York vs. Carrier: Which AC Brand is Better?

If you frequently spend much annually to get yourself a new air conditioner ready for warm weather use, it may be time to look for a new system.

By contrasting Carrier vs. York Ac units, you will find that both HVAC companies offer superior warranties, the best products and services, and an excellent reputation.

Let us have a deep look at the differences between the two to make your work much more manageable.

What is a York Air Conditioning System?

A York air conditioning system, is one of the most significant heating and cooling suppliers globally.

York is an ideal high-efficiency air conditioner that is pocket-friendly and offers you quality services that you won’t regret. Its Units are durable, energy-efficient, and, more importantly, one of the quietest brands you’ll find on the market.

The most energy-efficient unit York carries the CZH, which has an 18 SEER. Its features are :

  • A two-stage processor.
  • QuietDrive technology to reduce noise.
  • Ten-year warranty on the compressor and parts.


  • York, air conditioning system offers excellent warranties with solid strategies. It has a one-year contract for labor services that most HVAC contractors don’t provide. Moreover, it also has a five-year limited warranty on the thermostat.
  • York has a microchannel coil that increases efficiency. They are made of aluminum, smaller than usual, and numerous, thus providing a large surface area for heat transfer.
  • It has high quality. York gives you the quality services you can ever ask for. Right from the quit drive comfort system, which has a sound dampening feature that helps in giving you the peace you deserve at home.
  • York is pocket friendly and suits individuals who are on a budget-friendly shopping.


  • The three 13 SEER machines of York are not very efficient. You will get better results in colder times than when it is hot, dry, and even humid, as it results in high cooling costs.
  • The 13 SEER model is also more expensive to run.
  • York warranty covers specific parts of the air conditioner.

What is Carrier Air Conditioner

Carrier is famous for its high-quality energy-efficient services in residential and commercial HVAC products.

Its founder is Willis Carrier, an industry leader who invented the first modern air conditioning system. 

It has been reliable and creating high-quality products for decades; hence so many people have opted for its air conditioning services in place of other brands.

The professional reviews claim its 16 HVAC system has the most efficient and quietest feature on the market that you cannot afford to miss a trial.

Carrier units stand to be very expensive compared to Yolk, but the good thing is that this ac brand offers a diverse range of products that suits your budget.

Investing in a Carrier unit is the best decision you can make, especially if you want the reassurance of a legit brand name for an air conditioning system.

Heat Pump

Heat pumps are one of the Carrier products. Carrier has eleven heat pumps and sixteen air conditioners; however, the lines are comparable.

The heat pump also helps maintain the home temperature with a low-sounding effect on the environment, just like an air conditioner. Heat pumps are helpful with the extra flexibility they provide in cases where the natural gas gets expensive.

Carrier heat pumps features include:

  • Single-, two-, and variable speed Copeland compressors
  • SEER ratings up to 24
  • HSPF rating of up to 13


  • It has unique comfort features like the two-stage model that provides high and low cooling depending on the air conditioning needs.
  • It reduces the humidity of your home level. The lower the humidity, the more comfortable your living room will be. Carrier pulls heat and moisture from your indoors and uses the carrier unit’s blower to circulate and produce cool air.
    Carrier air conditioners with variable speed compressors offer extreme humidity control as they work at lower speeds for longer hours.
  • It is energy efficient. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio of the carrier air conditioners monitors the saved power from the unit. Its energy star is rated up to 21 SEER, which means you can save a good amount of energy.


  • The noise emission from outside tends to be very high in some career air conditioners, and loud vibrations can be heard outside, creating a disturbance.
  • It is not convenient for individuals who are on budget-friendly shopping.
  • It is unsuitable for buyers who wish to have the best possible warranty.
  • Lastly, the replacement parts are not sold at a premium and are not easily replaceable except through a carrier dealer, thus creating inconvenience.

York vs. Carrier Side by Side Comparison

Are you busy in the market searching for an air conditioner, furnace, heat pump, or any other HVAC solution for a commercial building or residence?

Most homeowners find it frustrating to get a suitable ac unit in terms of the ac unit size and the energy rating.

You can hire an excellent contractor to help you settle for suitable ac unit units.

 The contractor estimates and does the installation for you after settling for the air conditioner unit you want.

However, if you are searching for a new HVAC system for your home, the first step, to begin with, is to familiarize yourself with the contrast between carrier infinity and york affinity AC systems.

The outstanding comparisons include;

1. Cost

Carrier sells installed HVAC systems and heat pumps for approximately $3000 to $15,000. The system’s total cost includes the price of the units plus labor, profit margins, and local taxes.

Moreover, some houses might need special attention like ductwork or upgrades, such as a comfort zone thermostat. Here, you will get some relief as the price tends to be slightly cheaper.

Its furnaces cost $3000-$7500 or more. However, the final price still depends on the labor and other critical factors like the size of your house.

Don’t feel left out since the company has three Hvac series with options to fit almost every budget.

The least expensive line is the comfort series, as the premium infinity series is ranked high in terms of its costs and features.

lastly, the middle-of-the-road performance offers reliability that ranges from $5000-to to $8000.

On the other hand, York stands out to be a lifesaver since it is used as an entry-level system.

Based on the model, size, and installation costs, its price is approximately $4,225 to $9,800, including the installation.

