7 Best Smart Portable Air Conditioner For 2021

Tired of coming back to a hot house or having to wait until you’re in your home to turn on the air conditioning system?

Smart portable air conditioners offer a simple solution to homeowners who want to control their air conditioners without being home.

These units can be connected to the Internet via WiFi and controlled via an app on your phone. That means you’ll not only be able to control the unit remotely but also track energy usage and be alerted when the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced.

However, smart technology isn’t the only feature you need to look at. You still have to make sure you choose the correct power for your space.

A unit too small won’t be able to cool your space adequately, while one that’s too large will waste energy and money on your electric bill each month.

With all these factors considered, here is a list of the best smart portable air conditioners available right now.

Best Smart Portable Air Conditioner

1. SereneLife SLPAC105W Compact Freestanding Portable Air Conditioner

The SLPAC105W is one of the most outstanding smart portable air conditioners, thanks to its cooling performance. This humidifier has three fan speed settings as well as three distinct modes of operation.

You can use it for any of the following functions: fanning, dehumidifying, and cooling. When operating as a cooling device, it effectively reduces the indoor environment’s ambient temperature by removing hot air and channeling outside the room.

It has three fan settings that you can play with to maintain the indoor temperature and overall ambiance according to your personal preferences. More so, the air conditioner has a digital display and remote control.

You will find it easy to use the remote control to change every aspect of the air conditioner. The digital controls let you be precise when making changes to the air conditioner.

Sadly, this humidifier is slightly noisy. It has a noise level of 57dB, which many people will consider relatively high. This smart portable air conditioner may distract light sleepers when it is let to function during the night.


  • It has three operating modes for your convenience
  • The air conditioner has a digital display panel and comes with a remote control
  • It comes with a window mount kit


  • The humidifier is slightly noisy, with a level of 57dB

2. Rollibot ROLLICOOL Portable Air Conditioner

The Rollibot ROLLICOOL is one of the most reliable, effective, and easy-to-use smart portable air conditioners that are available in the market today.

Thanks to the use of superior components and excellent engineering processes, this air conditioner can serve you for a long time. You do not have to think about replacing or repairing it often if you follow the procedures for its use that the manufacturer has provided.

This air conditioner has three distinct functions. You can use it to cool the air in your indoor environment, reduce moisture, and even heat the room. Switching from one mode to another is a breeze. You can always and instantly toggle across the three modes according to your needs at any moment.

This air conditioner has a high air-cooling capability. With a BTU of 14,000, it can effectively cool the air in rooms that measure as much as 750 square feet.

This includes bedrooms and large living rooms. Sadly, you may find the 55dB noise level of this air conditioner slightly high. This becomes clear at night when you are asleep.


  • Effective air-cooling capacity: 14,000 BTUs
  • Compact design that takes very little space on your floor
  • It has three distinct modes of operation


  • The 55dB noise level is slightly high

3. MIDEA MAP10S1CWT 3-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner

The MIDEA MAP10S1CWT is one of the most effective smart portable air conditioners currently available on the market. It comes with all the control options you would expect to find in an advanced portable air conditioner.

Notably, this air conditioner is Wi-Fi-enabled. This means that you can use either Alexa or Google Assistant to control and operate this air conditioner using voice commands.

It also comes with remote control. You can use the remote control to change everything about this air conditioner, including selecting the thermostat’s temperature and determining the span during which it should operate.

The inbuilt timer is a great addition. You can use it to program this air conditioner to operate according to your desires. This may be when you are at home or just a few hours before you get home. The inbuilt timer has a spa of 24 hours.

The only notable drawback of using this air conditioner relates to indoor space’s size that it can sufficiently cool the air. With a BTU of only 10,000, this air conditioner is a relatively lower cooling capacity than many others. It is limited to areas that do not exceed 200 square feet.


  • Highly portable because of the four durable caster wheels
  • Advanced control options, including Wi-Fi and remote
  • It has a 24-hour adjustable timer


  • The cooling capacity of 10,000 BTUs is relatively low

4. Emerson Quiet Kool EAPC12RD1 SMART Wi-Fi Portable Air Conditioner

The EAPC12RD1 is quite effective in cooling small to medium-sized indoor spaces, thanks to its design and a cooling capacity of 12,000 BTUs.

You will enjoy using this device because it has three distinct functionalities. When used in the standard mode, it can effectively remove a lot of moisture from the air and maintain the indoor environment’s humidity levels and temperature according to your needs.

It is so easy to operate this air conditioner. You do not have to think about removing the condensate because it automatically evaporates from the air conditioner. Therefore, there is no need to think about using pumps to remove the air conditioner’s condensate.

