When Running The AC Should The Fan Be On Auto Or On?

The difference between the “on” and “auto” setting on your thermostat is that the “on” setting will continuously run your AC, and the “auto” setting will turn your AC on and off to keep your house at a set temperature. 

When running the AC, you should set your fan to “auto.” The auto setting is the most energy-efficient and can also extend the lifespan of your air conditioning unit. The auto setting gives your AC unit a break to drain excess moisture and allows you to extend the use of your air filter.

Setting the fan to “on” will make the AC run non-stop, no matter how cool your house gets. The continuous running of your air conditioner can cause your AC to work harder than it needs to and cost you hundreds of dollars in your energy bills over time. 

Should AC Fan be On Auto or On?

Your AC fan should be on “auto” so your AC can cool your house to the desired temperature. A fan setting switched to “on” will run the AC continuously and can make your home too cool and possibly strain your air conditioning unit.

If you feel the “auto” setting does not cool your house down enough, there are things you can do to keep your home feeling cool.

For example, you can run ceiling fans counterclockwise to circulate cool air around your house. Also, keep doors and windows closed and hang out in cooler rooms of your house, such as the basement.

What does the Fan Setting On Air Conditioner do?

The fan setting on an air conditioner controls the blower that circulates cold air through your home. 

If you have the fan setting switched to “auto,” the blower circulates cold air through your house until the desired temperature is reached. A fan setting switched to “on” will run the blower until you turn it off.

Should the Fan be Switched Off when the Air Conditioner is Running?

No, the blower fan should be on when the air conditioner is running. The blower fan pushes around cool air throughout your home. This is essential for cooling down your house. Your air conditioning can’t cool down your house without the blower fan running. 

When to Use Fan Mode in AC

It is best to use AC’s fan mode when you want to cool your house down slightly without using much energy. Turning on fan mode will circulate air throughout a room, but the air conditioning does not cool the air. Therefore, it will not cool your house as much as running the AC.

Should the Fan be On when the AC is On?

Yes, the blower fan should be on when the AC is on. The fan circulates the air that is cooled by the air conditioning throughout the house. This is essential in cooling down your house. Your AC will not work efficiently if the fan is turned off.

You can also run a ceiling fan to help circulate air and cool down your home. Ceiling fans keep your AC unit from working too hard in the hot summer months. 

Does Running the Fan On my Air Conditioner Use a Lot of Electricity?

Running the fan on your air conditioner uses 500 watts of electricity per hour. To save on your energy bill, you should run your air conditioner on “auto” instead of “on.”

A fan setting on “auto” means your AC turns off when the house is cooled down sufficiently. When the fan is turned off, it doesn’t use electricity.

What does the Auto Setting On Air Conditioner do?

The auto setting on your air conditioner turns the air conditioning on and off to keep the indoor temperature at your desired temperature. When your AC is set to “auto,” it only runs when it needs to. This can save energy and extend the lifespan of your air conditioning unit. 

Pros to Setting your Thermostat Fan Setting to Auto

  • It’s energy-efficient. Setting your thermostat fan setting to “auto” saves energy by only running the AC when the temperature gets too high.
  • Better dehumidification. A thermostat fan setting on “auto” gives your AC breaks to drain moisture from the coils. A thermostat fan setting on “on” doesn’t allow your AC time to drain the excess moisture, and that moisture gets blown into your home. This causes your air conditioning to work even harder to cool down your house.

Cons to Setting your Thermostat Fan to Auto

  • Less circulation of air. If your thermostat setting is set to “auto,” the fan will stop blowing once the desired temperature is reached. When the fan stops blowing, it stops circulating air.
  • Wear and tear on your blower motor. When the fan setting is set to “auto,” the fan starts and frequent stops, which can cause your blower motor fan to wear out over time.

Pros to Setting your Thermostat to On

  • More circulation of air. Having the air conditioning constantly running continuously distributes air around your home. This constant circulation of air helps prevent hot spots in your house.
  • Extend the lifespan of your fan. Setting your AC to “on” means the fan doesn’t kick on and off many times throughout the day. This can help reduce stress on your fan, extending its lifespan.

Cons to setting your thermostat to on

  • It costs more money. Some air conditioning systems are better than others for running in the “on” mode. However, running your AC on “on” will still cost you more money on your energy bill than running the fan on “auto.”
  • Dirtier air filter. Since air is continuously blown through the filter, you will have to replace it more often. 

Your thermostat has two settings for air conditioning: on and auto. The “on” setting runs the AC non-stop until you turn it off. The auto setting turns your air conditioner on and off to keep the desired temperature inside your home.

It is best to switch your fan setting to “auto” rather than “on” in the long run. The auto setting saves energy and gives your air conditioning unit a break, allowing it to drain excess moisture. It also allows you to get more use out of your air filters.

Running your AC on the “on” settings has its pros. For example, if your air conditioning is running continuously, air will be continuously circulated. This can keep your house from feeling stuffy and reduce hot spots.

If you are focused on saving money, it is best to keep your AC set to “auto.” Since your air conditioning will only be running part of the time, it can save you a lot of money on your energy bills. 

Also, your AC unit can run more efficiently when it runs on auto, which can help extend its lifespan. When your AC doesn’t have to work so hard, it requires fewer maintenance repairs.

If you want to get the most out of your air conditioning unit, run ceiling fans counterclockwise in the summer. Ceiling fans can cool your house down by up to four degrees. Also, keep doors and windows closed, and don’t set your temperature lower than 72 degrees.