Best 6 Inch Carbon Filter

Foul smells within spaces can be irritating not only to the occupants but also to your neighbors. You don’t want your neighbors pointing fingers at your household, indicating that it is the home of foul smells. Worse still, if you have a grow room where you are growing something like cannabis, you may want to keep it discreet.

If you wonder how you can achieve this elimination of the foul smell and keep grow room plants discreet, then a carbon filter is the piece of equipment you might need. If you are looking for advice on the best carbon filter in your space, then read on!

What is a 6 Inch Carbon Filter

Allergens, pathogens, and foul smells are irritating and may be detrimental to the health of individuals within spaces, and we do not want to endanger or compromise health which is the main reason why individuals get carbon filters.

Carbon filters aid in the reduction of these smells or odors while still controlling the emission that comes with growing. This happens when the carbon content in the filter captures the vapor in the air responsible for the foul smell taking them out of circulation within your space.

The carbon content is also responsible for trapping impurities and contaminants, leaving your space free from foul smells and any unwanted elements. A 6-inch carbon filter will serve efficiently a room that is approximately 6*6. 

Benefits of Carbon Filters

If you are wondering what benefits you will reap from getting a carbon filter, then here are some benefits.

  • The first one is the obvious one in that you will get to eliminate odors that may have otherwise proved difficult to eliminate.
  • The other benefit is that they trap allergens and contaminants. The ease of use and installation elicited by carbon filters is another benefit of acquiring them. They will need minimal maintenance efforts, which is something that we all like in any piece of equipment.
  • Last but not least, carbon filters do not in any way endanger the plants being grown or the individuals living within a space. They are 100 percent safe.

What Determines the Carbon Filter Lifetime?

One of the things that I found and that stood out was compliance with the longevity of the carbon filter. This had me confused as I thought I needed a piece of equipment that would take long before it got its replacement.

However, reviewers were citing six months of use to one year. Unfortunately, there was a scarcity of information when it came to an understanding of the determining factors of the lifetime of a carbon filter.

So, I thought, why not lessen the load and the stress of searching and understanding this for you by outlining some of these factors?


One of the factors that determine the carbon filter lifetime is the quality of the carbon. High-quality carbon will mean a longer lifetime for the carbon filter, while lower quality yields the opposite.

The dealers of carbon will sell it by its weight. High-quality carbon will mostly be heavier in weight, assuring the user of longer life and even effectiveness of its function. 


The other important factor is the size of the filter and the room. It is important that you match the size of the filter with the room size. As mentioned above, a six-inch carbon filter will be ideal for a 6*6 room or less.

If you decide to put this filter in a larger room, the filter will get dirtier fast. There is also a large amount or volume of air that will be passing through the filters, making it work more than it is supposed to.

This then reduces the lifespan of the filter. Thus, if you want your carbon filter to serve you for its intended lifespan, ensure that you get the right size for the right room.


Pollution is another factor that will determine the lifespan of your filter. Using carbon filters in highly polluted areas filled with dust will definitely overwork the carbon filter.

They will get clogged quickly, which shortens their life spans. Since this is something that you can barely control if the space is dusty and highly polluted, always budget well in advance for other carbon filters. 

How Do I Choose the Right Carbon Filter for My Space?

There is an abundance of options for carbon filters existent in the market today. Some people note that they are spoilt for choice, but I like correcting them and making them understand that it is an understanding of the factors for consideration that they get.

The question that usually follows is on the factors that they should understand and consider before they purchase or choose the right carbon filter for their spaces. This is a question that I often get, and I think it’s important for consumers to get the right factors. 

By now, every one of us who has been religiously following this guide understands that the size of the space or the room where you intend to keep the carbon filter is of utmost importance.

You don’t want to get a carbon filter that will break down after three months of operation because of a mistake in the size. Thus ensure that you measure the cubic feet of your room before heading out to purchase the carbon filter. This will save you a lot of pain and economic losses.

Your chances of selecting the right carbon filter will significantly go up when you consider the pre-filter. It is important that you check whether the carbon filter comes with a pre-filter.

