Best Window Swamp Cooler

Window evaporative coolers work like portable swamp coolers. They use the evaporation process to remove excess heat from the air and make it slightly moist.

The air is then spread around the area through the work of fans and adjustable air vents. However, window swamp coolers are not portable. They need to be installed by the window because they are designed for indoor use.

The open window provides a steady supply of hot and dry air from outside. This review is about the best window swamp coolers.

We also provide in-depth details of how these devices work, when you need to use them, and how you can maintain them to get the best out of your investment.

How Does a Window Swamp Cooler Work?

Window swamp coolers work through the process of evaporation. Primarily, if you evaporate cool water in the hot and dry air, the air loses its temperature and gains a good percentage of humidity. Therefore, the overall ambient temperature of the room falls because of the process of evaporation.

Window swamp coolers have axial fans, water pumps, water reservoirs, and cooling pads. All these components play important roles in the way the entire devices function. The water pump is used to channel cold water to the pads.

The cooling pads provide a surface for the water to evaporate. The water reservoir stores the cold fluid used to drive the evaporation process when the cooler is running. The axial fan is used to push out the breeze of cool air throughout the house.

Some advanced coolers have air vents that can be adjusted. Adjusting the air vents lets users direct the cool breeze to specific regions in a room. This, therefore, lets you use the cooler effectively for zonal cooling.

Window swamp coolers have the option of being used when the weather is slightly humid. In such cases, you can switch off the water pump.

The axial fan will continue running and act as a whole house fan. The result is that the swamp cooler will reduce the ambient temperature in your room but not add moisture into the air.

Do Window Coolers Work Best When the Window is Open?

Window evaporative coolers work best when the window is open. Evaporative coolers do not recycle the air that is found in indoor spaces. They need a steady flow of air from outside for them to cool and humidify it.

An open window provides a steady supply of air that is hot and dry from outside. When the hot and dry air passes through the window cooler’s pads, its temperature is reduced.

Also, some moisture is added to the air from outside before it is dissipated around the room. The cool and humid air forces hot air out of the room. As the process continues, a cool breeze is created in the room.

Closing the window when a window swamp cooler is running may undermine its cooling performance. The air inside the room may feel less cool because the hot air initially found in the room is not getting pushed out to create space for cool air from the swamp cooler.

When Do I Need a Window Swamp Cooler?

It would help if you used a window swamp cooler when it is hot and dry. This would ideally be during those hot summer days when the air outside is hot and very dry.

The window swamp cooler will deal with these two problems by reducing the air temperature by about 20 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a considerable margin, considering that typical fans can reduce ambient air temperature by a meager 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

The window swamp cooler will also increase the moisture content of the air. The breeze of cool and moist air that your window swamp cooler produces during a hot day will make staying indoors bearable.

Whereas fans create a current that makes everyone feel cool, window swamp coolers create a breeze that reduces the entire room’s ambient temperature.

It is more common to use a window swamp cooler in other regions than the others. Typically, if you stay along the west coast, you will find it necessary to use this device.

The weather along all the states that are in the west coast band is scorching and dry. Using a swamp cooler will help you have happier days during the summer.

However, you may need to use a window swamp cooler even when you stay along the east coast. It all depends on the prevailing weather condition at the time.

Maintenance of a Window Swamp Cooler

Your window swamp cooler requires regular maintenance to remain in excellent working condition. Here are a few important things that you can do to get the best out of your evaporative window cooler.

Cleaning the water tank

Always keep the water tank clean. Clean the reservoir using water and soap to remove all forms of filth that may accumulate on the sides over time. Use clean water to drain all the soap and dirt. Ensure that the water used to clean the tank is entirely removed through the drain plug.

Replace the cooling pads

The cooling pads of window evaporative coolers are not designed to last forever. You will have to replace them when they lose their ability to cool the air that flows over them effectively.

Replacing the cooling pads of your device need not be a challenging procedure. You only need to ensure that the new pads are correctly fitted in the pad frame. You can then put the pad retainer back in place and resume using your device.

