Best Tower Fan For Sleeping

We all know how important sleep is: in brain development, recharging your body as well as bettering your mood.

That said, though, there are so many deterrents to a good night’s sleep. High temperatures at night, for example, is one factor that would cause you to toss around your bed battling with insomnia.

Studies have shown that the ideal sleeping environment should have a temperature ranging from 15 to 20 degrees Celsius. Unfortunately, our rooms have a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, and that is not counting those dog days of summer when you feel like you want to throw away your beddings and even go ahead to sleep nude.

The next day after a sleepless hot night, you will have dreamy eyes and will be unable to work to your optimal levels. Fixing this, though, is as easy as ABC because all you need is a good tower fan for sleeping.

Since insomnia related to high temperatures at night seems to be a global problem affecting so many people, we sought to look out for the best tower fans for sleeping, enabling you to get a good night catching some zzzs. And in our quest, we came up with the conclusion that when you are looking for a good tower fan for your bedroom, you want something that emits as little noise as possible.

It should also give you an excellent airflow to cool the air around you. We, therefore, we’re looking for fans with good CFM. And since you do not want to be waking up from your bed to toggle around with the fan’s speed settings, you want one that has a remote control.

The fan needs to have detachable grills for easy cleaning. And if you are placing it in the kids’ bedroom, you want to emphasize their safety since toddlers are highly likely to want to put their fingers into the fan grate.

This could only spell disaster were they to touch the oscillating fan blades, right? Therefore, the grate should be very narrow so as not to allow them to put their fingers in.

Best Tower Fan For Sleeping

1. Lasko T42950 Tower Fan

With only three speed settings, one might easily dismiss the Lasko T42950 as a less powerful tower fan. And that is exactly what I first did when I first saw it online as I looked to get my allergic mum a fan for her bedroom.

But wait, the Lasko T42950 has a way of beating other fans in that it comes with an air ionizer. Therefore, you are assured of better air quality that is free from dust, pollen grains, and pet dander.

 And who would not want that?

Towering at 42 inches, the Lasko T42950 will fit snugly into the corner of your room and oscillate hummingly as it lets out a cool airflow to allow you to sleep.

Features of the Lasko T42950 Tower Fan

  • Measures 13”x13’x42”
  • Features an air ionizer
  • Nighttime feature so that you do not have to wake up to turn it off

What we loved about the Lasko T42950

  • The air ionizer was a godsend for my mum, who is allergic to dust. The ionizing technology can get rid of the dust by charging them with negative ions to get trapped in the unit.
  • Has a generous airflow of air that keeps the bedroom cool even in the hottest of nights.

What could do with some improvements?

  • We did not like the fact that the unit gets easily dirty, and it is a tall order to clean it up since there are lots of screws to detach before you get to the dust-caked blades.

2. PELONIS PFT40A4AGB Electric Oscillating Stand Up Tower Fan

The guys at Pelonis have not been left behind in coming up with a great tower fan for sleeping. Their addition to the market is this sleek looking, black, 42 inches tall, 3-speed settings tower that features a 90-degree oscillation to send cool air to all corners of your bedroom.

It features a remote control system which you can use from 16 feet from the unit. The tiny grid system on the front of the tower is a safety precaution so that your little ones do not insert their fingers into the unit.

Features of the Pelonis PFT40A4AGB Stand up Tower

  • Stands tall at 42 inches and, therefore able to scoop and move air evenly around your house.
  • Features a remote control that can be used 16 feet from the fan
  • 3 Speed settings: strong, natural, or sleep

What we loved about the Pelonis tower fan for sleeping

  • You can use the remote control from 16 feet.
  • Generous airflow to cool you off after a day of toiling.

What could do with some improvements in this fan?

  • When on, there were squeaks here and there that were really


3. Taotronics Tower Fan

With a noise rating of 44 decibels, this Taotronics tower fan promises to be one of the quietest fans that you can ever get for your bed or study room. It is bladeless with narrow grills so that your little ones will not be able to put their fingers into the unit.

Features of the Taotronics tower fan

  • 44 decibels noise rating
  • Oscillates at 65 degrees
  • Measures 35 inches in height
  • Remote controlled with a storage pocket at the back to keep it while not in use

What we loved about the Taotronics tower fan

  • Produces a generous amount of breeze as it gently hums in its operation
  • The storage unit for the remote is a plus.
  • Space-saving since all you need to do is place it in a 5” corner and leave it to do its trick of cooling you up.
  • The LED display turns itself off so that you are not distracted by its lights at night.

What we did not like about the Taotronics fan

  • There were these clicks during the night as it changed from one level of airflow to the other.

4. Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan

The guys over at Honeywell want a spot in this battle for the best tower fans for sleeping. And I feel that they deserve it. What with this cool looking Honeywell Quietset HYF290B tower fan that has 8-speed settings, remote-controlled, and is a great space saver occupying 10”x8”x32” of your room. It also has an auto shut off timer that you can choose the number of hours you want it to run before going off.

