Ruud vs. Goodman: Which Air Conditioner is Better?

Most importantly,  when purchasing an AC unit for your home or workplace, it is ideal to consider its energy efficiency, area size, noise level, and durability. When comparing Goodman and Ruud, it’s essential to consider those features. These will guide you to know if you prefer Goodman or Ruud AC units.

What is the Ruud AC?

Ruud air conditioners have good quality, reliable, and affordable HVAC air conditioners. Each Ruud air conditioner has a scroll compressor that increases its consistency and reduces its noise compared to a conventional conditioner. Ruud AC prices are also accessible.

Ruud has been manufacturing since 1950 and has grown to be one of the world’s most reliable manufacturers of energy-efficient air conditioners, heat pumps, gas and oil furnaces, and HVAC heating systems.

Ruud AC units are products of the Rheem manufacturing company based in America; they are producers of commercial and residential water heaters, boilers,   heating, ventilating, and air conditioning HVAC systems.

Pros and Cons of Ruud Air Conditioners

Installing a new HVAC system is essential for your home; you can achieve efficiency and reliability with a Ruud AC unit; With that said, let’s look at the benefits and shortcomings of Ruud AC unit systems;

Advantages of Ruud AC Units

  • Ruud AC units have inner diagnostic systems with a wide range and informative signals for any problem.
  • Ruud installs a highly advanced scroll compressor that is reliable, efficient, and quiet in every Ruud condensing unit.
  • The Ruud central system helps the consumer adjust temperatures in the comfort of their homes.
  • Ruud heat pumps push warm air out on hot days and pull in warm air on cooler days, thus efficiently managing the indoor temperature without stressing the central HVAC system.
  • Ruud indoor fans adjust to the compressor fan speed, which counterparts input and output. These increase the efficiency, sustainability, and accuracy of RUUD systems.
  • The Ruud AC is an efficient unit that has more options with a two-staged compressor and a seasonal energy efficiency ratio of 14 to 18.
  • The Ruud company has an Econet intelligent monitoring system that assists homeowners in controlling their energy use and regulating heating, cooling, and water systems.

Disadvantages of Ruud Air Conditioners

  • The Ruud Ultra series has a higher cost than other HVAC units available.
  • Ruud air conditioner, achiever series can only cool smaller homes and spaces.
  • Some AC units have single staged compressors, which consume a lot of electrical energy.
  • Their central air conditioners have poor quality coils that are unreliable compared to other AC brands
  • Their warranty period is not inclusive of installation.

What is the Goodman AC?

Goodman HVAC systems are reliable, relatively affordable, and highly efficient. They are backed by a two-year parts warranty and a two to ten-year replacement warranty. These AC brands have a high seasonal energy efficiency ratio ranging from 13 to 18.

Most of Goodman’s seven air conditioner units use an R410-A compressor and have a technologically advanced controller to adjust their cooling and heating.

Goodman manufacturing company has been functional since 1975. In 2012 the company was purchased by Daikin industries which is among the leading worldwide manufacturers of the best commercial and residential air conditioning and heating systems.

Pros and Cons of the Goodman AC

Frankly, all HVAC systems are not 100% efficient, and when it comes to Goodman units, it has its ups and downs. With their affordable, high-quality products, here are some pros and cons of these air handlers;


  • Goodman air conditioners are of excellent and durable quality at affordable prices.
  • The Copeland, two-staged ultra coil compressor is a better quality Goodman brand compared to other brands.
  • They have indoor aluminum coils, which are small and compact.
  • The pre-installed smart diagnostic device helps detect a problem at any location.
  • Reduce installation costs by charging units per 15 feet of refrigerant space
  • Goodman units have a variable-capacity compressor that runs at 65%; in that case, cooling and heating will reduce energy by running at a two-stage.
  • The 2 stage model is lower when it comes to sound.
  • They have outstanding warranties on parts compared to other brands.


  • The warranty does not cover labor costs. In case of any repairs, the consumer will incur more charges.
  • They only have one high-performance model, the GSXC 18. The others are at an average level.
  • The installation cost is high compared to most HVAC companies.
  • The filter fan in the SEER 16 is awful.
  • Goodman air conditioners sell to any installing company, giving way to inferior installers.
  • The 26 SEER rate is only better in warmer areas.
  • Goodman air conditioning system has a refrigerant leak problem which can cause loss of efficiency and increase energy loss.   

Goodman vs. Ruud Air Conditioners Side by Side Comparison

When comparing air conditioners, you need to consider certain features, most notably its cost, seer rating, durability, noise, and airflow, to help you choose the best brand. Here is a comparison between Ruud and Goodman central air conditioners.


Goodman air conditioner price ranges from $3,200 to $4,100 in installation costs. The total cost will depend on the size in tons and the seer rating of the air conditioning system needed for your home.

On the other hand, Ruud AC prices range from $3,200 to $3,900 in installation costs. Its total cost also depends on SEER ratings and size in tons.

Ruud ultra UA 20 with a seer rating of 20 costs $3900 inclusive of installation fees, while Goodman DSXC18 with a seer rating of 18 costs $4100.

When comparing units, the higher number of units, the more energy-efficient the air handler is. This concludes that Ruud AC units have an affordable price, then Goodman air conditioners.

Appearance and Design

Regarding design Goodman and Ruud do not manufacture premium or large models compared to carrier units.

Both models can be bought piece by piece. The air handler matched with the condenser.

