Best Ceiling Fan For 20 Foot Ceiling

Each season brings in different air regulation requirements. The best ceiling fan for a 20-foot ceiling optimizes the air in your large rooms, whether it is winter or summer. Ceiling fans also play a vital role in enhancing the appearance of your house.

But the market presents you with many choices of ceiling fans for your high ceilings. Hence, choosing one may not be a walk in the park. 

This review looks at the eight best ceiling fans for a 20-foot ceiling. We have walked through the features before picking out the best. We have also read the verified customer experiences of each product. 

Thus, this review discusses tested products with a proven performance guarantee. Let’s go straight to the details.

Best Ceiling Fans for a 20 Foot Ceiling

1. Trifecte 60 Inch Indoor & Outdoor Ceiling Fan

The UL damp-rated ceiling fan tops the tables as the best ceiling fan for a 20-foot ceiling. Trifecte has an impressive performance of 7000 CFM and power consumption of 30 watts. In addition, due to its underwriter’s laboratory rating, Trifecte is perfect in any workspace. The fan gives you optimal performance and high efficiency, whether in the garage, kitchen, or outdoors. 

Trifecte is not only a performer but also the perfect add-on to your home’s interior decor. The fan’s three blades add a simple but unique look to your home. The blades have a black finishing with a low-profile touch that blends into the room. 

The Trifecte ceiling fan is smart and compatible with Amazon Axela, Google Home, and Siri. You can also opt to use a remote control or wall control. Also, you can choose between various operational modes such as natural, sleep, winter, and summer. 

And you do not have to worry about regulating your home’s airflow while away. The ceiling fan has a timer that schedules the powering and lighting of the fan. 

Moreover, the reversible, whisper-quiet DC motor gives you optimized airflow with no noise. You can also change the fan’s direction from updraft mode during winter to downdraft mode in summer. The 10-speed motor saves up to 75% of electricity compared to traditional AC systems. 

The color temperature has a yellow and white option according to your preference. Moreover, the 1842 lumens LED light is dimmable. The color temperature is between 2700K to 4000K, giving you a soft alluring light.


  • It has easy-to-use smart features. 
  • The fan has a long service life.
  • It is well balanced
  • The fan is well built and attractive.
  • The lights are dimmable. 


  • The fan needs internet, not only local network access.
  • It hums at higher speeds.

2.Honeywell 50609-01 Xerxes Ceiling Fan 

The 62 inch Honeywell 50609-01 Xerxes fan gives you an epic performance in large areas. The eight blades indoor ceiling fan combines style and efficient airflow optimization.

The ceiling fan blends well in both modern and traditional houses. You can choose between black, brushed nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze finishing. The fan still makes a fashion statement look on the ceiling, whichever color you pick. 

Honeywell Xerxes adds a sparkle of LED effect to your room when powered. The LED bulbs have 1400 lumens, 18 watts, and are dimmable from 10% to 100% at 120 degrees angle. Also, the bulbs have a color temperature of 2700K and a frosted glass encasing for the soft light touch. 

The LED light bulbs have a long life. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the inconvenience of unexpected burnout. In addition, LED consumes less energy saving you the cost of lighting expenses. 

When it comes to mounting, Honeywell 50609-01 gives you a choice between 3 options. You can flush mount it if you have a low ceiling. If you choose to flush mount the fan, it will hang 2 inches from the ceiling. The fan can also be suspended using the 4″ downrod part of the package. You can also buy an angle bracket and fix it to a slanted wall.

The giant ceiling fan has 3-speed settings. The highest speed has an instant cooling effect and gives you more airflow. The medium and low speeds give moderate airflow that reaches every corner of your room.

The powerful motor is conveniently quiet. The highest speed only produces a whisper sound, while medium and low speeds have almost negligible noise levels.

To top it all off, you can control the lighting and the fan speeds using an easy-to-use remote control. The remote control is compatible with Google Home, Alex, and Bond Home.

At 30.6 pounds, Honeywell 50609-01 Xerxes is relatively heavy. However, verified buyers have indicated that the fan is quite easy to install. The ceiling fan is also firm and stable after mounting.

If you choose to buy Honeywell 50609-01 Xerxes fan, ensure that the product is free of defects. Otherwise, the ceiling fan that has the backing of a popular brand name delivers what it promises.


  • It is easy to install
  • The LED light is dimmable. 
  • The fan is stylish
  • It is quiet
  • The blades are reversible.


