Best Wireless HVAC Probes Reviews 2022

Ideally, there’s nothing as satisfying as having the right tools for your project. If your chosen task involves clamps, gauges, sensors, or wireless probes, you’ll need to find the most optimized and advanced units available. Besides, the right tools will always get the job done. 

There’re multiple reasons for investing in the best wireless probes. First up, you can use the probes to check a system charge with no hose losses.

This is a huge investment for systems with critical charge, especially when you want to hook up the system to check it during a service call unrelated to charge. Smart wireless HVAC probes also offer additional readings like temperature and pressure readings. 

While these tools help you perform quality work, they do provide other crucial benefits. This review contains all the top picks for the best wireless HVAC probes, including their pros, cons, and kits that package several pieces of equipment for added convenience.

Best Wireless HVAC Probes Buying Guide

The beauty of technology lies more in its ability to make work easier. Gone are the days HVAC system repair technicians relied more on analog devices to ensure optimal performance. Currently, HVAC technicians can accurate results when vacuuming, testing, or diagnosing automobile air conditioners.

Besides, they display the results in a digital format, eliminating the need for complex computation. Here are a few additional features you can always use when settling for the best wireless HVAC probes. 

Top Reasons for Using Smart Wireless Probes for HVAC Work

When I first heard of wireless HVAC probes, I thought they were a complete waste of time and resources. I was jammed in the mindset that there was no need for wasting your few bucks on some fancy wireless probes.

I ended up buying two analog sets which turned out to be a complete waste of my money. This inconvenience pushed me into trying a smart wireless probe, and I am sure glad that I did make that choice.   

These devices offer a lot of convenience and accuracy that surpasses analog gauges. They allow for real-time data from one location and are more efficient than analog sets. Also, they reduce exposure to live high voltage, maximize your safety, and can help you store logged data.  


A unit’s span life is something most shoppers put into consideration. Most wireless smart probes use either brass or aluminum. Although some are prone to rust than others, the connectors fitting build quality is something to give much thought to. This is because plastic fittings often tend to develop leaks or perhaps wear out quickly. 

User-Friendly Features

Any smart device should be easy to use with straightforward instructions. You can check on easy to read displays, backlit lights, or color-coded features for effortless identification of high or low pressures.


The main benefit of wireless units is their ease of use. They are the only viable option where hard wiring is impractical and challenging, including situations where there are construction limitations. So, basically, wireless HVAC probes are highly efficient and way too easy to install.


Wireless devices come in two types, powered and self-powered. Powered wireless systems use batteries, while self-powered devices harvest the energy they need to function well.

However, before opting for a battery-powered device, always ensure you consider your building’s size. On the other hand, self-powered devices are virtually maintenance-free and a bit more expensive than battery-powered ones. They are still pretty economical in the long run and much more sustainable. 

Scalability and Flexibility

Wireless HVAC probes are effortless to add or modify. They can be easily repositioned for a much stronger signal. Besides, it lends itself well since you can easily add new receivers and sensors to an existing network. Moreover, wireless devices make it easy and flexible to take advantage of upgrades and new technology. 

Other Additional Aspects

Other additional aspects that you need to focus on include test reports, customer reviews, test results, and product price. Similarly, you may also want to consider consumers’ organizations and make an extensive price comparison to get the best of the best. 

WirelessHVAC Probes FAQ

Are wireless HVAC probes durable?

Sure, but it entirely depends on the housing material of each particular brand. Although metallic casing offers sustainable durability, some models can still be prone to rust than others. However, avoid models with plastic fitting as they can be highly unreliable as they tend to wear out fast.  

Do wireless probes have wide compatibility?

Before making any buying decision, it’s pretty useful for technicians to ensure that the buying model is compatible with the HVAC systems you look forward to repairing. If they’re not compatible, you’ll have wasted not only your time but also your money.

To be on the safer side, make it a priority to ensure that your chosen model has wide compatibility. More importantly, always ensure that your preferred brand comes with the needed adapters. 

Are wireless HVAC probes any better?

Yes, and we’ve shared some of the reasons why they are better. Similarly, always keep in mind the number of uses that you can get from that particular unit.

As a technician, you must understand that it pays a lot to get a model that can withstand daily use. For enhanced flexibility, consider brands with multiple adapters. 

