5 Best Ridge Vent – (Reviews & Guide 2021)

Ridge vents are essential roofing components for modern housing. When properly installed, they can help you reduce your energy costs. Ridge vents let out warm and moist air that accumulates in the attic.

This creates space for fresh air currents to flow in. You will have to switch your ac system for fewer hours when you have a ridge vent installed at the top of the roof.

This review covers some of the best ridge vents that you can install on your roof. It also contains valuable information about the benefits and types of ridge vents.

What Are Ridge Vents?

Ridge vents are small roofing components specially designed to allow free flow of air in and out of your attic without letting in contaminants or moisture. A ridge vent comprises specialized materials that act as weather filters. The exterior of the ridge vent is made up of baffles. The baffles cover the vent system that is found inside the ridge vents. Also, the baffles provide the entire ridge vent with structural integrity.

Ridge vents are installed along the topmost part of metal roofs. They are stretched to cover the entire length of the metal roof part. A unique metal cover called the ridge cap is then installed at the top of the ridge vent. The metal cover provides the ridge vent with the necessary protection against moisture and other weather elements.

Brands of ridge vents come with all the components that you need to install them. However, it may be a good idea to let a roofing technician complete the installation process. This because the procedure for preparing the top of the roof for the installation is slightly complicated.

The purpose of ridge vents is to ensure adequate circulation of air in and out of your attic. Warm air currents from your house eventually make their way to the attic. The warm air, which is full of moisture, can damage your attic and the entire roofing structures if it is let to accumulate for a long time.

Besides, you cannot have open spaces on your roof because such openings will let in contaminants. The ridge vent provides the perfect solution to this problem by letting the air inside your attic out freely but blocking solid objects.

Difference Between Ridge Vents and Roof Vents

Ridge vents are different from roof vents. Here are some of how these two roofing components differ from each other.

Design: Ridge vents come in the form of long metallic sheaths. Baffles cover the vent system. However, roof vents come as compact components that are encased in plastic or metallic compartments. They can be easily carried from one place to another. However, ridge vents, once opened, are cumbersome to move about.

Installation: Ridge vents are installed along the entire length of the metallic roof. They are positioned at the topmost part of the slanting roof. They are then covered with a metal ridge cap. Roof vents do not need any specialized place to be installed. One can install them at any position on the roof. You do not have to choose the topmost part of a slanting roof to install your roof vent.

Mode of operation: Ridge vents are designed to let the accumulated and stale moist air in the attic escape to the outside. When the air escapes, the temperature and general condition of the air inside the building improves dramatically. Roof vents are designed to act as air ventilators on your roof. They let out stale and moist air and let in cool and fresh air from the outside.

Do Ridge Vents Save Your Energy Costs?

Yes, ridge vents save you energy costs. Modern homes are characterized by high utilization of electric power. Energy is used to heat and cool the home. Your air conditioning system is by far one of the biggest consumers of watts in your home. The more hours you keep your AC system on, the higher the energy costs.

However, you cannot simply switch off your AC for more extended hours as a way of reducing energy costs. The systems play critical roles in making your indoors comfortable. If you live in areas with hot and humid environments, then it will be necessary to keep your AC system on for as long as possible to cool the temperature.

A ridge vent may help you achieve the ideal temperature in your home without using the AC system for a long time. This component covers the entire length of the topmost part of your roof. This means that it provides a uniform effect on the indoor temperature.

The moist and hot air that accumulates in your attic interferes with the indoor air quality. Instead of switching on your air conditioner all the time, you can use a vent ridge to keep things better.

The ridge vent will provide an outlet for moist and warm air. This will help to cool the indoor temperature and make things comfortable for everyone. You will have achieved your goal of having a comfortable indoor environment without using electric energy for a long time to condition the air.

Other Benefits of Installing Ridge Vents

Ridge vents have many other benefits apart from helping you save on your heating and cooling costs. Here are additional benefits of installing a good ridge vent on your roof.

