What Is The Highest BTU Electric Heater

Your room size is one of the factors you have to consider when shopping for an electric heater.

An oversized unit will not run for enough time to adequately heat the room and will only increase your operating costs. On the other hand, a heater that is too small will struggle to keep the room warm, leaving an unwanted chill in the air.

If you’re looking for an electric heater that can put out the most heat, here are the highest BTU electric heaters. The units will help climate control rooms as large as 1500 square feet.

How Many BTUs Do You Need to Heat a Room?

To calculate the number of BTUs needed to heat a room, you first need to find the space area. Measure the room’s length and width and multiply the two values to find the place in square meters. If your square room measures 20m by 20m, then the area would be 400 square meters.

Next, multiply your room area with the height to find the total volume in the room. If your room is 5m high, then the total volume would be 400m by 5m, which would be 2,000 cubic meters.

Multiply the total volume of the room by 108 to find the number of BTUs. In this case, the number of BTUs needed to sufficiently warm the place would be 216,000.

The number of BTUs needed to heat a room depends on several factors. Primarily, the ceiling’s height influences the amount of heat required to raise the ambient temperature and maintain it at the desired level. Rooms with high ceilings need more energy for heating than those with a low ceiling.

The level of insulation of a room influences the number of BTUs needed to heat the space adequately. Poorly insulated areas such as garages and workshops need more BTUs than properly insulated ones.

The prevailing weather conditions also influence the number of BTUs needed to heat a room. You will need more BTUs during the winter than in the summer.

When calculating the number of BTUs needed to heat your room, adjust the figure based on these factors. If yours is a poorly ventilated room, you can change the total number of BTUs needed slightly upwards. Conversely, reduce the number somewhat if the conditions of your room minimize the loss of heat.

Different Types of Space Heaters

There are several types of space heaters based on the heating technology that they use. Here are the main types of space heaters.

Ceramic Space Heaters

Ceramic space heaters have a ceramic heating element and internal fans. The ceramic heating element converts electric energy into heat energy. The heat energy is then used to heat air currents. The fan is used to dissipate the heated air currents across the room.

Some ceramic space heaters oscillate sideways for maximum and even distribution of heat. The degree of oscillation of the heating element varies considerably. Whereas some oscillate up to 90 degrees, others have an oscillation range of only 80 degrees.

Convection Heaters

Convection space heaters have a heating element in either a coil, an electric wire, or even diathermic oil. Air currents continuously circulate through the heater and across the room. As the heated air leaves the heater and spreads across the room, fresh cold air currents replace the warmed air.

Oil-filled heaters form the perfect example of space heaters that operate using the convection method. Some brands of convection space heaters have inbuilt fans to maximize the distribution of heat.

Infrared Space Heaters

Infrared space heaters use infrared radiation to directly warm objects in a room. The heaters deliver a pleasant form of warmth instantly in areas where they are used. Infrared heaters are ideal for use indoors because they do not dry up the air like other heaters.

Additionally, infrared heaters are an excellent source of heat because they solve huge differences between the floor and ceiling temperatures.

Other heaters that directly heat the air cause a massive difference between the temperatures in these two areas of the house.

This difference in temperature occurs because the hot air rises rapidly and is replaced by cold air, yet to be heated. Infrared space heaters use invisible light to warm objects directly.

Top 7 Highest BTU Electric Heaters Reviews & Comparison Table

1. Fostoria Portable Electric Fan Utility Heater

The Fostoria Portable Electric Fan Utility Heater has been designed to last and provide a reliable heat source. Its body and components are made from high-quality and reinforced materials for longevity. Moreover, the tubular heating element has fins so that it lasts for a long time. You do not have to think about replacing this heater often.

Additionally, this heater has the best inbuilt safety features. The thermal cutout switch protects it from damage by switching the power supply to the heating element whenever the heater overheats. The protective screens on both the air intake and outlet openings protect the internal components from damage.

One significant drawback of using this heater relates to its level of noise. It contains a highly powerful fan that makes a lot of noise in distributing heated air across large spaces.

Additionally, this heater has only one heat setting. You will not enjoy the convenience of adjusting its heating performance according to your preferences.


  • Inbuilt safety features, including a thermal cutout and screened outlets
  • Built to last for long because the tubular heating element is finned
  • Suitable for heating large spaces


  • The heater is quite noisy
  • There is only one heat setting

2. Patron 18E-3 Electric Heater

The Patron 18E-3 Electric Heater is one of the most versatile and powerful electric heaters, thanks to high-quality stainless steel for the casing and inclusion of a powerful heating element.

It features an exceptionally efficient 590CFM fan for even distribution of heated air. The combination of a powerful fan with a heating element ensures that the device effectively heats large areas.

Moreover, you can toggle across the four heating settings to tailor the heater’s performance to your requirements. It has a fan-only mode for use when you do not need supplemental heat.

Similarly, the thermostat can be a great companion in ensuring that you maintain the desired range’s ambient temperature.

Keeping this heater in excellent condition requires that you perform regular maintenance procedures. Carrying out the procedures may take a lot of your time. Occasionally, you may have to replace easily-worn out parts to ensure that the heater functions correctly.


