Goodman vs. American Standard: Which AC is Best?

Goodman and American Standard; are two of the best AC companies that help you banish moulds from your home. Learn how their AC technology compares between them.

Effective air conditioning can make your home more comfortable and inviting in the summer. Stay on this page if you’re uncertain whether to purchase an American Standard or a Goodman. We researched to assist you in determining which brand of an efficient air conditioner is ideal for you.

What is the Goodman AC

Goodman Air Conditioning & Heating is one of the Best HVAC Companies for 2022. Since its founding in 1975, Goodman has distinguished itself by producing a reasonably priced heat pump on its air conditioners and furnaces of superior quality. 

In addition to offering one of the best warranties in the industry, all of its ac units are designed, engineered, and assembled in the United States.

Goodman HVAC systems are among the most reliable, despite not being the most energy-efficient or technologically advanced. A 10-year limited parts warranty and a 2- or 10-year unit replacement warranty back up their quality. 

Lifetime warranties back the air conditioner’s compressor and heat exchangers on some of the company’s finest products. Customers assert that Goodman’s warranty is among the best in the industry.

Pros and Cons of the Goodman AC

Since Daikin’s 2012 acquisition of Goodman, their primary objective has been durability. It uses Copeland components in its central air conditioners and heat pumps, which have been spray-salted for 500 hours to ensure they can withstand harsh conditions. 

Goodman furnaces are also durable due to their aluminized steel heat exchangers. Before leaving the assembly line, each product undergoes three separate tests.

Before installation, Goodman units are frequently less expensive than comparable products from competing brands. 

Some HVAC companies will charge more to install a Goodman product, but according to reviews, you will save a significant amount of money compared to other name-brand HVAC products.

Even though Goodman HVAC systems are durable, inexpensive, and backed by excellent warranties, they have a few flaws.

 According to reviews, Goodman’s central high-quality air conditioners and heat pumps have good SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) ratings but are not the most energy-efficient in the industry. In addition to not being the quietest on the market, Goodman only sells gas furnaces (not oil).

Still, Goodman provides most homeowners with what they desire: a high-quality, long-lasting system with a good warranty at an affordable price.

What is the American Standard AC

American Standard ranks highly on our list of the best HVAC companies for 2022. In 1929, American Radiator, which manufactured cast-iron radiators, merged with Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company, which manufactured plumbing. 

This is how the current business was founded. In 1984, the company acquired Trane and changed its name to American Standard.

In 2008, when Ingersoll Rand acquired American Standard, it retained both the American Standard and Trane HVAC product lines. 

Both companies’ HVAC systems are manufactured in the same factory on the same production lines. In reality, the only significant distinctions between most units are their colors and markings.

Pros and Cons of the American Standard AC

Both American Standard and Trane belong to Ingersoll Rand. Because both companies’ products are manufactured on the same assembly line, their shared models are nearly identical. 

The only significant distinctions between Trane and American Standard HVAC systems are the paint color and logos.

However, American Standard has fewer heating and cooling models than its sister company. Reviewers note that American Standard systems are slightly less expensive, but the price difference is so tiny that, depending on the installer, higher installation costs could make up the difference. 

In any case, American Standard and Trane are two of the most expensive air conditioning brands on the market. This is primarily due to the expense of installation.

As with Trane, the company simulates harsh environments to ensure that each unit functions properly. 

Therefore, reviewers believe that American Standard is an excellent option for people who reside in extreme climates. It is also popular with mobile and small homeowners due to the diminutive size of its units.

American Standard’s products are high quality and dependable, but they are not the most energy-efficient. 

Many reviewers believe that the small amount of additional noise produced by an American Standard heating or cooling system is justified because its products require less upkeep than its competitors. American Standard systems can last up to 25 years if properly maintained.

Goodman Vs American Standard AC – Side by Side Comparison


American Standard air conditioners with 14 SEER can cost between $3,575 and $6,178, excluding installation fees.

Air conditioner estimate prices for the 2.5-ton models of two popular brands, including installation fees, are as follows:

  • A standard American costs $3,195.
  • Goodman will pay $2,125.

If you are considering purchasing an evaporative cooler or a central air conditioner, you can compare the prices of Goodman and American Standard units by requesting free online quotes.

Even though American Standard appears to be more expensive in the examples above, it isn’t easy to compare the prices of these two brands of air conditioners.

The manufacturer of both brands of air conditioning sells them to dealers at different prices; therefore, the manufacturer does not publish prices. The cost will vary based on the quantity purchased and the dealer’s location.

2. Appearance and Design

American Standard air conditioners are noted for being compact and withstand extreme weather conditions. This makes them suitable for mobile homes.

Goodman’s line of air conditioners exemplifies what they do best: producing dependable, high-quality devices that maximize home comfort.

Goodman is particularly remarkable because, while being an entry-level economic brand, its premium models contain many distinctive features and technologies.

3. Durability/Lifespan

Even though some of the top central air conditioners on the market are less expensive, American Standard offers the highest overall efficiency, the most features, and a unit lifespan of 18–25 years.

Approximately 10 to 15 years is the lifespan of a Goodman air conditioner. But if you use it properly and maintain it, you can increase its lifespan to 20–25 years!

4. Installation

Other brands sell directly to dealers, but Goodman does not. Instead, it is sold exclusively via distributors. Then, any HVAC installer who desires to purchase them can do so from the wholesaler. Typically, finding a certified HVAC contractor for installation isn’t easy.

A system with an annual service contract and a more extended warranty may be more expensive. In your estimate, you must detail every component of the final cost. You can get a pricing list from your Goodman dealer if it does not.

