How To Reset LG Air Conditioner

The LG air conditioners are known for delivering quality airflow. But sometimes, the aircon may start malfunctioning after a period of use. In most instances, these are easy-to-fix problems if you know how to solve them.

Sometimes it’s as easy as learning how to reset LG air conditioner, and it’s back in operation. In other instances, you may need to diagnose the problem to fix it. This guide will examine your main skills in running an LG air conditioner.

Where is the Reset Button on LG Air Conditioner Unit?

Some LG air conditioning units have the reset button on the remote control. You will also find a reset button on the outside unit. To locate it, open the circuit breaker box. You will find the reset red reset button next to the circuit breaker.

How to Reset LG Air Conditioner

The easiest method of resetting your LG air conditioner is by pressing the reset button. Unplug the air conditioner. Wait for three seconds and plug the aircon back into the power supply. Press the reset button for a few seconds and then release. Your air conditioner is reset.

You can also reset the air conditioner manually by following the below steps.

  1.  Power off the air conditioner by pressing the power button once. The white button on the bottom right side of the unit is the power button. Disconnect the power plug from the power supply.
  2. Flip off the outer circuit. You will find the circuit breaker inside the outer circuit box.
  3. Wait for three seconds and flip on the circuit breaker.
  4. Give the internal circuit 15 seconds to reset. After the lapse of the waiting period and power on the aircon. Switch on the thermostat. 

How to Reset LG Split Type Aircon

To reset your LG split air conditioner, follow the steps below.

  1. Press the power button to power off the air conditioner.
  2. Unplug the aircon from the air conditioner. Wait for 15 seconds.
  3. Plug back the air conditioner and flip on the power switch.
  4. Press the power button on to restart the air conditioner.

How to Reset LG Air Filter on a Control Panel

If the air filter indicates the filter light, you need to clean the air filters. The below steps will help you clean and reset the filters. 

  1. Remove the filter by pulling the front grille.
  2. Wash the air filter with lukewarm water and mild detergent. Shake off the excess water.
  3. Ensure that the air filter is dry
  4. While re-installing, ensure that the bottom part of the filter is between the coil guard and the tab.
  5. Put back the filter cover and ensure it clicks.

How to Reset LG Air Conditioner Remote Control

First, unplug the aircon from the main power supply to reset the air conditioner. Press the stop button on the remote control to power it off. 

Open the battery lid and remove the batteries. Count to five seconds, replace the batteries and close the lid. Plug back the remote control and check if it is working well.

How to Reset LG AC Thermostat

Below are the steps you need to follow to reset an LG air conditioner’s thermostat.

  1. Power off the thermostat. The first step you need to reset the thermostat is to shut it down at the control panel.
  2. Reset the circuit breaker. Locate the circuit breaker box. Please open it and switch off the circuit breaker. Wait for three seconds and switch the breaker on again.
  3. Wait for 30 seconds for the internal circuit to reset. 
  4. Reinsert the power plug into the socket. Power on the thermostat and change the temperature setting to your preference. 
  5. Restart the air conditioner unit using the remote control power button. 

Troubleshooting LG Air Conditioner 

LG Air Conditioner won’t Power On

If the air conditioner is not working, the first thing you need to check is the power supply. Check if the power cord is plugged into the socket.

  1. Check the timer. If you had put the timer on, the air conditioning unit would only power on during the preset time.
  2. Also, check if a circuit is broken and replace it if necessary. Check if the safety relay has tripped and power it by flipping the ON button.
  3. You also need to check if you could be experiencing a power failure. If that is the case, switch off the aircon. Power it back on three minutes after the power resumes.

LG AC Unit Keeps Shutting Down

If your ac unit keeps going off on its own, you may want to check if it is sharing a power supply. To keep an air conditioner consistent, you may want to dedicate one power plug to it.

Check the circuit breaker for inconsistent power supply. Check if other appliances are near the air conditioner and unplug them. 

Another thing that you want to look at is the setting. Press the set key until the cool mode is selected. Also, ensure that the temperature setting is lower than the room temperature.