Features of the Honeywell Quietset HYF290B

  • Remote controlled
  • 8 Speed settings from sleep, whisper, calm, white noise, relax, refresh, cool, power cool.
  • Measures 10x8x32 inches

What we loved about the Honeywell Quietset HYF290B

  • The fan has adopted the Honeywell quality of highly efficient products that the company is well known for. It lowers down the temperature of your bedroom so that you sleep soundly.
  • It saves on space

What could do with some improvements?

  • At the cool and power cool speed settings, the fan’s noise is intolerable, and I do not know how one would sleep with all those decibels of noise.

5. Hunter Digital Oscillation Tower Fan

Standing at 36 inches, the Hunter Digital oscillation tower fan gives you three-speed settings to work with. It is easily portable with a carrying handle and also comes with a storage pocket for the remote.

Features of the Hunter Digital Oscillation tower fan

  • 36 inches in height
  • High, low, and medium-speed settings
  • Carrying handle

What we loved about the Hunter Digital Oscillation tower fan

  • This is a good quiet fan for people with small bedrooms.

What we did not like about the Hunter Digital Oscillating fan

  • It has a low CFM of only 239 and would therefore not be ideal for larger bedrooms

6. Dyson Cool AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan

If you are looking for the best tower fan for sleeping, then the Dyson cool AM07 tower fan is the ultimate thing for you. Combining a sleek look, a CFM of 1271, a safe bladeless design, 10 airflow settings, and a sophisticated air multiplier technology, this fan solves all your bedroom air needs. 

It is also quiet, producing only little white noise at level 1 that will surely lull you to sleep. The Dyson AM07 is also kid-safe in that there are no blades, so you do not have to worry about your kids inserting their fingers into a mesh of grating blades. It is also easy to clean since you do not have to open up blades to unclog debris from them.

If other than hunting for a cooling solution, you also want to add an aesthetic glamour to your house, then this is the tower fan you need to be buying. Yes, the price might be daunting considering that all the other fans are 4 times less of its cost, but in this Dyson AM07, we can indeed vouch that quality does indeed meet appeal.

Features of the Dyson cool AM07

  • Measures 9”x5”x 34.5”
  • Has 10 Airflow settings
  • Comes with a remote control that has a magnetic attachment to the fan
  • Bladeless

What we loved about the Dyson AM07

  • Low white noise that will lull you to sleep
  • Automatic sleep timer so that it can go off after some time.
  • 10 airflow settings to get you just the airflow that you need
  • Remote control and the good thing is that the remote is magnetic so that you can stick the little thing on the Dyson lest you lose it.
  • Small size that will not occupy so much bedroom space

What could do with some improvement in this tower fan?

  • Premium-priced

7. Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan 

With a temperature adjustment control, the Honeywell fresh breeze HYF048 can throw you cooler air than what your bedroom temperature is. It also features an ionizer that will purify the air that is hitting your nostrils, and that is a sure plus for people who have dust, dander, and pollen allergies.

 That said, though, this Honeywell has a downside in that it is a little bit too loud for my liking.

What we loved about the Honeywell Fresh Breeze HYF048

  • Has an ionizer that will get rid of the dust, pollen, and pet dander getting to you. This is a real plus for people with allergies
  • Has a temperature feature that controls how cool the air you get

What we did not like about this fan

  • It is really loud, and you would have to go with a lower speed setting to sleep.

8. OPOLAR Mini Oscillating Tower Fan

For people on a very tight budget but need a tower fan to cool themselves during those hot nights, then the Opolar oscillating tower fan would be a great choice.

For a price lower than 50 bucks, we did not expect to have a fan that would blow out any air leave alone afford us a good night. But the Opolar did indeed surprise us with its working action.

Occupying a tiny space of less than 5 inches on the corner of the bedroom, this tiny, ultra-thin fan will allow you to catch some zzzs. But it is not without its set of blemishes. For one, it will not last that long and is also very loud.

What we loved about the Opolar tower fan

  • Ultra-thin and small, this is a great space saver
  • It is very affordable, and people short on cash but want a good tower fan should check it out

What we did not like about it

  • It does not go for many months before it starts making lots of noise


9. Dyson Pure Cool, TP04 – HEPA Air Purifier and Tower Fan

With the ability to connect to it via the Dyson app, Siri, and Alexa, this is another of the sophisticated models from Dyson that you can ever get your hands on. Other than cooling you up as it makes 350 degrees oscillations, the Dyson pure cool can also detect impurities in your air and clean them off.

Therefore, with this tower fan, say goodbye to dust, pollen, and pet dander because they are going to be filtered off your air by the true HEPA filters installed in the unit.

What we loved about the Dyson Pure cool TP04

  • Has true HEPA filters that get rid of air impurities. It also has a charcoal pre-filter that will get rid of odors from your house.
  • Employs an air multiplier technology that gets you a generous amount of air

What could do with some improvements but is no deal-breaker

  • You will have to regularly open the unit to clean up the charcoal filter as well as replace the true HEPA filters.


