6 Best Extension Cord For Air Conditioner

Buying an air conditioner comes with a lot of excitement and that rewarding feeling. However, this feeling may not last for most of us as most air conditioners will not come with a long enough plug.

This forces you to purchase an additional extension cord for the air conditioner to work effectively. While this can seem like a simple exercise, it is not.

Purchasing an extension cord could be the difference between exposing your house to a fire threat or protecting it from the same. So how do you ensure that the latter happens?

This product review and buying guide provide these insights to ensure that you get the best extension cord for the air conditioner in your space.

A cord is an integral part of the installation of an air conditioner. Its ineffectiveness may damage the air conditioner, fires, and consequently economic losses to the consumer.

As such, you must select the best extension cord with care. I understand that the selection may not be easy, but this buying guide will simplify it. The guide answers some of the questions that you are most likely to have in your purchasing journey.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing the Best Extension Cord For Air Conditioner

using the best extension cord for air conditioner in a room

The first thing that all consumers should normalize checking on and considering when purchasing a product is its price. It is important t purchase a product that is within your budget.

I say this with experience, knowing that there are times I had overspent on a product only to hate it because of the dent it had created in my pocket, especially when there were other things that money was supposed to do.

As such, check the price and see whether it aligns with your budget. While at it, also ensure that you do not compromise on quality and the needs you want to be fulfilled by purchasing that extension cord. If it is too expensive, then you would rather wait a few more months and get the deal of your choice.


In connection to the price, I also always advise consumers to look at the product’s durability. It is never exciting to get back to the market to purchase and shop for another extension cord after a short while.

Thus, you should always ensure that you purchase an extension cord that can withstand repeated usage. An important point to mention here is that you should remember that extension cords are the most prone to ‘harassment’ by human traffic, things like furniture, and constant dragging within your space.

The extension cord that you settle on should be strong enough (which is why all the extension cords in the product review are sturdy) to withstand this ‘harassment,’ making durability an important factor to consider. 


I am sure that most of us are guilty of looking at the beauty of a product and how well it will blend into spaces before purchase. This ensures that we get aesthetically appealing products for our spaces which brings in the other factor that you should look out the for-the aesthetic appeal of the extension cord.

However, this time with the extension cord, there is slightly more reason apart from beauty why you should consider this factor-visibility of the extension cord. This helps avoid accidents of tripping or stepping on the cords, which may be adversarial to individuals and the space in general.


The warranty is also another important factor that I recommend consumers look into while purchasing the extension cord.

While most of the above products are quality, and you may never need it, it is always safer to have some insurance level as you may never know when you will receive a faulty product. Most manufacturers will decline to return your money, and the only thing you could have left is the warranty to guarantee you another product.

Further, I always find a warranty as a mark of a quality product. It shows that the manufacturer has faith in the product such that they would be willing to compensate with another if anything goes wrong. If the product does not have a warranty, I always advise consumers to let it go and look for one that has.

Power Rating

For the more technical factors, the extension cord must have a good or compatible power rating. It would be quite disappointing to find that your extension cord’s power rating will not work effectively with the air conditioner.

This necessitates an exploration into the amps, wattage, and voltage of the extension cord and whether it would align with the air conditioner you have. I am aware that most of us don’t find this an exciting exercise.

Therefore, I recommend that you get a professional electrician to advise on these ratings. The electrician may also install dedicated circuits that will accommodate your air conditioner, reducing any likelihood of adverse effects. 

Length of Cord

The length of the cord is another important factor that you should consider. Having a long extension cord for your air conditioner is always the safest option as it can reach into difficult spaces. Longer spaces are also quite convenient to reach into spaces such as under carpets without a lot of exposure to danger.

However, the loner cords may be expensive and surpass your budget. in such cases. You can always measure the distance between the air conditioner and the power source.

This will give you the length required, and if it is short, you are safe to acquire a shorter extension cord failure to which there is no shortcut if you want to achieve effective and maximum use of the extension cord. 


