Welcome to Household Air, a site that covers everything about indoor air quality. This site is specifically created to help homeowners understand the benefits of improving the quality of air in their homes. These include air conditioning, air purifying, humidifying, dehumidifying, and space heating.

In winter you need to keep your home warm using space heaters. You’ll also need to humidify the dry, hot air inside the rooms using a humidifier. During summer you need to keep your home cool by using air conditioners and fans. You’ll also need to keep the air inside your rooms dry to prevent mold infestations and other problems that can occur when you have excess moisture.

That’s where we come in because we realize that choosing the best indoor air quality products isn’t an easy task. So, we will provide an unbiased review of some of the products, highlighting both the features we find attractive and useful and those that we don’t. This will help you make a quick and informed decision when choosing your products.

Since we can’t buy every product, our review process is simple. We do research and gather information about popular products. We then compare the products and come up with what customers can benefit from each of them. This is a long process but we end up only reviewing models that are really worth their price tag and allow us to avoid the products that are all fluff.

If you have questions about improving indoor air quality, submit them here, and we will get back to you.

We want Household Air to help you pick the right product for your home and provide info that helps you keep the air inside your home healthy all the time, even without buying any product.

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Ray Charles is a Heating Air Conditioning Service Technician and the Founder of Household Air. He is also an avid fly fisherman. He created this site to help people understand the benefits of improving the quality of air inside their homes.


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