Best Roof Vent For Low Slope Roof

Venting your low slope roof is a big decision that you don’t just make on a whim. It requires one to do broader research to land on the best choices that meet your needs and budget.

Low-slope roof vents come in multiple options to choose from. Some are basic in nature, while others come with decorative flair to them. Either way, they are designed to meet user’s specifications and create a cool, comfortable environment. 

Roof ventilation is crucial for cooling off the attic area and efficiently working the waste drainage system. Low slope roof ventilation is achieved by creating air changes to the attic. Removal of excess moisture helps protect the life of the roof and the functionality of the HVAC systems. 

Ideally, deciding on the best flat roof vent can be quite daunting with a marketplace crowded with a ton of excellent options. Here are a few top options you can rely on.

Why do you need a roof vent for your low slope roof?

A roof vent is appropriate in any home since it ensures proper ventilation and excellent airflow. A well-ventilated space makes it a healthy living zone. If you get a roof vent for your home, then you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

Flushes out stale smells and odors

You cannot avoid stale smells and odors in your home. So, you’ll have to get a good roof vent to help you drive them out. Installing your roof vent eliminates the foul smell and gives room for a fresh atmosphere. Bad smell can arise from activities like smoking, applying perfumes, or cooking. 

Keeps your home interior cool

A roof vent is useful for keeping your interior atmosphere cool, especially during hot summer. It incorporates a camper that drives out hot air from your vicinity and brings in the fresh air. A cool atmosphere with low temperatures provides comfortable living space. 

Provide kitchen smoke and steam an easy escape route

Cooking produces steam and smoke, which are unhealthy since it makes life difficult. For instance, grilling produces dark smoke, which makes breathing a living hell. The roof vent fan keeps the smoke and steam off your home, giving your room fresh air. 

Things to Consider When Choosing Best Roof Vent for Low Slope Roof

As the name suggests, a roof vent is built to drive away hot air and moisture from your attic. So, what types of roof vents do we have in the market?

Roof vents exist in various types depending on how they are powered. The different kinds of power they get are electric, wind, and solar cells, while others require no power source.

You must know that every roof requires a particular roof vent since they have different designs and are situated in different climates. An ideal roof vent for your house incorporates factors that take care of your home’s airflow and roof design to remove the most air or moisture from the attic.

Therefore, look for a professional who can customize the best roof vent for your low-slope roof. Now, I’ll let you know the crucial features to consider for the best RV out there.


What’s more appealing than getting a roof vent that provides fresh and clean air? The performance of an RV matters a lot as it determines its efficiency.

Get an RV with higher cubic feet per minute (CFM) rating since it will circulate more air in a short period. Remember, the higher the CFM rating, the better the performance. You can trust a lower CFM rating fan with a smaller roof vent, but a larger one requires a higher CFM rating. 

Energy consumption

Energy consumption is another crucial factor that will help you save a lot of cash. It is the amount of energy a roof vent requires to cool your attic within a specified period.

You should check the ampere draw as it determines the amount of energy consumed. A low ampere draws motor utilizes less power and prevents breaker tripping. I recommend a roof vent with as low ampere draw as 3 Amps as it is budget-friendly and consumes less power. 

Lid opening mechanism

Most people ignore an RV’s lid opening mechanism, not knowing that it affects the fan’s overall performance. A right roof vent incorporates an automatic opening mechanism that requires you to use the remote to open and close the lid from your comfort zone. The factor is imperative if your roof is high or if you fear heights. 

Intended use

The intended use is critical in finding your roof vent for low-slope roofing since different RVs lovers have varying projections. If you love your air clean and fresh most of the time, get a premium RV since it includes a list of great features. Systems with these features are durable and ensure a constant supply of clean air all the seasons.

Features to Look for in a Roof Vent

  • Built-in rain sensor: The feature is paramount as the sensor closes the lead any time it detects wet conditions. It is appropriate since you’ll run the unit every time without a headache that rain can damage it.
  • Adjustable fan speed: The adjustable fan speed allows you to regulate the airflow according to your preference. It also enables you to control energy consumption by limiting the speed when the temperature is low and the environment is cool. 
  • Built-in thermostat: A thermostat helps you control your home’s temperature, making it cool and comfy. The built-in thermostat is thereby a great feature to incorporate into your buying list. 

