Best Portable Ceramic Heater

What are ceramic space heaters, and how do they work?

A ceramic space heater is a type of space heater with a ceramic heating element and other components. The different parts of a ceramic space heater are made of metal and plastic.

Ceramic space heaters come in all manner of shapes and sizes. Whereas some are small, others are slightly large. The heaters can either be placed on a flat surface or even on the floor. Some are slender and tall, while others are short and round.

Ceramic space heaters work by converting electric energy into heat energy. When they are plugged into any standard socket, they draw electric current. The electricity is used to heat the ceramic heating element. The heating element is usually made from positive temperature coefficient ceramic.

The heating element directly heats air currents that pass over it. The heated air currents then mover around the room to distribute heat. Because ceramic is a highly durable material, a ceramic space heater lasts for a long time. You will be guaranteed of an instant source of supplemental heat for several years if you purchase one.

You can control the performance of ceramic space heaters using easy-to-use knobs. The knobs can be used to adjust the heating level according to the requirements of your room. Some ceramic space heaters have remote control capabilities for your convenience.

Different types of ceramic heaters

There are two types of ceramic space heaters: convective ceramic heaters and radiant ceramic heaters. This subdivision of space heaters is based on the heating method that is used.

Convective ceramic space heaters comprise of the following parts: a ceramic heating element, a fan, and metal fins. Electric energy is used to heat the fins. The heat energy from the metal fins is then transferred to the ceramic heating element.

Cold air currents flow through the heater’s heating plate and fins and are then spread across the room. As the heated air rises and spreads across the entire room, cold air currents are taken into the fins and over the ceramic heating plate. This process continues as long as the heater is working. After some time, the ambient temperature of the entire room rises due to the effect of the convective space heater.

Some convective ceramic space heaters have small inbuilt fans to speed up the air movement. The fans play a crucial role in dissipating the heated air across large indoor spaces. Nevertheless, convective ceramic space heaters with inbuilt fans tend to be noisier than those that do not have a fan.

Radiant ceramic space heaters use electricity just like convective ceramic space heaters. However, radiant ceramic space heaters do not have fans for moving the heated air around the room.

Also, radiant space heaters directly heat objects and not the air in the room. Heat naturally moves from the ceramic heating element to all objects in the room. This type of heater is quite effective in providing instant heating in small indoor spaces.

Ceramic heaters advantages disadvantages

One of the most significant benefits of using a ceramic space heater relates to portability. It is relatively easy to move a ceramic space heater around the home, thanks to their small sizes and low weight. It is convenient to carry your ceramic space heater and position it anywhere in the house or room.

Second, ceramic space heaters have inbuilt safety features, including tip-over protection, overheating switch, and cool-to-touch. The temperature of the surfaces of ceramic space heaters does not rise to dangerous levels. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the danger of getting burned when you accidentally touch the surface of a ceramic heater that is working.

The tip-over and overheat protection features help to prevent the outbreaks of fires if the heater accidentally falls or overheats, respectively. Because fire is the most significant hazard associated with running heaters, these features maximize safety when one is using this type of heaters.

Moreover, it is very convenient to use ceramic space heaters. Radiant ceramic space heaters are designed to provide instant heat in small indoor spaces. They are ideal for use as supplemental sources of heat at home or even the office. You can place them anywhere or move them around the house with great ease.

Disadvantages of ceramic space heaters

Ceramic space heaters do not provide long-lasting heat. If you stop the flow of electricity, ceramic space heaters immediately cease to provide warmth in the room. This is entirely different from the way oil-filled heaters function. The diathermic oil acts as a heat sink. It continues to release the heat to the air long after the heater is no longer connected to a source of electric power. Hence, you cannot rely on ceramic space heaters to provide long-lasting heat at home.

Ceramic space heaters cannot be used to warm areas that have unique heating requirements. Large indoor spaces or rooms that are particularly drafty need very powerful heaters. Ceramic space heaters are not designed to provide the amount of heat needed to keep such areas warm. Therefore, you will be forced to use a different heater if you need to warm large spaces or rooms with exceptionally high ceilings.