I will start this factor by stating that the thicker the extension cord, the better and more effective. With this, you already know that the other important point of consideration is the gauge and the thickness of the extension cord. Thick extension cords handle better and much more effective power delivery to the air conditioner. 


An extension can be quite dangerous, especially if it is overheating. It can trigger fire accidents, and you don’t want to have a product that is posing a threat to your space.

The presence of proper insulation in the extension cord will reduce the likelihood of this threat. Thus, always ensure that the extension cord you are purchasing is properly insulated.

Although vinyl insulation is the most common, there are other insulators that you should research on their effectiveness before purchasing the extension cord. 

How Can I Use My Extension Cord for Air Conditioner Effectively?

Now that you understand the factors for considerations, you must learn the best ways to use your extension cord to give you maximum benefits.

One vital element is that you should ensure it is rightly positioned with the air conditioner. This necessitates placing the air conditioner close enough to the outlet of the cord’s location.

The cord should also be heavy and long enough to withstand the load. The use of undersized cords is a costly mistake that could lead to fires and electrical shocks, which may be fatal effects.

I also recommend and strongly advise that you keep the extension cords from the reach of children. I understand that this may be difficult given the cords’ flexible nature, but I will still insist that you try to as they can cause major accidents. 

Best Extension Cord for Air Conditioner

1. FIRMERST 6 Feet 1875W 15A Flat Plug Low Profile Extension Cord

FIRMERST 6 Feet 1875W 15A Flat Plug Low Profile...
  • [6 Feet Flat Plug Extension Cord]: 14/3 Gauge, 1875w 15amps 125v, UL&CUL Listed ,White.
  • [HEAVY DUTY, STURDY BUT FLEXIBLE]: 14 AWG (15A) extension cords with thicker wire diameters, which can handle more amperage and thus more wattage, less chance of getting hot, be safer and more reliable compared with the thinner 16 AWG ones. 165℉ high temperature resistant . Soft Flexible, easy to fold.
  • [SPACE EFFICIENT]: Convert your standard AC power cord to a slim flat plug, providing angular flexibility. Plug into the top outlet and still have usage of the bottom outlet with this flat plug cord.
  • [FLAT PLUG]: Designed for outlet at tight spaces like behind furniture, bookshelves, desks or anything which is close to the wall not allowing you to use the standard Plug. Save a lot of space,move furniture closer to the wall without bending the cord.
  • [UL CERTIFIED & Safety]: Marking on cord UL-Listed. 6-feet white cord in bag and created with the guarantee of quality and lifetime satisfaction.

This remains one of the best extension cords for an air conditioner first with its thick, sturdy, and well-designed plugs. The thickness reflects the cord’s high quality, which means that you will have it for quite a long time. 

The extension cord comes in white which may be a turn-off for some people. I understand the turn-off since white cords can present a headache when it comes to cleaning. However, this will not be a challenge with the FIRMERST 6 Feet 1875W 15A Flat Plug Low Profile Extension Cord as it is quite easy to clean.

Another advantage is that it works well with both AC and DC power supply eliminating the stress of converting the power outlets. The extension cord does also not get excessively hot, which may be a reflection of damage. 

Users have, however, complained that the wires do not straighten easily, which may force you to buy brackets to nail it and make it sit straight on the wall. You may also need to wrap the female socket portion with tape to ensure that it is sufficiently protected from moisture.


  • Thick, sturdy, and well-designed plugs
  • Easy to clean
  • Works well with both AC and DC power outlets
  • The extension does not get hot.


  • The wires don’t straighten easily.
  • One may need to wrap the female socket portion with tape.

