Best Ceiling Fans For Large Rooms

1. Monte Carlo 3MAVR60BK Maverick Energy Star 60” Outdoor Ceiling Fan

If you are looking for a general-purpose ceiling fan to add to your large indoor or outdoor spaces, then the Monte Carlo 3MAVR60BK Maverick may be the right choice. 

With a high airflow capacity of 6687 CFM, cutting diameter of 60 inches, and a powerful 6-speed reversible motor, this fan is ideal for use in spaces that measure between 350 and 400 square meters. The three basal wood blades of the fan have been carefully hand-carved to complement its high airflow capacity. 

The Monte Carlo 3MAVR60BK Maverick has several features and functionalities that enhance its usefulness. You can easily manage its speed and mode of operation using a small universal hand-held remote control. 

On the downside, this fan is that it cannot be used in uncovered outdoor spaces because it is not wet-rated. 


  • Great for general purpose use because of a high airflow capacity of 6687 CFM
  • Elegant matte black-dark walnut finish blends well with modern decor styles 
  • Hand-carved blades made from balsa wood maximize airflow capacity 


  • Unsuitable for use in uncovered outdoor spaces because it is not wet-rated 
  • Designed for straight ceiling mounting 

2. Minka-Aire F888-DK Slipstream 65 Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan

The Minka Aire F888-DK is a massive ceiling fan with the capacity to improve airflow in large rooms that measure 400 square feet, such as expansive living rooms. 

It has a cutting width of 65 inches, which makes it one of the biggest fans that are ideal for use in large rooms. Its airflow capacity is 8778 CFM. 

Its integrated light kit comprises of a semi-spiral fluorescent bulb housed in a specially made opal glass, strong enough to provide pleasant illumination in large rooms.

The fan has other performance and control-enhancement features that you would expect to find in any standard fan designed for use in large rooms. It is sold together with a universal hand-held remote control that you can use to toggle between summer and winter modes. 

You can also use the remote control to adjust the fan rotation speed according to your requirements. 

However, it is not clear whether this fan is the best option for uncovered outdoor spaces. Wet-rated fans can effectively withstand the effects of elements such as moisture and dust. 


  • Has an integrated LED light kit 
  • Effective for use in rooms larger than 400 square feet because of the high airflow capacity of 8778 CFM 


  • It is unclear whether the fan is wet or damp-rated 

3. Westinghouse Lighting 7203900 Techno II 72-inch Titanium Indoor DC Motor Ceiling Fan

The main feature that makes the Westinghouse Lighting 7203900 one of the most functional ceiling fans for large rooms is its cutting diameter.

Most brands that fall into the category of fans have cutting diameters of 65 inches. With a 72-inch width, this massive fan has elegant air movement capability. 

The huge airflow capacity of this fan is another notable attribute. Fans that have an airflow capacity range of between 6,000 CFM and 6,900 CFM are usually ideal for rooms that measure slightly more than 400 square feet.

Therefore, the Westington Lighting 7203900, with a 7234 CFM score, is enough to function perfectly in a room that measures way higher than 400 square meters. 

However, the large size of this fan comes with certain disadvantages. The main drawback is that its huge blades sometimes may become wobbly when the fan is running at high speeds. Luckily, this problem is not unique to Westinghouse Lighting 7203900. 


  • Effective airflow capacity due to a large cutting diameter of 72 inches 
  • Comes with an integrated light kit (dimmable brightness)
  • The brushed steel finish and nicely curved blades provide an elegant look 
  • High durable because of the use of special metal and glass for its parts


  • Sometimes the blades may become wobbly.

4. Quorum 97215-69 Transitional 72“Ceiling Fan

The Quorum 97215-60 is a massive ceiling fan made for use in large indoor spaces. With huge blades with a cutting diameter of 72 inches and a powerful and reversible brushless DC motor, it can move air quite effectively in any large space such as living rooms and expansive bedrooms. 

It comes with several accessories to improve user experience and maximize control. The downrod can be quite useful if you have to adjust its height according to your ceiling’s configuration.

The handheld remote is the perfect device that you need to adjust the speed, mode of operation, and even brightness of the LED light kit of this fan conveniently.  

The fan has two major drawbacks that are worth mentioning. It cannot be installed on slanted ceilings because of its size. However, this is not mentioned on the packaging.

Also, the fan is rated dry. This means that its usage is limited to dry indoor spaces that are not exposed to natural elements to any degree. 


