Best Outdoor Oscillating Fans For Patio

During the dog days of summer when the torrid hot sun seems to have descended a few inches to scorch the earth, you will find your patio or gazebo inhabitable.

Yes, no matter how tastefully decorated and appealing it looks; no visitor of yours in their right mind will want to sit there with you. The only thing that they might want to do is strip off their clothes and jump right into your swimming pool. And you cannot judge them; summer can get burning hot. 

But what if you want to engage in some banter with your friends at the gazebo or sip a cold beer as you enjoy the outdoors? Do you go back to the house where there are cooling hugger fans and floor registers allowing your house to get good airflow?

No. This situation needs not to be so grim. It can be remedied when you get a good outdoor oscillating fan that will cool you off in that patio while not distracting your friendly banter. Well, in this article we will be looking at the best outdoor oscillating fan that you can buy online.

While selecting the best oscillating outdoor fans for our review, we factored in the CFM, noise produced, safety features, oscillation range as well as misting which is present in some of our best picks.

Factor To Consider When Selecting the Best Outdoor Oscillating Fan


Most of my friends have been asking whether there is one fan that works noiselessly without any decibel of noise. And in answer, I look at them and laugh. Because the truth is that you will never get a cooling fan that is quiet. Not unless it is not working.

For a working fan, there is bound to be some noise; the noise made as the air is pushed around as well as squeaks made as to the fan changes from one-speed setting to the other. However, there are fans that are noisier than others.

For your patio, you will want a fan that is not too noisy. Well, it could have more decibels of noise than your sleeping fan but at the same time, it should not be too loud as to distract your talk, right?


During the hot summers, you want an outdoor fan that gives you a generous amount of airflow. You can tell how much airflow the oscillating fan is going to give you by simply looking at its cubic feet of air moved per minute (CFM). The higher the CFM, the better the fan is in cooling you.

Size of the fan

Your ideal outdoor fan needs to be tall enough to get a good airflow onto your faces cooling you down. It is also said that the power of a fan can be told by looking at its size. Small fans will do well with small-sized spaces while big fans are going to push air to larger spaces.

Damp versus Wet Rated Fans

Outdoor fans will either be damp or wet rated. With damp-rated fans, they can withstand a little moisture without getting spoilt. They would however not do well when exposed to direct moisture or mist. Wet-rated fans on the other hand could do well even in places with direct moisture.

For damp-rated outdoor fans, make sure that your patio is well covered from direct rainfall and that the place is not too humid.


An outdoor fan needs to accentuate and compliment the appeal of your outdoors, right? You do not want to have this tasteful patio but with an ugly oscillating fan that sticks out like a sore thumb, do you?

I believe your answer is a ‘no’. You will therefore be looking for one that has nice finishes that align with the theme colors of your patio or gazebo.


When the outdoors are really hot, there are these misting fans that can connect to a water source through a hosepipe and cool you down by throwing a thin mist of water vapor onto you.

I find it to be a great addition to my oscillating fans during the dog days of summer. The cold mist is sure to keep you cool and in higher speed settings, the fan might actually get you drenched and chilled.

Misting fans are also used in greenhouses when you want to cool down your plants.


You want an oscillating fan that is lightweight so that as you leave the patio, you can easily carry the fan into your house to that room where you feel that there is a need for extra cooling.


Installing an outdoor fan should not be rocket science. You, therefore, need to look out for one that has a simple installation guide for you to follow without having to call in an HVAC technician to help you get it up and standing.

Stability and Sturdiness

Since the fan will be upright pushing cool air at you, it needs to have a stable base so that it does not easily topple over. At the same time, it should be sturdy enough so as not to break into pieces where it to be pushed over to a fall.

Control Type

Outdoor oscillating fans can be controlled either by the use of pull chains that are attached at the back of the head of the fan or can be controlled through remote controls.

You will want the remote-controlled type of oscillating fans since you can start, stop, and change its speed settings through a simple push of a button without necessarily walking up to the unit. The downside of remote-controlled fans is that if the remote gets lost, you will not be able to use the fan.

