Best Alexa Enabled Ceiling Fan

1. Big Ass Fans Haiku L Smart Ceiling Fan

The Big Ass Fans Haiku L has all the features you would expect to find in a modern smart ceiling fan. It is compatible with two virtual assistants: Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. It also comes with a special Haiku smartphone that provides a mobile app interface for integrating the fan in your IoT home network. 

Once you get the fan connected with other devices in your home, you can easily use voice commands to determine when it starts working, gets into sleep mode, or even changes the speed. 

This fan also has all the basic features of a traditional fan that make it quite functional. The modern design means that it functions with very minimal noise for your comfort when used indoors. 

Its 52-inch three blades can be adjusted to function in any of the 7 available speed settings. When set to the swoosh mode, the blades imitate a natural breeze for your maximum comfort. 


  • Has an integrated light kit that produces a distinctive white light (dimmable brightness)
  • Comes with a free Haiku smartphone for enhanced control and grouping with other smart devices 
  • Can be easily mounted on flat or slanting ceilings


  • Suitable only for rooms that measure up to 350 square feet because of the average cutting width of 52 inches and average airflow capacity

2. Hunter Symphony Indoor Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan

The Hunter 59222 Symphony is one of the most effective smart ceiling fans because of its technical features and accessories.

The slightly wide cutting diameter of 54 inches and an air movement capacity of 5730CFM make ideal for large indoor spaces such as great rooms, family rooms, and master bedrooms.  

The reversible motor allows one to change the fan between the downdraft and updraft mode, depending on the season. Besides, it is easy to change the blades’ speed across different settings to suit your requirements. 

Some of the fan’s accessories include an easy-to-use handheld remote and an integrated LED light kit that is powerful enough to produce illumination similar to a 65-watt incandescent bulb. The integrated light kit lasts for long because of the 50,000-hour lifetime. 

The inclusion of technological advances in this fan comes at a cost. You can sometimes lose connectivity to your Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or even Apple HomeKit because of system crashes. However, this problem is not unique to the Hunter 59222 Symphony. 


  • Compatible with Apple HomeKit virtual assistant and other familiar brands like Google Assistant and Ecobee 
  • Designed for standard and angled mounting positions and comes with a 2-inch downrod


  • Occasional crashes of the software 

3. Modern Forms Lotus Indoor/Outdoor 3-Blade Smart Ceiling Fan

Although the Lotus Indoor/Outdoor Smart ceiling fan has been specially made for integration into IoT home networks, it has excellent traditional wall control features found on conventional fans. 

The wall control or RF remote control can be quite useful when you want to change the fan’s speed, shift between the summer and winter mode, and control the light. Such traditional control features can be quite useful and complement the smart technology ones. 

In addition to the basic wall control features, the smart app functions provide a very convenient way of scheduling the fan according to your routine and grouping it with other devices within your home. 

The fan also has several features that make it robust and reliable enough to be used in relatively large rooms. The 6-speed DC motor is strong enough to move air effectively (6,200CFM). You can reverse the motor to change the mode of operation of the fan during winter or summer. 


  • Many integration options, including Ecobee thermostat, Samsung SmartThings, Google Home Assistant, and Amazon Alexa 
  • Great wall control functions for managing fan speed, mode, light, and status whether on or off
  • Wet rated for indoor and outdoor use


  • Sold with a short downrod of only 4.5 inches long

4. Modern Forms Wynd Indoor/Outdoor 5-Blade Smart Ceiling Fan 

The 3000K color temperature value, the inclusion of a LED luminaire, availability of a light kit cover is some of the features that make this fan stand out from the rest. The lowest color temperature score of indoor and outdoor ceilings is 2700K war LED.

Fans with the highest value measure 3500K white LED. Therefore, the warm white LED value of this fan’s lighting kit makes it a standard fan that can produce bright illumination. 

Additionally, the smart control feature of this fan works just fine. You easily group it with your other smart home devices through integration with common virtual assistants. The pairing process is easy and straightforward. 

The biggest problem with this fan is its capacity to move air when used in large spaces effectively. Although the fan has five blades, its airflow capacity is only 5000CFM.

This is relatively low when you consider other brands with a cutting diameter of 66 inches and an airflow capacity of up to 6000CFM. 


  • Integrated LED light kit (3000K)
  • Works with all the common virtual assistant brands, including Amazon Alexa, Samsung Smart Things, and Google Assistant
  • Can be mounted on slanting and straight ceiling 


  • Average airflow performance of 5000CFM. 

5. Modern Forms Elf Indoor/Outdoor 5-Blade Smart Ceiling Fan

Several features make the Elf ceiling fan one of the most easy-to-use ceiling fans for indoor and outdoor settings.

Its wet rating means that it has been designed to work well in interior and exterior spaces. The wooden and metallic parts have been effectively made to withstand the effects of moisture that is found in covered and uncovered outdoor spaces. 

When using a fan, you would want to have total control over its performance to ensure that it suits your needs at any given time.

You can use this fan in connection with your other smart devices by integrating it into your smart home network. This integration process is simple and straightforward once you have bought a compatible virtual assistant. 

You can match the operations of the Elf ceiling fan with the requirements of your house or outdoor space by toggling between the updraft and downdraft modes. Thanks to a reversible motor, this fan can effectively provide cool drafts in a room during summer and distribute warm air during winter. 

The biggest drawback of using this fan is that its installation process is a bit complicated. If not done well, it may end up wobbling or producing unnecessary noise.

However, this is a small problem that can be fixed by accurately following the recommended process. 