  • Operates silently despite its size and a high blade number 
  • The noir finishing and windmill design blend well with contemporary decor 
  • Included an integrated LED lighting kit


  • Unfit for mounting on the slanted ceiling because of its weight (46.6 pounds)

5. Emerson Ceiling Fans CF788VNB Carrera Grande Eco Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan

The Emerson Ceiling Fan CF788VNB is a unique fan for several reasons. One, it is damp rated, and this means that you can use it in covered outdoor spaces like verandas as well as in large rooms such as large living rooms. The finished blades have been specially designed to withstand damp conditions quite well. 

You can select the specific type of blades to be used for the fan. You can choose from more than 50 varieties of blades with different finishing styles, such as solid wood, decorative hand-carved ones, and wood veneer. You can also choose from four distinct length types: 44 inches, 54 inches, 60 inches, and 72 inches. 

One would expect that such a highly functional fan with an airflow capacity of 7184 CFM, customizable blades ability to withstand damp conditions would have an integrated LED light kit. Sadly, you will have to buy your kit separately if you choose to use this fan. 


  • You can choose from a variety of blade finishes
  • Damp-rated for indoor and covered outdoor use 
  • Can be mounted on slanting ceilings by using the Emerson Sloped Ceiling Kit
  • Great capacity to move air (7184 CFM)


  • The LED lighting kit is sold separately.

6. Minka-Aire F905L-DK Artemis XL5 62 Inch Ceiling Fan

If you are looking for a fan with an insanely great capacity to move air around really large spaces, then the Minka-Aire F905L-DK should be your choice. 

It has a CFM value of 9160, which is very high when one considers that most ceiling fans marketed as ideal for large rooms have values ranging from 6000 CFM to 7,500CFM. 

The bronze-finished blades have been distressed to maximize the amount of air collected and propelled while the fun is operating. 

Although the blades are only five in number (some ceiling fans have even 15 blades), they can conveniently provide fresh air in large indoor and outdoor spaces that as big as 600 square feet. 

The integrated LED light can be quite useful whether you decide to mount the fan outdoors or indoors. It is relatively easy to control the brightness of the power-efficient LED light using a handheld remote control with the fan. 


  • Great air movement capacity as a result of specially designed blades and a good cutting diameter of 62 inches. 
  • Comes with an integrated LED light kit with dimmable brightness
  • Comes with its own small handheld remote control 


  • Not ideal to be used on slanted ceilings 

7. Craftmade KAT72ESP-72ROAK Katana Dual Mount 72″ Ceiling Fan

The Craftmade KAT72ESP-72ROAK is a highly functional ceiling for large indoor spaces because of a combination of its cutting width of 72 inches and a high capacity of 7501CFM to move air around areas. 

Besides, it has been designed to be used on straight as well as angled ceilings. The specialized kit can be used to mount the fan on slanted ceilings. This gives you additional options if you intend to use the fan on indoor spaces with slanted ceilings. 

The easy level of control provided by a hand-held remote complements the functionality of this fan. You can adjust the motor’s speed and change the brightness of the LED lighting kit using the remote control. 

The only notable drawback of this fan is that you cannot use it outdoors. Its ETL rating of dry means that its blades, motor, and other components have not been designed to withstand moisture and dust. 


  • Easy control options using a hand-held remote or the wall control feature
  • The brushless DC motor operates with minimal interruption and at six different speed levels
  • Highly functional because of the cutting diameter of 72 inches and a CFM value of 7501. 


  • Recommended for indoor use only 

8. Fanimation FP6729BMWW Xeno Wet Fan

The Fanimation FP6729BMWW is a general-purpose ceiling fan, thanks to its high airflow capacity of 6379CFM, a modern motor with 6-speed settings, and nicely designed 56-inch blades.

You can comfortably use it in large indoor and outdoor spaces such as master bedrooms, living rooms, porches, and verandas. The wet ETL rating means that this fan can withstand the effects of moisture and dust. 

The fan has several features to make it easy for anyone to use it. The advanced controls enable users to control the brightness of the LED light kit, switch the fan on and off, and control the speed. You can also use the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capability to toggle the fan between the updraft and downdraft modes. 

A notable drawback related to this the Fanimation FP6729BMWW is that the advanced controls are sold separately. However, this is not a big problem because the controls are readily available. 


  • Designed for use in indoor and outdoor spaces (covered and uncovered)
  • Compatible with advanced controls, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi  
  • Enhanced functionality because of the 6-speed settings of the motor


  • The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatible controls are sold separately