Ruud air handlers are hard to open with an awful blower assembly. On the other hand, Goodman is a good AC brand, the only hard thing being the toothed doors.


Goodman central AC units can last from 10 to 15 years. When installed properly, you can increase their lifespan from 20 up to 25 years.

On the other hand, Ruud’s modern air conditioners can last between 15 to 20 years, while the older ones last around 10 to 12 years.

For both products, durability depends on how properly you can maintain them to increase their lifespan. Also, poor installation can reduce your air conditioner’s lifespan.


Goodman air conditioner prices do not include the installation fee. It is advisable, to hire a licensed contractor to handle the installation to avoid warranty invalidation. The installation cost varies depending on the HVAC system setup.

On the other hand, when comparing Ruud and Goodman regarding installation, the two companies sell their products to other installers, making them prone to secondary installation. These can lead to poor installation, causing a homeowner to lose warranty liability.

Energy Efficiency

Goodman AC has SEER ratings that range from 13 to 18. Except for the most basic one, all units use R-410A chlorine-free refrigerant. They have a total of seven air conditioner units.

Ruud offers six air conditioner units with a SEER rate of 16 to 20. This makes Ruud more efficient since the higher the seer rate, the higher the efficiency. two

Goodman units have two-staged compressor units. The rest are single-staged. While on the other hand, Ruud has three two-staged and three one-staged AC units.

The seasonal energy efficiency rate estimates the cost of running your air conditioner. You might not know that the higher the number of SEER ratings, the more energy-efficient the unit is. The lowest you should get now is a 14 on the SEER scale, but you’ve got an efficient machine if you can get the 20 SEER rated.

These can save you more money over the years since an average household spends more energy bills on temperature control.

Goodman Vs. Ruud on Airflow

Goodman Furnaces rank first on the list for their high quality of customer service and use of durability and efficiency. The Goodman GHS80604BX, a multi-speed gas furnace, can be installed in an up-flow and horizontal design.

It has a single-stage gas valve with a Norton hot surface mini-igniter. These furnaces are run and tested for both heating and cooling applications. The Goodman GHS80604BX furnace has an 80% AFUE rating, which means 80% of the total cost goes towards heating your home.

On the other hand, Ruud has various air handlers, the best being a versatile 4-way convertible design for upflow, downflow, and horizontal left and right applications. It has a sensor monitoring the system.

In case of any issues, it alerts the owner through the Econet thermostat and Econet mobile app. The evaporator is built of aluminum fins bonded to internally grooved aluminum tubing. It has a factory-installed indoor coil and enhances airflow of up to seven external static pressures.

Which Between Goodman and Ruud is More Environmental Friendly?

Goodman central AC converted from R22 refrigerant to the environmentally friendly 410A refrigerant, with a technologically variable-speed motor. Also, the transition from copper to aluminum in condensers. It is the most advanced, environmentally responsible refrigerant used in HVAC central AC systems.

The Ruud system is the best fit for any environment while being efficient and quieter. However, in hot temperatures, the AC units tend to experience leakages of refrigerant gas from the coils.

Goodman Vs. Ruud Systems on Comfort and Sound

Ruuds air conditioner units are covered with insulating materials, minimizing the sound produced. Ruuds quietest model operates at 52 decibels and can go as low as 40 decibels.

On the other hand, Goodman AC units make minimal noise. The noise scale ranges from 40 decibels when average and 70 decibels when running. Its noise levels are similar to most of the other brands.

The standard air conditioner noise ranges from 40 to 60 decibels, but some AC units can run as quietly as 25 decibels.

In addition, when comparing Goodman units and Ruud units, Goodman is slightly louder than Ruud units.


Goodman offers a liable five-year limited warranty on its AC models with a three-year warranty on its heat pumps. In addition, Goodman AC models provide a 10-year warranty on compressors and coils plus parts and labor for the first ten years.

Most Goodman products come with an automatic warranty. To know what the warranty covers, you can visit their website.

Ruud central air conditioners are moderate in terms of warranty as well. They offer a 10-year parts warranty. The same can be said about the compressor, as it also has a 10-year warranty. It is relatively good compared to the more known and lesser-known HVAC manufacturers.


Goodman will resolve any complaints when it arises. They will work with homeowners on concerns regarding the entire line of Goodman heating and cooling systems. With the 10-year warranty on air conditioners and a long-term warrant on the compressor.

Ruud is a good choice if you want an efficient central air conditioner at an affordable price. These units are compatible with generic parts, maintenance costs are slightly low. However, its evaporator coil remains an issue as it is weak and puts off many consumers.

Also, Ruud AC units are products of Rheem air conditioners that share the same parts as Rheem units and the production facility.

When are they Effective – Winter or Summer?

Goodman air conditioners are a good choice if you live in hotter areas, and want efficiency and comfort at a low cost.

On the other hand, Ruud ACs work exceptionally well in winter compared to other HVAC systems because of their superior heating capabilities.

With a Ruud AC system, you don’t need to install a heat pump hence minimal cost. The liable compressor with its entire chassis has a powder finish which makes it resistant to most weather conditions, be it rain or snow. While Goodman furnaces and heat pumps help during winter.


When comparing Goodman vs. Ruud AC units, you will notice that Goodman air conditioners have seven air conditioner units available. On the other hand, Ruud has six units giving Goodman a slight advantage in the number of units available.

Remember, your home’s comfort depends on the ease of temperature control and the reliability of your system. Avoid using an obsolete and under-efficient HVAC system, especially in summer.