7 Best Oscillating Heater – 2021 Buyer’s Guide

The position of your heater has a significant impact on the distribution of heat in your room.

If you sit close to a space heater, you experience a strong feeling of warmth than when you’re on the other side of the room.

But you don’t want to sit close to a heater for long periods of time because it may cause accidental injuries and burns.

The solution is to find an oscillating heater that you can set to swivel right and left to distribute heat more evenly throughout the room.

Most of the best oscillating heaters are ceramic units that freestanding and portable.

Here is a guide that delves into the options available and how to select the best oscillating space heater, with some pointers on the most effective models available at the moment.

What Does Oscillation Mean on a Heater?

Heater with remote oscillating at 360Oscillation on heaters means the ability of the top part of the tower to move sideways repeatedly. The top part of the heater, which comprises a ceramic heating element and other features, including a digital thermostat, timer, and controls, turns around the base.

The degree of oscillation varies with brands. Whereas some heaters can oscillate up to 90 degrees, others can only turn sideways up to 80 degrees.

The oscillation function in heaters is controlled by a small button found on the heater’s surface. Pressing the button when the heater is on activates the oscillation function. To stop the oscillation function, press the button when the heater is on.

The oscillation function maximizes the heating ability of the device. As the heater turns sideways repeatedly, heated air is evenly distributed across a large area in the room. Thus, the oscillation function enhances the heater’s ability to provide instant warmth and maintain a comfortable environment.

The oscillation function can also be used to enhance the performance of the device as an air conditioner. The inbuilt fan in oscillating heaters can distribute cool breeze when the indoor temperature is too high for anyone to need additional heat. However, remember that not all oscillating heaters can function in the fan-only mode.

How Do Oscillating Heaters Work?

An oscillating heater comprises a ceramic heating element and a fan. In principle, the ceramic heating element converts electric energy into heat energy. The fan then distributes the produced heat across the room in which the heater is placed.

There are additional settings that are used to change the way the heater functions. Primarily, oscillating heaters have two heat settings: low and high. When set on the high heating mode, your heater will consume 1,500W of power. On the low mode, a typical heater consumed 900W of electric power.

Other heaters have additional heating settings: eco and anti-freeze mode. The eco-mode is designed to minimize the amount of electric power that the device consumes without compromising its heating capacity.

If you select the desired temperature range, the heater automatically starts to operate when the temperature falls below the chosen value. When the ideal temperature is reached, the fan stops running.

The oscillating function plays a critical role in the operation of this type of heater. As the heating element moves sideways around the base, the heated air is evenly distributed across the entire room. The oscillating function, therefore, ensures that every corner of the room is instantly and evenly heated.

Advantages of Oscillating Heaters

Here are a few important benefits of using oscillating heaters at home or the office.

  • Oscillating heaters can be used as heaters and air conditioners. When switched to the fan-only mode, your oscillating heater can be turned into an air conditioner. As the base oscillates, the fan distributes cool air breeze across the entire room. The fan-only mode of oscillating space heaters can be quite useful during the hot summer days.
  • Ease of operation. It is straightforward to operate an oscillating heater. Most brands that are currently available on the market come with universal remote controls. You can use the remote control to adjust all the aspects of the performance of the heater. In addition to the remote control, the heaters have well-positioned control knobs on their surfaces.
  • Personalized heating. Oscillating space heaters have various features that you can use to tailor their performance to your needs. Standard features include programable thermostats and timers. You can use the timer to determine the length of time that the heater should operate. The thermostat helps you set the ideal temperature at which the heater should work.
  • Effective heating. The ability of the tower to oscillate around the base is the defining feature of oscillating heaters. As the tower repeatedly moves around the base from left to right, its vents dissipate heat across a large area. Therefore, oscillating heaters form an instant and reliable source of heat in small to medium-sized indoor spaces.
  • Oscillating heaters are smaller than many other types of heaters. Their generally compact design makes them highly portable. You can move your heater across rooms for effective warming of spaces in your home. Some oscillating heaters have small handles that you can use to carry them around the home.