  • It is heavy
  • Limited warranty

3. HUNTER 50466 Royal Oak Ceiling Fan

Hunter 50466 Royal Oak fan is a 60 inch traditionally designed ceiling fan that bests suits large areas. You can install it in your lounge, sitting area, bedrooms, and open concept spaces. The ceiling fan has a new bronze finishing that complements its 5 dark cherry blades giving it a classic finish. 

The blades have a 13 degrees pitch to optimize the airflow velocity, giving the fan an above-average performance. The fan has an airflow capacity of 4116 CFM on low speed and 6120 CFM on high speed.

Also, the Whisper Wind Motor and Sure Speed technology give you a quiet ultra performance. The motor maintains its operational silence throughout the three fan speeds. 

You can also change the airflow direction. The downdraft mode is most appropriate during summer and the updraft mode in winter.

The mounting height is adjustable using the 3″ and 2″ downrod included in the package. You do not have to worry about control with the Universal handheld remote. You can easily adjust the speed and light of the fancy ceiling fan from anywhere within the room. 

HUNTER 50466 Royal Oak Ceiling Fan does not have lights. However, the fan is perfect for cooling rooms with a recessed lighting design. 


  • The fan comes with DIY installation instructions
  • It is remote-controlled.
  • The motor is super quiet.
  • The fan has no vibrations. 
  • The lights are bright.


  • The fan is expensive. 

4. Minka Aire F868L-BN Sleek 60″ Ceiling Fan

The wireless Minka Aire F868L-BN combines lightweight with great performance. The 1 pound smart ceiling pairs sleek blades with your everyday use of Smart Home Technology. The fan is a perfect fit for a decorative piece and eases air regulation whether you are at home or away.

You can opt to install Minka-Aire Bond Home iOS & Android for your smart operations. The ceiling fan also pairs with other smart home tech apps such as Google Home, Ecobee, and Nest. You can also use Amazon Axela for voice-activated smart control. 

Minka Aire F868L-BN boasts three blades made from seasoned wood. The fan has a brushed nickel finish that fits almost all home decors. It is good to note that the fan is designed for indoor purposes only. 

The silicon steel DC motor is not only energy-efficient but also quiet and powerful. The fan has an airflow capacity of up to 5655 CFM at the highest speed. Moreover, all Minka Aire ceiling fans are factory balanced and tested. So, you do not have to worry about wobbling, rattles, and vibrations after installation.

The 16W LED integrated light gives your house enough lighting. You get to have some savings on energy efficiency. 

Also, the fan comes with RC600 Remote control that helps you adjust the six fan speeds. You can also opt to buy the WC600 wall control separately. 

With a 6 inch downrod, the fan allows you to enjoy optimized airflow at any indoor air setting. The ceiling fan can also be mounted on the wall using angle brackets.


  • The ceiling fan comes with a remote
  • High-quality materials and build
  • The wiring is well hidden.
  • Easy installation
  • The fan has smart features.


  • The fan has only one downrod

5. Westinghouse Lighting Cayuga 60-inch Ceiling Fan

The 60 inch Cayuga ceiling fan is ideal for large open spaces with high ceilings. The fan fits well, whether the ceiling is flat or slanted. Cayuga has rich oil-rubbed bronze finishing that is complemented by six reversible blades. The fan offers you two finishings for the blades, applewood or cherry. Either finishing gives your house a seamless blend-in.

The integrated drum-like kit includes two 8 watt T7 LED bulbs. The bulbs come in a frosted opal glass encasing and are dimmable, contributing to cost and energy savings benefits. Also, the LED bulbs are long-lasting. Thus, you do not have to worry about constant bulb changes once the fan is installed. 

The fan comes with remote control for operational convenience. You can also easily buy and integrate a wall control into the fan. You can change between the four speeds and change the strength of the light with ease. You also get the instructions manual and mounting hardware for ease of installation.

The ceiling fan has a powerful motor that delivers impressive movement of air with no noise. The fan has a capacity of 4420 CFM at the highest speed.


  • The fan has no wobbles.
  • It is sturdy
  • It comes with an installation manual.
  • It is inexpensive
  • The LED bulbs are replaceable.


  • You cannot control the speed settings using the wall control.

6. Luminance Kathy Ireland HOME Loft 60 Inch Ceiling Fan

Luminance Kathy ceiling fan offers you a modern vibe with outstanding decorative design. The fan has a black finishing that sits well with any home style. You also get three contoured blades that create up to 6916 CFM airflow.