Best Roof Vent For Low Slope Roof

1. Duraflo 620808 Gable Vent

Duraflo 620808 Gable Vent, 10-Inch X 10 7/8-Inch
  • High UV resistance
  • CSA approved
  • 10" x 10 7/8. In. Net Free Area

The Duraflo 620808 Gable Vent, 10-Inch X 10 7/8-Inch, emerged as a deliberate response to the excessive ornamentation of human accessibility and the celebration of material properties and artistry.

Its clean, balanced lines make a pronounced visual impact, while it’s high UV resistance ensures added durability with a guarantee that it will never crack, warp, or peel. 

It can perfectly fit 10″ x 10 7/8. Inch Net Free Area and CSA approved for maximum flexibility. It’s designed with a molded-in screen to prevent bird and insect infiltration. It’s engineered with sturdy angled blades with no sharp surface edges for a smooth powder-coat finished surface.  

It’s suited for a full range of sliding materials and creates an intricate look when ringed in stone for a gorgeous façade application. It’s highly affordable and requires very minimal maintenance. Duraflo 620808 Gable Vent’s simple style offers exceptional functionality.


  • Works great
  • Effortless installation
  • Looks great
  • It’s well-built
  • Relatively affordable
  • Works as advertised
  • Simple and effective


  • Quite flimsy for some users 


2. Broan 433 Automatic Shutter for 353 and 35316 Gable Mount Attic Ventilator

Broan 433 Automatic Shutter for 353 and 35316...
  • HIGH-QUALITY SHUTTERS: Automatic shutters for your Broan-NuTone 353 and 35316 models allow more air flow than conventional stationary attic louvers
  • AUTOMATIC: Shutters automatically open when fan is operating and close when the fan shuts off for hassle-free use
  • DURABLE: Constructed of durable, counter-balanced aluminum for reinforced strength
  • ATTRACTIVE: Flange fits flush against outside wall for a neat and smooth appearance
  • IDEAL SIZE: Shutters measure 16.75" x 2.75" x 16.75", perfect for your home
  • For use with Broan models 353 and 35316 attic ventilators
  • Allows more air movement than conventional stationary attic louvers
  • Counter-balanced aluminum vanes open automatically when ventilator is turned on and close when fan stops
  • Flange fits flush against outside wall for neat and smooth appearance
  • Reinforced for strength and provides weather tight closure

While a cooler attic may be more comfortable, its benefit goes much deeper than comfort. The Broan 433 Automatic Shutter is designed to upgrade your comfort by allowing more air movement to ensure superior airflow.

Its constructed of durable, counter-balanced aluminum vanes that open automatically when the ventilator is turned on and closes when the fan stops for maximum convenience. 

It’s reinforced for strength and offers tight weather closure for reliable and durable use. It’s an ideal choice for any home as it measures 16.75″ x 2.75″ x 16.75″. Its durable counter-balanced aluminum body ensures reinforced strength while its flange fits flush against the outside wall for a neat and smooth appearance. 

Broan is popularly known for creating unsurpassed built-in convenience products with superior quality, and this unit is no exception. It’s built to meet and exceed the needs and desires of homeowners.

Broan is explicitly designed to improve the indoor environment and implement procedures to preserve the outdoor environment. It never disappoints!


  • Well-built
  • Provides optimum performance and efficiency 
  • Works great
  • Effortless to install
  • Great quality
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Slightly noisy 


3. Sundown 22″ Octagon Functional Gable Vent

Suntown 22" Octagon Functional Gable Vent with...
  • Manufactured in Canada. Heavy Duty Polypropylene Construction. 10 Year Warranty
  • The front face is removable, making it easy to install siding up to 5/8" thick.
  • UV Protected with the colour all the way through. Non-Paintable. Do not paint. Maintenance free.
  • Built in screen/mesh
  • Fully functional allowing proper air-flow.

Sundown presents to you this modernized and sleek design that is fully functional, allowing airflow into your attic space. As you well know, if there’s an inadequate breeze going in and out of your attic, it ends up with an overly hot roof that can cause your shingles to curl prematurely.

To avoid all this, start by installing this unique unit designed with a front face that rotates so you can remove it for effortless installation. 