Ceramic Oscillating Heater vs. Oil Filled Heater

There are fundamental differences and similarities between oscillating heaters and oil-filled heaters. You can rely on the differences and similarities between these two types of heaters when selecting the right one for use.

Mode of Operation

Although both oscillating heaters and oil-filled heaters convert electric energy into heat, the actual conversion mode varies considerably.

Ceramic oscillating heaters have a ceramic heating element. The ceramic heating element converts electric energy into heat energy. The heat energy is then used to warm air currents. The heated air currents are then distributed across space through the action of an inbuilt fan.

Oil-filled heaters have a form of oil that functions as a heat sink. The diathermic oil, as it is known, is heated inside the heater by electric energy.

The heated oil is then circulated inside the coils and fins of the heater to release heat energy. The released heat energy is used to warm air currents, which are then distributed across the room.

Heating Capacity

Although both ceramic oscillating heaters and oil-filled heaters are designed to be used for indoor heating, oil-filled ones have higher heating capacity than ceramic space heaters.

Some powerful oil-filled heaters can sufficiently heat large indoor spaces such as living rooms. Ceramic oscillating heaters are excellent when you only need to heat small rooms.

Noise Level

Ceramic oscillating heaters are noisier than oil-filled heaters. Ceramic oscillating heaters have fans that aid the distribution of heated air. Sadly, the fans and the oscillating function may produce some noise as the heater works.

Oil-filled heaters do not have fans; therefore, they operate silently. Oil-filled heaters are ideal for use in bedrooms and other places where silence is critical.


Both ceramic oscillating heaters and oil-filled heaters have digital thermostats and programmable timers. You can use the thermostat and timer to personalize the performance of the heaters to your needs.

Some brands of both types of heaters come with multi-functional remote controls to complement the manual control knobs that are found on their bodies.

How to Choose the best oscillating Space Heater – Things to Consider

best oscillating heater on a floor in a living room

Heating Capacity

Assessing the ceramic heater’s ability to warm your home is a good starting point when selecting the right device.

Oscillating heaters have different heating capacities, based on the rating and degree of oscillation. Heaters that oscillate up to 90 degrees sideways distribute heated air across a wider area than those which can only oscillate up to 80 degrees.

Energy Efficiency

Although many oscillating heaters can operate on the high and low modes, some have additional heat settings that help them work more efficiently. At the high mode, a typical oscillating heater will consume 1,500W of power. Some heaters have an additional eco mode.

When they are set on the eco mode, they maintain the ambient temperature within a given range. Therefore, such heaters tend to be quite energy-efficient because they only require the energy necessary to maintain the ideal range’s ambient temperature.

Safety Features

Various safety features are usually integrated into oscillating heaters to maximize the level of safety. The most common danger associated with using heaters, in general, is fire outbreaks. Therefore, most of the safety features are designed to prevent fire outbreaks.

Some of the best safety features you will find in oscillating heaters include tip-over protection, overheat sensors, and cool-to-touch.

Go for heaters whose surfaces do not heat up even after they have been in use for a long time. Such heaters will not pose a danger to the kids and pets back at home.

Also, it is better to use heaters that have the overheat and tip-over sensors. The overheat sensor cuts the supply of power to the heating element if the heater’s temperature rises rapidly. Similarly, the tip-over sensor cuts the power supply to the heating element if the heater falls.

Ceramic Heater Safety Tips

Here are a few tips for maintaining safety when using ceramic heaters at home or even in the office. Observing these tips helps prevent fires and burns, which are the two main risks of using ceramic heaters.

  • Go for heaters that have safety features. Ensure that you purchase a ceramic heater that has overheat protection, tip-over sensors, and cool-t0-touch features.
  • Plug your heater directly into a wall socket. Using an extension cord increases the risk of fire outbreaks because the heater may blow up. Extension cords may not provide the amount of amperage and wattage that your heater needs to function properly.
  • Do not leave your ceramic heater unattended to. Although the heaters have inbuilt safety features, please do not leave them unattended. Switch off your heater even when you are leaving the room for a few hours only.
  • Keep flammable materials away from the heater. Paper, fabric, and plastics can easily catch fire if they come into contact with the hot surface of your ceramic heater.
  • Carry out routine maintenance. Wipe the surface of your heater regularly to ensure that dirt does not accumulate over time. Also, carry out routine inspections to ensure that every part of your heater functions properly.

