Best Hugger Ceiling Fans

It could be that you want a super quiet, nondownrod fan for your low hanging ceiling that will cool you through the torridly hot summers while at the same time giving a classic aesthetic appeal to your room.

Well, a hugger ceiling fan is just the one thing that you are looking for. And after long hours of extensive research, we have this excellent list of 7 best hugger ceiling fans that money could ever buy.

Top on our list is the Hunter Sonic indoor ceiling fan with LED light and remote-controlled. You will love it because it works almost noiselessly with just a little whirr sound but still delivering a good airflow into your indoors.

No wonder so many reviewers want to have it in their bedrooms. It also wobbles free and works fine in giving you a generous amount of airflow. It utilizes the downward and upward modes and would be great both for summer when you want some cool air into your house and during winter when you want some warm air heating the house up.

7 Factors to Consider When Buying your Hugger Ceiling Fans

When reviewing low profile ceiling fans, we have found the following guide to be invaluable and should be able to advise you on the factors that you need to look out for when buying your next hugger fan.

CFM Rating

The fan’s CFM rating determines the volumetric airflow that the fan can give with as little energy consumption as possible. We all want fans that make our houses habitable without really causing a dent in our wallets, don’t we? 

Well, the rule here is simple—the higher the CFM rating, the better for you since it means that fan can move lots of air while consuming few watts. 

When buying, go for a fan with at least a CFM of at least 4000.

Reversible or Non-Reversible Blades

For a fan that can move air in both downward and upward modes, you are assured that it will keep your house cool during the summer while retaining some warmth during the winter season. 

In the downward mode, the fan blades, as they rotate in an anticlockwise direction, are picking hot air in your house and pushing cold air downwards. This creates that awesome breeze that we all love to get during the hot seasons. In the upward mode, the fan picks hot air from above it and pushes it down to your house to retain heat.

Finish for Color and Theme of the House

A fan should introduce the desired aesthetic appeal into your house. It could be that you want to have a rustic, Scandinavian or traditional look in your house. All this can be fused into the fan that you choose. 

The long and short of the matter is that fans need to accentuate your ceiling so that you come out as a modern, classical person. While selecting your best hugger ceiling fan, therefore, pay attention to the fan’s colors and see to it that they are aligned to your house tone and theme colors.

Simultaneously, the blade materials, which could be medium density fireboard (MDF), plastic, or wood, determines a lot where you are going to place the fan. MDF, which is the cheapest, cannot be placed in the outdoors where there is damp air since it will get soggy and start drooping off. It can, however, be placed indoors. 

Wood blades, which are the most expensive, can be placed anywhere since they will withstand any weather or moisture. They also have this awesome ostentatious look and would therefore be perfect for your living room, gazebos or pergolas.

On the other hand, metallic blades are durable but would also end up rusting unless you coat them with an alloy that does not rust, such as stainless steel.

Light or no Light

Most fans come with LED, halogen, or fluorescent lights on them. But then there are still some that do not have any of those lights. While selecting your ideal fan, therefore, you need to consider whether you have enough indoor light in your house or not. 

If you want more light, then you could pick one that has the lights. If, however, you already have lots of artificial or natural light, you will be inclined to go for a fan without any lights.

The LED lights on fans can last for up to 50000hours, fluorescent can go up to 10000hours, while the halogen ones have a lifespan of 1500 hours. All these bulbs consume less energy compared to the ubiquitous incandescent bulbs.

Noise Level

Though most marketers who want to shove a fan into your indoors will deceptively tell you how noiseless it is, the truth cannot be further from that. And it would help if you said it to them on their faces that they are liars.

Because let’s face it, as a fan works, it is bound to produce some noise no matter how little it might be. There will be a slight wobble of the blades and the whirr of air as it is being pushed around. 

But what if you want to install a fan into your bedroom or a study area where you don’t want to be distracted by anything? You will want to have the most silent fans that you can get, won’t you? 

Well, the general rule of the thumb when selecting fans is that the quieter, the better. Some fans, though, are on the noisy side with clanks here and there, lots of clicks as they start, and other noisy what-nots.

Control Type

Fans can be controlled using pull chains, wall-mounted controls, remote controls, or even smartphone apps. It all depends on what you want.

Fan Size

The house size will determine the size of the ceiling fan that you choose.

If you pick a small fan for a big room, you will not get sufficient airflow. Simultaneously, if you were to go for a huge fan for a small room, it would be overkill.