2. Appearance and Design

The two have different appearances and designs. The York has some diagnostic features available with an optional communication control, whereas the Carrier has an infinity control with remote access, which is optional.

The york has some stamped metal decorative coil guards, while the Carrier has an entire side louvered panel.

3. Durability /Lifespan

Both York and carrier HVAC systems should last 15-25 years. However, the durability depends on other factors like location, inadequate maintenance, and improper storage.

The one based in the coastal region has a shorter life span because of the chlorides and extra moisture produced by the sea.

4. Installation

Both the York and Carrier units need to be correctly installed.

Most issues that have occurred in York units are poor installation. Therefore it is ideal to have your York properly installed by York Certified Comfort Expert (CCE) Contractor. You will have an advantage if something like quality issues occurs because York will remove the installed equipment and offer a full refund.

Thus to experience the high performance of the HVAC system, you must get yourself a good contractor to do a proper installation.

If the wrong contractor can install for you your Carrier unit, you won’t be able to enjoy the 21-seer rating or even an 18-seer rating for the York unit.

5. Airflow

The airflow capacity of a York handling unit ranges from2,000-120,000 CFM (@ 500 FPM coil face velocity), while that of a carrier handling unit ranges from 1100 m3/hr to 108,000 m3/hr.

6. Weather Conditions

York and carrier ac units last for about 15-25 years with proper installation and good maintenance. However, they can be drastically affected by the weather conditions.

In a northern climate with moderately warm summers, both York and Carrier are likely to accumulate fewer hours in service than units installed in a warmer and more humid environment.

Another instance is If one keeps their thermostat set at 70⁰ F all summer long, that air conditioning system is likely to run a lot more regularly than the one who keeps their thermostat set at 78⁰ F.

7. Energy Efficiency

York can now offer a range of accessible cooling close control air conditioning units that ensure high energy savings and the efficiency and reliability that distinguishes it from other brands. Its Energy Star is rated up to 18 SEER.

Carrier units are neither left behind as they have an increased energy efficiency with expert installation. Its Energy star is rated up to 21 SEER.

You can save on annual energy costs with a smart thermostat for both HVAC systems.

8. Environmental Friendliness

An average home spends almost half of its energy cost on heating and cooling alone. Therefore, these two HVAC systems: carriers and york, positively affect the environment on your annual daily consumption.

Your carbon emissions can be slightly reduced, creating a positive environment for you.

To add to that, they both have a friendly ozone refrigerant; those built after 2010, the new York air conditioning units use R-410A while the Carrier uses Puron® R-410A refrigerant, which is a different type of chemical that’s safe for the ozone layer.

9. Comfort and Sound

Some air conditioners tend to be irritating with their loud noise. The loud sound of HVAC equipment will still be annoying despite having the perfect temperature and the right humidity level.

Both york and Carrier have gone a notch high to ensure their customers have a peaceful time at their place without being distracted by the ac noise.

Carrier has innovative designs like the compressor sound blankets and rubber isolation compressor grommets.

The features are inbuilt, making sure that your heating and cooling equipment runs entirely quietly and smoother while offering energy efficiency performance.

One best unique features of York’s products is the QuietDrive comfort system. An advanced sound-dampening feature keeps noise levels as low as 72 decibels.

That makes it one of the quieter brands on the market and the best for those living in quiet, suburban neighborhoods.

York has some advanced sound insulation features to give you the most comfortable environment.

10. Maintenance

In terms of maintenance, both the carrier and york units need maximum care for the proper running of the system.

Some of the tips to consider in both the teams include :

  • Always make sure the vents are clean and clear.
  • Frequently changing air filters per manufacturer specifications.
  • Don’t assume unexpected system noises.

Contact your York or your carrier contractor to help set up a routine maintenance schedule.

11. Warranty

York offers generous warranties for all their models plus a one-year limited labor warranty, making it outshine other brands since very few HVAC companies like carriers provide that.

Its warranty varies by type of equipment. York offers a ten-year warranty on the compressor and limited parts, then a one-year warranty bonus for labor.

Carrier has a 10-year parts limited warranty for Infinity, Performance, and Comfort series air conditioners that utilize Puron refrigerant.

Another disturbing question that clients have is whether the warranty can be transferred. Yes, your warranty can be transferred to your new home.

That applies to most HVAC companies, and neither are York and Carrier excluded. However, it would be only helpful if you met the set conditions.

For instance, the new owner must register the air conditioner within 90 days of the home’s ownership transfer. The warranty term for subsequent owners is five years when properly registered.

12. When Are they Effective Winter or Summer

The latest carrier air conditioning can raise the temperature in your room during winter aside from cooling it during the summer period.

Thus Carrier is effective both in the summer and winter period. On the other hand, York is also effective in keeping you warm during winter and its cooling effect during summertime. Although with the 13 SEER model, you will get better results in colder times than when it is hot, dry, and even humid, as it results in high cooling costs.


In conclusion, Carrier air conditioners are more energy-efficient than the york. Therefore, they stand out as the best air conditioners.

It offers numerous advanced technologies to increase energy efficiency in air conditioners, heat pumps, and furnaces.

They have an excellent reputation in the HVAC industry, providing high-tech products at a competitive price. Therefore don’t hesitate to visit any HVAC company around you.