Comparison Table For the Best Oscillating Heaters

1. Lasko 751320 Ceramic Tower Space Heater

If you are looking for a small but effective oscillating heater capable of keeping small-to-mid-sized indoor spaces cozy, then you should consider the Lasko 751320.

With wide oscillation capabilities, innovative heating technology, and an inbuilt 7-hour timer, this heater is excellent for providing personalized heating.

You can adjust almost every aspect of its operation, including programming the thermostat and timer, using the highly functional universal remote control. You can also use the remote control to select the quiet mode of operation for your comfort.

The heater has various inbuilt safety features, including overheat and tip-over protection. The overheat protection features prevent the occurrence of fires if the temperature of the heater rises abnormally.

Sadly, it is not safe to let kids or pets touch the surface of this heater. After the heater runs for some time, the surface temperature rises high enough to burn anyone who touches the device.


  • Highly portable, thanks to its compact body and a perfectly-positioned handle
  • The inbuilt thermostat and timer can be used to personalize the performance of the heater
  • It comes with a multi-function remote control for easy operation


  • The surface of the heater becomes hot after some time

2. AmazonBasics Portable Ceramic Tower Space Heater

Amazon Basics 34" 1500W Premium Portable...
  • 34 inch 1500W premium oscillating ceramic tower heater for warming small to medium sized spaces such as dorm rooms, dens, small offices, and more
  • 2 heat settings, ECO energy-saving setting, and fan-only mode
  • LED digital thermostat and control panel; remote control included
  • Safe, reliable ceramic heating element
  • Overheat protection, automatic shut off/timer, child lock mode, and anti-tip switch
  • Built-in dust filter

The AmazonBasics Portable Ceramic Tower Space Heater is a small and robust device designed to provide highly personalized heating in small indoor spaces. It has multiple settings that you can take advantage of to create a comfortable environment at home.

The device functions perfectly, whether in horizontal or vertical positions. One enjoys the convenience of placing the heater in either of these positions on a flat surface or the floor.

Furthermore, you can toggle between the high and low heating modes according to your space’s heating requirements. At low mode, the heater consumes only 900 watts of power. At the high mode, the heater uses 1,500 watts.

Moreover, you can choose the fan-only mode when there is no need for additional warmth in the room. This mode is perfect during hot summer days when you need a cool breeze instead of supplemental heat.


  • Great convenience because the heater works vertically or horizontally
  • Two heat settings and the ECO mode for efficient heating
  • The heater has a fan-only mode for added convenience


  • Suitable for heating small spaces that do not exceed 100 square feet only

3. Bimonk Oscillating Bathroom Space Heater

The Bimonk Oscillating Bathroom Space Heater has a modern design with a distinct black finish that easily blends traditional and contemporary interior décor styles. The heater can be the perfect focal point when positioned correctly in the living room.

Apart from its unique design, the heater rapidly heats small indoor spaces to maintain a comfortable environment. You can choose between the following three heat settings: fan only, 900 watts, and 1,500 watts.

Changing the performance settings of the Bimonk Oscillating Bathroom Space Heater is a breeze. It has a large control knob that is perfectly positioned on the device’s front and top part.

This heater has two notable drawbacks. First, although the manufacturer recommends its use in bathrooms, it can easily get damaged if it gets into contact with water.

If you must use it in your bathroom, ensure that it does not contact water. Second, the surface of the heater heats up considerably. Ensure that kids and pets do not touch it.