Ceramic heaters running costs

Ceramic heaters use electricity to provide heat energy. The heaters work best in small spaces and not large ones. The total cost of running a ceramic space heater is entirely the cost of electricity that is used.

Typically, ceramic heaters operate at 1,500W. Most can be adjusted to operate at less wattage. Therefore, the total cost of running a space heater is the number of watts consumed multiplied by the current rate of power.

When should you choose a ceramic heater?

Choose a ceramic heater when you need supplemental heating in a few rooms of your house. Ceramic heaters can be the perfect solution if you need to remove the extra chill in a room at home. If you have a central heating system in place, then a ceramic space heater can provide the additional heat to make the room comfortable.

Ceramic space heaters provide an instant and reliable source of heat. You can end up saving on your heating costs if you use these small and portable sources of secondary heat together with a central heating system.

Alternatively, you may have to use a ceramic space heater if you have kids and pets at home. Kids and pets may easily touch the surfaces of heaters. Doing this may result in burns if the surfaces of the heaters are quite hot.

Ceramic space heaters are designed to remain cool even if they work for a long time. The heaters’ surfaces do not become as hot as those of other types of heaters, including electric space heaters. Therefore, if you are concerned with the safety of the kids and pets in your house, it would be wise to use a ceramic space heater.

When Should You Choose Another Type of Heater?

Several situations may require the use of a different heater from a ceramic heater. If you need to heat vast spaces, then it may be necessary to choose heaters that are made to do such jobs. A portable ceramic heater is useful only for heating small indoor spaces and not large areas.

If the space you would like to heat has high heating requirements, it may be wise to use a different heater type. Spaces with high heating requirements may be poorly insulated or have huge areas that need to be heated. Rooms that have large ceilings or many openings need heavy heating. A ceramic space heater will not provide the much-needed heat to warm such areas.

If you are looking for an energy-efficient and long-lasting heater, you may have to consider alternatives to a ceramic heater. Ceramic space heaters are designed to be used as sources of instant heat. They are suited for warming small indoor spaces rapidly.

However, they are not ideal for use if you are keen on having a long-lasting source of heat. Oil-filled radiator heaters may be the right choice because of their mode of operation.

The diathermic oil absorbs a lot of heat and releases it slowly over a long period. Thus, it is quite efficient to use heaters because they do not consume a lot of energy and provide heat for a long time.

Lasko 754200 Ceramic Portable Space Heater

The Lasko 754200 Ceramic Portable Space Heater is ideal for providing personalized heating in small spaces that do not exceed 300 square feet.

It has an adjustable thermostat with an amazingly high number of heat settings. You can choose any heating level from the eleven available options to ensure that you have a cozy environment indoors.

The inbuilt safety features of this heater complement its fantastic performance and design. You will not have to worry about it overheating because it has a switch that automatically cuts off the power supply to the heating element when the temperature rises abnormally.

Moreover, if the heater accidentally falls, and this can often happen because of the device’s small size, the tip-over protection feature triggers the heater to switch off automatically.

The only significant drawback of the Lasko 754200 Ceramic Portable Space Heater is that it does not come with remote control. It is more convenient to use a remote control to adjust your ceramic space heater’s performance from the comfort of your seat than doing it manually.


  • Highly portable because of the carry handle and small size of the heater
  • The heater has inbuilt safety features, including overheat protection
  • It has 11 different heating settings for great convenience


  • The heater does not come with a remote control

PELONIS NTH15-17BRA Portable Ceramic Tower Space Heater

The PELONIS NTH15-17BRA has a reliable ceramic heating technology that ensures the temperature rises to 70 degrees Fahrenheit within the first three seconds. You will enjoy the rapid heating capacity, particularly when you need to deal with the chill in the house instantly.

The ECO mode of the heater is perfect for use if you are conscious of your heating bills. When the heater is set on this mode, it automatically optimizes the amount of energy used without compromising your comfort. Besides, you can toggle across the heater’s low, medium, and high heating modes to ensure maximum comfort.

