10 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan With Led Light

Looking for a way to remove excess moisture from your bathroom and add a LED supplemental lighting system? Bathroom exhaust fan with LED light is a fantastic tool that prevents condensation while at the same time keeping your surroundings lit.

Unlike dehumidifiers that draw the moist air while blowing dry air into the room, the best bathroom exhaust fan with LED light require a vent and ductwork to expel the moisture outside of your home.

If you are not sure how to choose a bath fan, this guide is for you. I’ve reviewed the best models and brands to help you make an informed decision.

10 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan With Led Light

1. Panasonic FV-05-11VKL2 WhisperGreen Select Ventilation Fan/Light Combination

The Panasonic FV-05-11VKL2 is one of the modern bath fans that you can use in your bathroom, thanks to its exceptional ability to move air and the inclusion of several accessories. With an airflow capacity of 110CFM, this fan can effectively provide ventilation in a large bathroom that measures up to 100 square feet.  

The integrated 10W LED kit provides a pleasant white light that is strong enough to illuminate your bathroom at night or during the day if the room is underground. You can conveniently control the brightness of the energy-efficient LED light kit using a switch.

The most outstanding feature of this fan is the inclusion of the Plug ‘N Play modules for setting the timer, sensor, and speed. The modules provide an additional level of control and convenience for users of the fan.


  • Eliminates humid air from large bathrooms effectively because of its high airflow capacity of 100 CFM
  • Has an integrated dual adapter for easy installation and positioning 
  • Excellent user experience because of the three different accessories for controlling speed, changing lighting brightness, and sensing motion


  • Its large footprint requires cutting the ceiling during installation.  

2. Delta BreezIntegrity Bathroom Exhaust Fan With Light

Although the BreezeIntegrity ITG80LED bathroom fan has an average CFM of 71.2, it can move air very efficiently and smoothly for a long time.

Its brushless DC motor has a self-compensating speed feature for the maintenance of performance level even when the fan encounters static pockets of air during operation. Therefore, if you are interested in performance and not a fan that is suitable for large bathrooms, then you should consider the BreezeIntegrity ITG80LED. 

Furthermore, it is a quiet fan with a sones score of 1.3. You will hardly realize that it even exists unless you listen carefully to catch its whisper-like sound. 

The biggest drawback of this fan is that it cannot be used in large bathrooms that measure at least 100 square feet. The 71.2 CFM score limits its usefulness to bathrooms that do not exceed 70 square feet.


  • The integrated LED light kit is dimmable (the dimmer switch is sold separately)
  • It has a low sones score of 1.3, which is equivalent to a whisper
  • Can move air smoothly and effectively because of the use of self-compensating motor speed feature 


  • Low airflow capacity of 71.2 CFM 

3. Air King DRLC702 Round Bath Fan with Light

A unique feature of the Air King DRLC702 is its design. Unlike many bathroom fans, it has a circular design that is accompanied by a 13-1/2-inch nickel grill for protection. The frosted and ribbed round glass enhances the overall look of the fan apart from maximizing its functionality. 

Apart from the uniqueness of its shape and design, this fan has several features that maximize its functionality. For example, ribbed and frosted round glass ensures even distribution of the light of the LED kit. However, you have to buy your bulb because it is not included. 

Also, the adjustable hanging brackets make it very easy to install and use the fan. You do not have to cut additional space on your ceiling to fit this fan.  

The downside of owning this fan is that you will have to put up with its noise level (it has a sones score of 4). However, it comes with a damper to reduce the noise and prevent backdrafts during operation.  


  • Its decorative features, including the round shape and a nickel finish grill, can blend with all types of decor.
  • The ribbed frosted glass light lens complements the LED kit to provide a vibrant glow that is enough to illuminate a mid-sized bathroom at night.


  • High noise level (4 sones)

4. KAZE APPLIANCE Ultra Quiet Bathroom Exhaust Fan with LED Light and Night Light

The KAZE APPLIANCE Ultra Quiet Bathroom Exhaust Fan is built for functionality. It is a large bathroom fan with an amazingly high ability to ventilate your bathroom. 