Built-in Timers

There are fans that have built-in timers so that they will automatically turn themselves off after a certain duration of time or go to a different speed setting. Other fans do not have this feature. You will want one with a built-in timer, won’t you?

Safety of the Fan

In a home with kids, you will want an oscillating fan whose blades are housed in a narrow grilled system so that you kids do not throw their tiny fingers into the grill, right?

In case of potential water leakage or power problem, a good fan should automatically switch itself off. While buying, do check that it has the GFCI plug, are UL and ETL wet listed.

Oscillation Range

It is a no-brainer that the more the oscillating fan rotates, the bigger the area being cooled. You will therefore want a fan that has a bigger angle of oscillation.

Velocity of the Fan

A fan with high speeds will be able to offer more cooling as it is pushing more air than one which is slower.

Best Outdoor Oscillating Fans For Patio

1. HydroMist F10-14-023 24 inch Oscillating Outdoor Fan

HydroMist F10-14-023 24 inch Oscillating Outdoor...
  • Outdoor Rated
  • Textured Finish
  • Wall Bracket Included
  • Oscillating
  • Easy Tilt Fan Head
  • Alum fan blade
  • Very quiet Running
  • 3 speed Control 7600, 8300, 9100 CFM
  • Shrouded

The Hydromist F10-14-023 oscillating fan should be your number one option if you’re looking for a fan that can provide sufficient airflow in your outdoor environment.

I loved the fact that I could get a generous airflow starting at 7600CFM. This was easily the very best volumetric airflow per minute that I have ever heard of coming from a home fan. Indeed this Hydromist fan, as per their website, is recommended for not only outdoors but also for commercial use. No wonder it has such a big CFM.

And no, let not the name Hydromist confuse you, it does not have a misting feature.

Features of the Hydromist F10-14-023 oscillating outdoor fan

  •         Has three-speed controls with 7600, 8300, and 9600 CFM
  •         Measures 24 inches
  •         Oscillates at a 45 degrees angle
  •         Comes with a wall bracket which you can use to mount on the wall if you want


  • The generous airflow that you get from this fan made me fall in love with the unit the very first day I started using it.
  • It comes with a wall bracket and so you can mount it on your patio. I however did not do this since I wanted something portable for interiors and also outdoor.
  • For a fan producing such a great airflow, I would say that it was not as noisy as I expected it to be. We were still able to continue in our banter as it continued doing its thing.


  • Expensive


2. New Air AF-600 Oscillating Outdoor fan

NewAir AF-600 Outdoor Misting Fan, sq. ft....
  • COOL MIST FAN - This misting cooling fan is perfect for chill summer patios, pool parties, and BBQs
  • FEATURES - With 3 fan speeds, wide-angle oscillation, and a slim design this mist fan has it all
  • ECO-FRIENDLY - Instead of freon and other chemicals, get climate control that uses clean evaporation
  • QUALITY - This personal misting fan is made with quality materials, to keep you comfy all day
  • NEWAIR - With good quality products and excellent customer service, NewAir is a name you can trust

After extensive research, we found this New Air AF-600 misting oscillating outdoor fan to be the best bargain that one could ever ask for.

Great for patios, gazebos, and BBQs, I loved the New-Air oscillating fan because of its above-average CFM of 2800 as well as its ability to produce a mist of cold water vapor that will cool you down even in the hottest of days.

Features of the New Air AF-600 Misting oscillating fan

  • Measures 20.28 x 16.54 x 55.91 inches
  • Has a CFM of 2800
  • 3 fan speeds to choose from
  • Pull chain control
  • Attachable to a 0.75-inch hose pipe for misting
  • Adjustable height


  • The thin mist of cold wet air was a really cool addition to this fan
  • It has a good airflow owing to that high CFM
  • Not too noisy. You can still hear each other during your talk without too much of a distraction.


  • There were complaints that the misting feature would easily get cracked after some use.