The remote control is an excellent addition to the fantastic features of this heater. The universal control is a perfect tool for adjusting every aspect of the heater’s performance according to your needs.

As is the case with all ceramic space heaters, the PELONIS NTH15-17BRA is not the right choice when you need to warm large indoor spaces. It works best when used in small indoor areas and not large ones. It is more efficient to get different types of heaters if you need to heat large indoor spaces.


  • The heater can be relied upon for providing heat instantly
  • Great design allows for the heater to be used in both the standing and lying positions
  • The eco mode helps to reduce the amount of electric energy used for heating
  • The heater has a remote control


  • Unsuitable for heating large spaces

ASTERION 1500W Portable Oscillating Electric Heater

You will enjoy using the five different settings of the heater. When set on the eco mode, the heater automatically maintains the temperature between 60 degrees Fahrenheit and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. One can use the fan-only mode to turn the heater into a fan during the summer when no extra heating is needed.

The ASTERION 1500W Portable Oscillating Electric Heater is an excellent device for providing rapid and personalized heating in tiny spaces. Its 24-hour timer is perfect for programming the heater to provide warmth in the house when you need additional heating the most.

But its most outstanding feature is the oscillating heating element. The element can move sideways up to 72 degrees. This movement maximizes its heat distribution capacity to create a comfortable environment indoors.

The narrow base of this heater is not strong enough to provide support for the body. The heater quickly falls if it is accidentally knocked. Luckily, it has a tip-over protection feature, in addition to other inbuilt safety features, to prevent the outbreak of fires if the heater falls.


  • Even distribution of heat because the heating element oscillates sideways
  • The heater has five settings, including the fan only and antifreeze
  • It has a 24-hour timer


  • The heater quickly falls because of its narrow base

4. Joy Pebble Portable Ceramic Space Heater

If you are looking for a small ceramic space heater with the ability to provide warmth rapidly, then you should try using the Joy Pebble Portable Ceramic Space Heater.

Thanks to its radiant heating technology, the device instantly dissipates heat when placed in small indoor areas. You will sense a positive change in temperature within two seconds of switching on the heater.

This heater has all the inbuilt safety features you would expect to find in any ceramic space heater. Notably, the overheat protection feature is ideal for preventing fires in case the heater overheats. Also, tip-over protection is critical because the heater quickly falls if it gets knocked.

Although the small size and lightweight of the heater are great for portability, they compromise the device’s stability.

The Joy Pebble Portable Ceramic Space Heater easily falls if it is accidentally knocked. You will have to keep it out of the way so that it does not get knocked accidentally by people walking around the house or office.


  • Compact body and fancy design ideal for home or office use
  • Instant heating of within two seconds
  • Low noise level of less than 50dB


  • The surface temperature rises considerably
  • The heater is small in size and can fall easily

TaoTronics Dual PTC Space heater

Several features make the TaoTronics Dual PTC a reliable source of secondary heat. Notably, it can oscillate up to 70 degrees sideways. This oscillation level is essential in ensuring that the heater effectively warms all the objects within the room in which it is placed.

You can control the amount of electric power that the heater consumes by setting it on the eco mode. When operating on the eco mode, the heater automatically adjusts its temperature to the ambient temperature levels.

The programmable thermostat and a timer are excellent additions to this heater. You can use the timer to determine how long the heater operates before it switches off. Also, the programmable thermostat helps you to adjust the performance of the heater according to your needs.

With all its great features, including the ability to oscillate and modern design, the TaoTronics Dual PTC heater is not the right device for heating large spaces.

The heater is designed for warming spaces that do not exceed 200 square feet. If you have a large living room, it may be necessary to get an alternative supplemental heat source.


  • The 70 degrees sideways oscillation maximizes the dissipation of heat
  • Elegant design enhances the overall look of your room or office
  • The heater is completely silent because it does not have an inbuilt fan
  • The eco mode helps to save heating costs


  • Unsuitable for heating spaces that exceed 200 square feet