Best Ceiling Fans For Living Room

1. HUNTER 53237 Builder Plus Indoor Ceiling Fan

One of the most important things that you should consider when looking for the right fan for our living room is the degree of the fan’s silence during operation. The Hunter 53237 fan has a brushed motor that is completely silent during operation.

Additionally, the fan’s five 52-inch blades operate steadily without wobbling even when the motor is at high speed. 

Apart from its silence and steadiness, the Hunter 53237 has several features that make it quite functional and useful for standard living rooms.

With a 5049CFM score, 3-speed settings, and inclusion of 9 and 11-inch downrods, the fan can be the right choice for your home. You can use the pull chain to toggle between the downdraft and updraft modes, depending on your requirements. 

The main drawback of this fan is that you can’t install it in high-ceiling rooms. It’s design and technical features suit the requirements of standard living rooms, children’s rooms, and even lounges.


  • It has an enhanced pull chain control functionality for switching the fan on and off and changing the speed
  • The integrated LED light kit has been specially designed with swirled marble glass for enhanced ambiance 
  • Ideal for living rooms and bedrooms because the motor operates silently


  • Designed for use in rooms with low ceilings only

2. reiga 52-in Ceiling Fan with LED Light Kit

Although the Reiga ceiling fan has been designed for indoor use, the combination of special steel and copper for its body parts and iron housing makes it very durable and sturdy. It can effectively withstand exposure to damp conditions when it is used indoors.  

Furthermore, the fan has all the functionalities you would want to get in any ceiling fan designed for living rooms. You can adjust the integrated LED light kit’s luminance and brightness to white, cool white, and full light.

When operating at the full light mode, the kit has a color temperature of 8700k, which is enough to provide ambient lighting in a standard living room at night. 

The inclusion of the six-speed setting comes at a cost: when operating at high speed, the fan’s blades may wobble and produce some noise. 


  • Convenient for use in rooms measuring between 300 and 350 square feet because of the above-average air moving capacity of 5614CFM
  • Easy assembly and installation using the standard downrod assembly protocol 
  • The 6-speed settings and reversible motor functionality offer great convenience 


  • The fan wobbles and produces some noise when operating at high speed

3. Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50609-01 Xerxes Ceiling Fan

The trimount capability, large cutting size of 62 inches, and a powerful AC motor that operates silently make the Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50609-01 suitable for large living rooms.

It also has a reversible motor with three-speed settings. Because of the reversible motor, you can easily switch the fan between the summer and winter modes. 

If you have a home automation network, it would be proper to connect this fan to the system. Grouping it with other smart home devices is easy and straightforward. Once it is correctly done, you can conveniently use your virtual assistant to voice commands to the fan. 

Although the fan has a great design and other technical features, its main drawback is that it has an average airflow capacity of 5000CFM.

With eight nicely designed blades with a cutting edge of 62 inches, one would expect this fan to have a matching airflow capacity. However, the average capacity confines it for use in standard rooms. 


  • Trimount capabilities for the low, standard, and angled ceilings
  • Suitable for large indoor spaces because of the large blade size of 62 inches 
  • Comes with an integrated LED light which is dimmable 


  • The angled ceiling mounting bracket is sold separately
  • Average airflow capacity of 5000CFM 

4. Casa Delta-Wing Mission Ceiling Fan

The Casa Delta-Wing Mission Ceiling Fan has an elegant look that matches perfectly with all modern décor types. Its three blades are made of pure wood and carved to enhance the fan’s look and capacity to move air gracefully. The motor has a brushed nickel finishing to complete the elegant look of this fan. 

The fan has several features that maximize its performance and complement the excellent design. Although it has an average cutting width of only 52 inches, its overall capacity to move air is 5723CFM. This score makes the Casa Delta-Wing Mission ceiling fan the perfect choice for use in rooms that measure an average of 300 square feet. 

There are two main disadvantages of owning and using this fan: noise during operation and a lengthy installation process. When not correctly assembled and installed, its fans tend to wobble and become noisy. However, if you get everything right during the assembling and installation processes, the fan will work quite well. 


  • Suitable for mounting on straight and slanted ceilings of up to 15 degrees
  • It has an integrated LED lighting kit with average performance (1106 lumens and 3000K)
  • Easy advanced control feature using a handheld remote 


  • The installation process is complex and takes long
  • The fan may be slightly noisy at times

5. FINXIN Indoor Ceiling Fan Light Fixtures

The FINXIN has been designed with the needs of the discerning consumer in mind. Its nice brushed nickel finish merges perfectly with almost any interior décor to give your space a smart and modern look. 

Moreover, the integrated LED light can be easily controlled using the universal handheld remote control that comes with the fan.

You can use the fan to either switch the light on or off or control its level of brightness and color of light produced. These features maximize the suitability of this fan for use in small bedrooms and living rooms. 

However, the biggest drawback associated with the FINXIN ceiling fan is that the remote control cannot be used to change the motor’s direction. This means that you have to change its direction manually every time there is a need for doing so. 


  • Ideal for small bedrooms and living rooms because of airflow capacity and design 
  • The integrated LED light is dimmable, and the color of the light can be changed for the desired ambiance
  • The AC fan is very quiet, has adjustable speed settings, and can be reversed according to the prevailing weather conditions 


  • The installation process, which can take up to two hours, is long and complicated
  • You need to change the direction of the motor manually 

6. Stone & Beam Modern Remote Control Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

Thanks to its technical features, design characteristics, and overall performance, the Stone & Beam is a modern fan. It comes with a standard DC motor that operates silently and can be reversed according to the requirements. 

When operating on the downdraft mode, the fan effectively collects warm air pockets that accumulate at the ceiling and evenly distributes it around the room.

When operating on the updraft mode, the blades effectively move air around the room to create a comfortable indoor environment. As a result, you can use this fan during the cool and warm seasons. 

Moreover, the use of the all-white color makes this fan suitable for use in a room with any décor type. 

It would be wise to seek professional help when installing this fan. The assembling and mounting procedures are too sophisticated for anyone who does not have deep knowledge about ceiling fans. 


  • The all-white color blends perfectly with any interior color scheme 
  • The combination of steel and high-quality wood makes the fan quite durable 
  • The remote control provides a convenient way of adjusting the speed of the fan and brightness of the lighting kit


  • The installation process is very detailed and complicated 

7. Westinghouse Lighting 7217100 Stella Mira 52-Inch Vintage Ceiling Fan

The Westinghouse Lighting 7217100 Sella Mira has several standard features that you would want in any ceiling fan to be used in living rooms.

It has three mounting configurations: standard, low, and slanted. As a result, the fan can be conveniently used in places with exceptionally low ceilings, standard 8-feet ceilings, and high ceilings. 

For spaces with high ceilings, you can use the downrod to adjust the fan’s height and ensure it perfects optimally. 

Additionally, it has an integrated LED lighting kit. One can easily use the remote control to switch the light on and off and control the degree of brightness. 

The biggest drawback of this fan is that its capacity to move air is average: 5011CFM. Some fans are marketed as ideal for living rooms that have values ranging from 5600CFM to 5900CFM.

The average air moving capacity means that the Westinghouse Lighting 7217100 Stella Mira is not ideal for large living rooms. 


  • Can be mounted on low, standard, and ceiling fans
  • The oil bronze finish and nicely-trimmed blades enhance the rustic look of the fan


  • Average airflow capacity of 5011CFM