Our advice is that for small rooms such as the laundry, home offices, and the gym room, you will want a no bigger fan than 48 inches. On the other hand, for larger rooms such as your master bedroom, living room, and kitchen, you will go for a fan that is up to 56 inches in size.

So, What is the Best Huggers Ceiling Fans

After extensive hours of research and trying all the fans listed above, we can only leave the choice to buy the best low profile ceiling fan to you. Go out there and look for a fan that addresses all your pain points, brings in the desired luxury and ostentation in your house while at the same time delivering a good airflow.

Best Hugger Ceiling Fans

1. HUNTER 59073 Sonic Indoor Ceiling Fan

Bagging the award for the best low profile ceiling fan is this Hunter sonic indoor fan that would look great in your living room or visitors lounge. Whispering silently as it works, this fan can be used during the summer and even during winter due to its reversible motor functioning that employs downdraft and updraft modes. With a high CFM of 5892, you are assured of an excellent volumetric airflow.

Those who do not know what CFM is means cubic feet per minute and is the unit used to measure how effective a fan is. CFM is calculated when the fan is on the top speed, and the volume of air it gives is then divided by the number of watts consumed. In other words, the higher the CFM of your fan, the more efficient it is for you.

What we loved about the Hunter Sonic Ceiling fan

  • Reversible motor that alternates air direction from downdraft to upward modes depending on whether it is winter or summer
  • Works noiselessly and therefore can be used in your bedroom
  • 52 inches in size and can therefore serve a large room
  • Highly efficient with a good CFM of 5892
  • LED dimmable light giving your house aesthetic ambient light while at the same time using low energy
  • Metallic blades with a brushed finish that will last for long
  • Remote controlled and has three-speed options: low, medium, and high, depending on how fast you want the blades to work.
  • Superior black/maple blade finishes set just the right tone for your house.

What could do with some improvement but is not a deal-breaker

  • The remote receiver is not discretely integrated within the fan, so when installing, it will stand out like a sore thumb on your ceiling. The guys at Hunter Sonic need to look into this because it is a pity that they made such an awesome fan but were clueless on where to put the remote receiver.
  • The fan can only be used indoors since the blades are metallic and would therefore rust if subjected to outdoor moisture.

2. Hunter Indoor Low Profile IV Ceiling Fan

Arguably one of the most affordable buys that you can get, the Hunter indoor low profile IV fan utilizes the reversible motor function to either cool or maintain your house temperature.

It features a pull chain control and comes with these metallic blades that have a bronze finish. It has a CFM of 2902 and would be suitable for relatively small indoors where you do not want that much airflow.

And since it is a little bit noisy as it works, you could place it in your laundry or kitchen where its hum will not be too much of a distraction.

Features of the Hunter Low Profile IV fan

  • Has a CFM of 2902
  • Metallic blades with bronze finish
  • Uses both updraft and downdraft modes
  • 42 inches and therefore ideal for relatively small rooms
  • Uses a pull chain control

What we loved about the Hunter indoor low profile IV ceiling fan

  • Utilizes reversible motors to change direction in both updraft and downdraft modes.

What could do with improvements in this fan?

  • The fan works noisily and would not be ideal for placing in bedrooms or your home office. One customer said that it sounds like playing cards with bicycle spokes
  • It has a complicated installation guide, and you will have to call in an electrician to do it for you

3. Hardware House 23-8274 Arcadia Ceiling Fan 

With a CFM of 3900, this Hardware 23-8274 Arcadia ceiling fan falls short of the recommended best CFMs by a rating of 100. But that is no deal-breaker when you are looking for an affordable little fan for small rooms.

Made of pressed wood with laminate finish blades (read MDF), this fan should only be used indoors since if you expose it to damp outdoor conditions, the MDF would get soggy and start drooping off. You do not want that, do you?

It features a pull chain control format while at the same time embracing the reversible downdraft and upward modes of air direction.

Features of the Hardware 23-8274 Arcadia ceiling fan

  • Has a CFM of 3900
  • Gloss white
  • Made of MDF blades
  • Measures 30 inches
  • Three-speed settings with a pull chain control.

What we loved about the Hardware 23-8274 Arcadia ceiling fan

  • It comes with an LED bulb to light up your room as it fans you.
  • Able to cool you in the hot weather and retain house heat in the cold weather.

