are a novice in choosing one, this guide is just for you. Don’t worry about the various models in the market that are challenging to choose from. Here are some vital aspects you must consider before settling on one. Read on!

Leak testing infers the process of analyzing industrial vessels, pipelines, or tubing for defects. It’s mainly done to ensure that newly installed systems can endure pressures and temperatures associated with normal operations. In simple terms, it forms an integral part of safety protocols in various industrial settings. 

Reasons Why Nitrogen is Used for Leak Test?

Truthfully, most industrial components require pressure testing before installation. Using the nitrogen pressure test method allows users to dodge the risks associated with other forms of testing. It possesses unique chemical and physical properties that make it well inert, making it an ideal solution for leak testing. 

Its low reactive hence displaces oxygen and moisture from the test components’ internal environment while concurrently assessing for any potential leaks. More importantly, it’s cheaper to collect, more convenient to handle, non-flammable, and provides improved accuracy in detecting gas leaks. 

Detector Sensitivity

 A leak is a leak, regardless of how small it is. Therefore, the best ac detector must have a high level of sensitivity to detect the smallest leak. There is a possibility of your ac leaking with a small amount, but that significantly affects its performance. Thus, settle for a leak detector that is highly sensitive to detect every kind of leak. 

Nitrogen leak detectors are susceptible and can detect the smallest leaks that other methods cannot. If you have two choices between the sensitivity of 0.25 oz/year and 0.15 oz/year, select the latter since its sensitivity is high. Nonetheless, some detectors allow you to adjust the sensitivity, so always make it has the sensitivity you need. 

Sensor Life

The leak detector system incorporates a sensor that detects the leakages. However, the sensitivity of the sensor reduces with time. Therefore, you will have to replace your sensor from time to time. So, choose a detector whose sensor service-life is long. 

Various detectors have different sensor life given in days. Only a few are mostly designed for heavy-duty tasks and have a longer sensor life. I will advise you to choose these detectors to save you extra costs of a sensor replacement. 

Battery and Battery Life

If you’ve probably observed, most ac leak detectors are entirely wireless. This means that they are powered by a battery that keeps the sensor and other functional parts on. I would recommend a battery-powered air conditioner that you can use anywhere.

As the rule of the thumb, the battery cell dries up at some point after frequent usage. You can have either a rechargeable battery or a replaceable one, but the cells will dry after some time. Therefore, choose a detector with a longer battery service life. Furthermore, confirm the type of battery to check if a replacement is locally available. 

Supported Air Conditioners

It is good to check if the air conditioner you are using can support a given leak detector. You can end up wasting your bucks on an item that is not compatible with your ac. Take note that various air conditioners use different gases as a refrigerant. Some gases may be reactive, or some gases may not detect other air leakages.   

To solve this, go for a leak detector that is compatible and efficient with most ACs in the market. Luckily, most of the leak detectors show multiple ACs that they can support. Your work is to confirm with the review or the dealer. 


After confirming the above factors, it’s now time to decide on the product’s reliability and durability. A warranty is an excellent way to know all these, but not 100%. If you see that the manufacturer offers a more extended warranty, they are confident about their product. 

You must confirm the manufacturer’s warranty or other offers since it portrays what the product is built on. Try to avoid leak detectors with no warranty since you can lose your hard-earned bucks quickly. Additionally, some manufacturers also offer a sturdy carriage bag that enables you to carry your leak detector without damaging it. 

Best AC Leak Test With Nitrogen

1. CPS Products (CPSNITROKITG) Nitrogen Pressure Leak Test Kit with Regulator

Our first favorite top pick is this high-performing unit from CPS products. It’s fully loaded with all the necessary features you need to test for your AC system’s leaks.

It’s equipped with a 0-200 PSIG gauge 6′ Red service hose with 1/4 SAE female R134a HI side snap coupler for easy repair without using refrigerant and venting to the atmosphere.

Besides, it includes NITROKIT, which is needed to pre-check automotive AC systems for leaks due to hose leaks or loose mechanical connections. The kit also significantly allows for the re-introduction of refrigerant into an AC system with confidence while preventing unnecessary leakage of refrigerant. It’s highly competent!


  • Includes NITROKIT
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Relatively reliable


  • No setbacks yet


2. Vikye Nitrogen Pressure Test Gauge

If you prefer quality more than the price, the Nitrogen Pressure Test Gauge for Air Conditioning should be your must-have piece. It’s suitable for use in refrigeration equipment. Besides, it enlists an easy-to-use spherical structure valve and replaceable regular head for maximum efficiency. 