2. Cable Matters 2-Pack 16 AWG Heavy-Duty AC Power Extension Cord

Cable Matters 2-Pack 16 AWG Heavy Duty Power...
  • The extension cords extend the length of an existing power cord; The 3 prong extension cord is rated for Indoor use with equipment such as a desktop computer, HDTV, LED-lit monitor, ceiling mounted projector, powered speakers, laser printer and more; The indoor extension cord connects an existing cable to a standard 3 pronged 120V AC outlet receptacle
  • 16 AWG gauge three prong extension cord is rated for 13 amps to support common voltage power requirements in the home or office
  • Sturdy but flexible grounded extension cord is safer and more reliable at longer distances than a thinner 18 AWG power cable extension; Fully molded strain relief connectors provide long life and durability
  • Heavy duty power cord extension with a standard NEMA 15-5-P grounded power plug and 3 pin female NEMA 5-15R connector; SJT 13A/1625W rating easily extends a TV power cord from an HDTV with a power consumption
  • Universal compatibility with most common household small appliances and consumer electronics; Cost-effective 2-pack of power extension cables includes a lifetime warranty and product support

Don’t we just love products that give us great value for our money? This extension cord offers great value for money because it comes in a pack of two extension cables. 

Second, it also offers value for money because it is strong and durable, with its molded strain relief providing a safe and reliable extension cord. The thickness of the extension cord is also another indicator that it will be a durable product. The lifetime warranty and product support are also exciting features that tell you how much you will love this product.

The most fascinating feature is that this extension cord is compatible with most household appliances. This means that you can use it with your AC, but you can also use it with other consumer appliances. 

Users have, however, offered one limitation in that the thickness may prevent it from straightening. The extension cord tends to retain the coil shape, which may be a trip hazard in your spaces. Thus, it is always advisable to nail in some brackets to try and straighten it.


  • It comes in a pack of two extension cables.
  • Strong and durable
  • Multipurpose due to its high compatibility feature
  • Lifetime warranty and support.


  • The thickness of the extension cord may make it quite hard for it to straighten.

3. POWTECH Heavy duty 20 FT Air Conditioner and Major Appliance Extension Cord

POWTECH Heavy duty 20 FT Air Conditioner and Major...
  • Air Conditioner and Major Appliance Extension Cord UL Listed. Sturdy cord Ideal for plugging in large appliances such as washers, dryers, or refrigerators, power tools and other major appliances
  • Angle Plug Allows cord to remain flush to wall in tight spaces
  • Heavy duty vinyl insulation, 14 Gauge, 1875 MAX Watts ,15 Amps,125V
  • UL LISTED - meeting the required safety standards, Safe for ANY ROOM in your home or office
  • Grey

The POWTECH Heavy-duty 20 FT Air Conditioner and Major Appliance Extension Cord is an amazing extension cord that you will not regret purchasing.

It may seem long and bulky, but its advantages surpass any of the worries you might have about this product. Its length and sturdy nature are some of the advantages as it can be used over long spaces.

Its sturdiness is also proof of its quality and the vinyl insulated material that protects the extension cord from overheating and excessive moisture.

Extension cords that cannot straighten up are sometimes annoying, although it is a rectifiable element. Well, with this equipment, you are saved from that agony as it straightens easily. Its angled plug is another advantageous point as it helps to flush the extension to the wall, especially in tight places. 

We cannot forget the other fascinating element in that you can plug in multiple devices with this extension cord as long as they do not exceed the 1875-watt limit.

The only notable limitation is that it is expensive. However, we all know that good things rarely come cheap, making this one of the best investments in extension cords that you will ever make.


  • Long and sturdy
  • High-quality extension cord with a vinyl insulated material
  • It comes with an angled plug.
  • You can plug in multiple devices.


  • Slightly expensive than the other extension cords

4. #1 Best Quality Heavy Duty Extension Cord Wire

#1 Best Quality Heavy Duty Extension Cord Wire,...
  • Angle Plug Allows cord to remain flush to wall in tight spaces
  • Sturdy cord Ideal for plugging in large appliances such as washers, dryers, or refrigerators, power tools and other major appliances
  • Grip grooves allow easy connection and disconnection of cord
  • 1875 Watts -15 Amps/14 Gauge/3 Conductor wire - SPT-3/125 Volt. ETL Listed
  • Heavy Duty vinyl Insulation, Color of cord may vary

It is never easy to get an extension cord that has worldwide compatibility with different air conditioners. However, the #1 Best Quality Heavy Duty Extension Cord Wire manufacturers have surpassed our expectations and provided this feature allowing you the freedom to use this cord anywhere globally.