  • The four heating settings can be used to tailor the performance of the heater
  • Effective heating capability with a powerful 590CFM fan and 65,000 BTU rating
  • Designed for longevity and operate in harsh conditions


  • Requires heavy routine maintenance procedures

3. Dura Heat Electric Garage Heater

The Dura Heat Electric Garage Heater has a compact design with an equally useful handle for portability ease. You can move the heater from one place to another with great ease.

In addition to the level of portability, the Dura Heat Electric Garage Heater performs well in heating large air spaces. It has a powerful fan that can move up to 500 cubic feet of air in a minute. This heater’s level of strength can be beneficial when you are using the heater to provide warmth or as an air conditioner.

If you are keen on maintaining control over your heating bills, then this may be the right electric heater to use. When set in the eco mode, the heater automatically optimizes the amount of electric energy used to maintain the desired range’s ambient temperature.

The Dura Heat Electric Garage Heater needs to be hard-wired to function correctly. If you are not experienced in carrying out this procedure, then it may be wise to get a certified technician to do it for you.


  • Easy operation using a multifunction remote control
  • The heater is energy efficient when operating on the eco mode
  • Compact design with a handle makes the heater very portable


  • Sophisticated installation process

4. Comfort Zone Ceiling Mount Garage Heater

The Comfort Zone Ceiling Mount Garage Heater is perfect for use indoors because of its modern design and compact body. It has a white finish that blends perfectly with almost all interior décor styles.

Moreover, you can use the Comfort Zone Ceiling Mount Garage Heater brackets to carry out zonal heating. By tilting the heater to face in any direction, one can ensure that the heat is effectively dissipated in the required areas across the garage. The powerful unbuilt fan maximizes the dissipation of heat across all corners.

The combination of two heating levels and a thermostat is ideal for providing tailored heating performance. You can determine the temperature range that the heater should maintain and minimize the amount of electric energy consumed by playing with these two features.

The Comfort Zone Ceiling Mount Garage heater may not be the right heater for you if you have a large garage. Its 25,600 BTU rating is not sufficient for warming large indoor or outdoor spaces.


  • The modern design white finish provides aesthetic value
  • Two heat levels for convenient heating
  • Easy to mount on the ceiling


  • 25,600BTU rating is unsuitable for warming large spaces

5. NewAir G73 Hardwired Electric Garage Heater

This heater’s ETL certification means that you can be assured that it will not cause fires and related accidents. The heater has been taken through a rigorous testing process for your safety.

Additionally, NewAir G73 has several inbuilt safety features, including overheat protection. The overheat protection fuse cuts out power from the heating element if the heater’s temperature rises beyond safe levels.

Owning a NewAir G73 is a sound investment decision because of the long-lasting nature of this heater. Its rugged exterior is built from heavy-duty stainless steel for longevity and withstand harsh working conditions in garages and workshops.

Although this heater’s powerful fan is exceptionally useful in dissipating heat across areas as large as 500 square feet, it is quite noisy. You will have to bear with the buzzing and whirling sound produced by the fan of this heater when you need to work in total silence.


  • The adjustable louvers and easy tilt heat help to provide effective zonal heating
  • The heater is ETL-certified and has inbuilt safety features, including overheat protection
  • The heater lasts long because of its rugged exterior


  • The fan of the heater is quite noisy during operation

6. KING KB2410-1-B2-ECO KB ECO2S Garage Heater

One of the features that make the KING KB2410-1-B2 an exceptional heater is the smart energy-saving design. Thanks to this feature, the heater effectively minimizes the amount of electric energy used to ensure optimal heating. This design helps you to manage your heating bills properly.

The fan-delay feature is handy in ensuring that warm air is quickly distributed across the room. The fan starts to run when the heater has already started to heat the air. This mode of operation creates a cozy environment indoors.

Operating this heater is a breeze. The universal remote control provides a convenient way of adjusting all the settings, including heating settings and the smart energy mode. Alternatively, you can use the control knobs on the surface of the heater for this purpose.

Although this heater comes with a universal bracket for mounting it either on the wall or ceiling, handling the brackets requires a good skill level. It would be good to get an experienced technician to get the heater on your wall or ceiling properly.


  • It has a smart energy-saving design
  • The fan-delay feature ensures fast heating of spaces
  • The heater has a remote control for ease of use


  • Handling the mounting brackets is complex

7. Dr Infrared Heater DR-PS11024 Salamander Fan Forced Electric Heater

This heater is designed to be highly portable. Its large and long-lasting wheels provide an easy means of rolling the heater around without much trouble.

Additionally, the long handles can be used to prop the heater during operation and push it around. The heater also comes with a cart that makes portability easy.

The safety guards on both the heater’s intake and output end to protect the internal components quite well. You will only have to clean them to ensure that dirt does not accumulate on them occasionally.

The wide temperature range of the heater is excellent news. You can choose any temperature from 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 100 degrees Fahrenheit according to your heating requirements at any given time.

You will need the services of a skilled electrician to help you complete the hard wiring process. Moreover, this heater requires heavy maintenance procedures, including regular cleaning to remove dirt.


  • The heater is portable because of the wheels and the handle
  • The safety guards on the intake and outlet end to protect the internal components
  • Wide temperature range of from 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 100 degrees Fahrenheit


  • The hard-wiring procedure is complex

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