Also, the fan is UL damp rated, and the blades are all-weather. So, you do not have to worry about morning mist and bathroom vapor. Moreover, the damp-proof feature makes it perfect for garage and other moist working areas. 

You can install the ceiling fan in your living area, kitchen, balcony, and covered patio. Luminance Kathy Ireland is also ideal for workshops and decks. It is important to note that the fan is not UL wet rated. You need to be careful not to install the fan in open spaces where it can come into contact with pouring water.

The ceiling fan comes with a 6″ downrod perfect for semi flash installation. The sliding wall control eases the operation as you switch between the 4-speeds. If you prefer to use remote control, you will need to buy it separately.


  • The fan moves a lot of air.
  • No wobble through all speeds
  • Reasonable pricing 
  • The fan is damp-proof


  • The remote control is not part of the package.
  • No light feature

7. Hykolity 72 Inch Damp Rated Industrial DC Motor Ceiling Fan

The 72-inch fan has a sophisticated look that fits well in a simple setup, office, or home. The fan features eight unique blades and has a brushed finish that gives a unique vibe to the room.

The blades are reversible. You can put the fan on a downdraft mode for the cool air during hot summer days. In the winter season, you can use the updraft mode that maintains warm air in the room. 

Hykolity fans are for indoor use only but are damp rated, which means that you can place them on covered patios. You can also use them in damp places such as the bathroom, kitchen, and garage. 

The fans feature DC motors listed in Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL). The power-efficient motor saves up to 65% of power compared to traditional AC fans.

You can choose to mount the fan on the wall or ceiling. If you opt to mount the fan on the ceiling, you can use the standard 6-inch downrod part of the package.

In addition, the fan comes with remote control. You can power the fan and control the six fan speeds at the comfort of your seat, anywhere within the room.


  • The fan has good airflow.
  • It has a beautiful design.
  • The fan is damp rated.
  • Swift customer response
  • The pricing is fair


  • Not wet-rated 

8. Hubbell Lighting Dual Mount Ceiling Fan

The all-weather ceiling fan is the perfect combination of efficiency and durability. The fan features six aluminum blades. The blade material ensures that the fan withstands the harshest weather with no rust.

The blades are also stylishly shaped with a nickel finish, giving an easy blend to your home decor. In addition, the fan is wet-rated, which means you can use it indoors or outdoors.

Besides, the DC motor increases the energy efficiency of the fan. So you get to save on bills while enjoying great air circulation. The DC motor also ensures that the fan gives you a noise-free optimized air output.

In addition, the fan comes with wall control. As a result, you can easily switch between the six fan speeds. The product also comes with a 6-inch downrod. If you need a longer downrod, you might have to buy one.


  • The fan is wet rated.
  • Durable aluminum blades 
  • Quiet operations 
  • Efficient DC motor
  • Easy to install


  • You may need to order extra downrod 

Choosing the Best Fan for 20 Foot Ceiling Buyers’ Guide

The ceiling fans market offers you a wide range of options. However, selecting the best ceiling fan for a 20-foot ceiling may not be easy. Here is our experts’ checklist to give you an easier shopping experience.

Have the Right Room Measurements 

Before you start shopping, the first thing you need to confirm is the size of your room. For a house with large dimensions, you need larger fans. A house that has 400 square feet, for example, requires a fan that is 54 inches and above.

 For a smaller room, fans between 29 and 39 inches will be enough. A medium-sized room will need a fan between 42 and 52 inches. 

Dimensions of the Doom 

The height between the ceiling and the floor will guide you in choosing the type of ceiling fan and the mounting options. You do not want to install a ceiling that hangs too low. The design and dimensions of your room will also guide you on the kind of installation to use. 

Most building codes recommend that the fan be at least 7 inches from the ground. This space gives you enough standard head clearance and better airflow. However, if your ceiling is too high, you might need a longer downrod to maximize the air output. 

You can also opt for flush mounting if the room height is low. Wall mounting is another option you would want to explore for low ceilings. 

You also need to consider the width of the room. Ensure that the fan’s blades have at least three inches of clearance from the wall. 

Determine Where you Want to Use the Fan 

Do you intend to use the fan indoors or outdoors? For an outdoors and wet areas fan, you might want to consider the fan’s durability. You will also need to go for a fan capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions. 