Its rotating design also makes it incredibly durable in severe weather situations. This allows users to stay worry-free without having to worry about it blowing off in the heavy wind. Manufactured in Canada, this unique product boasts a heavy-duty polypropylene construction for added durability.

It’s maintenance-free, non-paintable, and UV protected with the color all the way through. It has a rough opening size of 20 inches, which most users love as it maximizes vent area for possible venting. With up to 10-years limited warranty and a built-in filter, you can trust this brand was built to last. 


  • Its UV protected
  • Simple to install
  • Fully functional
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Maximum vented area
  • Looks great
  • Well-constructed 


  • Some users don’t fancy the fact that it’s non-paintable 


4. Ekena Millwork GVRO24D Round Gable Vent

Ekena Millwork GVRO24D Round Gable Vent, 24"W x...
  • Decorative purposes only, does not provide air flow
  • Solid urethane for maximum durability and detail
  • Lightweight for quick and easy installation
  • Factory primed and ready for paint or faux finish
  • Can be cut, drilled, glued, or screwed. Can withstand temperatures of up to 140°F

This lightweight unit is designed to look like real wood vents without all the maintenance that can come with wood. It’s molded from beautiful designs and comes to you factory primed and ready for your paint.

It’s strictly designed for decorative purposes and not to provide airflow. Its super lightweight design ensures quick and easy installation. 

It incorporates solid urethane for maximum durability and detail. It stands out with minimal upkeep and easy surface mount installation.

What’s more, its clean, balanced lines make a pronounced visual impact, while its durability virtually guarantees it will never crack or warp. It can hold up temperatures of up to 140°F and can be cut, screwed, or drilled.

It requires no maintenance and provides an instant and enduring curb appeal, increasing your home value. It’s also weather-resistant and comes fully primed, ready for painting for a unique addition to any exterior siding surface. 


  • Lightweight 
  • Simple to install
  • Unlimited shapes and designs
  • Factory prime
  • Paintable
  • Looks great
  • Works as intended
  • Well-packed 


  • It looks cheaply made for some users.


5. Gable Vent 22in What Octgn Vinyl

Gable Vent 22in Wht Octgn Vnyl
  • Molded-in vent screen helps eliminate nesting insect infiltration
  • Wide trim ring for easy installation and profession finish
  • Removable rough cut opening template for easy installation
  • Built in drip channels direct moisture way from the interior wall surface
  • Weeping holes help eliminate moisture build-up

The Gable Vent 22in What Octgn Vinyl is yet another stylish, durable unit with many remarkable features going for it. It comes with a molded-in vent screen that helps eliminate nesting insect infiltration.

It features a removable rough cut opening template for a quick and effortless installation. It incorporates a wide trim ring for a professional finish and effortless installation. 

Its built-in channels direct moisture away from the interior wall surface, while its weeping holes help eliminate moisture built-up. It’s designed in different shapes and sizes to move warm, moist air out of your attic. Weighing only 3.44 pounds, this lightweight brand guarantees effortless installation. It doesn’t need painting yet still looks great and durable.


  • Pretty simple to install
  • Fast shipment
  • Looks great 
  • Relatively durable
  • It works as it should
  • Super sturdy
  • Well-made


  • The plastic window screen blocks much of the airflow.


6. Alcoa Home Exteriors RECTGV1824 PW 18” x 24” Rectangular Gable Vent

The Alcoa Home Exteriors RECTGV1824 PW 18″ x 24″ Rectangular Gable Vent is designed to vent the attic. This two-piece system is fully compatible with all colors, sliding profiles, and types.

Its rectangular base makes siding cuts a lot quicker and simpler. This brand is manufactured with ultraviolet-stabilized color to minimize the effects of exposure to the elements. 

Its ceiling grill is rust-proof and can be used in bathrooms. It has no sharp edges and looks shiny like you just waxed it. It’s carefully packed with solid cardboard backing for limited damage during shipment.

It’s also hand-inspected for quality with a 100% money-back guarantee with no questions asked if you’re not satisfied with the product.


  • Easy to use
  • Fairly durable
  • Works as advertised 
  • Simple to install
  • Excellent customer support


  • No setbacks yet

Final Verdict

Arming yourself with all the information in this article makes us confident that you now have an easy time choosing the best roof vent for a low-slope roof. Our list involved thorough homework in narrowing down only the best units in the game. Above all, ensure you take your time before choosing one.