6 Best Ozone Generator For Mold In 2021

Almost all indoor environments will have some amount of mold spores. Although the frequent argument is that mold does not affect individuals who do not have underlying conditions, it is advisable to rid your spaces of these spores.

After all, it might begin compromising the health and the immune system of space’s occupants. In the long term, individuals may start developing serious health problems and allergic reactions.

Further, we all know that prevention is always better than cure. Cleaning, drying, and properly ventilating your spaces maybe some of the best ways to prevent mold growth.

However, if this strategy does not work, you can always use the ozone generator for mold. Read on to learn about the best ozone generators and some of the important points of consideration before purchase. 

What Should I Consider When Purchasing an Ozone Generator?

I know that we have taken our chances to purchase something blindly, but it does not always end up well. You may purchase something that you will never use or something of a quality that is not pleasing, among other defects.

A buying guide is usually a consumer’s best friend as it provides a lot of information on the product they seek to buy. I don’t want you to make any mistakes when purchasing your ozone generators for mold. Thus, I have prepared this guide to help you through. 

Shopping for the right ozone generator is not a walk in the park. I have gone through it, and I would say that I didn’t enjoy the experience, especially since there are not many online guides talking about the factors that you should consider.

Read on to understand some of the important factors that you should consider. 

Type of Ozone Generator

There are different types of ozone generators in the market, and therefore, the type is the first factor you should consider.

One of the common types is ultraviolet ozone generators. They will create ozone by splitting oxygen molecules with ultraviolet rays. The created ozone then will work towards eliminating or absorbing the mold odors and spores.

These are the least expensive, but they take quite a long time in creating the ozone and eliminating the moldy odor and spores within the space. Thus, if you are looking for a cheap, ‘mean-time ozone generator, this may be your best bet, although you should keep in mind that it is least efficient. 

The other type has a funny and somewhat unfortunate name- corona discharge generators. The operation of these generators is similar to that of lightning, where oxygen molecules are split with electric currents to create ozone.

These types of generators are quite powerful and efficient. Their only limitation is that they may produce so much heat in the space where they are being used as they strive to create the powerful electric current.

However, since the recommendation is mostly to use the ozone generators when there are no living organisms in the room, this may not be a great point of concern.

The cold plasma type of ozone generator will use cold plasma from neon tubes to split oxygen molecules and create ozone gas which will then be useful in eliminating the mold.

These ozone generators work similarly to the corona discharge, with the only difference being the amount of heat they emit. As such, you may prefer it if you dislike the amount of heat that is discharged by the corona discharge ozone generators. Keep in mind that the cold plasma is bulkier and expensive than the other ozone generators.

Lastly, there is the electrolytic ozone generator type which is mainly for water treatment. 

Size and Weight of the Ozone Generator for Mold

When you are looking for an ozone generator for mold, there is a possibility that different spaces within your environment have some mold.

Sometimes, it may not be possible to get an ozone generator for all the different spaces. Thus, you will need to get a reasonable size generator that you can move around in the spaces to allow for fresh air generation.

In such cases, considering the size and weight is imperative as you do not want a piece of equipment that you will keep on bothering others to help when you need to move. You can also travel with a smaller and more portable sized ozone generator.

Ozone Output

The ozone output of your generator is what will determine the space that the generator can cover. In relation to this, it is important that you first measure the room’s size that you want to be covered by the generator.

This will inform the milligrams per hour that you will be looking out (the measure of ozone output per hour of the equipment). If you need the generator for a smaller space, you will need one with fewer milligrams per hour while the reverse applies to larger rooms.

However, there is one tip that I like passing on whenever one asks for opinions on the output of the generator. You can use a large size generator for a smaller space but ensure that you use it for a shorter while.

This acts as a ‘shock’ to the area, but it sufficiently sanitizes and cleans the room-clearing it of any mold spores and odors.

Safety Tips When Operating the Ozone Generator

Learning about the safe handling of any piece of equipment is an important component in its purchase. You do not want a piece of equipment that will endanger your spaces, the occupants- humans, plants, and even animals.

As such, I would like to start this brief by mentioning that ozone gas is dangerous and harmful to living organisms’ health. I am sure that most of us are getting it to eliminate the moldy odors and spores that can cause and worsen allergic reactions.

However, you must understand ozone can also contribute to worsened asthma and respiratory infections. If you have ever been in a room where the ozone generator is on, you will agree that it will likely result in chest pain, coughing, and even throat irritation, which are all negative signs.

I am not saying all this to scare you away from purchasing but just as a precautionary measure. The question right now is how do I use it safely?

Due to the mentioned health risks, it is always recommended that you operate your ozone generator when no one is in the room, including animals. This will not be a challenge as most of the generators come with timers to automatically turn off after the set time.

