10 Best Oscillating Tower Fan To Improve Air Flow

Are you looking for a good versatile oscillating tower fan that would be used in your living room, kitchen, laundry room, patio, and even bedroom?

Well, we got you covered because, in this article, we will be looking at the best oscillating tower fans for your home.

As we were carrying out our research to pen this article, we factored in things like the design of the tower fan because you want a cooling solution that also adds oomph and color to your home, right? 

We considered the CFM of the fan, noise output since you might want it for your bedroom, the oscillation speeds that determine how much airflow you get as well as the safety of the fan.

While reviewing the Dyson AM07 Cool air fan, we found another important factor; the possibility of having a fan that purifies your air. This proved to be a game-changer and we eventually ended up choosing the Dyson AM07 Cool air fan that uses the ionizing property to remove air impurities.

The Dyson AM07 further endeared itself to us for its completely bladeless design. Yes, I just said a bladeless fan. That sounds like fan witchcraft, right? The truth though is that this is possible to have a completely bladeless fan that embraces the air multiplier technology.

Things To Consider When Buying Best Oscillating Tower Fans


When buying the best oscillating tower fan for your home, you want something that you can use without the constant headaches of figuring out whether your kid is trying to insert objects or their fingers into the blade unit, right? 

Yes, the tower fan needs to be safe. What I have seen most manufacturers do to ensure tower fan safety has these narrow grills so that no small fingers can touch the blades while it is working. 

The best feature though is having a completely bladeless tower fan like the Dyson AM07 Pure cool air. With the Dyson, your kid could even play with it without you fearing that they could injure themselves.

Another safety feature that modern manufacturers are embracing is having a GFCI plug that would automatically switch off the unit if it detects dangerous ground faults that if left would cause electrical shocks.

It is also good to check that the oscillating tower fan you are buying is ETL wet listed so that you are assured that it will inhibit water from getting into contact with the live connections of the unit.


The CFM is the volume of air moved around by your fan in 60 seconds. During summer, you will no doubt want a fan with a high CFM. While looking at the CFMs, you will also need to consider how large your room is. For big rooms, you want a higher CFM and vice versa.

Oscillation Range

The oscillation range is the number of degrees that your tower fan is able to rotate about. It determines how evenly you get airflow to all corners of your house. It also determines the space that the unit is going to occupy.

For example, for a unit doing 45 degrees, you can comfortably place it at the corner of the room since it does not require so much space to oscillate left and right. For one doing more than 300 degrees, you would have to place it at the center of the room since it needs enough turning space to rotate well.

Highest Oscillation Speed

The faster your fan is oscillating, the more airflow you are going to get.  You will therefore want an oscillating fan with the highest speed that one can get out there.

Size of the Fan vis-à-vis Size of the Room

The fan size determines how much airflow you are going to get and how each corner of the room is going to get the cooling action. For large rooms, go for large fans while for small rooms, you can select smaller fans.


You will want a fan that has a low noise output without compromising on the amount of airflow that it is giving. While some fans have this high decibel noise output that you would literally have to shout to be heard by another person in the same room, others have this awesome low white noise that could actually lull a baby to sleep.

While buying your oscillating tower fan, therefore, it would be good that you check what other people are saying about the amount of noise the fan produces.

Air Purifier Feature

Modern fans are getting more versatile as they try to beat their competitors off the market. Today, one can get a fan that not only gives you wind of cool air but also purifies that air so that what you breathe is free from pet dander, pollen, and dust. The fans do this by having an ionizing feature that traps all the air impurities in your house.

Fans with air purifying features are great for people who are allergic to dust, pollen, or pet dander. You should however be careful when buying a fan with an ionizer since it might end up producing ozone which can be dangerous for your lungs.

Control Type

You will find oscillating tower fans that use pull chains, remote as well as LED controls. Personally, I want a remote-controlled fan so that I do not have to rise from where I am seated to go change the speeds or turn it on or off.

Fortunately, there are these tower fans such as the Dyson AM07 Cool air whose remote is magnetic so that it can attach to the unit to prevent losses. Others have a remote pocket at the back of the unit so that you can safely keep it when not in use.