A fan that has a CFM value of between 50 to 99 is enough for standard bathroom size. Fans with CFM values over 100 are specially made for large bathrooms and other places like garages. 

The galvanized steel housing of the fan maximizes its durability. You will end up spending less money on repairs and replacements once you have the KAZE APPLIANCE Ultra Quiet Bathroom. Besides, it is fully painted for protection against rusting.  

Many fans that have incredibly technical features for exceptional performance tend to be noisy. However, this is not the case for this fan. It has a loudness score of 0.9 sones, which, in practice, is softer than a usual whisper. 

The only price that you have to pay for owning this fan is modifying your ceiling during installation to accommodate its large size.


  • High capacity to ventilate large bathrooms because of the CFM value of 110
  • It operates very quietly (0.9 sones)
  • Its rugged look and galvanized steel housing enhance the fan’s durability and resistance to rust


  • May require resizing of your ceiling because of its large size. 

5. HOMEWERKS WORLDWIDE 7130-02-BT Bluetooth Bath Fan & Speaker with LED Light

If you have a smart home network, then this may be the right fan to install in your bathroom. The HOMEWERKS WORLDWIDE 7130-02-BT has advanced control capabilities, thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity.

Once you connect it to your IoT network, it will be possible to control its performance by using your virtual assistant. This feature sets the fan apart from the majority of bathroom fans that are currently available on the market. 

Apart from the convenience that comes with having your bathroom fan connected to the smart home network, this product offers reliable performance. With a CFM value of 90, it can be a great companion when you need to clear all the occasional bad odors and excess moisture from your bathroom. 

The biggest drawback of this fanciful bathroom fan is that installing it is not a walk in the pack. You may have to cut additional space in your ceiling to ensure that it fits perfectly. Then there are the complicated processes of determining how close the bending in the exhaust should be from the fan and the direction of the brackets. However, once you get these two things right, then it will be a breeze to use this fan.


  • Enhanced control because of the Bluetooth connectivity capability 
  • It comes with Bluetooth-enabled speakers that produce clear stereo sound 
  • The light from the LED kit can be changed from white at daytime to blue at night for a great appearance of the bathroom 


  • The installation process takes longer than you would expect it to

6. Broan-Nutone AE110L InVent Series Single-Speed Fan with LED Light

Two things make the Broan-Nutone AE110L one of the most common bathroom fans currently available on the market: functionality and convenience of installation. Any good bathroom fan should effectively remove excess humidity, odors, and water vapor that has accumulated on mirrors and walls. 

The performance of this fan in clearing the bathroom of excess humidity and odors is great. It has a CFM score of 110, which is above the average of the most common bathroom fans that are available.

This fan has been designed to make the installation process easy for anyone with basic knowledge of mounting bathroom fans. When doing a retrofit installation, you do not have to access the attic to complete the process. Everything can be done from the room-side quite quickly and easily. Also, the 4-inch long duct connector simplifies the installation process. 

The main weakness of this fan becomes apparent when you attempt to connect a dimmer switch. The process is unusually lengthy. Also, operating the dimmer switch may cause the fan to be noisier than it normally is. 


  • The 110 CFM value provides great air conditioning for large bathrooms that measure up to 110 square meters 
  • The LED module is strong enough to illuminate your bathroom at night (3000K)
  • It is easy to complete retrofit installations without having to access the attic


  • Installing the dimmer switch is a lengthy and complex process 

7. Broan-Nutone 744LEDNT Recessed Fan and Light Combo

The Broan-Nutone bathroom fan provides high-quality performance if you use it in a small or average-sized bathroom. It has a CFM score of 70, which can be strong enough to ventilate a standard bathroom. 

Apart from performance, this fan has an overall unique design because of the use of recessed fan lights. Unlike some fans that have their lighting kits protruding, the LED module of the Broan-Nutone recedes into the housing case. This design can blend very well with all the modern interior decor types. 