I also recommend that you give the room time after the cycle before you can re-enter. It doesn’t have to be so long as you can give it about 45 minutes to one hour to ensure that the ozone has dissipated. 

How Do I Maintain My Ozone Generator for Mold?

I relate to the pathetic feeling that comes after you have had a piece of efficient equipment, but it breaks down because of your lack of care. It is disappointing and stressful when you imagine the economic loss you will again have to experience in the acquisition of another piece of equipment.

Maintenance is key to avoiding such tragedy, and maintaining an ozone generator is quite easy. It requires cleaning of the ozone plates often. You can easily remove the plates from the unit and clean them in mild soapy water, wait for them to dry, and then return, ensuring peak performance and the possibility of achieving maximum life span of the plates and the generator. 

Best Ozone Generator for Mold

1. OdorFree Villa 3000 Ozone Generator

OdorFree Villa 3000 Ozone Generator for...
  • THE ORIGINAL ODORFREE – Over 20 Years in The Ozone Industry – “Our Mission is to Eliminate the Source of the Odor in Each Location.”
  • HOW IT WORKS - The OdorFree takes normal Oxygen (O2) and converts it to Ozone (O3) which fills every cubic inch in the space. Ozone is a powerful oxidizer that breaks apart odor molecules and eliminates odors at the source.
  • UNOCCUPIED SPACES ONLY - The EPA, FDA and he American Lung Association recommend that ozone only be used in unoccupied spaces. Wait at least two hours before reoccupying the space.
  • CONVENIENT 1 to 12 HOUR TIMER – Or Manually for Longer Treatment- Covers up to 3,000 sq ft – Output from 150-1800 mg/hr – Comes Complete with Plates and Filter. (This model was formerly designated as the Villa 1000)
  • FIVE YEAR WARRANTY - Easy to Maintain - Adjustable Ozone Output.

I am sure that all of us love a piece of equipment that comes with a long-term warranty. This provides some sort of insurance in case the equipment breaks down before its full utilization. Well, the OdorFree Villa 3000 Ozone Generator manufacturers had this in mind as the product comes with a five-year warranty.

It is also an easy-to-use piece of equipment as you just have to switch it on and leave the room for a few hours. When you come back, the moldy odor will have left the space.

Additionally, the product comes with a guide that offers information on how to use and best practices maintenance. Thus, you don’t have to worry a lot about maintaining it and gaining maximum productivity. 

Convenience is perhaps the most exciting feature yet of this product. It comes with a timer that allows 12 hours cycles. Thus, the days of waiting and checking on your watch to switch off the ozone generator are long gone. 

However, users have complained that the odors always come back after a while. This may mean that the device does not eliminate the odors. Rather, it masks them. 


  • Convenient as it comes with a timer
  • It comes with a five-year warranty.
  • It comes with a booklet that serves as a guide.
  • Easy to use


  • Users have complained that the odors always come back after a while

2. Enerzen Ozone Generator

Enerzen Ozone Generator 6,000mg Industrial O3 Air...
  • BETTER RESULTS W/ UNIQUE PULSATING FEATURE: Enerzen's O-777 circuit board with 11,000 mg/h adjusts fan speed and ozone output to create a "pulsating" effect. This aids in destroying any lingering "musty" or imbedded odors and results in longer lasting treatments.
  • DESTROYS ODORS YOU CAN'T REACH: Ozone reacts directly with contaminents in the air, water, fabrics, and walls to destroy instead of mask them. Unlike other types of air purifiers, it does not require air passing through the machine to eliminate odors.
  • COMMON USES: Odor decontamination in cars, boats, dumpsters, kitchens, bathrooms, basements, flood and fire affected areas, as well as any cooking, smoking, pet, "musty", or general odors.
  • EASY OPERATION: Turn the timer knob. Leave the space. When ozone generation is finished, allow an additional 30 minutes for any residual ozone to revert back to breathable air.
  • WARNING: All ozone generators are meant to be operated in unoccupied spaces only. Remove any people, pets, or plants. The space may be re-occupied after 30 minutes of "airing out".

This ozone generator is one of the best in the market as it has numerous advantages beginning with its ability to be used commercially and domestically. Sometimes with equipment that can be used for both purposes, portability is usually an issue.

However, with the Enerzen Ozone Generator, you never have to worry about this as it is light and portable. It also comes with a handle, meaning you can carry it within your spaces easily.

The other advantage is that it comes with ceramic ozone plates as opposed to other generators that come with standard metal plates. This assures the user of the generator’s durability, allowing you to enjoy some years of service before you can think of a replacement.

You also don’t have to keep checking your watch for the time so that you can go back to the unoccupied space and switch off the generator as it comes with a timer. This allows you to set treatment cycles of about 3 hours long as you go on with your business. 

This generator’s limitation is that the cord is only 5 feet long compared to other models that will have cords 12 feet long. You may have to get an additional cord.