Bedroom Friendly

If you want your oscillating tower fan to serve in your bedroom at night, you will want it to have dimmable LED lights, to have an auto-sleep feature so that you do not have to wake up in the wee hours of the night to change its speed settings. For your bedroom, you will also want a fan with low white noise that will lull you to slumberland.

Portability and Stability

You want a fan that is lightweight and can be easily moved from one room to the other. At the same time, the fan needs to have a stable base so that it does not fall easily when toppled over.

Fan Material

While plastic fans are lightweight and would also be pocket-friendly, you will find that they are brittle and if an accident happens and it falls, the fan unit is going to break into pieces. Metal fans on the other hand would remain intact even after a fall.

Damp and Wet Rated Fans

Some fans have damp ratings meaning that you can use them in humid places that do not have direct water exposure. Others are wet rated and so you do not have to worry that things might go haywire were they to get into direct contact with water.

Ease in Cleaning

While your oscillating fan will come gleaming with newness once you buy it, it is sure to trap debris as it ages. You need to check whether the parts are easily detachable so that cleaning it will not be a tall order.

For people with bladeless designed fans, cleaning is as easy as ABC since all they will need is a damp piece of cloth to wipe away the dust on the surface. The same cannot be said for people with narrow grilled meshwork surrounding the fan blades.

Best Oscillating Tower Fan

1. Dyson Cool AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan

Dyson Cool AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan,...
  • Dyson fans use patented Air Multiplier technology to create a powerful stream of uninterrupted airflow without fast-spinning blades making it safe for children, pets and during cleaning
  • 2 year parts & labor warranty when purchased from an authorized reseller
  • Dyson fans are quiet and powerful while being safe and easy to clean
  • Features include sleep timer which can be programmed to turn off after preset intervals ranging from 15 minutes to nine hours
  • Remote control has the choice of 10 precise airflow settings. The remote is curved and magnetized to store neatly on the machine

The ultimate best oscillating tower fan for your home has to be the Dyson AM07 Cool Air fan. We gave it this award owing to its high cooling CFM, the soft purr that it emanates while working as well as the fact that it is bladeless.

While buying my oscillating tower fan, I wanted something that would work both during the day and could easily be ported to the bedroom at night.

Since I have little kids and furry playful pets, I wanted something that was safe and I would not have to worry that these little people would hurt themselves while trying to play with the blade mesh.

The Dyson AM07 Cool Air also endeared itself to me owing to its air-purifying feature. My mum who lives with me is allergic to dust, pollen, and cat dander.

Rather than spend lots of money buying a fan and then going ahead to buy an air purifier, the Dyson AM07 Cool Air saved me lots of bucks since its ionizing feature is able to give my sickly mother a stream of filtered cool air.

The one downside with this tower fan was that the price is rather too high and most homeowners who are short on cash might not be able to afford it. However, if a good supply of filtered airflow and sleek design is the first thing you think of when looking for a good oscillating tower fan, then this is the ultimate best pick.


Features of the Dyson AM07 Cool Air Tower Fan

  • Bladeless design so you do not have to worry about your kids sticking their fingers into a risky grill.
  • Remote control and the little remote can magnetically get attached to the unit so you do not have to worry about it getting lost.
  • Measures 4.4 x 7.5 x 39.6 inches
  • Has 10-speed settings to choose from.
  • Features an air ionizer to filter out impurities from the air you breathe.



  • The fact that it gives you a stream of cool, filtered clean air was a huge plus for me since I do not have to spend more bucks buying a home air purifier.
  • It is easy to clean the fan since all you do is wipe the surfaces.
  • It has this sleek, modern-looking design that will surely accentuate your home.
  • The Dyson cool air works with a soft purr and would therefore be very friendly for your bedroom where you do not want lots of noise distractions.
  • You have 10-speed settings to choose from and so you are sure to find a setting that fits you.
  • The magnetic remote is easily attached to the top of the unit and you, therefore, reduce the risk of it getting lost.
  • The tower is bladeless and therefore it’s kid-safe.