Clean the exterior of the window swamp cooler once per week

Use a soft and damp cloth to wipe the casing of your window evaporative cooler every week. Do not use abrasive materials because they will spoil the special polymer powder that is sprinkled on your device’s surface. The powder protects the casing from erosion.

Shut off your window swamp cooler when you are not using it

You do not need to keep your window evaporative swamp cooler running even when you do not need a cool breeze in the house.

Apart from the risk of incurring high energy costs, running your cooler unnecessarily reduces its total lifetime. It is a good idea to use remote controls, if available, and switch on the cooler when you need it only.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Window Swamp Cooler

Choosing a window swamp cooler is not a walk in the park. These devices have tons of features that determine their performance. It would be best if you were particular about the features you are looking for before choosing your house’s right cooler.

Here are important things to consider when making this important decision.


The cooling performance of window swamp coolers is measured in terms of CFM. The higher the CFM, the quicker your swamp cooler will supply a cool breeze in a larger area. Match your window swamp cooler to the right size of your room.

Using a window cooler that has an excess cooling capacity would be overkill. Alternatively, using a low-capacity cooler in a larger room will not provide the much-needed cool temperature.


Many brands of evaporative window coolers have manual controls. The controls comprise a panel of buttons. You can easily change the functioning of the devices by pressing the buttons. Some advanced brands come with remote controls. The remote control affords you great convenience when using the swamp cooler.

Adjustable air vents

Evaporative window coolers with adjustable air vents are more effective than those that do not have such vents. You can alter the direction in which the devices dissipate the cool moisture if the vents are adjustable. This is ideal for zonal cooling.

Safety features

The best window swamp coolers are those that have advanced safety features. Go for coolers that automatically switch off if their water reservoir is empty.

Such coolers are safe from getting damaged. Furthermore, choose coolers that are UL or ETL-listed. Such coolers have received industry-approved certification as safe devices for domestic or even commercial use.

Tips to Make Your Swamp Cooler Colder and More Efficient

Ideally, your swamp cooler will reduce the ambient temperature to the desired value. Here are a few important tips to get the best out of your swamp cooler.

  • Keep the windows open when the swamp cooler is running. This provides a fresh supply of hot and dry air for the cooler to condition.
  • Use your swamp cooler seasonally. These devices are designed to be used during dry weather. It is improper to use your swamp cooler when the weather is humid.
  • Make use of the ice cubes compartment. Even if your swamp cooler does not have an ice cubes compartment at the top of the water reservoir, place ice cubes inside the reservoir if it is large enough.
  • Position the pads correctly. Ensure that the pads are in good condition and position. Pads that are working will cool the air rapidly.

Best Window Swamp Cooler

1. Champion Cooler N28W Evaporative Cooler

The Champion Cooler N28W is a sturdy and highly durable window swamp cooler suitable for large rooms that measure up to 600 square feet. One of the hallmarks of this window evaporative cooler relates to the quality of its construction.

The cabinet is made from heavy-gauge galvanized steel. This material provides the highest level of protection to the internal components of the device.

Also, the exterior surface of the cabinet is sprinkled with a special polymer powder. This makes the window swamp cooler completely resistant to corrosion.

It has a high capacity to move air around the room. The 2800CFM rating means that this cooler can effectively move large quantities of cool air currents throughout the room to create a cool breeze instantly.

However, you can adjust the speed of the fan across two settings only. Many similar brands of window swamp coolers have three settings for the fans. Three-speed settings give users more convenience and options than two-speed settings.


  • The cabinet is highly durable because it is made from quality materials
  • It comes with the installation kit and a leveling leg
  • High cooling capacity of 2800CFM suitable for 600 square feet space


  • It has only 2-speed settings for the fan

2. MasterCool MCP44 Slim Profile Window Cooler

If you are looking for an evaporative window cooler with a modern design, excellent performance, and other additional features, consider using the MasterCool MCP44.

It has a unique slim design that takes very little space on your window. It also comes with the entire installation kit and a leveling leg.

Operating this window swamp cooler is a breeze. It has a visible control panel on its surface. You can use the control buttons to change this swamp cooler’s functioning, including altering the fan speeds and switching it on or off.