10. Ozeri 3X Tower Fan (44″) with Bluetooth and Passive Noise Reduction Technology

Standing at 44 inches, the Ozeri 3x tower fan is another cooling solution that you need to consider for your bedroom. With the ability to control it through Bluetooth, you will be able to afford sleep while getting good airflow in your bedroom.

What we loved about the Ozeri 3x Tower fan

Uses Bluetooth and remote control to get you just the right airflow you need

What we did not like about the Ozeri 3x tower fan

It is quite fragile, and you will have to make sure that no kid knocks it over since the fans will break.


What to Look Out for When Buying your Best Tower Fan for Sleeping

When shopping around for your tower fan to install in your bedroom, we found out the following key things to factor in:

Amount of Noise

When you want to grab some sleep after a long day of toil, you want the least noise in your bedroom, don’t you? Unfortunately, this cannot just happen with any fan. You cannot have your cake and eat it.

Fans are bound to make some noise as they start, move air around, and oscillate from left to right. You need to accept that, period.

However, the decibels of noise do vary and could range from subtle white noise that miraculously lulls you to slumberland, or it could be extreme noise that gets you cursing so much that you finally get out of bed to turn off the darn thing and deal with the heat.

Noise emitted by your tower fan is, therefore, a thing that needs careful consideration when you are out there shopping for a cooling solution during those hot nights.

We advise that you go for a tower fan that does not exceed 64 decibels, or otherwise, that would be too much to handle.

Airflow in CFM

CFM in full means the cubic feet per minute of air that is being moved by your fan. The volume of air in cubic feet is being pushed around by the unit in 60 seconds.

You would want a fan that has the highest CFM, right? You would also need to consider how big your bedroom is since if you were to get a fan with a very high CFM to be placed in a small room, it could easily translate to overkill since the fan will be too much for the room to handle. With such a large CFM value on a small room, things might get too chilly for you to be comfortable.

For tower fans, look out for a CFM that is at least 670.

Ionizers and your Respiratory System Safety

One concept that the manufacturers of tower fans are currently integrating into their futuristic products has fans that also act as air purifiers. They are doing this by introducing ionizers into the fan.

With an ionizing fan, you are sure to feel cool while at the same time getting all the dust, pollen, and pet dander being cleaned from your air. The ionizer does this because it releases negative ions that attract dust and other air impurities, trapping them into the fan unit.

That sounds cool.

 Well, it does, especially for people who are allergic to air impurities. Still, you also need to be wary that some ionizers might introduce ozone into your breathing air, which could end up causing lung damage, throat irritation, and chest pains.

While buying an ionizing fan, therefore, you need to check out that it is truly ozone free.

Sleep Friendly

If the tower fan has an LED control panel, it should dim at night to allow you to sleep. At the same time, the fan should be remotely controlled so that you can adjust its speed settings at the touch of a button from your bed without necessarily having to wake up. It also needs to have a sleep timer feature to go off after a certain length of time automatically.

The Look of the Tower Fan 

You want a tower fan that accentuates your bedroom, don’t you? Well, go for a fan with a futuristic design to add an aesthetic appeal to your house.

Size of Fan 

Closely related to the CFM is the size of the fan. The rule of the thumb here, according to experts, is that bigger fans for big bedrooms and vice versa. At the same time, you will want a fan that is not too bulky to occupy lots of your bedroom space.

Fan Grills are Detachable to Allow Ease in Cleaning

If you live in a dusty place like me or have pets in your home, you will want to regularly clean your fan grills of the debris that gets clogged inside so that the fan can continue functioning at optimal levels. Cleaning a fan with detachable grills should not be rocket science since all you will need is to open it up, clean it, and fix it back.

Safety of Kids and Pets

Toddlers can be nosy to the point of wanting to stick up their fingers in the tower fan grate. Well, you know how bad that can translate to, especially if the fan is on. To avoid such mishaps, get a fan whose grates are thin, not to allow them to get their fingers inside it. 

Make of the Fan

Most tower fans are plastic in make to allow for portability as well as durability. While buying, look out for a fan with a firm, stable base lest it topples over, breaking into tiny pieces.

Oscillation Direction

You will want a fan that can oscillate at 90 to 95 degrees. This allows you to place it at the corner of the room and evenly allow airflow throughout the space.

Remote Storage

While it might seem trivial and even petty to consider where you will store your remote, those who own tower fans will often tell you that the first thing that easily gets lost is the remote.

And without the remote, you are doomed because you will have to walk to the fan every time to control it via the LED control. That sucks, especially when you want to adjust the airflow of your tower fan at night. Because you will have to leave the comfort of your bed to go work on the darn thing.

Some tower fans come with a pocket to safely keep your remote control, while others have their remote with a magnetic back so that you can stick it to the tower fan or any other metallic object in your bedroom. And that is cool because you don’t have to worry about losing the little remote.

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