  • The Fan is expensive

2. Lasko Products Portable Electric 42″ Oscillating Tower Fan

Lasko Portable Electric 42" Oscillating Tower Fan...
  • 3 quiet speeds
  • Nighttime setting automatically decreases fan speed and dims control lights
  • Set your fan to automatically turn off after a period of use (0.5-7.5 hours) with the electronic timer option.
  • Size/Height: 13"L x 13"W x 42.5"H, Weight:15.5 lbs
  • Controls: Electronic controls
  • Oscillation: Widespread oscillation

The Lasko Portable electric oscillating tower fan is a great budget cooling solution for your home that also comes with an ionizer to filter out debris from the air reaching you.

With a good airflow and whisper sound as it works, it is versatile and you could carry it from your bedroom and even outdoors. It has three speed settings: high, medium, and low which you can control using the remote control.

The design is sleek, space saver, and will add to the style of your house interiors. It has a narrow grill so that your kids or pets do not injure themselves trying to point on the fast-rotating blades. It also comes with a fused blue plug that would automatically disconnect the unit in case there was a power problem.

The only downside for this fan is that it collects lots of dust and cleaning is a tall order owing to the thin grilled meshwork that surrounds the blades.


  • The ionizer feature was a huge plus for this low costing fan. Using it, you are assured that you are taking in only purified dust-free air.
  • The Lasko fan gives you good airflow even though it only features three-speed settings.
  • The Lasko has indeed factored safety with their ETL listing, blue plug fuse as well as the thin grills surrounding the blades.
  • It has this cool-looking carrying handle that you can use to transport it from one room to the other.
  • It is remote controlled and so you do not have to rise to play tug of war with pull chains or LED controls all the time.
  • It has a nighttime feature that dims the LED lights and changes from a high-speed setting, to medium and then low.


  • The fan would collect lots of dust and pet dander. Cleaning it was a tall order because of the thin grills surrounding the blades.


3. Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan HYF290B

Honeywell HYF290B Quietset 8-Speed Whole-Room...
  • Included Components: Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan - Black, HYF290B
  • Voltage: 100120

Anytime I have to think about a cooling solution for my home, the Honeywell products come to mind. And this is not without a good reason.

Honeywell does a splendid job in coming up with high-quality, sleek units that deliver really well.  The Honeywell Quietset HYF290B is no different. It indeed does deliver on quality as well as appealing aesthetics.


  • This slender thin designed oscillating tower fan does embellish my home interiors while at the same time saving up on space.
  • It has a soft purr sound at low speed but it would be unbearable for sleeping on the higher speed settings
  • Uses a remote control
  • Has 8-speed settings that you can choose from depending on how hot it is.
  • It has a sleep timer feature as well as dimmable lights.


  • The noise output on the higher speed settings would not allow you to sleep. It was just too loud.

4. Lasko 2535 52″ Space-Saving Pedestal Tower Fan

Lasko 2535 52″ Space-Saving Pedestal Tower Fan...
  • 3 Quiet, Energy-Efficient Speeds - makes this fan ideal for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, or home office. The quiet yet powerful fan provides a cooling breeze throughout the room. Small and compact this fan is ideal for tight places where space is minimal.
  • Widespread Oscillation and Directional Louvers - allows you to direct airflow where you need. Turn on oscillation and the fan will gentle go side to side distributing air. Direct air up or down by using the directional louvers or adjusting the fans height.
  • Wireless Remote Control and LED Display - are two great features that make this fan easy to control. The remote allows you adjust the fan speed, timer, oscillation, or sleep mode from a distance. While the fan's LED display lets you know which settings are selected.
  • Built-in Timer - automatically shuts the fan off after the selected time. Choose from 1/2 hour to 7.5 hours in 1/2 hour increments. Use the one touch Sleep Mode and the timer is automatically set to run for 6 hours.
  • Easy to Follow Instructions - allows you to take the fan out of the box and assemble it in minutes. Simply assemble the base, pedestal, and attach the fan and you're ready to enjoy a cooling breeze.

Standing at 52 inches in height, the Lasko 2535 is another great cooling addition for your home. It features 3-speed settings, LED display, and remote control so that you can choose how fast it is going to oscillate giving you a good airflow.

It comes with an off-timer ranging all the way from 30 minutes to 7.5 hours before it turns off making it ideal for bedtime cooling.