3. Dynamic Collections Oscillating fan with misting kit

Oscillating Fan with Misting Kit - 3 Cooling...
  • FITS MOST OUTDOOR FANS: A compact, easy to attach misting kit helps the fan battle outdoor humidity and cool things down. This unique accessory can also be used whether the fan is in use or not.
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT AND TELESCOPIC NECK: One of the best things about this standing fan is how easily it adjusts it to the height you want. Height ranges from as short as 40” and as tall as 51.”
  • THREE COOLING SPEEDS TO CHOOSE FROM: Choose the best speed for your pedestal fan. For a gentle or brisk breeze, the low or medium settings at 900 rpm and 1100 rpm speeds are perfect. But for maximum coolness, the third level at 1280 rpm is incomparable.
  • OSCILLATING FEATURES FOR OPTIMAL COOLING COVERAGE: This model also comes with a 19” oscillating head. The side to side movement helps the fan cover a wider range and cools down the area faster. You can lower the temperature faster and make things more comfortable by hooking up the misting kit for fans.
  • DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR THE OUTDOORS: Outdoor misting fans are designed specifically to be used for outside fun, and has a coated all-weather paint with UV resistant capabilities. It also has a weighted base to ensure stability, especially during windy days. This particular model comes with an ETL “Wet Listed” safety rating and a CFGI plug.

The guys at dynamic collections did not want to be left out in coming up with an ingenious oscillating fan for the patio. And I would say that they nailed it with this unit. Their unit is the most stable fan that I have come across with this firm base that keeps everything upright.

The one downside I found with this fan is that it can be quite noisy and could distract your conversations unless you shout at each other or keep it some distance away. And you could easily do this without compromising on its cooling action thanks to the misting feature.

Features of the fan

  • Has three speeds: 900rpm, 1100rpm, and 1280 rpm
  • Has a GFCI plug for extra safety in case there is a power problem
  • Has an adjustable height that can go up to 50 inches


  • The misting feature is going to keep you could during those hot summer days
  • Stable base that will not fall even in the windiest of days
  • Has a safety GFCI plug in case there is a power problem at your home. It is also ETL wet listed.


  • Very noisy unless you keep it away to avoid distractions.


4. OEMTOOLS 23980 24 Inch High-Velocity Misting Wall Mount Oscillating Fan

OEMTOOLS 23980 24" Oscillating Wall Mount Misting...
  • YOUR OUTDOOR COOLING SOLUTION: This oscillating misting fan excels at giving you power and comfort; This 24 inch industrial high velocity fan is one of the most powerful mister fans around; Use this mounted mist fan as a worksite fan or gazebo fan
  • COMMERCIAL QUALITY: Get a powerful mounted mister; The 3-speed motor on the water mister fan produces 7200 CFM of airflow; This outdoor mister fan for patio maximizes air circulation outdoors with 180-degrees of oscillation and adjustable angle
  • STAY COOL: Our mist fans for outside produce fine mist that won't soak anyone seeking a powerful cooling breeze; Connect a standard water hose to the attachment on the mist fan for outside; Mist fan outdoor aluminum blades direct mist over the area
  • WATER RESISTANT OUTDOOR FAN: These outdoor fans are water and dust resistant; Fan, fan motor, and mister ring will hold up to the elements; This backyard mister fan has a IP44 water-resistance rating; Take back your outdoor space from the heat
  • EASY ASSEMBLY AND MOUNTING: Get easy assembling and lasting durability from our outdoor misting fan's steel body; Mount this patio mister fan where you like to entertain; Feel the difference this misting outdoor fan's powerful aluminum blades make

The OEMTOOLS 23980 is another great misting oscillating fan that you could get for your patio. With a commercial quality, it gives you a generous amount of air per minute with a CFM rating of 7200.

It is made up of aluminum and steel that will last for long without rusting. It features 3-speed settings depending on how cool you want the breeze from it to be. When things are too hot on the patio, use the misting feature to bring temperatures down.