  • Its modern design complements any interior décor style
  • Easy operation because the control knob is ergonomically-positioned
  • Fast and full warming because the heater oscillates up to 80 degrees


  • Its surface heats up after a while

4. ASTERION 1500W Portable Oscillating Electric Heater

Ceramic Space Heater,ASTERION 1500W Portable...
  • 【5 Settings Electric Space Heater】: Low(900W),High(1500W), ECO(60℉- 90℉) ,Freeze(45℉) & Fan modes, it can satisfy your different needs with multiple modes flexibly with this portable space heater. Digital LED display clearly shows the current ambient temperature. Press the button of the heater or use a mini remote control, you can adjust to the modes you like based on its powerful functions with this integrated digital room heater.
  • 【ECO Energy-Saving & Adjustable Space Heater 】: On ECO mode, you can adjust the temperature between 60℉- 90℉with this adjustable thermostat heater. It will shut off and standby when the ambient temperature is higher than the set temperature. When the indoor space heater’s thermostat detects the ambient temperature is lower than the set temperature within 4 ℉, electric space heater will restart to heat. In this way, ECO function automatically help energy saving and reduce your bill greatly.
  • 【72° Oscillation & 24H Timer Ceramic Heater】: Get rid of the confusion of fixed heating angle, 72°wide angle heating ensures you a suitable heating and space. Setting appropriate heating time you want from 0.5H to 24H for a good sleep. No need to worry about the cold issue bothering you during a chilly winter. With the remote control equipped for intelligent flexible operation with your finger easily, put at your side then you can smart control your life conveniently.
  • 【Overheating & Tip-Over Function Indoor Safe Heater】: Size: 8.9 x 6.8 x 13.3 inches, weight: 4.16Ib. Equipped with the length of 1.8M/79.86 inches power cord.Overheat & Tip-Over protection, applied premium flame retardant material and advanced ceramic technology, which are more safe and durable use. Indoor electric space heater designed with compact size, which is portable & perfect for personal, home, office & bedroom use. This safe electric heater will be a good helper for your life.
  • 【Low Noisy Qualified Portable Heater 】: ETL certification, UL certified PTC material, Applied with DC motor, which will be quieter than the AC motor electric heater on the market. It won’t disturb your working, sleeping or other occasion. Before using the space heater, please kindly read the instruction. Any questions, please feel free to contact us.

One of the defining features of the ASTERION 1500W Portable Oscillating Electric Heater is the multiple settings.

You can choose from five different heat settings, including low, high, eco, freeze, and fan. You can do this by either using the remote control or manually adjusting the control buttons on the heater’s body.

When set in the eco mode, the heater automatically limits the amount of electric energy it consumes. The ambient temperature in the eco mode is maintained within 60 degrees Fahrenheit to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

The heater automatically restarts or stops heating when the temperature falls 4 degrees lower or higher than the set temperature ranges, respectively.

The control panel of this heater has several knobs and indicators to control its operation. The significant number of heat settings and related adjustments can be confusing, especially if you need to quickly operate the heater.


  • It has five heat settings that can be used to create a comfortable indoor environment in all seasons
  • Efficient utilization of energy when set in the ECO mode
  • The timer can be programmed for 24 hours intervals


  • It can be confusing to handle the many settings of the heater

5. TaoTronics Ceramic Tower Heater

The modern tower-based design and a classic black finish make the TaoTronics Ceramic Tower Heater ideal for use as a focal point in your living room. The heater can also be used in bedrooms and living rooms because its noise level is only 45dB.

You can adjust the heater’s performance according to the heating requirements of a room at any time. When set on the ECO mode, the heater automatically adjusts its performance between the 1,500W and 900W. The ECO mode is designed for users who are conscious of their heating power bills.

You will have to watch against the heater getting knocked when using it. The narrow does not provide all the support that the tall body of the heater needs. The good news is that tip-over protection sensors work perfectly in switching the heater off if it accidentally falls.


  • Excellent modern design provides aesthetic value
  • The heater operates quietly with a noise level of at most 45dB
  • Inbuilt safety features, including overheat and tip-over protection sensors


  • The narrow base of the heater does not provide adequate support to the tall and slim body

Wrap Up

While ceramic heaters use ceramic heating elements to heat the air and internal fans to circulate the warm air evenly throughout the room, you still want to make sure that you get the best from the heater and minimize heat loss as much as possible.

Oscillating ceramic heaters allow you to achieve this as they oscillate from side to side for improved directional heat flow and even coverage.

They’re also portable and have cool to touch exterior bodies so that you don’t get burned when moving them from one room to another.

Since they come in various sizes and heights, you should find the best oscillating heater from this review for personal comfort during the winter.