It’s 100% brand new with all the necessary features you need in a leak test. It’s a perfect solution for air conditioning, refrigerant, and central air conditioning pressure test.

With a pressure range of 1~60bar with an interface size of 1/4 SAE inch, this unit has a lot to offer. This piece is a highly effective, safe, and natural purifying solution!


  • Well-built
  • Scope of application
  • Spherical valve structure
  • Highly convenient
  • Simple to use
  • Superior quality


  • It only includes one pressure gauge


3. XZT GK-01 Hydraulic Accumulator Nitrogen Charging System

This reasonably priced piece is designed explicitly for Hydraulic Accumulator Nitrogen charging Filling and Pressure Test Kit. It can suit most brand accumulators and includes seven type adapters. Besides, it comes fully loaded with an easy to carry, compact, and simple appearance full kit.  

Additionally, it’s equipped with the main valve body with a gauge that can be used to test gas pressure and charging nitrogen gas. Further, if you need to suit a different accumulator gas valve, you can simply change the kit’s transfer adapter. It also includes three different level pressure rate gauges for added flexibility. 


  • Works as advertised
  • Easy to use and carry
  • Relatively durable
  • Includes seven type adapters
  • Incorporates extra pressure gauges 
  • Reliable


  • Quite expensive


4. PANGOLIN Hydraulic Nitrogen Accumulator Charging System

With sturdy packaging, excellent quality, and power, this exquisite piece has a lot to offer. This piece is quite a popular brand of AC maintenance and repair products broadly known for creating quality products.

It comes well-packed in the high-class PP plastic box and thick sponge to protect the hydraulic nitrogen pressure test kit and offer greater resistance to pressure. 

It has a maximum work pressure of 40 Mpa/400 Bar/5000 PSI and includes three different level pressure rate gauges to help you choose which gauge suits your pressure. It’s also designed for wide applications, including hydraulic accumulator nitrogen charging filing and pressure test kit.  

This unique piece can suit most brand accumulators and is surprisingly backed up with a 2-year warranty. PANGOLIN also offers free exchange or return in case of any default during the warranty. 


  • Excellent features
  • Outstanding customer support 
  • Reliable
  • Great warranty
  • Superior quality
  • Simple to use
  • Straightforward instructions
  • Includes different pressure levels
  • Sturdy packaging


  • It doesn’t include any sensor life rating


5. SINOCMP Hydraulic Test Kit Hydraulic Nitrogen Accumulator Charging System

In comparison with other brands, this piece is yet another top choice with lots of positive reviews. It’s highly durable, reliable, and includes three pressure gauges of 63mm diameter.

It comes packed in a sturdy PP plastic box packaging with a thick high-grade sponge for greater resistance to pressure and excellent protection of hydraulic test gauges. 

Its advanced silicone oil won’t turn yellow and offers better shock resistance. While it has a decent warranty that spans up to 2-years, it’s quite affordable. Moreover, it comes fully loaded with seven couplings, one gas hose, and a sturdy case for added flexibility. This piece is highly competitive!


  • Easy to use
  • Relatively durable
  • Well-built
  • Reliable
  • Sturdy and excellent packaging 
  • Fast shipment
  • Includes all the right adapters
  • Decent warranty


  • Quite pricey for some users


 How will I know my AC is leaking?

One primary way to check for a refrigerant leak is by conducting a dye test. This process mainly involves sending fluorescent dye into your AC system. Once it has circulated, the dye will pour through any leaks present. 

What are the risks of using dyes in leak detection?

One most common risk associated with using dyes in leak detection is the compressor shaft seal. This may mainly occur if you use too much dye or solvent. When you use too much dye, it tends to show up as a leak or perhaps cause a seal leak. 

Are refrigerant leaks repairable?

Yes, especially if it has a couple of small leaks. If it has severe or multiple leaks, it’s highly recommended that you replace your refrigerant coil. 

How does refrigerant leak smell like?

Since Freon travels through closed copper coils, they tend to cause a crack in your AC unit, resulting in an AC coolant leak. If it’s a Freon leak, it produces a smell between sweet and chloroform. 

Final Thoughts

The cases of leakages in air conditioners are frequent hitch to most users out there. Unfortunately, a small leakage can create immense damage to the cooling condition of an AC.

To avoid such cases, get an appropriate leak detector and check for any leakages. You will achieve outstanding results by settling on the best ac leak test with a nitrogen detector.

Don’t waste your ample time checking around since this article is here to take care of your worries. Good luck as you make that smart move