Best Wireless HVAC Probes

1. testo Smart Probe Kit I HVAC/R Test and Load Set

testo Smart Probe Kit I HVAC/R Test and Load Set...
  • Efficient: The testo smart probe set offers precise measurements and calculations for heating and cooling systems, making it ideal for all HVAC/R contractors and technicians
  • Testo 605i: The thermohygrometer is equipped with a bendable probe head and thus achieves remote temperature measurements in rooms, ducts, crawl spaces and registers
  • Testo 115i: With a grip of up to 1.5”, the wireless thermometer provides quick and reliable temperature and flow and return temperature measurements of pipes
  • Testo 549i: The pressure meter enables accurate readings for high and low pressure. The 45-degree connector simplifies servicing and troubleshooting – without the need for hoses
  • Smart App: The free testo Smart Probes App is a powerful tool that allows you to remotely read and log measurements and create custom reports which can be saved and shared

This piece offers smart and precise measurements for heating and cooling systems. It’s an excellent choice for all HVAC technicians and contractors. Its Thermo hygrometer enlists a bendable probe head that helps it achieve remote temperature measurements in crawl spaces, rooms, or ducts.  

With a grip of up to 1.5″, this wireless thermometer offers quick and reliable temperatures. Additionally, it’s equipped with a pressure meter that ensures accurate readings for high and low pressure. Its 45-degree connector simplifies servicing and troubleshooting without the need for a hose. 

Besides, its free smart probe app is powerful enough to allow you to remotely log or read measurements and create custom reports that can be saved and shared by email.

It can also be used to measure flow and return temperatures. With this piece, servicing and installing air conditioning has never been easier!


  • Powerful
  • Highly-convenient
  • Makes work easier
  • Super easy to hook up
  • Simple to use and install
  • Great quality
  • Smart features


  • Few complaints about limited Bluetooth range

2. Fieldpiece JL3KH6 HVACR Charge and Air Kit

Fieldpiece JL3KH6 HVACR Charge and Air Kit, Yellow
  • Stabilizes in under 5 seconds with +/-1° accuracy
  • New Rapid rail technology uses pipe to complete circuit so ambient conditions don’t affect temperatures
  • Place at any location (grilles/returns/duct/plenums
  • Powerful enough to go through walk-ins
  • Reliable pressures regardless of location
  • Included Components: Job Link Charge And Air Kit

Fieldpiece has consistency in creating quality tools and is highly ranked when it comes to air HVAC tools. It directly connects to a mobile device with Job Link System App Fast for accurate temperatures. It consists of two pipe clamps, pressure probes, and psychrometers in quick access padded case for added convenience. 

Besides, it has a wireless signal range of up to 350′ and powerful enough to go through walk-ins. The pressure probes fit tight spaces, and each tool is designed for agility and speed. It’s also equipped with pipe clamps that use the new rapid rail sensor design to deliver speed, agility, and accuracy, even on the most awkward pipe configurations. 

Additionally, the psychrometers’ flexible narrow probes and configurable magnet make it easy to measure ducts, supply plenums, and elevated registers.

It boasts rubberized grips and an ergonomic design for maximum comfort and control. It also works on a wide range of pipes and offers reliable pressures regardless of the location.


  • Excellent features
  • Powerful enough
  • Works great
  • It’s wireless
  • Pretty smart
  • Simple to operate 
  • Reliable pressures


  • Pressure probe caps are a bit short

3. Testo 0560 1605 605I Thermo-Hygrometer Smart and Wireless Probe

Testo 0560 1605 605I Thermo-Hygrometer Smart and...
  • Quickly and accurately measures relative humidity and temperature in rooms, ducts, and chambers
  • Automatically calculates dew point & wet bulb temperature
  • Small diameter probe is ideal for in-duct measurements
  • For all hvac/r technicians and contractors

This is a pretty smart option for people with a limited budget. It’s a temperature and humidity measuring instrument that accurately and quickly measures dew point, relative humidity, and temperature in registers, rooms, and ducts. This wireless piece can also be used to measure volume flow and flow velocity with ease. 

Additionally, it enlists a telescopic shaft that extends to 15-inches for much easier in-duct testing. It automatically circulates volume flow if duct dimensions are entered and reliably determines timed and multi-point traverses. It’s a useful tool for an HVAC technician!


