Can I Use Ceramic Logs In My Fireplace?

A ceramic fireplace burns either natural gas or propane over synthetic gas logs to produce heat and a visual experience. The burner set is hidden so that people can see the visual appeal that the ceramic logs produce. Therefore, the logs are used to create an ambiance based on the illusion of natural logs burning inside the fireplace.

How long do ceramic fireplace logs last?

The length of time that ceramic fireplace logs last depends on many factors; however, your logs should last for a few years at least. Generally, ceramic fireplace logs last longer than cement fireplace logs. Some ceramic fireplace logs have been known to last for even seven years.

Vented ceramic fireplace logs last longer than ventless ones. The venting helps to preserve the logs and keep them in excellent working condition for a long time.

Additionally, the quality of your ceramic fireplace logs determines how long they will be of use. Some ceramic fireplace logs have inbuilt steel structures. The structures keep the logs in good shape for many years.

If you maintain your logs according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, you will get the best value from them. Vented ceramic fireplace logs with inbuilt steel frame and are well maintained can take as long as ten years.

When to Replace Your Gas Logs

Although ceramic gas logs are built to withstand intense heat from fuel burning, they lose this capability over time. Many users get confused between repairing and replacing their gas logs.

However, this should not be the case because some of the abnormal signs you may observe on your gas logs may be quickly fixed by a technician. If your gas logs are beyond repair because of being old, you will know this.

Here are the signs that, if you see, consider replacing your gas logs.

  • Fading color. Most modern brands of ceramic fireplace logs are hand-painted. The painting by hand makes the logs look very realistic and enhance the ambiance of your home. When this color fades, it is time to consider replacing your logs.
  • Low heat. Although ceramic fireplace logs are not meant to be used as the primary source of heat in a home, they generate a significant amount of heat. When there is a steady decline in the amount of heat that your logs produce, it may be time to replace them.

Why are my gas logs turning black?

Your ceramic fireplace logs are turning black because soot is accumulating on their surface. If you switch your fireplace off, let it cool for a considerable period, and then wipe any of the logs with a white piece of cloth, the fabric will turn black.

This is a straightforward test of confirming that soot accumulation on your fireplace logs is turning them black.

Your fireplace generates soot if the logs are not properly arranged. If you do not place the logs as the manufacturer recommends, some of them will block the flame from spreading correctly.

As a result of poor flame formation, soot will start to form in your fireplace and accumulate on logs’ surfaces. This will turn them black after some time.

Also, if the ports of the burner get clogged, soot will form in your fireplace. Clogging may be a result of poor maintenance. It results in imbalanced combustion of the fuel, which leads to the formation of soot.

How to Stop Soot in a Gas Fireplace

Soot formation in your fireplace is not a good thing. It leads to the blackening of the logs over time. Darkened logs are not a pleasant site, considering that the primary objective of using ceramic fireplace logs is to create a beautiful ambiance in your home.

Here are some of the things that you can do to stop soot forming in your gas fireplace.

  • Replace your burner sets regularly. After some time, your burner sets lose their ability to burn fuel correctly. Clogged ports are often the main cause of soot in gas fireplaces. Therefore, regularly replace your burner sets to prevent this.
  • Clean your fireplace regularly. Ensure that your gas fireplace and all its components are immaculate. This prevents the formation of soot inside your fireplace and ultimately on your ceramic fireplace logs.
  • Place your logs according to recommendations. Ensure that the largest log is at the bottom and position the others according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

How to Clean Ceramic Gas Logs

Cleaning your ceramic gas logs, unlike installing them, is a breeze. You can follow these steps to ensure that your fireplace is always clean and prevent soot formation.

  1. Switch off the fireplace and give it enough time to cool. The temperatures inside your fireplace get to extremely high levels; therefore, you must let the place cool completely before opening it. Also, ensure that you have turned off the supply of the gas before proceeding.
  2. Disassemble the entire fireplace. This entails removing the gas logs and opening the burner set. How you go about this step entirely depends on the design of your fireplace. It would be an excellent idea to consult the user manual.
  3. Remove all the dust and soot using a vacuum cleaner. Dust typically accumulates on all components of your fireplace. If not removed, dust can interfere with the way the ports on your burner function.
  4. Wipe the mantle and heath. You can use a damp cloth to remove all the dirt that may have accumulated on our mantle and heath. You can then reassemble your fireplace and start using it again.

Best Ceramic Fireplace Logs

1. Natural Glo Large Gas Fireplace Logs

The Natural Glo Large Gas Fireplace Logs set can be an excellent solution if you are keen on getting an appliance that creates a surreal ambiance in your home as well as providing a significant amount of heat.

Thanks to hand-painting, these ceramic fireplace logs look exactly like real-life logs. Besides, the color, height, and dancing of the flame are so realistic that one will be forgiven for mistaking these ceramic logs for the real thing.

There are ten pieces of ceramic fireplace logs in the set. The size of the logs varies from about 15 to 10 inches. The logs’ number and sizes are critical because it determines how well the set fits into your fireplace.

The Natural Glo Large Gas Fireplace Logs set is perfect because it fills all the available space in your fireplace without damaging anything.

However, you must ensure that you keep these ceramic fireplace gas logs as far away from the orifices of your gas flame as it is possible. If the gas logs come very close to the orifices, they tend to obstruct the combustion process and start emitting soot.