  • Light and portable
  • It comes with ceramic ozone plates.
  • Has a timer


  • The cord is shorter compared to other models.

3. Airthereal Commercial Ozone Generator

Airthereal MA5000 Commercial Ozone Generator,...
  • OZONE OUTPUT: An output of 5,000 mg/h can deodorize your space from odors, smoke, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs.) Use twice per week to maintain healthy air in your home.
  • WHERE TO USE: Ozone generators can be to deodorize homes, offices, and schools. Ozone generators are especially helpful at removing odors in places like cars, kitchens, basements, and pet or smoking areas.
  • TOUGH ON ODORS: Ozone is a very powerful deodorizing agent which removes leftover odors from smoke, cooking, pets, and general “musty” smells.
  • EASY TO USE: The timer knob can be set up to 120 minutes or you can use the “HOLD” setting to produce ozone continuously. Set the timer, leave the room, wait for the ozone generation to end, and return 30 minutes after the residual ozone reverts back to breathable air.
  • WORD OF WARNING: All ozone generators should only be used in unoccupied spaces. Don't let people or pets enter the area until 30 minutes after ozone generation ends. Not available for sale in California; EPA Est. No.: 94720-CHN-1.

When the words commercial and portable come with the same device, then you can be sure to have a wonderful experience. This product can be used for commercial spaces of up to 3000 square feet, making it a favorite for many people. However, this does not mean you cannot use it in smaller spaces, as you only have to reduce the timer settings. 

The timer settings then bring us to the second advantage of this product. It comes with a timer you just have to set when the need arises; leave the room, and clear the moldy smells from your space. 

Energy savings is usually one point of conflict for ozone generators. Nobody wants to purchase a piece of equipment that will make the power bills run crazy.

This is one element that you don’t have to worry about with the Airthereal Commercial Ozone Generator as it is low consumption with only 50 watts with 20 hours operating costs. 

Users have, however, complained that it might be difficult to clean this product which may affect its lifespan. 


  • Portable
  • Energy saving
  • It comes with a timer.
  • Treats up to 3,000 square feet


  • Users have complained that it may be difficult to clean.

4. Green Air Pro 2 Plate HEPA Alpine Air Purifier Ozone Generator

Green Air Pro 2 Plate HEPA Alpine Air Purifier...
  • UV Lamp System
  • HEPA Filter
  • Large Backlit LCD Display, Covers up to 3500 sq.ft.
  • Ozone Timer: 30 mins up to 3 hours

I will start with the feature that I find most fascinating and amazing about this product. It now comes with two purifier plates providing twice the purification power and odor removal.

Musty smells will no longer have a place within your spaces with this amazing feature. However, it is important to note that one of the plates is washable while the other needs replacement annually. 

There is something about purchasing from a company with excellent customer service. You always know that you will get support and help whenever you call in. this is exactly what you get with this product as the company is reputable and has excellent customer service. 

Some ozone generators will only mask the moldy smell, meaning that it comes back after a while. The Green Air Pro 2 Plate HEPA Alpine Air Purifier Ozone Generator does not fall under this category as it eliminates the odors and the pollutants, leaving your space smelling fresh and clean. 

The only notable limitation is that the unit may be quite noisy, causing disturbance to the surrounding environments. However, this should not be a huge cause of worry, considering that you will likely be out of the space when it is operational.


  • Reputable company with excellent customer service
  • It comes with two purifier plates. 
  • It eliminates the moldy smell and pollutants as opposed to masking them.


  • The ozone generator may be quite noisy.

5. New Comfort 6 Stage UV Ozone Generator Air Purifier Cleaner

New Comfort 6 Stage UV Ozone Generator Air...
  • 6 TIER FILTRATION - New Comfort CA3500 air purifier uses 6 types of filtration designed to keep your air clean. This unit is full of the tech that has been proven to remove or reduce airborn particles, allergens, viruses, mold spores, odors, dust and more. EPA Establishment Number 94263-CHN-1
  • HEPA FILTER AND POWERFUL FAN - Powerful 5 speed fan is rated to clean up to a 3000 sq/ft area! The high output fan pulls air though the HEPA filter which captures 99.97% of airborn particulates down to .03 microns.
  • OZONE GENERATOR - Ozone and is the most effective way to remove odors from any area. Use this unit to effectively remove odors like cigarette smoke, pets, chemical & paints, food, musty odors and more. Perfect for smokers, hotels, car dealerships, salons, labs, restaurants, farms, hospitals, schools, basements, water damage or everyday home use.
  • Tio2 AND UV AIR CLEANING - TiO2 and UV used in conjunction is the most powerful way to eradicate mold spores, viruses and bacteria from your air.
  • 3 YEAR FACTORY WARRANTY - The U.S.A. based New Comfort engineer team works hard to ensure every product sold is up for the toughest jobs and harshest cleaning environments! That is why New Comfort offers a 3-Year Factory Warranty. You can buy in confidence knowing New Comfort will be here to honor any warranties and provide support to keep your home clean for many generations to come. DOES NOT MEET CALIFORNIA REQUIREMENTS, CAN NOT BE SHIPPED TO CALIFORNIA

The first time I heard about this product, I could not believe that it had a 6 tier filtration system. I know that you may doubt it too, but it’s the truth that allows it to add an extra layer of protection to the occupants of any space that may have mold.