However, the fan has a loudness score of 1.5, which is way above what many other fans that are marketed as ideal for bathroom ventilation have. Most bathroom fans have a loudness score of less than 1 sone. 


  • The 2-inch by 8-inch ceiling hosts enable easy installation in occupied buildings 
  • It can be installed anywhere, including directly above showers, if used with an outward circuit. 
  • Recessed LED light kits enhance the decor of the bathroom. 


  • The 70 CFM value can be a limitation if you have a large bathroom.

8. Hauslane BF200 Electric Bathroom Fan

The Hauslane BF200 is a truly magical bathroom fan. Its amazingly high CFM score of 120 shows the capacity of this fan to move air across your bathroom and suck all the bad odors and unwanted compounds. Most bathroom fans fall within the 50 to 100 CFM category. Therefore, the Hauslane BF200 is specially designed for really massive bathrooms that measure up to 120 square feet. 

The performance of the integrated LED light panel matches that of the motor of this fan. The 6W LED light panel is strong enough to fully illuminate standard and even large bathrooms at night. Besides, the white light produced by the panel easily creates a pleasant ambiance in your bathroom.  

However, the superior performance of this fan comes at a cost. You may have to cut your ceiling to accommodate the large size of its housing during installation. Also, although the fan has a brushless DC motor, it still produces some noise when operating. Fans that have sones scores of even less than 0.5 do have brushless DC motors just like this one. 


  • Excellent air circulation capacity because of the 120CFM value
  • The integrated LED light panel provides light that is dimmable and strong enough to illuminate even large bathrooms
  • Easy installation aided by a 4-inch connector and sturdy housing for the perfect fit


  • The fan operates loudly at times 

9. Tosca 7117-02-BN Bathroom Fan Integrated LED Light

If you are looking for a small, long-lasting, and functional exhaust fan for your bathroom, then the Tosca 7117-02-BN may be the right brand for you. With an airflow capacity of 80CFM, an integrated light kit that provides a rich white light, and a very silent motor, this fan has been made for the ordinary bathroom.

Its level of airflow capacity is high enough for the removal of all bad odors, moisture, and excess humidity from your bathroom, laundry room, or small garage.  

Its body is made of a special type of galvanized steel to maximize the life of the fan and save repair costs. Although the ability to withstand exposure to moisture is a standard feature in bathroom fans, the use of galvanized steel enhances the durability of the Tosca 7117-02-BN. Therefore, you will not spend a lot of money replacing or repairing the fan often.

The fan has one drawback despite its great performance: it is unsuitable for use in large bathrooms that measure over 80 square feet. 


  • It does not require cutting the ceiling for additional space during installation 
  • because of its small footprint
  • Galvanized steel housing enhances fan durability. 
  • Operates very silently because of its low sones score of 1.1
  • It has a built-in and dimmable LED light kit 


  • Unsuitable for use in bathrooms and other spaces that measure more than 80 square feet

10. Aero Pure AP90-SL W Slim Fit Bathroom Fan with 10W LED 3000K Light

The Aero Pure AP90-SL is the embodiment of style and performance. It comes in an amazingly slim 24-inch expandable housing with a perfect all-white finish. The fan has a slight curve at the edges that naturally complement the circle-shaped LED light module at the center to give the fan a look of elegance and style. 

The light, which is not dimmable, can provide the right level of illumination in your bathroom. Besides, the right white light resembles natural light so much that you may forget that there is a LED light in your bathroom.

Additionally, it has an amazingly high CFM value of 90. You can use the Aero Pure AP90-SL to ventilate any standard bathroom without worry.

Unlike many other brands of standard bathroom fans, this one comes with 4 and 6-inch connector ducts. You can use the two ducts to ensure that the fan is appropriately positioned relative to your attic for optimal performance. 


  • It has a unique design and gorgeous shape that can bring out the best in your bathroom
  • The integrated LED light module provides a vibrant, warm, and natural-looking light
  • Excellent performance (90CFM and 0.3 sones)


  • Managing the anti-vibration hangar brackets during installation may be complicated to some people.