The fan may be damp rated but not wet-rated. In this case, you can place it under covered patios but not in open outdoor spaces. To get the right fan for the intended use, you need to check its Underwriters Laboratory (UL) rating.

The choice of the blade materials also matters. Wood blades, for example, will seep water and break when exposed to rain, reducing the lifespan of the fan. On the other hand, aluminum and plastic blades can withstand exposure to water and do not rust.

Motor Type

Ceiling fans use two main types of motors. The alternative current ( AC) motors have been around for decades. The AC motors are popular because of their affordability and reliability. The motors also operate very quietly.

The contemporary direct current (DC) motors have gained popularity recently. These motors are more expensive but energy efficient. When using a direct current motor, you can save up to 70% of your energy costs. The motors are also lighter when compared to AC motors and hence easier to install.

Consider the Efficiency of the Fan

You can check the efficiency of the fan using the CFM ratings. CFM measures airflow in cubic feet per minute. Therefore, a high CFM rating translates to high efficiency.  

In addition, the fan should be able to operate between different fan speeds. High speeds are ideal for regulating the air fast, while you can use low and medium speeds to maintain regulated air. 

You may also want to consider if the fan offer change of airflow direction. The ceiling fan should allow you to shift between updraft and downdraft airflow.

Noise level is another consideration that you need to make. An efficient fan operates with low noise levels. When checking the noise levels, ensures that you run the ceiling fan through all speeds. 

Consider the Controlling Options.

How do you want to be operating the fan? Different fans come with varying controlling options. You can choose between a remote-controlled fan and one that uses a sliding wall control. 

You can also opt for a contemporary fan that offers smart features. If you opt for a fan that offers smart features, you need to confirm which apps are compatible with your fan. 

Light Feature

Does the fan come with light bulbs? If so, check the strength of the light. Also, check if the light is dimmable. LED bulbs are more long-lasting and offer you higher energy consumption.

The Aesthetic Value of the Fan

The fan forms a major part of your home’s interior décor. You may thus want to consider the style of your room and match the fan to it. The more the number of fan blades, the more its presence is noted. A fan with lesser blades is more laid back and low profile. 

Also, check the style, design, and color of the fan. Your fan must blend in with the rest of the house. 


You may check all the other requirements, but your budget determines whether you take the fan home. If you have a fixed budget, look at the availability of the fan with your desired features within the budget range.


Which Direction should a Ceiling Fan Turn?

While the fan’s direction varies with models, most ceilings create downdraft while running anticlockwise and updraft when they run clockwise. The downdraft is ideal during summer as it generates downward airflow displacing warm air. The updraft mode is ideal for winter.

How do I Clean my Fan? 

Ensure that the ceiling fan is switched off before cleaning it. Suppose you can’t reach the fan using a sturdy stool or ladder. It’s best to uninstall it first to avoid any incidents.

To remove dirt, use a clean pillowcase and insert one blade at a time. You can then wipe the blade using a light cleanser. A mixture of vinegar and water gives you a mild and effective homemade cleanser.

Contemporary ceiling fans with encased LED lights don’t collect a lot of dust inside. If your fan has a glass globe base, you may need to remove it to clear away dirt, dust, and other debris such as dead bugs.

How Long should a Ceiling Fan Run Continuously?

In most cases, you can run your ceiling fan continuously for up to eight hours. Confirm with the manufacturer’s recommendation if you are unsure how long you can run the fan safely. 

If you intend to use the ceiling fan for extended periods, you should invest in regular maintenance to ensure that the ceiling fan is in perfect shape. 


Our choice for the best ceiling fan for the 20-foot ceiling is the 60-inch Trifecte. The indoor and outdoor ceiling has an impressive airflow capacity of 7000 CFM. 

With the ceiling fan, you can opt between smart operations and using a remote control. You can also use a timer if you do not want to keep worrying about when to switch on the fan. 

The DC motor is quiet and power-efficient, and you can change the airflow direction. The ceiling fan also has a record ten fan speeds, giving you a wide range of airflow choices. 

Our 1st runner-up is the brand-backed Honeywell 50609-01 Xerxes Ceiling Fan. The indoor ceiling makes a fashion statement with its eight blades and moves sufficient air in large rooms. The 60-inch ceiling also comes with LED lights that are dimmable.

Xerxes comes with a remote control that is compatible with android apps. You also get three fan speeds with whisper-quiet performance in the bargain. When it comes to installation, you can choose between flush mounting, suspending the fan on the ceiling, and wall mounting.