  • Preserving the aesthetic value of your house. Ridge vents are hidden beneath the metal ridge on your roof. This means that they will not interfere with the aesthetic value of your house. If you install a roof vent, you need to consider its impact on your house’s general appearance. This is not the case when you choose ridge vents.
  • Long-lasting. Typically, ridge vents can last for a couple of decades. You do not have to think about replacing or even maintaining these components. They are made of highly durable materials. Besides, they do not have moving components. This means that you do not have to worry about them getting damaged that easily.
  • It keeps the indoor air quality high. Your ridge vent will prevent contaminants from entering your house. Insects, particles, and other types of contaminants, including allergens, will be kept off your house if you install a ridge vent along the roof’s length.
  • Easy installation. The costs of purchasing and installing ridge vents are much lower than those related to air vents. Installing ridge vents is a straightforward and affordable process.

Different Types of Ridge Vents

There are two types of ridge vents: aluminum vents and shingle-over vents. Shingle-over vent ridges are installed at the top of the ridge of the roof of your house, as usual.

However, the installation process is completed by covering the top of the ridge vent with special asphalt shingles. The shingles used to cover the ridge vent match the surrounding roof shingles in color and shape. This provides the much-needed camouflage when installing the ridge vents.

Aluminum ridge vents do not require the installation of asphalt shingles. They come with a unique aluminum top that matches the roof. Thus, installing aluminum ridge vents is easier than shingles-over ridge vents. However, for both types of ridge vents, the top of the roof is prepared similarly.

What is the Cost of Installing a Ridge Vent?

The costs of installing ridge vents are pretty low compared to those of installing other components of the roof of a modern house. The price of a foot of a ridge vent is about $3.

This means that for a large house, you may have to part with about $150. This amount may be enough to purchase a long enough ridge vent to cover the length of your entire roof.

Your technician will charge you for hours spent installing the ridge vent. The process of installing the ridge vent is not as technical as one may imagine. The roofing technician will come with all the tools for the job.

The central part of the procedure is cutting open the top of your roof and laying the ridge vent along the length. After this is done, your technician will cover the ridge vent with a metal ridge cap.

Where Do I Install My Ridge Vent?

Unlike roof vents, ridge vents can be installed in one place on your roof- the topmost part. They are laid along the entire length of the topmost part of your slanting roof. When properly installed, ridge vents provide uniform aeration by allowing the moist and damp air that accumulates in the attic to flow outside.

Best Ridge Vent Comparison Table

1. GAF Materials 2005 Cobra Ridge Vent

GAF Materials 2005 Cobra Ridge Vent, 20' x 10.5",...
  • Gaf Materials #COBRA 2005 Cobra Ridge Vent
  • 20' x 10.5"

If you are looking for a ridge vent that is straightforward to install and versatile enough to help you save your cooling costs and have a perfect indoor environment, consider using the GAF Materials 2005 Cobra Ridge Vent.

This ridge vent is perfectly designed to allow the moist, warm, and stale air that makes its way to the attic to move outside your house. This keeps the entire home comfortable and helps keep the heating and cooling costs down.

The only notable drawback of using this ridge vent relates to its time to have it up and running. Although the shingles-over installation provides perfect concealment of the ridge vent and saves the beauty of your roof, it is costlier than the conventional one. This means that your roofing technician will take a long time installing this ridge vent on the roof of your house.


  • It comes on a mesh roll for straightforward installation
  • Available in hand nail and nail gun versions for your convenience
  • Blends into the ridgeline ideally after the completion of the shingles-over installation process


  • The shingles-over installation process is slightly costlier in terms of time and costs.

2. QUARRIX BUILDING PRODUCTS 58784 Shingle Ridge Vent

  • Provides continuous ventilation while keeping out nature's worst elements
  • Draws fresh air from soffit vents, exhausting hot, moist air through the Ridge line to create a balanced ventilation system
  • Patented storm stop technology keeps out wind driven rain, snow, and dust without the need of a baffle

One of the hallmarks of the QUARRIX BUILDING PRODUCTS 58784 Shingle Ridge Vent is the ease of installation. This roofing component comes on a rolled mesh.

You do not need complicated additions to install it. Your roofing technician can complete the installation process in a matter of a few hours.

Additionally, this ridge vent effectively cools the entire house because it lies along the ridge’s length on your roof. It provides a large enough area for the elimination of stale air that usually accumulates in the attic. This creates space for fresh air currents to flow into your house from other apertures.

However, the edges of this ridge vent bulge up at the edges where you drive the nails. This happens after you have completed the nailing procedure before placing the shingles.