The angled plug is also another advantage that makes this product a favorite for many. It will allow you to plug in and out the extension cord easily, even in the tightest of places.

Durability is one aspect that is important for various products. Getting an extension cord with a feature that would guarantee its longevity is often a dream come true. This is the case with this particular product at its vinyl insulation feature (heavy duty), offering an extra protection layer against any damages. 

However, the limitation that exists is that the longest available option with this extension cord is 15 feet. Thus, if you require a longer extension cord, it may not be suitable for your needs, and you would miss the massive advantages that come with this extension cord.


  • Worldwide compatibility with different conditioners
  • It comes with an angled plug.
  • It comes with heavy-duty vinyl insulation.


  • The highest length available is 15 feet.

5. Prime EC680509L 4/3 SPT-3 Air Conditioner Extension Cord

Prime EC680509L 4/3 SPT-3 Air Conditioner...
  • Right-angle male plug head on 1 end, female straight receptacle on other
  • 1, 875 watts, 15 amps, 125 volts
  • UL/CSA listed
  • 9 ft.
  • Gray

I love that this extension cord is light. You can just pack it in your bags and travel with it. I am sure that most of you would also love such an extension cord.

The favorite element of this product is that it is quite affordable. It is the extension cord that you can run to when you are in dire need of something that is not too expensive but will still serve your AC needs. 

The other advantage is that this product is sturdy and make of heavy-duty material. This means that you will barely have to worry about its longevity. Remember that cheap products do not have to be of poor quality, and this product proves this so.

Its high heat and cold resistance is another fascinating advantage of this extension cord. This is owed to the temperature rating between -20C and 60C, making the extension stable in both extreme cold and heat conditions. 

The limitation is that the extension cords are short, only allowing limited usage for those who may need longer extension cords.


  • Affordable and light
  • High heat and cold resistance
  • Heavy-duty material


  • It only allows limited usage as the options available is short cords

6. Woods 0045 9-Foot Air Conditioner Appliance Cord

Woods 0045 9-Foot Air Conditioner Appliance Cord,...
  • Three-conductor heavy-duty flat vinyl
  • Ul listed and meets osha specifications
  • Reinforced blades help prevent accidental bending or breaking
  • Used for major appliances like air conditioners
  • Heavy-duty strain relief protects electrical connections resulting in longer cord life

I will start by letting you know that this is one of the most affordable yet effective extension cords that we have in the market today. It is high quality and comes with heavy-duty strain relief and proper insulation owed to its heavy-duty vinyl protector. 

The other advantage of this product is that it does not overheat the socket. This is one thing that I find irritating as it may be a sign of a defect somewhere and may even cause a fire in fatal cases. However, with this product, it is a worry you will have to forget as the socket nor the extension cord do not overheat. 

The extension cord’s reinforced blade structure also allows it to neither bend nor break, another element guaranteeing longevity and safety. 

Users have complained that the maximum size available for this extension cord is 15 feet. Thus, if you need a longer extension cord, you will have to look into other brands, which is quite inconvenient, especially if you had your eyes fixed on this brand.


  • Affordable 
  • Heavy-duty strain relief and proper insulation. 
  • Does not overheat electrical socket
  • Does not bend or break


  • The maximum size available is 15 feet.


This buying guide is undoubtingly going to be useful in your purchase journey. The top-rated extension cords are provided above, giving you a head start in your search for the best extension cord.

However, ensure that you don’t conclude your search journey without considering the extension cord’s technical elements, such as its length, thickness, and power rating.

These will be vital in the service that it is going to give you. I hope you have a nice shopping experience and get the best extension cord for the air conditioner.