Does A Humidifier Cool A Room?

Does a humidifier cool a room? This is one of the questions we get asked the most. The answer, however, depends on what type of humidifier you are talking about. There are several humidifiers out there, and they all function differently! Cool and Warm mist humidifiers are both pretty common options.

As the name might suggest, cool mist humidifiers are considered more efficient, but they do not cool the room. On the other hand, Warm mist humidifiers can increase the room’s temperature when there is no ventilation installed in the space where it is operating.

Neither of these options will impact cooling off your home or office during warmer months outside. But why do we feel cool when the cool mist humidifier is on? This article will explain how the cool mist humidifier works to process this question.

Does a Humidifier Cool a Room?

No, neither a cool nor a warm mist humidifier will have much of an impact on cooling down the room. The sole purpose of a humidifier is to increase the humidity level of an area. During warmer months, you need a whole house fan or an air conditioner to cool down your home. If your home is equipped with central heat and AC already, consider investing in a smart thermostat.

Warm Mist vs. Cool Mist Humidifier

Both of the two humidifiers perform an excellent job at increasing the humidity level of a room. The two humidifiers are considered more efficient than their counterparts, which is why they have become increasingly popular in households and offices alike.

However, the two humidifiers differ in the way they function. Warm mist humidifiers produce heated steam in the atmosphere while a cool-mist humidifier disperses cool air into the atmosphere.

Warm Mist Humidifier Pros and Cons

Like other types of humidifiers, warm mist humidifiers are designed to increase the humidity level of an area. They do so by heating water, then vaporized into steam and dispersed in the room you wish to humidify. The heating kills bacteria and other germs making it a germ free humidifier

Warm mist humidifiers heat water using electricity, and the warm air released from these devices can potentially raise the room’s temperature. Thus, it is essential to keep an eye on your home or office thermostat when using a warm mist humidifier and turn down its settings if necessary.

However, you must be careful while using a warm mist humidifier due to the high steam temperatures produced by a warm mist humidifier. In addition, children and pets must never touch the device when it operates.


  • The warm moisture heats the cool air during winter
  • It lacks a fan, thus quiet during operation
  • Warm steam kills germs and bacteria in the air


  • Pose a safety hazard for small kids and pets due to hot water heated
  • Requires high energy for heating
  • Not suitable for large areas
  • Requires extra cleaning time

Cool Mist Humidifier Pros and Cons

Unlike their counterpart, cool mist humidifiers do not produce hot steam; and instead, they use a fan to distribute cool air in the atmosphere.

To function well and release enough humidity into your entire home or office, you need a high-quality humidifier designed for larger spaces. Cool mist humidifiers are best for small kids and pets as they do not pose a safety hazard.  

Cool mist humidifiers also require less cleaning than warm mist humidifiers. It does not produce hot steam or water droplets that can lead to mineral build-up in the tank over time, which is time-consuming during cleaning. 

The cool mist, however, produces noise during operation. The fan that cool mist humidifiers use to distribute air into the atmosphere.


  • Can operate in larger spaces than warm mist humidifier
  • Safe to use in homes with kids and pets
  • No mineral builds up
  • It does not heat the air inside of a room or office space 
  • Needs less time to clean


  • It emits noise during operation 
  • Requires high-quality equipment for larger spaces to work efficiently
  • Provide a favorable condition for bacteria and mold growth

Does a Cool Mist Humidifier Make the Room Cold?

A short answer to this question; No, a cool-mist humidifier does not make the room cold. Instead, a cool-mist humidifier releases air into a space, usually at room temperature and humidity level.

Average temperatures released in the air mean no change in temperatures after complete humidification. When set to run for long, the cool mist humidifiers increase a room’s humidity level, preventing sweating and retaining heat in the body. 

Why Choose Cool Mist Humidifier Instead of Warm Mist?

There are several reasons why you should choose a cool-mist humidifier over warm. 


Cool mist humidifiers do not heat water or produce steam. With this, there are no risks for burns or injuries due to hot water spills. There is no scalding from touching the cool mist while in operation or other accidents caused by a warm mist humidifier.

Ease of cleaning 

Cool mist humidifiers do not produce mineral build-up as hot steam does from warm mist humidifiers. Thus, they require less time to clean and maintain, unlike their counterparts which need thorough draining and drying after each use for optimum performance before using again. You can easily clean a cool-mist humidifier tank by wiping it with a damp cloth.