However, this is not a big problem because it clears after a day or two when the entire ridge vent lies snugly at the top of the ridge of your roof.


  • Its advanced storm stop technology is more powerful than the baffles in keeping weather elements off.
  • Ideal for maintaining a balanced indoor environment
  • It comes on a rolled mesh for easy installation


  • The ridge vents bulge up at the edges where the nails are immediately after installation.

3. Viper Vent 01-x-0093 Ridge Vent

Viper Vent 01-x-0093 Ridge Vent, Black
  • Features and Benefits
  • Designed with ultra-low profile, nearly invisible when installed
  • Superior edge strengthen for uniform installation
  • Easily centered on the ridge
  • Lightweight and easy to install

The Viper Vent 01-x-0093 Ridge Vent is a slim and large ridge vent suitable for use in exceptionally big houses. Its low-profile design is a great advantage to you.

Once the ridge vent has been fully installed, you will hardly realize that it exists apart from its performance in conditioning the air in your house.

Moreover, the ridge vent’s slim and low-profile design makes things easy when you are installing it. Your roofing technician will have an effortless time laying this ridge vent along the length of the ridge of your roof.

The Viper Vent 01-x-0093 Ridge Vent edges are specially designed to provide full cover and extra strength. The entire cover of the edges of this ridge vent is important because it protects you against contaminants’ entry. This particularly important when the rain falls sideways and is accompanied by strong winds.


  • Its low-profile design ensures that it remains completely visible
  • The edges are specially designed with additional strength to ensure that the ridge vent provides uniform cover
  • Easy installation and stretching because it is lightweight


  • You may need to use an attic power vent fan during exceptionally hot and moist periods.

4. Blocksom & Company TV205246 3/4×10.5×20 Ridge Vent

Blocksom & Company TV205246 3/4x10.5x20 Ridge Vent
  • The product is Highly durable
  • This product is easy to use
  • The product is manufactured China

One of the most impressive features of the Blocksom & Company TV205246 3/4×10.5×20 Ridge Vent is the ease of installation. It comes on a rolled mesh; therefore, your technician will find it easy to roll the ridge vent and lay it atop your roof.

Besides, it has a relatively thick profile of about 0.75 inches. This is enough to protect your indoor environment from the entry of contaminants and let the damp air in your attic escape.

The edges of this ridge vent are also quite well-fitting to prevent the entry of physical contaminants into your living room during bad weather.

However, you may be forced to replace your Blocksom & Company TV205246 3/4×10.5×20 Ridge Vent earlier than usual. This is common if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions.

Strong winds, heavy storms, and extremely high temperatures force the edges of the ridge vent to peel and expose you to contaminants.


  • It comes in the standard 20-feet length
  • The thickness of about 0.75 inches is ideal for providing a comfortable indoor environment.
  • Easy and straightforward installation process


  • The foam seal blows off relatively quickly under extreme weather conditions of rain, heat, and wind.

5. GAF Materials VCR2018 Cobra3 Roof Vent

The GAF Materials VCR2018 Cobra3 Roof Vent is designed to remain functional for a long time. Its internal structure is specially designed to withstand the effects of the weather elements and provide enhanced strength. This means that you do not have to worry about the ridge vent bulging upwards at the edges after some time.

This ridge vent will protect you against contaminants as much as it will keep the inside of your house cool. It will let all the damp and hot air out of the house. This will keep your heating and cooling costs low as well as increase the quality of your indoor environment.

The GAF Materials VCR2018 Cobra3 Roof Vent is made to be installed on the roofs of relatively small houses. It is packaged in 4-feet pieces. This means that you must repeatedly connect several pieces to get your entire rooftop fully covered. The good news is that it comes ring shank nails that you need to complete the installation process.


  • It comes with ring shank nails for quick installation
  • It has an internal structure designed for enhanced strength and durability
  • Prevents the growth of mold and mildew in the attic


  • It is cumbersome to fully install the ridge vent in large roofs because it comes in relatively small pieces.


Ridge vents provide a reliable and affordable way of reducing your energy consumption and maintaining the indoor air environment quality.

They effectively block physical contaminants from getting into your house via the roof but allow damp air that may accumulate in the attic to flow outside.

When properly installed, a ridge vent will dramatically reduce the number of hours you keep your AC while maintaining the indoor temperature within the required standards.