The one downside of this Lasko 2535 oscillating tower fan is that it is made of plastic and so were it to fall, it would surely break into pieces.


  • It is great in space-saving
  • Generous airflow
  • A sleep timer allows you to select when it goes off or reduce the oscillation speed without having to wake up.
  • Has LED display and remote control


  • The fan is made of plastic material that would easily break after a fall.


5. Vornado OSCR37 Tower Fan and Air Circulator

Vornado OSCR37 Oscillating Tower Fan and Air...
  • CIRCULATE OR OSCILLATE – Dual airflow settings for either optional oscillation or V-Flow whole room air circulation
  • MOVES AIR FURTHER – Powerful motor produces higher volume of air movement and pushes air up to 75 feet
  • SMOOTH OSCILLATION – Designed for smooth, quiet oscillation while the chrome steel arch with carrying handle provides style and portability
  • ADVANCED CONTROLS – Touch-sensitive controls, 4 speed settings, energy-saving 2-8 hour timer and remote control
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Backed by a 5-year hassle-free and supported by a customer service team based in Andover, KS
  • Built to meet U.S. voltage requirements. Certified, safety-tested, and warrantied for use only in the U.S.

Most reviews that I have seen online on oscillating fans quote the Vornado OSCR37 as a great option that you need to seriously think of. And after trying out this unit, I now know why they recommend it.

It has a powerful motor system that pushes air up to 75 feet away from the unit. This makes the Vornado a great choice especially if you want an oscillating fan for a big room.

The chromed arch shape also adds a great design and style to your home decor.


  • It is able to move air to 75 feet away from the unit
  • Sleek arch design adds color style to your home


  • Though they claim that it can be used in the bedroom, I found it to be too noisy especially in the high-speed settings.


6. PELONIS FZ10-19JR Tower Fan

PELONIS FZ10-19JR Quiet Oscillating Tower Fan,...
  • [3-Speed Quiet Fan] Featuring 3 speeds (low-medium-high), 3 modes (normal, natural, or sleep) and 7-hour timer, the Pelonis tower fan allows you to customize your breeze needs and cooling options . Operating on low noise level (as low as 48 dB), this oscillating fan is perfect for your bed room or nursing room.
  • [Easy to Use] Equipped with LED display and remote control, this Pelonis tower fan is user friendly and designed for full range control when you are sitting on the couch or lying in bed. The 30s screen auto-off will minimize the disturbance causing by light when you are trying to fall asleep.
  • [Compact Oscillation Fan] This compact fan would could fit into any corner in your room without taking too much space. The built-in carry handle improved the portability of the product with extra room for remote control storage. 60° wide angle oscillation function ensures the good ventilation of your room.
  • [Safety First] The compact design on fan grid would ensure the safety of your children and the built-in overheat protection would automatically switch off the fan when the motor overheats.
  • [Manufacturer ] With confidence in the quality of our product, Pelonis offers a 1-year manufacturer with your purchase of any of our product.
  • [TIPS][Normal Wind] By selecting this mode, you will be expecting constant air flow [Natural Wind] As a simulation of the natural wind, the tower fan will provide alternations on strong and weak air flows

Standing at 36 inches and oscillating at 60 degrees, the Pelonis oscillating tower fan is a great choice for homeowners who want a versatile cooling solution that can easily be ported from the house to your gazebo.

Remote-controlled, the fan has three-speed settings and will purr at 48 decibels which is not too loud if you were to ask me.

The Pelonis have worked tirelessly to make sure that their tower is safe to use with thin grills so that your kids do not get into contact with the rotating blades. It also has protection against electrical shocks since the plug will disconnect the unit if you have an electrical fault.


  • It has three-speed settings of high, low, and medium
  • Wireless remote controlled so that you do not have to rise to fumble with the LED display.
  • It has a 7-hour sleep timer so that you do not have to wake up at night to turn it off.
  • It is a great space saver.
  • It can easily be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner without necessarily having to detach the entire unit.


  • It does not have great airflow for those extremely hot summer days.