What could do with some improvements in this fan

-It was a little too noisy for a bedroom install

4. Emerson Ceiling Fans CF805SORB Ceiling Fan

The Emerson ceiling fan with its wooden blade shows that it can work both indoors and outdoors, easily bags the second position in our review. However, owing to its low CFM of 4887, pull chain control, and its humming sound as it works, we would not give it the first position.

Because let’s face it, we all want a fan that is as noiseless as possible so that we can have it in our study rooms and bedrooms, don’t we? But if you are looking for a fan for your living room, kitchen, or fitness area, the Emerson would be a good pick.

Features of the Emerson ceiling fan

  • Has a CFM rating of 4887
  • Its blades are made of wood with a superior oil rubbed bronze finish that gives the fan a posh look
  • Can change air direction for both downdraft and updraft modes and is, therefore, a good fit for the summers and winters.
  • Has three-speed settings for low, medium, and high airflow
  • Uses a pull chain control but is wall control adaptable if you want to control it from a wall switch.

What we loved about the Emerson ceiling fan

  • Owing to its wooden blades, it can be used indoors or even in your gazebos without the fear that the blades are going to rust or get soggy with dampness.
  • It uses reversible blade performance and can therefore be used both during winter and summer.
  • It has space for you to add on your lights or wall control features.

What could do with some improvements but is not a deal-breaker

  • There was a little humming sound as it works and would therefore not be a good installation in the bedroom.

5. HUNTER 53119 Sea Wind Indoor / Outdoor Ceiling Fan

With a good CFM of 4072, stainless steel coating on the reversible metallic blades, this 48 inches could not have missed on our review.

Although it can be used outdoors, thank to the stainless steel coating, you should not go ham on this pull chain fan putting in a place that gets direct rain. No, it will not last long due to rust.

Features of the Hunter Sea Wind Indoor/Outdoor fan

  • Stainless coating on the metallic blades
  • Uses reversible movement of blades depending on the season
  • Pull chain control type
  • CFM of 4072

What we loved about the Hunter Sea Wind Indoor/Outdoor fan

  • Can be used on a small outdoor patio thanks to the stainless steel coating
  • Good CFM with generous airflow

What could do with improvement for this fan?

  • It is noisy in its action and would therefore not be a good pick for your bedroom.

6. Hunter Conroy Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan

When you are short on cash but want to cool down your small room in those hot summers, we recommend this Hunter Conroy low profile ceiling fan as the best budget hugger fan that you could get out there.

Made of metallic blades and employing a pull chain control feature, it is incredible that for a few dollars, you can still get a fan that uses a reversible fan motor to cool you in the summer and heat things during the chilly cold winters.

Quite clanky and with a clicking sound as it rotates, this should not discourage you from buying it, especially if you are getting it for a small kitchen or laundry room. The Hunter Conroy will give you a good airflow with a CFM rating of 2825.

The 42 inches fan comes with a dimmable LED light bulb that provides ambiance while at the same time lighting up your house.

What we loved about the Hunter Conroy Hugger Ceiling Fan

  • For just a few bucks, you can have a fan over your head cooling you down
  • The Onyx Bengal finish plus the LED dimmable light will give your indoors just the right tone and theme you need.
  • It uses the reversible fan motor feature and will therefore be great for cold and hot weather.

What could do with some improvement in this Hunter Conroy low profile fan?

  • The Hunter Conroy works with this easily noticeable clicking sound that the Hunter Company needs to address.

7. Hunter Fan Company 59247 Dempsey Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan

With modern-looking chocolate oak reversible blades, remote control feature that is also adaptable to use with Alexa, this hunter 59247 Dempsey fan surely had to show its head into our review. We would have rated it among the top two buys were it not for its CFM, which is slightly lower than the Emerson at 4107.

Whispering silently as it works, the 52 inches fan utilizes three speeds in its function. It would be a great buy for a large room such as your bedroom or living room where you want lots of airflow.

Features of the Hunter 59247 Dempsey

  • 52 inches in size
  • Metallic reversible blades
  • Remote control and can adapt to Alexa.

What we loved about the Hunter 59247 Dempsey hugger ceiling fan

  • It can adapt to Alexa as well as a remote control, so you do not have to walk to it every time to pull a chain or something
  • Delivers a good airflow that cools your house
  • Superior chocolate oak finish that gives your house the oomph it deserves

What could do with improvements in this fan?

  • It does not come with LED light though their advertisement says so.