The function of the pre-filter is to help in reducing particles such as dust from getting into the filter. We all know the damage of clogging that these dust particles can cause to the carbon filter shortening its life span. The pre-filter will also act as protection for other equipment that you select for use with your carbon filter, such as the inline fan.

Thicker carbon is an important factor of consideration as it increases the absorption rate of foul smells. As such, the recommendation is that you look out for the carbon filters that have thicker carbon, although they may have a higher price tag. The price tag should not be a point of worry if you will get value for money.

Here, the factor of durability versus cost also comes in. I understand that most of us will usually have set a certain budget for the purchase of such a piece of equipment. Therefore, there is the temptation to go in for the equipment that is closest to the set budget.

This may lead you to inexpensive models which are of lower quality. Ensure that you choose durability over cost to enjoy the goodness of carbon filters. 

Having a noisy piece of equipment within your space is irritating and disorienting at the same time. When you select a carbon filter that is less compact, you will, unfortunately, have to go through the noisy ordeals.

In order to avoid this, ensure that you consider the portability of the carbon filter. This guarantees lesser vibrations and consequently noise during operations.

Best 6 Inch Carbon Filter

1. AC Infinity Air Carbon Filter 6″

AC Infinity Air Carbon Filter 6" with Premium...
  • Designed to eliminate odors and chemicals for grow tents and hydroponics room.
  • Features premium-grade Australian charcoal with higher absorption and longer life rating.
  • Contains heavy-duty aluminum flanges, galvanized steel meshing, and clothed pre-filter.
  • Enables maximum airflow passthrough for both intake and exhaust configurations.
  • Duct Opening: 6” | Length: 16" | Airflow Rating: 410 CFM | Carbon: Australian RC412 at 1200+ IAV | Thickness: 38mm

The first striking element of this carbon filter comes from a reputable brand- AC infinity. The company has been rated five stars in almost all their products, making the user be guaranteed that the carbon filter’s performance will be exemplary.

The other advantage of this carbon filter is that it features premium-grade Australian charcoal. This ensures a higher absorption rate of the odors and foul smell and a longer life rating. It is also important to mention that it is high-quality equipment as it contains heavy-duty stainless steel flanges and aluminum meshing. 

Don’t we all love a piece of equipment, especially a carbon filter that is fairly priced yet premium? The AC Infinity Air Carbon Filter 6″ is fairly priced considering the numerous advantages that it presents to the users.

The only limitation identified by users of this piece of equipment is that the company does not sell replacement pre-filters. This may force the user to purchase from other companies which may not have the quality that the user was accustomed to when using the AC Infinity pre-filters. 


  • Features premium-grade Australian charcoal
  • Reputable brand
  • High-quality piece of equipment
  • Fairly priced


  • The company does not sell replacement pre-filters

2. Terrabloom Activated Charcoal Carbon Filter

TerraBloom 4" Filter 12" Long, 46mm Thick Carbon...
  • TerraBloom premium carbon filters have industry leading 1.8” (46mm) deep carbon bed that is at least 20% thicker than competition. Our filters scrub air better and have longer lifespan.
  • We use only highest grade, granular Australian activated charcoal, which gives you better adsorption and superior carbon porosity to capture odors, VOCs and other airborne pollutants in growing, laser engraving, food processing and manufacturing applications.
  • This charcoal scrubber can be installed both inside and outside the grow tent and is capable of filtering air in both directions. Whether you want to use it as an exhaust or intake. You can pull air though the filter and out or push air into the filter and out of your grow room, it will work just as well.
  • 4 x 12 inch model has a gross weight of 7.3 lbs and contains 3.9 lbs of carbon inside. It can handle airflow rates up to 350 CFM. For seamless operation pair this filter with TerraBloom 4” EC Fan, model ECMF-100.
  • Recommended for small to medium grow tents with footprint of 2x2 ft, 3x3 ft, 4x4 ft or cultivation rooms of similar size.

Any individual (especially growers) looking for carbon filters for purchase have at one point, or another heard of the name ‘Terrabloom.’