In addition to the unit price, HVAC vendors impose an installation fee. American Standard provides all of its rates, including installation fees, on its website. Some dealers may present the cost of the equipment and installation at two different rates; therefore, it is essential to understand how your system is priced.

Additional fees will apply for ductwork installation or modifications. Some HVAC providers may charge up to $100 to remove your outdated HVAC equipment and R-410A refrigerant.

American Standard’s authorized dealers are known as “Customer Care Dealers.” They have a history of performing quality work and have received extensive training in the installation of American Standard equipment.

Even if they have not been educated precisely in American Standard air conditioners and systems, other dealers can sell and install them. This does not diminish their significance. Many of them are North American Technician Excellence (NATE)-certified or have received training on a different brand.

5. Airflow

If you leave the fan running continuously and configure your American Standard HVAC to circulate, the warm or cool air will be distributed more evenly throughout your home.

This will help reduce hot and cold patches in your home. If the fan begins and stops less frequently, it may be less stressed, extending its lifespan.

Goodman stores the condenser coil, compressor, electrical components, and fan in the exterior unit.

The evaporator coil is typically installed atop the gas furnace in the home—a network of pipes or refrigeration lines that connects interior and exterior equipment.

Like the pipes in your home, the ducts that transport warm or cold air into your home require periodic cleaning. Due to accumulation within our HVAC systems, the air entering and leaving the air handler can frequently become obstructed. This restricts the amount of air entering and exiting the system, reducing its efficiency.

6. Energy Efficiency

Along with cost, efficiency is an essential factor to consider. Given how costly it is to cool a home, paying more initially for an energy-efficient unit that will save money over time is preferable.

American Standard air conditioners have more efficient models than Goodman air conditioners. An American Platinum Z model with a SEER rating of 20 could save up to 60% more energy than a central air conditioner with a SEER rating of only 8.

American Standard also manufactures a less expensive model. It has a SI rating of Silver and a SEER of 23. In contrast, Goodman air conditioners have a high SEER of 18 and a low SEER of 13.

Controlling energy use is mainly about the unit’s compressor. Like most powerful brands except Goodman, American Standard makes three tiers of energy efficiency based on the compressor used.

There are three forms of energy management on the American Standard HVAC: fundamental, improved, and optimal.

Four of the brand’s seven air conditioners are equipped with single-stage compressors. When the air conditioner is on, the compressor operates at maximum capacity. 

Higher costs for compressors indicate that a product or service performs better. At the same time, they are an excellent option for sweltering and humid climates.

7. Environmental Friendliness

Goodman sells five central air conditioning models with SEER ratings ranging from 13 to 19. The most energy-efficient models (GSXC18 and 16) are equipped with ComfortBridge technology.

This ensures that the device automatically adapts to the air conditioner’s energy consumption. The GSXCI8 has the maximum SEER rating, 19, which reduces its energy consumption.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), air conditioners in northern states must have a minimum SEER rating of 13. Since all American Standard air conditioners have SEER ratings ranging from 13.50 to 22.00, you can rest assured that your new air conditioner will meet or exceed efficiency requirements. American Standard is environmentally friendly.

8. Comfort and Sound

Goodman’s excellent air conditioners are relatively quiet when operating. They accomplish this in numerous ways.

First, two-stage and variable-speed compressors, such as those found in Goodman’s premium air conditioners, are quieter than single-stage compressors. In addition, some versions use ECM or two-stage fan motors, which are more modest than cheaper motors.

It should be no surprise that the other categories are all related to energy management. If you perform well in one area, you perform well in all of them.

The Aero Quiet II System makes the devices extremely quiet. American Standard is thus one of the most modest brands available. It takes only 70 decibels of noise, ideal for residents of calm locations.

Single-stage compressors frequently experience temperature fluctuations. In addition, they are typically paired with single-speed blower fans in the air handler or furnace. When you turn on the air conditioner, the fan begins to push air through the grates forcefully. It has not yet been cooled; it is blowing you warm, muggy air.

A two-stage air conditioner is preferable, mainly with a variable-speed blower fan.

The most effective technique to cool off is using an air conditioner with variable fan speeds. Due to the units’ delayed start-up, little moist air is expelled from the grates as the air temperature decreases and the fan speed increases. This ensures uniform, comfortable cooling.

9. Warranty

Both Goodman and American Standard air conditioners are dependable in terms of durability. However, Goodman has the advantage in terms of the warranty. Some Goodman models come with a lifetime warranty, whereas the most extended warranty offered by American Standard is only 12 years.

10. Maintenance

However, a few accounts of Goodman compressors requiring replacement after only two years. It was also reported that it was difficult to obtain replacement parts, which delayed the repair.

However, if the machine is professionally installed and utilized by a trained technician, it is unlikely to fail.

Regular maintenance will extend the lifespan of your American Standard system. Maintaining your heating and cooling system improves its functionality for you and your family. It also keeps it operating optimally and smoothly.

Maintenance, before the season begins, is essential since it can prevent your system from failing during extreme heat or cold when you need it the most. It can also reduce your energy expenditure.

11. When are they Effective – Winter or Summer

Goodman air conditioners are an excellent option for consumers in warmer regions who want to save money without sacrificing comfort or efficiency.

Even when it is scorching outside, American Standard air conditioners are noted for chilling the entire house uniformly, despite their modest size. It also manufactures some of the quietest central air conditioners available so that you won’t disturb your neighbours.


Whether you choose Goodman or American Standard air conditioning system depends on your personal preference. American Standard has more efficient high-end air conditioners than Goodman, but Goodman’s high-end air conditioner compressor has a more extended warranty.

You can have faith in both brands. Find out what they offer, what features they possess, and how they are similar and dissimilar by reading on.

With the information provided above, you will be able to identify the brand and product that best meets your needs and preferences.