LG Air Conditioner keeps Turning on and off

Below are some possible reasons why your heating and cooling system keeps turning on and off.

Dirty compressor

If the compressor has dirt clogs, it develops issues such as inconsistently going on and off. If that is the case, invite the LG service center to clean the compressor unit.

Circuit board

Check out for damaged resistor. If that is the issue, you may need to replace the whole board. 


Broken sensors may detect the room as cold even when the air is not regulated, leading to the air conditioner shutting down. You may need to call in a technician to handle sensor issues and replace them if necessary.

LG Air Conditioner is not Cooling

If your air conditioner is not cooling, some minor adjustments to the settings could be all you need. Try the below suggestions before taking further steps.

Check if the AC is set to cool

Verify if the air conditioner is set to cool. In most cases, the lowest cooling setting for an LG air conditioner is 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Most LG air conditioners are digital; you need to check the settings on the remote control. You can also view the display on the control panel.

If you change the air conditioner to cool mode, give it 10 minutes and verify if it is cooling. If the air conditioner operates on a fan mode, reduce the temperature setting on the control panel.

 Adjust the fan speed

If the fan setting is at the lowest speed, adjust it to the highest speed until the house cools. You can then readjust to a moderate speed to keep the temperature constant.

Check the air filters

Another cause of the aircon not cooling air is dirty coils or filters. Check if the clean filter indicator is on. If the light is on, clean the filters. Check if the aircon is cooling after re-installing them.

LG Air Conditioner does not Blow any Air

The circuit board is the most likely tissue if the LG is not blowing air. Check if the capacitors are in good condition. Swollen capacitors lead to the breaking down of the whole circuit. In that case, you need to call the technician to replace them.

Also, you need to check the settings of the fan. Switch the fan on and set it to your preference.

A full drainage pan may also affect the efficiency of the aircon. To solve this, empty the water tank.

The remote control does not work.

First, you need to check if you are within the operating radius of the remote control. 

Also, open the back cover and check for the batteries’ polarity. If the batteries are dead, replace them. If they are okay, move them around the cradle. Close the battery lid and check if the remote control is now working well.

Setting the Current Time on your LG AC Unit

Follow the below steps to set the LG air conditioner’s timer well.

  1. Press the reset button on the remote control
  2.  Press the START button.
  3.  Press the 2nd F button to reveal the time settings
  4. Press the time settings button on a continuous mode. Hold until you reach your preferred timings.
  5.  Ensure that the AM and PM modes are correct.
  6. Your timings are now set. Press the start button to move from the time setting mode.

LG Air Conditioner Leaks Water

Your air conditioning unit leaking water due to humidity is not uncommon. But before you dismiss it, you need to check the below issues.

  • Dirty filters: A dirty air filter causes the evaporator coil to freeze. This freeze-up results in poor airflow and ice buildup around the evaporator coils. When the ice melts, excess water forms and overflows on the drain pan, causing leakage.
  • Incorrect installation of the drainage pan.
  • If the installation angle of the drain pan is incorrect, it might drain the water outside the water outlet, leading to leakage.

LG Air Conditioner Fan Motor will not Run

If the fan motor does not run after you switch on the air conditioner, check for the below issues.

Power supply

Check if there is a voltage at the outlet. Also, check the voltage to the rotary switch. Correct if you detect none. You need to replace the cord if the circuit breaker is on and you still have no power. Check for any loose wires and replace them.


It would help if you discharged the capacitor before testing. Test if the capacitator is within 10% or minus of the manufacturer’s rating. Replace if shortened or if the capacitor is made. 

  1.  The motor will not rotate.
  2. Check if the fan blade is hitting the shroud. Also, check if the blower wheel is hitting the scroll. In both cases, you need to re-align the assembly parts. Ensure the fans have a quarter of an inch clearance from the base.

Also, check if the motor bearings are working. If they are not working, you may need to replace the motor. Replacing the ac unit motor is a significant decision. Involve the repair service to confirm the diagnosis before buying the engine.


As we have seen, LG air conditioners are easy to run. That is if you have the requisite troubleshooting skills. But also remember to involve the repair service when unsure what to do.