7. Ozeri Ultra 42” Tower Fan

Ozeri Ultra 42” Oscillating, Bluetooth Tower...
  • New edition features Bluetooth Technology for convenient iOS and Android smart phone remote control.
  • Boasts engineering that generates more air velocity with less noise on a foot-per-minute to dB basis, and stylish space-saving design.
  • Features 3 preprogrammed airflow patterns, 3 whisper-quiet speed settings with 90 degree oscillation, and a LED screen with a light dimming night mode.
  • Includes a 12 hour timer that can be programmed in 1 hour increments with push-button ease, an intelligent screen that displays room temperature, and an enhanced-range remote control that conveniently stores in the fan.
  • Includes a downloadable iOS or Android app, and ships with fan, base, extension column (to customize fan height), remote, manual and warranty card. Easy to assemble (no tools required).

At 5000 CFM, this Ozeri oscillation tower fan will give you a generous amount of airflow that will cool you down on those hot afternoons.

A great space saver for your home, it does a 90-degree oscillation giving you good air circulation throughout the room. It has a 12-hour sleep timer that you can use to turn the unit off without having to rise from your bed.


  • Sleek design that will add color and style to your home with its silvery matte finish.
  • It is remote-controlled.
  • It has easy installation steps to assemble it up and running.


  • While the fan is quiet when new, it starts making clanking, annoying noises as it gets older.


8. TaoTronics Tower Fan, 36” Oscillating Tower Fan 

The Taotronics tower fan is another great oscillating fan if you are ready to overlook the fact that it has a weak base that does a shoddy job of holding the unit upright. It is able to do a 20ft/s velocity while rotating at 65 degrees.


  • Space-saving design
  • Safe to use when you have kids. It is also ETL certified so you do not have to worry about it getting damaged by electrical shocks.
  • Remote controlled.


  • It has an unstable base and would easily topple over.


9. Arctic-Pro Digital Screen Oscillating Tower Fan

Arctic-Pro Digital Screen Oscillating Tower Fan...
  • FEATURES: 3 Speeds to create suitable airflow that is wisper quiet
  • OSCILLATING: Provides 80 Degrees of Oscillation to deliver even airflow over an entire room
  • REMOTE CONTROL: Comes with a convenient Remote Control to use from afar
  • NIGHT MODE: Night Mode to turn off the screen at night, while still in use
  • TWO CONFIGURATIONS: Measures 42-Inch Off the Ground with pedestal, OR attach fan directly to the base.

The Arctic- Pro plastic tower fan measuring 42 inches and doing an 80 degrees oscillation is another good tower fan to consider for your home.

It has a narrow meshwork of grilles that cover up your blade system so that you do not have to worry about your little kiddos inserting their fingers in the sharp fast-moving blade system.


  • Does an 80-degree oscillation and is, therefore, able to have a good uniform airflow in the whole room.
  • Remote controlled.
  • It is kids’ safe.


  • It is plastic and therefore would break from a simple fall.


10. Seville Classics UltraSlimline 40 in. Oscillating Tower Fan

Seville Classics UltraSlimline 40 in. Oscillating...
  • 5 ultra-quiet speed settings with simple speed adjustment
  • Ultra-quiet internal fan oscillates side-to-side for a full 115 degrees of movement
  • 3 tilt settings for directional cooling: direct (0 degrees), wall (8-degree tilt), ceiling (12-degree tilt)
  • 3 breeze modes (Constant, Natural, Sleep) allow for personalized cooling settings
  • Timer enables programmable shutdown from 30 minutes to 7.5 hours; adjusts at half-hour increments
  • 275 CFM

The Seville classics ultra slim tower fan does a 75 degrees oscillation distributing air throughout your room. It features both an LED control panel and remote control.

The one downside we found with this oscillating tower fan was that it had a low CFM of only 275 and would therefore only work for small rooms.


  • Does a 75-degree oscillation that produces a good airflow for your entire room.
  • Has four speed settings to select from: high, low, medium, and eco.


  • Low CFM and would therefore not do well in a large room.

Wrap Up

Now that we have looked at the considerations that you need to make when buying your best oscillating tower fan, we leave you to select the one that pleases you the most. For me, the Dyson Cool AM07 was the game changer owing to its high CFM, air purifier feature, low white noise as well its sleek bladeless design.