You will have to avoid using this portable air conditioner at night in your bedroom. Its buzzing noise sounds louder at night than during the day. When it is quiet everywhere, this air conditioner’s noise level, which is about 55 dB, may sound quite loud and distractive to some people.


  • Effective cooling for small to medium indoor spaces
  • Easy to operate, thanks to the auto operative design
  • Compact design with high portability


  • The air conditioner is slightly noisy, particularly at night

5. Haier 13,500 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Several features make the Haier 13,500 BTU Portable Air Conditioner a good companion for heating, cooling, and dehumidifying the air in your house.

The 13,500 BTU rating is sufficient for cooling the air in mid-sized rooms, including large living rooms and bedrooms. Moreover, this air conditioner has a programmable timer and comes with remote control. The programmable timer is an excellent addition that lets you determine when the air conditioner will run.

This air conditioner uses evaporative technology to remove the condensate. You do not have to think about using a pump to remove the condensate. Besides, the air conditioner removes large amounts of moisture from the air.  Therefore, self-evaporative technology is quite useful in making things easy for you.

This air conditioner’s noise level, which is 55dB, may be relatively high at times. The slow buzzing sound of the air conditioner can be loud enough to distract light sleepers. However, if you use this air conditioner during the day, you will hardly hear it.


  • The air conditioner has three distinct functionalities
  • It has an inbuilt programmable timer
  • The air conditioner has evaporative technology


  • High noise level of over 55dB

6. LG LP0817WSR 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

If you are looking for a highly portable and perfectly designed smart air conditioner, the LG LP0817WSR may be the right choice for you. Its modern design, compact size, and crisp white finish complement each other to offer you excellent air-cooling performance effortlessly.

Although you do not have to keep moving your smart portable air conditioner from one room to another, you need your device to be light enough for easy portability whenever a need arises. This air conditioner has durable caster wheels in addition to its small size and relatively low weight.

It has all the safety features that you would like to find in any modern electrical appliance. The device has been subjected to rigorous tests during the manufacturing process. Therefore, you can use it without the fear that it may easily cause accidents because of overheating.

Besides, other inbuilt components such as the programmable timer and a digital thermostat help you to take all the necessary precautions when running this air conditioner.


  • The compact design and caster wheels enhance portability
  • Crisp white finish with a modern design can enhance the look of the room in which the air conditioner is placed
  • Ultra-silent mode of operation with a noise level of less than 40dB


  • Unsuitable for use in large rooms that measure more than 200 square feet

7. Frigidaire Smart Portable Air Conditioner

One of the most notable features of the Frigidaire Smart Portable Air Conditioner relates to the kind of refrigerant used in it. The modern refrigerant is safer than the old types used in older models of smart portable air conditioners.

This type of refrigerant does not have a high percentage of harmful chemicals that lead to global warming when they contact the ozone layer of the atmosphere. Therefore, this air conditioner is friendlier to the environment than those which use old refrigerant types.

It is easy to run this air conditioner. Once you download and install the particular app on your device, you will be able to adjust everything, from the temperature settings to the level of dehumidification. It also has digital displays that let you monitor the changes with minimum effort.

The only significant problem is that this air conditioner does not have wheels. Wheels on portable air conditioners make things easy when moving the device from one room to another.


  • The air conditioner has enough capacity to cool the air in mid-sized rooms
  • Effective dehumidification ability of up to 3 pints of moisture per hour
  • It has all the common safety certifications, including UL/CUL
  • The air conditioner has a modern and safer refrigerant


  • The air conditioner does not have caster wheels


How do Smart Portable Air Conditioners Work?

A smart portable air conditioner works by collecting hot air inside a room, cooling it, and removing excess moisture from it before channeling the cool and fresh air back into the room.

The hot and humid air is channeled outside the room through a vent. Thus, a smart portable air conditioner has the following components: a compressor, condenser, evaporator, and venting.

The only difference between a smart portable air conditioner and a conventional portable air conditioner is in the mode of control. A smart portable air conditioner is Wi-Fi-enabled. You can use an app on the phone or any other suitable device to control the smart portable air conditioner. However, for a conventional portable air conditioner, one is limited to using the manual control or remote control to operate it.

The compressor’s purposes, condenser, and evaporator are to change the refrigerant into gaseous and later liquid states. As the refrigerant changes into these forms, it moves around the air conditioner and cools the hot and humid air in the room. The process also leads to the removal of excess moisture from the air in the room.

The purpose of the venting system is to channel the hot air outside the room. Smart air conditioners can have either one vent or two vents. Double-vented smart air conditioners are more efficient in cooling and dehumidifying the air than single-vented smart portable air conditioners.

Benefits of a smart portable air conditioner

There are many ways in which a smart portable air conditioner is better than a conventional portable air conditioner or even a window air conditioner.

Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy when using a smart portable air conditioner.


It is more convenient to operate a smart portable air conditioner than a conventional portable air conditioner. A smart portable air conditioner is Wi-Fi-enabled. You can connect to your home network and use Google Assistant or Alexa to issue commands to the device.

Additionally, you can use the app on your phone to set the temperature at which the thermostat should maintain and program the timer. All these features make operating a smart portable air conditioner more convenient than a conventional one.

Energy Efficient

Smart portable air conditioners are more efficient in utilizing power than conventional ones. The units are designed to optimally consume power and deliver excellent air cooling and dehumidification for your ultimate comfort. Thus, using a smart portable air conditioner saves you from paying exorbitantly for air conditioning costs.


Unlike smart window air conditioners, smart portable air conditioners can be moved from one room to another. One only needs to ensure that the room they intend to place their smart portable air conditioners has a window.

The windows are necessary for venting. It is possible to vent your smart portable air conditioner even through the roof. However, windows provide an easy and convenient way of venting smart portable air conditioners.

How Much Does It Cost to Run a Portable Air Conditioner?

The cost of running a portable air conditioner varies wildly, depending on the device’s BTU rating and the length of time that you run it. The total cost is also determined by the rates of utility in your area. Therefore, to determine the cost, we must start with the BTU rating of your portable air conditioner and work our way down the electric power unit cost.

Portable air conditioners can be categorized into three classes based on their BTU value. The smallest ones have an average BTU rating of 7,500. Such air conditioners are suitable for use in small areas that measure about 150 square feet.

The mid-range air conditioners have a BTU rating of 10,000. Such portable air conditioners can sufficiently cool the air in spaces that do not exceed 500 square feet. The most extensive air conditioners are rated 14,000 BTUs and can cool the air in spaces that are about 750 square feet.

Ideally, your small air conditioner has a power consumption rate of 2.2kW. A mid-range portable air conditioner with a BTU rating of 10,000 will consume about 2.9kW when running. A large portable air conditioner with a BTU value of 14,000 may utilize about 4.1kW.

To determine the actual cost of running your portable air conditioner, multiply its power consumption rate with the overall unit cost of electricity in your region. You then need to multiply the product by the number of hours your air conditioner runs per day. Based on this method, you can easily estimate the cost of running your portable air conditioner for a week, month, and even a year.

How to Control an Air Conditioner with a Phone

You can use any smartphone to control an air conditioner. The only important thing to consider is that the air conditioner must be Wi-Fi-enabled. It is practically impossible to use your phone to control an air conditioner that lacks Wi-Fi capabilities.

If your air conditioner is Wi-Fi-enabled, you will have to download and install a suitable app on your phone. The app provides the interface for adjusting every aspect of the functioning of the air conditioner.

Once you have installed the app on your phone, it will automatically detect the air conditioner. The pairing process is often an easy one to complete. You can then test the app to see whether it lets you change everything on your air conditioner.

Common Portable Air Conditioning Mistakes to Avoid

Portable air conditioners are small and useful devices for cooling, dehumidifying, and sometimes heating the air in small indoor spaces. They are more convenient and effective than traditional HVAC systems.

However, many people do not benefit fully from using portable air conditioners because they make a few mistakes.

Here are the most serious mistakes that you should avoid when using portable air conditioners.

  • Choosing a portable air conditioner of the wrong size. Using an air conditioner that has excess or inadequate cooling power is invariably counterproductive. If you use a portable air conditioner with excess cooling capacity, you will waste the air conditioner’s excess BTUs. This is because only a fraction of the BTUs will be enough to cool the air in your room. Besides, you will pay for the high energy costs of running the machine. Using a too small air conditioner means that you will have to keep it running endlessly and still experience inadequate cooling.
  • Forgetting to drain the air conditioner. Many brands of portable air conditioners do not have self-evaporative technology. This means that you must manually drain the condensate from the air conditioner. The frequency of draining the condensate depends on how long you use your device and its capacity to remove humidity from the air. Powerful portable air conditioners can remove up to 3 pints of water from the air per hour. Therefore, you must drain them quite frequently.
  • Not venting the air conditioner to the outside. Your portable air conditioner must be vented to the outside of the building. If you ignore this simple principle and vent it to a room that is not in use, for example, the overall level of cooling in your house will not be of the best quality. Similarly, venting a portable air conditioner to empty space undermines its overall cooling efforts.

Wrap Up

The biggest reason to upgrade to a WiFi-enabled portable AC is for the energy cost savings. With a smart portable air conditioner, it’s easy to schedule your unit to run only when it’s necessary. You can program the unit to kick in right before you get back home so that you find a perfectly air-conditioned home the moment you walk in the door.