  • Works as advertised
  • Pretty easy to use
  • Super accurate
  • Relatively affordable
  • Well-made
  • Perfect for service work


  • Unclear instructions                        

4. CPS SPM-K1 Wireless Smartphone Manometer and Probe Kit Combo

CPS SPM-K1 Wireless Smartphone Manometer and Probe...
  • WHAT IT DOES: The SPM-K1 is a compact, portable, wireless dual port manometer kit. When paired to a smart device running the CPS Link app, the SPM-K1 can measure and record static pres­sure, pressure differential, indoor/outdoor pres­sure, system external static pressure, and gas pressure tests inside or outside residential and commercial buildings
  • INCLUDED: The SPM-K1 consists of the following components packed together as a kit: SPM-100 (Dual Port Static Pressure Meter), PRB-KIT (Static Pressure Probe Kit and brass gas fitting)
  • FEATURES: On screen guidance to accurately measure and record 5 different pressure tests, onscreen guidance for easy, accurate readings, send professional detailed reports generated by the app to validate work performed, store client lists, job lists, and logged data
  • EASY TO USE: The CPS Link app generates professional reports which can be viewed and stored on a smart device running the app. Reports can also be emailed to clients, a home office or others
  • ABOUT US: CPS Products is a business built by technicians, for technicians. We design Tools for the Professional Service Technician. With the world’s most comprehensive range of Leak Detection technologies, Smart Diagnostic tools, and proven Maintenance Solutions, CPS Products has been The Workingman’s Choice since 1989

While this piece may not look popular as the others on our list, it’s highly remarkable. This wireless, compact piece is used to measure system external static pressure, indoor/outdoor pressure, and gas pressure tests inside or outside in both commercial and residential buildings.

It’s easy to use the CPS link app that generates professional reports that can be stored or viewed on a smart device running the app. The reports can also be emailed to potential clients or the home office. 

Moreover, it enlists screen guidance to measure and record five different pressure tests accurately. Besides, onscreen guidance ensures easy and accurate readings that can be sent to professionals to validate work performed and store logged data. This piece simply offers effortless operation with online guidance and visual instruction!


  • Simple to use
  • Compact and portable
  • It’s wireless
  • Includes Static Pressure Probe Kit and brass gas fitting
  • Records and store data
  • Fairly priced


  • No setbacks yet

5. Power Probe Temperature Probe Kit

Power Probe PPTEMPKIT Red Temperature Kit
  • Dual zone readings
  • Degreef and DegreeC -selectable
  • Wireless remote sensor
  • Bright backlit LCD

The Power Probe Temperature Probe Kit is an excellent solution for test running a temperature and is exclusively designed for use with technology, making it the most accurate unit for measuring instruments with unsurpassed speed and reliability. Besides, it’s equipped with a bright backlit LCD for easy visibility. 

The speed and accuracy of this priceless piece is on another level and exceeds its functionality. Moreover, it incorporates a remote temp sensor that can transmit temperature readings up to 60M (195ft.) away from the base unit.

It also comes fully loaded with a removable clip that you can use to attach the remote to air vents for easy monitoring. This is indeed a workingman’s choice!


  • Professional grade
  • Great value for money
  • Works great
  • Very handy
  • Simple to use
  • Great quality
  • Super accurate 


  • The display is slightly dim for some users

6. Yellow Jacket 67002 ManTooth Dual Pressure Gauge Set

Yellow Jacket 67002 ManTooth Dual Pressure Gauge...
  • The YELLOW JACKET ManTooth wireless digital pressure/temperature gauge provides wireless connection to your smart device so you can test the system without losing refrigerant (no hoses or manifolds necessary). The free downloadable ManTooth RSA app wirelessly calculates and displays the system's actual pressures, temperatures, superheat and subcooling in an easy-to-read color format on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Yellow Jacket ManTooth Dual Pressure Gauge Set, -4 to 160 deg F Ambient, Battery
  • Brand name: Yellow Jacket
  • Model number: 67002
  • Country of Origin: China

This is yet another top-quality, innovative piece that provides a wireless connection to your smart device while allowing you to test the system without losing refrigerant.

Its free downloadable ManTooth RSA app wirelessly calculates and displays the system’s actual temperatures, sub-cooling, pressures, and superheat in a readable color format on your smart devices. 

Besides, it boasts a built-in refrigerant property which is an excellent addition that no other brand has implemented. It eliminates the need for additional fitting to charge the system.

Further, this unique piece is compatible with iPad, Android devices, and iPhone, which are the newest smart probes currently in the market. It’s highly effective!


  • Includes a built-in charging port
  • Super accurate
  • Very mobile 
  • Works great
  • Includes a carrying case
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent battery power
  • Great gauges


  • Not quite compatible with measure quick

Wrap up

Accuracy is still a critical factor when installing refrigeration systems and other do-it-yourself jobs. As addressed above, a wireless HVAC probe combines the functions of multiple tools. This means that it ensures your work is agile and efficient.

We hope our guide and reviews have helped you land on your preferred choice. More importantly, kindly share with us some models that you feel we might have left them out but are pretty useful.