This says a lot but most importantly, that it is a reputable company making this carbon filter a worthy investment. The build of the carbon filter is also of high quality, which guarantees proper functioning and longevity.

This equipment’s price is another positive point as it is not overly priced, making it affordable to all and sundry. My favorite part of this carbon filter is its top-grade charcoal carbon in all their carbon filters. Thus, worrying about sub-standard carbon used for the carbon filters is a thing of the past.

Sometimes, you may want to connect the carbon filter with your inline fan. in such cases, most people’s challenge is odor control. Well, with the Terrabloom Activated Charcoal Carbon Filter, this worry will be history as it comes with odor control.

Users have, however, noted that installation and connecting the filter might be a little challenging. This should not be the barrier to enjoying the equipment’s benefits as you can always get an expert for installation.


  • Quality brand from a reputable company and build.
  • Fairly priced
  • Uses top grade carbon
  • It comes with a carbon filter odor control in case you connect it with an inline fan.


  • Installation may be a little bit challenging.

3. Phresh 6 Inch Carbon Filter

Phresh Inline Filter, 6" 500 CFM Carbon Filter for...
  • Point to point air movement and filtration
  • State of the art carbon filters that practically scour the air to clean it of dust, foreign particulates, organic compounds and odors
  • Phresh Inline Filters are twice as light and last twice as long

The most exciting element of this carbon filter is that it is made from 90 percent recycled material. We live in an age and era where recycling should be the order of the day to protect our ecosystem, and this company has done great in ensuring this. It is important to note that this does not in any way compromise the quality.

The carbon filter uses premium grade Australian carbon, which is highly absorbent, making the equipment quite effective. This carbon filter is also competitively priced amid its numerous benefits and functionalities, making it a favorite for many. 

From an honest perspective, heavy equipment is usually a turn-off. I am sure that this is the case with many individuals. However, many times we lack the lighter options and end up purchasing bulky equipment.

Fortunately, the Phresh 6 Inch Carbon Filter gives us a lighter option. It has aluminum bases and tops, making it half the weight of almost all the other filters. Thus, there is the ease of handling and even movement when the need arises. 

Users have, however, complained that the equipment has a shorter lifespan. They also note that some odors may still be noticeable even after using this carbon filter. 


  • Made from 90 percent recycled materials
  • Competitively priced
  • Lighter than other filters
  • Uses premium grade carbon


  • Short lifespan
  • Odors may still be noticeable.

4. Grower 6 Inch Carbon Filter

Carbon filters or generally any equipment with high-quality materials is usually the joy of any consumer. There is that sense of peace that this will be an item protected from external damage.

However, it is important that as the consumer, you check on the inside to see if the high quality is also reflected therein. Fortunately, the Growneer 6 Inch Carbon Filter has high-quality material both inside and outside. 

This carbon filter is made of high-grade aluminum, which guarantees its durability. It also comes with high-quality virgin Australian carbon ensuring maximum filtration effectiveness. Further, the carbon filter has a cone-shaped base, which ensures that the carbon is fully utilized.

The variable speed control also gives you the autonomy to control the speed of operations of the filter. 

Users have complained that the airflow with this carbon filter is not always great. This is because of the presence of an air leak in some of the carbon filters. There is also the common complaint that some odors remain detectible, putting to question this fan’s effectiveness. 


  • High-quality materials guaranteeing durability
  • Cone-shaped base
  • It comes with variable speed control.


  • The airflow is not always great.
  • Some odors are still detectible even after use.