  • The log set fits perfectly in your fireplace, thanks to their number and sizes
  • Great ambiance in the room because the logs are hand-painted
  • You can use the logs in a broad range of ways, including for outdoor heating


  • They quickly cause soot when placed very close to the orifices of the gas flame

2. Barton Fireplace Decoration Petite Ceramic Wood

The Barton Fireplace Decoration Petite Ceramic Wood log set comprises ten different pieces with sizes that range from 15cm to 10cms. The pieces’ sizes and number are useful because the entire log set fits perfectly into your fireplace. You may use other accompaniments to fill in the spaces; however, this is not necessary.

The logs have a perfect wood brown finish that blends perfectly with classic and contemporary interior décor styles. The color and finish are so real-life; your visitors will enjoy the ambiance that they create in your house.

Because the logs are made from ceramic, they last longer than those which are made from cement. Moreover, the individual pieces of this log set do not cause scratches on the side of your fireplace. Thus, purchasing and installing them will be a good investment over the long term.

It would help if you were wary about the level at which you maintain your fireplace flame when using this ceramic log set. If you keep the flame at very high levels, the logs start to develop small scorch marks.


  • The log set fits perfectly into your fireplace because it comprises ten large pieces
  • The log set delivers value for your investment because of its durability
  • Perfect for creating a beautiful ambiance in your house, thanks to their wood-brown finish


  • The logs develop scorch marks quickly if you maintain the flame at high settings

3. Stanbroil Fireplace Ceramic Wood Logs

If you are keen on creating a realistic fire on your indoor or outdoor fireplace, you can go for the Stanbroil Fireplace Ceramic Wood Logs.

The log set comprises ten pieces of ceramic logs of different sizes. You can conveniently combine the logs with rock wool glowing embers or vermiculate granules. These additional pieces can significantly enhance the way your fireplace looks when they start glowing.

You will fall in love with these logs because of how realistic they look. The hand painting is perfectly done; therefore, the logs and even the small ceramic pinecones look very real when you light your fireplace.

If you are looking for a powerful source of additional heat indoors or outdoors, it would be wise to get another alternative to Stanbroil Fireplace Ceramic Wood Logs.

Although the set provides a great look in your house and can be used in various settings, its heating capacity is low. Nevertheless, ceramic log sets are perfect for primarily enhancing your home’s look rather than providing all the heat that you may need.


  • You can combine it with rock wool glowing embers or vermiculate granules
  • Ideal for use in a broad range of fireplaces, including firepits and outdoor heating solutions
  • Realistic look because they are hand-painted


  • The log set has a limited heating capacity

4. Ipalmay Gas Fireplace Logs

One of the Ipalmay Gas Fireplace Log set hallmarks is that the pieces fit perfectly in any fireplace that you place them. The set comprises ten pieces of various sizes.

The largest two pieces measure 14 inches each, while the two smallest ones are 10 inches each. The measurements of the other pieces range between 10 inches and 14 inches. These pieces’ measurements make it very easy for a seasoned technician to arrange them correctly and avoid unnecessary empty spaces.

You can place your Ipalmay Gas Fireplace Logs in any fireplace, including vented fireplaces, direct vented fireplaces, and even firepits. Besides, these logs are perfectly designed so that they do not cause scratches on the sides of your fireplace.

Your Ipalmay Gas Fireplace Logs will produce some fumes when they are new. However, this is not a big issue because the fumes clear on their own before you even know it.


  • Striking appearance because all the ten pieces fit perfectly into the fireplace or firepit
  • It is ideal for use in different types of fireplaces, including vented and direct vent fireplaces
  • Easy to maintain because they last longer and require very few procedures


  • The logs emit some fumes while still new

5. Hisencn Ceramic Logs Set

The Hisencn Ceramic Logs Set can be a perfect solution if you are looking for a highly functional and effective ceramic log set. Any technician can conveniently install these pieces d in indoor and outdoor fireplaces, including firepits and others. Thus, you do not need to get a different type of ceramic log set for your indoor r heating.

Additionally, the Hisencn Ceramic Logs Set is highly effective in providing heat in your house. Although you cannot expect your ceramic log set to produce a lot of heat in the home, you nevertheless need it to generate a considerable amount of heat.

This log set is perfect because it keeps glowing and providing heat for a long time. However, there are only four pieces in the set. You will have to get additional materials to fill in the spaces and make your fireplace look full.


  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor fireplaces
  • Produces additional heating needed to keep your house warm
  • Realistic decoration done by hand enhances their appearance when they glow


  • There are only four pieces in the set

6. B-HOTTE Gas Fireplace Logs

The B-HOTTE Gas Fireplace Logs are amazingly life-like. Thanks to the perfect hand-painting, the clogs have black sections that look precisely like partially scorched logs. Also, the other non-scorched areas have a wood-brown color that is incredibly realistic.

When you switch on your gas burner, the scorched and non-scorched parts of the logs start glowing and look like real blogs burning. Even the fake flame resembles a real one in terms of color, size, and dancing pattern.

The only notable drawback of using these ceramic logs is that you must maintain the flame on higher settings to look realistic enough. Luckily, maintaining the flame at high settings does not make your logs develop new scorched areas because they have been designed to look like partially scorched logs.


  • The logs are realistic because of their life-like size and appearance
  • You can beautifully arrange them in a fireplace because they are of various sizes


  • One must maintain the flame at a high level for the logs to glow perfectly