The 6 tier filtration contains a HEPA filter, UV-C light wavelengths, activated charcoal, ozone generation, negative ion filtration, and photocatalytic air. You can be sure that there will be no mold spores or pollutants within your space at the end of this filtration.

The other exciting feature is its beautiful modern design. Truthfully, ozone generators do not have the best designs, and sometimes one may feel like hiding them. However, you can put it in visible places as it is modern and beautifully designed with this one. 

It also comes with a 3-year warranty which is an excellent addition to any product. You do not have to worry about returning the device in case of its effectiveness.

Unfortunately, the product does not come with a timer which may be a turn-off for some individuals. You have to manually time it and switch it off, reducing its convenience significantly. 


  • It comes with a 6 tier filtration.
  • It comes with a three-year warranty.
  • Excellent modern looking design


  • It does not come with a timer.

6. Stainless Steel Commercial Ozone Generator UV Air Purifier

Stainless Steel Commercial Ozone Generator UV Air...
  • REMOVES MOLD AND VIRUSES - The New Comfort EPA Certified Factory is one of the only factories in the world that creates UV & Ozone machines that are powerful enough to remove or reduce Mold, Bacteria, Viruses, and Powerful odors. In addition this SS7000 New Comfort Ozone Generator is made with corrosion proof Stainless Steel body and parts (unlike other cheap Ozone generators you see online). EPA Establishment Number 94263-CHN-1
  • POWERFUL OZONE GENERATOR / UV TREATMENT - The 03-7000 Commercial unit can produce a True 6000 mg/hr (low mode) or 12000 mg/hr (high mode). Produces an industrial level of Ozone (about 4x more than other cheap Ozone generators Claim). For its size and cost, this is one of the most powerful Ozone Generators / UV Air tratment units you can buy. If you do not need something this powerful check out our other New Comfort units. DOES NOT MEET CALIFORNIA REQUIREMENTS, CAN NOT BE SHIPPED TO CALIFORNIA.
  • REMOVES ODORS AT THE SOURCE - Effectively removes practically any odor you can think of! Perfect for smokers, hotels, car dealerships, salons, labs, restaurants, farms, animal zones, hospitals, schools, basements, water damage or everyday home use.
  • 120 MIN TIMER FOR SAFETY CONCERNS - All ozone machines are for UNOCCUPIED space only. Set the timer before you leave the room. Ensure that no people or pets are in the room when it’s working. Return to the room 30 minutes after timer expires.
  • 5 YEAR FACTORY WARRANTY - With decades of cleaning innovation, The U.S.A. based New Comfort engineer team works hard to ensure every product sold is up for the toughest jobs and harshest cleaning environments! That is why New Comfort offers a 5-Year Factory Warranty. DOES NOT MEET CALIFORNIA REQUIREMENTS, CAN NOT BE SHIPPED TO CALIFORNIA

Most ozone generators for mold will eliminate the moldy smell but rarely will you get a product that guarantees the spores’ death. Fortunately, if you are looking for such a product, you have the Stainless Steel Commercial Ozone Generator to satisfy your needs.

Further, it comes with a five-year factory warranty that shows that the manufacturers are confident about the product they offer us, the consumers. With this knowledge, you can confidently purchase this product, knowing that you are armed with a warranty in case of any defects. Adding on to this, it has a stainless steel body which ensures its durability. 

It also comes with a 2-hour cycle timer which boosts the convenience of the product and also safety as it is not advisable to have ozone running for long durations of time. 

Unfortunately, it is bad news for people in California as this wonderful product cannot be shipped there. It does not meet the Californian standards. Users have also complained that it generates a lot of ozone such that users can smell it.


  • Guaranteed to kill molds and any related odors
  • Five-year factory warranty
  • Durable 
  • It comes with a timer.


  • It cannot be used in California.
  • Users have complained that it generates a lot of ozone such that users can smell it.


 Undoubtingly, the ozone generator is a helpful product, and you need one. As you go shopping, remember that there is a variety, but you need to choose the ozone generator that best suits your needs.

Consider the size of your space, portability, ozone output, price, and finally, the ozone generator type. The above list has given you a great beginning to base your search for the perfect ozone generator on. Feel free to conduct some more research and enjoy your buying!