  • Silent action motor that has six-speed settings can operate in summer and winter modes
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • Convenient for mounting on slanted ceilings


  • Complex assembling and installation procedures

6. Modern Forms FH-W1802-26L-35-MW Contemporary Modern 26“Ceiling Fan

The small size of the Modern Forms FH-W1802 can easily lead one to conclude that this fan performs averagely. However, this is not the case.

The Modern Forms FH-W1802 is a small but quite effective ceiling fan used in small to medium-sized indoor and outdoor spaces very conveniently. 

Its brushless DC motor operates silently and powers the five sturdy 26-inch blades to provide air currents strong enough to make an average-sized office comfortable.

This fan can also be used in medium-sized indoor and outdoor spaces that measure between 300 and 400 square feet, including ordinary bedrooms and verandas. 

The major drawback that you will experience when using this fan is that it is incapable of working well in large spaces. The 5084CFM airflow capacity is not enough for rooms that measure higher than 400 square feet. 


  • Small and sturdy design 
  • Elegant white matte finish blends well with modern finishing styles 
  • Operates silently 
  • Powerful integrated LED kit with a LED luminaire for enhanced luminance  


  • Unsuitable for use in large spaces because of the average airflow capacity of 5084CFM

7. Modern Forms FR-W1910-52-MB Contemporary Modern 52“Ceiling Fan

One of the significant benefits of owning a Modern Forms FR-W1910 ceiling fan is that you can confidently use it in indoor and outdoor settings because it is wet rated.

You do not have to worry about installing this fan in uncovered outdoor spaces because it has been specially designed to withstand the effects of elements, including moisture and dust. 

Its design is also something worth mentioning. The Modern Forms FR-W1910 is a relatively small fan with an elegant design. The three nicely curved blades that measure 52 inches in diameter are beautifully merged with well-designed wooden and other metallic parts. Moreover, it has a sleek matte black finish that blends very well with modern and antique décor styles. 

Despite its highly functional and attractive features, the Modern Forms FR-W1910 is not suitable for large spaces such as garages and big living rooms. It’s cutting diameter and motor power limit how effectively it can move air when used in large areas. 


  • Wet-rated for use in indoor and covered and uncovered outdoor spaces 
  • Excellent design involving a nice black matte finish that blends with common décor styles 
  • Efficient utilization of the power of up to 70% better than traditional fans 


  • Unsuitable for large spaces because of average airflow capacity and cutting diameter

8. Modern Forms Mykonos Indoor/Outdoor 3-Blade Smart Ceiling Fan

Because this Mykonos ceiling fan is listed for use in indoor and outdoor spaces, you would want the integrated LED light kit to produce enough light to illuminate the spaces.

Luckily, this fan’s light kit produces a 300K warm white light that is strong enough to illuminate mid-sized areas. Besides, you can easily control the light’s brightness using any of the three available options: standard wall control, a handheld remote, and voice control. 

This fan has several other features apart from the integrated lighting kit’s strength, which makes it one of the best brands available on the market. The inclusion of control functions common in traditional fans enhances your convenience level when using this fan. 

If the Wi-Fi-enabled integration with smart home devices systems fails, you can easily resort to using the handheld remote control included in the box. Also, the wall control feature works very well when you would like to adjust the fan’s speed or switch it on or off. 


  • Integrated powerful LED light kit 
  • It is sold with a handheld RF powered remote control 
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use


  • Unsuitable for use in large spaces because of low air moving capacity of 5430CF 

9. Modern Forms FH-W1803-52L-MW Contemporary Modern 52“Ceiling Fan

One of the most notable features of this fan relates to its smooth performance. Some conventional fans are known to wobble, click and produce some noise when functioning. This is usually a result of low-level glitches in the moving parts. 

Although such technical faults can be easily fixed, having a wobbling or screeching fan in or outside the house can be a very uncomfortable experience.

It is because of this that the Axis ceiling fan is industry-tested to ensure that its moving parts operate smoothly and silently. The inclusion of a modern DC motor also ensures that the fan runs very silently. 

Good outdoor fans can withstand all the harsh environmental factors, including moisture and dust. The Axis ceiling lane is no exception.

It has certain features that maximize its durability and usefulness when it is mounted outdoor. The LED lighting kit has a unique cover for improved durability. Also, its wooden parts are properly protected against the effects of moisture. 

The biggest drawback of owning this ceiling fan is that you have to buy a downrod if you intend to use one. 


  • Smooth performance because of repeated tests conducted during manufacturing 
  • Efficient utilization of power (up to 70% better than conventional ceiling fans)
  • Ideal for use in indoor and outdoor settings 


  • Downrod not included 

10. Modern Forms Cervates Indoor/Outdoor 4-Blade Smart Ceiling Fan

 The Cervates Indoor/Outdoor ceiling fan is the embodiment of a smart fan with excellent performance credentials. On the one hand, it has all the standard three levels of control you would like to find in a modern fan.

If you do not wish to use the standard wall control feature, you can switch to the Wi-Fi-powered advanced mode or the smart control capability. 

Both control methods are relatively easy to use. For advanced control, you only have to download and install a free app on your android or iOS phone.

The smart control functionality involves connecting the fan to your smart home network using any of the common virtual assistants, including Amazon Alexa, Ecobee, and Google Assistant. 

You can control the fan’s speed and the brightness of the LED lighting kit using simple voice commands. You can also schedule the fan’s performance in line with other smart devices in your home using a simple voice control interface.

However, this high level of virtual control comes with the occasional cost of software crashes. 


  • High performance as a result of high blade cutting diameter of 56 inches and airflow capacity of 5900CFM 
  • Integrated high-quality LED light kit with a cover to regulate luminance 
  • Elegant design with a beautiful bronze finish 


  • Occasional failures of the home kit integration functionality