The louvers are adjustable to ensure that the cool breeze spreads throughout the entire room perfectly. This mode of action instantly creates a cool breeze across the entire room when this window swamp cooler is running.

Although this window evaporative cooler comes with an installation kit and a leveling leg, the entire process takes longer than one would expect. If you are not skilled in installing window coolers, it would be wise to get a licensed technician to carry out the process for you.


  • High cooling capacity of 3200CFM enough for 1600 square feet
  • The swamp cooler has adjustable louvers
  • Three fan speeds for personalized performance


  • The installation process takes longer than one would expect

3. Essick Air Window Evaporative Cooler, N46W

The Essick is one of the most effective evaporative window coolers that are currently on the market. It is specifically built to last for a long time and give you value for your money. The cabinet’s exterior has been sprinkled with a polymer powder that helps to keep it free of corrosion for many years.

The swamp cooler’s internal components are also designed to deliver excellent cooling performance and last for long. Its cooling pads are of the highest quality and effectively cool large amounts of air currents to lower the temperature.

Moreover, the blower wheel is machine-balanced, and the pump is adequately lubricated to guarantee the entire swamp cooler’s excellent performance for a long time.

Additionally, one can adjust the speed of the fan as well as the direction of the louvers. Adjusting the louvers can alter the direction and speed of discharge of the cool air breeze. Adjusting the fan speed lets you tailor the cooling performance of this device to your needs.


  • Highly durable because the cabinet is made from rust-resistant and quality materials
  • UL-listed for having great safety features
  • It does not have refrigerants that contribute to global warming


  • The evaporative cooler is not remote control-enabled

4. Essick Air Window Evaporative Cooler, RN50W

The Essick Air Window Evaporative Cooler, RN50W, is a large and powerful window evaporative air conditioner. As one would expect, it is built from materials of excellent quality and durability. Thus, the window cooler remains functional for a long time.

Operating this device is relatively easy because it comes with remote control and has a control panel on its surface. The remote control has all the control options that one may need to adjust the fan speed and switch the device on and off. Thus, you can do all these things from the comfort of your bed or seat in the living room.

Adjusting the air vents and fan speeds helps to tailor this device’s cooling performance to your needs. You can use these control features to ensure that you have personalized cooling in large rooms.

The Essick Air Window Evaporative Cooler, RN50W, is UL-listed. This means that it has been subjected to rigorous tests and entirely safe for use at home.


  • Easy to operate using the remote control
  • Effective cooling via adjustable air vents and multiple fan speeds
  • UL- listed for enhanced safety performance


  • The 12-gallon water reservoir is relatively small

5. MCP44 Plastic Window Evaporative Cooler

The MCP44 Plastic Window Evaporative Cooler has all the features you would expect to find in an advanced window swamp cooler. It comes with a remote control that makes it easy for you to operate it.

The window cooler also has three-speed settings for the fan. Most brands of window evaporative coolers have two-speed settings only. Thus, it is easier to personalize the cooling performance of this window swamp cooler than the others.

You can connect this evaporative window air conditioner to a continuous source of water. Its water reservoir is designed to be refilled from a water hose. This added convenience means that the device can run continuously for a very long time.

The MCP44 Plastic Window Evaporative Cooler has advanced safety features and certifications. Notably, it automatically goes off when the water reservoir is empty.

This prevents the device from getting damaged. Also, it has the ETL-certification that shows it has undergone rigorous tests and was found to be entirely safe for use in homes and offices.


  • The window swamp cooler has a very narrow body that takes very little space
  • It has advanced safety features and certifications
  • It comes with remote control for your convenience


  • The installation process is quite complex


Window swamp coolers provide an effective and reliable way of cooling ambient temperature in indoor spaces. These devices are usually exceptionally sturdy. They are built to withstand corrosion and remain functional for a long time.

Most brands’ cabinets are made from heavy-gauge galvanized steel, which offers excellent protection to the internal components. They also come with installation kits and leveling legs.

Although some manufacturers state that one can install a window evaporative cooler, it would be wise to get a licensed technician to do it for you.