Initial and operational cost 

When it comes to the initial cost, cool mist humidifiers are cheaper than warm mist. The price can go up depending on the size of the room that needs humidifying. 

Cool mist humidifiers are more economical to operate than warm mist ones. They do not need an expensive heating element that can be costly in the long run for consistent performance over time as their counterparts.

The only cost incurred is the electricity used during operation, which costs less than the power consumed by warm mist humidifiers.

Suitable for large area operation

Large area operation is one of the main reasons why cool mist humidifiers are preferred over warm ones. Cool mist can work well in large areas like office spaces and warehouses where there’s a need for humidity control to prevent equipment from overheating during hot summer days.

Best for summer months

Cool mist humidifiers are ideal for the summer. They provide a comfortable and cool environment during hot days without adding heat to the room as warm mist humidifiers do. When set at low levels, they emit moisture into the air that feels refreshing and prevents sweating and discomfort due to humidity in large areas.

Why Does My Humidifier Make My Room Cold?

While using a humidifier, especially a cool-mist humidifier, you might tend to feel cooler. But does a humidifier make a room cold? No, it does not. A cool-mist humidifier, just like any other electronic device, while in use, slightly increases the temperature of the room! However, it hugely interferes with the room’s humidity levels!

But why do I feel cooler when the cool mist humidifier is in operation? Here is why; The common reason you feel cooler while using a cool-mist humidifier is that the device makes the air in your room less dry. The cool mist humidifier emits cool moisture in the air, which replaces dryer air with cool freshness from humidity released during the operation of the machine.

When the cool mist settles on your skin and hair, it evaporates into the air. This makes your skin and hair feel cool as moisture seeps into them. The same thing happens when you breathe in moist air, which results in a slightly cooler sensation inside your body!

The humidity levels of a room usually do not affect its temperature because there’s no transfer of heat from one place to the other. So, for example, when humidity levels increase inside your room, you do not feel hotter because there’s no heat transfer from dry air to humid air!

Should You Run a Humidifier in Summer – If so, why?

Yes, it is ideal for running a humidifier in summer to make your room cooler and more comfortable.


Running a humidifier in summer is beneficial for your comfort and health. A dry room can cause discomfort during hot days because it makes you feel hotter than usual. Running the cool mist humidifiers on low levels makes the air inside your house more comfortable to breathe by adding moisture into the air. 

Running a humidifier will help combat allergies and other health conditions caused by dry air in the summer. For example, a humidifier can help prevent nose bleeds and dry skin because it adds moisture into the air, preventing extreme drying of your body parts!

Benefits of Humidifier in Air-Conditioned Room

The air conditioner does an exceptional job of cooling down the air inside your home to a comfortable level. However, the air conditioner affects the humidity levels in the room! 

When you set up your air conditioner on cold settings in the summer months, its cooling system removes a considerable amount of moisture from the room, which leads to low humidity levels inside! This causes discomfort due to dryness and low humidity in your house.

Running a humidifier fills the room with moisturized air which prevents uncomfortable dryness and low humidity levels! The moistened air soothes skin, relieves breathing problems caused by the dry atmosphere during the summer months.

How to Humidify a Room with Air Conditioning

Here are the top three ways to humidify a room with an air conditioner!

Using a Humidifier

One of the best ways is using a room humidifier which you can set up next to your cooling system to add moisture into the air. If this is what you want, ensure that the machine operates on low levels only because high levels may interfere with your existing cooling system!

Keeping Indoor plants

Another great way to humidify your room with an air conditioner is by using indoor plants. Plants are good at adding moisture into the atmosphere, making them perfect for rooms with cooling systems! You can place a few potted plants or greenhouses in areas with no drainage issues because they need moist soil to survive!

Fish Tanks

Using fish tanks is another way to add moisture into the air inside your home. This method will not interfere with your existing cooling system because you can set up a tank near it and let it do its magic without any difficulties. It is an excellent idea for pet lovers!


Humidifiers do not cool the room! However, the added coolness from humidity released during the operation of the machine makes you feel comfortable.

Running humidifiers in the summer months is beneficial for your health and comfort because it prevents dryness and helps prevent other medical conditions caused by dry air. 

Using a fish tank, indoor plants, and different room humidifiers are great ways to add moisture into the air inside your home during the summer months.