5. VIVOSUN 6 Inch Air Carbon Filter

VIVOSUN 6 Inch Air Carbon Filter Smelliness...
  • Superior Carbon Quality: Made of imported Virgin Australian activated charcoal, delivering 100% filtered airflow. 1050+ RC 48 carbon captures three times more air contaminants than average due to optimal surface area per carbon particle
  • Eliminates Smelliness: Protects from chemical irritants and eliminates smellinesss- from pungent indoor grow operations to bathrooms, basements and kitchens. Absorbs smellinesss from pets and smoking as well
  • Effective Smelliness Control: Eliminate some of the most undesirable smellinesss, pungent smell and particulates from indoor grow tent, hydroponics grow room
  • Versatile Applications: Item can be used as intake or exhaust filter in a variety of setups including use with 4 inch inline fan and duct fans, intake and exhaust fans, air exchange fans, ventilation ducts, and other accessories
  • Package Includes: Carbon Filter; Changeable Pre-filter; A Pair of VIVOSUN Rope Hanger; Dimensions: 6'' x 18''

The VIVOSUN 6 Inch Air Carbon Filter is another piece of equipment that you will regret not having in your spaces as soon as you get to learn of its benefits.

First, it comes with a pre-filter unit. This unit ensures that the air passing through the filter is thoroughly cleaned. What do you expect after such a process? The answer is the elimination of odors effectively.

The reversible flange provides another point of advantage for this carbon filter. It works together with the base and ensures that there is a longer lifespan for the carbon filter. It also facilitates increased airflow, which is great for ensuring that your spaces are free from the shackles of foul smell. 

The other benefit is that it comes with a changeable velcro pre-filter and carbon filter belts. This ensures that you can use the charcoal inside the unit for a long while. 

Among the limitations that users have identified is that the carbon filter is cheap thus may need replacement often. Clogging may also happen within a short span of time, requiring the attention of professionals and, in fatal cases, the replacement of the entire unit.


  • It comes with a pre-filter unit.
  • It has a reversible flange.
  • It comes with a changeable velcro pre-filter and carbon filter belts.


  • Clogging may happen within a short .period
  • The pre-filter is cheap.


6. CoolGrows 6 inch Air Carbon Filter

CoolGrows 4 inch Air Carbon Filter with Reversible...
  • 🍃 Odor Control: Pre-filter included, our item will soak up and eliminate the undesirable and ill-smelling odors of bathroom, kitchen, drying rooms to keep your place clean while bring you cleaner air.
  • 🍃 Reversible Flange & Base: The flange and bottom can be removed to reverse the charcoal canister, making the filter body could be flipped upside-down for reversable smell filtration and also extend the service life.
  • 🍃 High Efficiency: Machine packed carbon enables 99.8% filtered air flow. Inner and outer mesh provides 53% open area allowing increased air flow, easy compact with the Inline Fan(not included).
  • 🍃 Absorbent Carbon Filter: 4 inch carbon filter, 1050+ IAV Australian virgin charcoal bed.
  • 🍃 Optional Size & Top Customer service: 4" & 6" for your better choice, and the item has better absorption and effective. If our product does not meet or exceed your expectations, please contact us at any time. One-year warranty: Our warranty is ironclad and truly hassle free.

We can all agree that devices that are easy to install are a breath of fresh air. Having to get a handyman or get through a myriad of YouTube videos and instructions to install a device is never a walk in the park. Well, you don’t have to go through this with the CoolGrows 6 inch Air Carbon Filter, thanks to its ease of installation.

This carbon filter is also durable as it comes in a galvanized steel frame. Therefore, you do not have to worry about its replacement any time soon. I guarantee that you will not regret this purchase. 

The high efficiency that this device provides is another one of its benefits. The efficiency comes as a result of two things, the first one being its machine-packed carbon which enables 99.8 percent filtered airflow. The second element enabling this efficiency is its inner and outer mesh which facilitates increased airflow. 

Users have complained that the carbon filter may not fit an exhaust fan. This forces the users to purchase additional clumps and even do some additional ducting, which may have been out of their planned budgets. 


  • Easy to install
  • It comes in a galvanized steel frame.
  • Highly efficient


  • The carbon filter may not fit the exhaust fan.


Strong smells within your spaces may cause a lot of trouble for the occupants and also with the neighbors (especially if you are growing weed). This is not a way to live life when there are many readily available six-inch carbon filters.

It is about time you got yourself one with the aid of this buying guide. I hope that this research covered a lot of the questions that you had. However, it is always advisable to conduct more research. Happy buying!