  • It has a high CFM that gives you a good airflow
  • It is safe to use since it comes with a GFCI plug that would detect dangerous ground faults and cut off the power source
  • The misting feature will cool you down on those torrid hot afternoons.


  • The customer support team was not very responsive after one customer had their misting ring breaking up.


5. DecoBREEZE Adjustable Height Oscillating Outdoor Pedestal Fan

DecoBREEZE Adjustable Height Oscillating Outdoor...
  • Cantalonia takes you back to Europe with the sculpted base reminiscent of old world charm
  • Adjustable pedestal height ranges from 40 inches to 51 inches H x 19 inches W x 16 inches D
  • ETL ‘Wet Listed’ safety rating with GFCI plug
  • Coated with UV resistant all weather paint
  • Weighted base provides stability for windy conditions

The Decobreeze oscillating pedestal fan is another awesome fan that you buy for your patio. Standing at 18 inches, the fan has a firm wrought metal base that is very stable.

The unit itself is coated with UV-resistant and all-weather paint so you do not have to worry about it rusting. Other than this wet-rated feature, it also has an ETL wet listing and GFCI plug for extra safety.


  • The guys at Decobreeze have really worked on the safety of this fan and it clearly shows with the ETL wet listing as well as the GFCI plug.
  • It can weather all types of weather without rusting away. 
  • It has a firm base that will not be blown away by the wind.
  • Has a misting kit


  • There were complaints that the misting feature was uncontrollable and could easily drench you away


6. Rowenta VU5670 Turbo Silence Oscillating Fan

Rowenta VU5670 Turbo Silence Oscillating Fan,...
  • ULTRA-QUIET PERFORMANCE - 35dB(A) whisper-quiet operation offers ultimate silence at each speed; ideal for home or office
  • POWERFUL OSCILLATING AIRFLOW - Delivers exceptionally strong airflow (up to 2436 Cu. Ft./min); oscillates for broad coverage; 16"-diameter head and 5 effective blades
  • 5 SPEED SETTINGS - 3 speed settings , 2 speeds (including Turbo Boost for extra power and Silent Night mode for especially soundless operation)
  • ELECTRONIC CONTROL PANEL - Includes an 8-hour timer and energy-saving mode, which automatically decreases the airflow until the fan reaches its most energy-efficient setting.Do not use gasoline, thinners, solvents, ammonias or other chemicals for cleaning
  • COMPACT REMOTE CONTROL - Sleek remote control with integrated on-board storage for added convenience
  • NOTE: The remote control is located at the cardboard that is covering the fan cage connection to the motor; it may also be located at the bottom of that piece of cardboard or flipped the other way

At 35 decibels of noise, the Rowenta VU5670 is easily one of the quietest oscillating outdoor fans that you could ever dream of.

Featuring a remote and electronic control panel, the Rowenta indeed has this sophisticated look. The only downside is that its CFM is only 2436 which would not be very good for a large patio space.


  • One of the quietest oscillating fans that you will ever come across.
  • Has a sophisticated look


  • Low CFM and so it would not be good for large outdoor spaces.
  • There were complaints that the grills would rust after a short period of use.


7. Hurricane HGC736474 Wall Mount Fan

Doing a 90-degree oscillation, the Hurricane HGC736474 promises to cool down your patio with the option of permanently mounting it onto your wall. It features a 3-speed setting and is ideal for your patio, greenhouse, and even commercial places that would need a heavy-duty fan.


  • Has a high CFM of 4500 thus giving you a good cooling airflow
  • Can be mounted to the wall
  • ETL wet listed thus safe to use in all weathers
  • Made of durable steel and aluminum.


  • Loud in its operation.

Wrap Up

We have seen that when selecting the best oscillating fan for your patio, you need to look into the style that the fan adds to your outdoors, the amount of airflow in CFM, the number of speed settings you can work with, safety in using the unit as well as the control type you can use on the unit. Now that you know what to consider, go out and buy that amazing fan for your patio.