Grandaire vs. Goodman: What’s The Difference?

A perfect air conditioner cools your house in a snap and is available at lower prices. But are there perfect air conditioners at the moment?

I doubt it!

But Grandaire and Goodman’s AC models are the closest to that ideal. They’re energy-efficient and less quiet compared to other AC brands.

Grandaire is suitable for areas prone to heavy rainfall. At the same time, Goodman fits in hotter regions.

In this article, we put the two AC brands against each other. The comparison is to pick the best AC brand for your needs.

What are Grandaire Air Conditioners?

Background of Grandaire Air Conditioners (Carrier Air Conditioners)

Granadaire is a unit among several AC brands. Watsco inc. Produces and manufactures Grandaire AC brands for Baker. A distributing company. But in 2009, Watsco merged with Carrier on a bargaining agreement.

On the paperwork of the merger, Grandaire AC brands are under United Technologies. However, United Technologies does everything but production and sales because of the union. So the two roles are set aside for Watsco and Baker.

Unlike most brands, the carrier air conditioners offer its customers four different models.

The models come with:

  • 13-16 SEER
  • Multiple BTU output functionalities

Also, United Technologies designs the carrier air conditioners for major USA regions.

Like Tempstar, carrier air conditioners offer affordable air conditioner prices. Moreover, the air conditioner brand offers complete packages. But you’ll pay a top-up installation fee.

The carrier air conditioners offer extended warranties and durability. And in line with the HVAC industry, they produce package units of the best quality. That is if we compare the beat carrier units to other brands.

In short, they’re an upgrade to an old and less efficient unit.

The parent company makes;

  • Carrier furnaces
  • Condensing units
  • Heat pumps
  • Air handlers
  • Blower motors, etc.

Grandaire Cost Expectations and Price Comparison

grandaire air conditioner

The cost of an air conditioner from Grandaire is lower than the HVAC industry average. The air conditioner per unit price varies between models and tonnage. That is, between allied air conditioners models numbers.

You should also note the air conditioner installation cost. Moreover, the united technologies corporation maintains great AC qualities. 

When you buy a unit from Baker distributing company, installation cost reduces. But the price reduction comes into place if you hire a professional.

Here are the prices according to model numbers


  • $1590-$1890 without installation
  • $3590-$3890 with installation


  • $1650-$1950 without installation
  • $3650-$3950 with installation


  • $1780-$2200 without installation
  • $3780-$4200 with installation


  • $2180-$2660 without installation
  • $4180-$4660 with installation

For more on the AC running costs, see the table on the price comparisons. On the AC brand’s tax breaks, refer to the table too.

Grandaire Premium Model Air Conditioner Models

As I’ve stated before, Grandaire makes four models of the American standard. All for their AC unit customers to choose from. Moreover, each AC unit has a model number. But what do the air conditioner model numbers mean?

The air conditioners with four-digit model numbers are specific for easy identification. However, individual air conditioners have model numbers that can have 11 digits.

Here’s a breakdown of the air conditioner model numbers:

  • 1 and 2 represent the air conditioner brand type and brand. WC represents the Watsco Condensing unit, while WH represents the Watsco Heat pump.
  • In this case, digit 3 showcases the air conditioner type. The A represents the air conditioner.
  • The 4th digit represents the SEER rating in a single-numbered representation. For example, A6 represents 16 SEER ratings.
  • The 5th and 6th digits are four numbers on individual air conditioners. The first two digits show the system’s BTU rating (lowest). And the second digit represents the highest BTU rating. So, 2436 means 2-3 ton units (24,000-36,000 BTU).
  • The 7th digit is a 4. And it represents R-410a, a refrigerant type.
  • Either digit eight or M misses. Therefore, M represents the Mitsubishi Compressor if present in that air conditioner.
  • Digit 9 represents voltage. And it’s a K if the volts are 208/230.
  • The 10 and 11 digits represent sales codes. Also, the “extra digit” comes in unique air conditioner models or refurbished ones.

Grandaire Pros and Cons

In life, everything has a downside. And Grandaire air conditioners aren’t different. So, let’s look at the Grandaire Air conditioner’s pros and cons.


  • Affordable unit cost
  • Easy to install compared to other brands
  • Suitable if you want to upgrade an outdated system
  • The parent company designs them for different regions
  • Offers heat pumps and a package unit.
  • Trane and American standard


  • Limited models for customers to choose from
  • Low ratings on the SEER department. They have a 14.5 SEER rating average, but others have slightly higher ratings.
  • Higher noise levels
  • They aren’t cross-compatible with the other air conditioner brand parts.

What are Goodman Air Conditioners?

Background of Goodman Premium Brand

Goodman air conditioners are a better choice if

  • You live in hot regions/environments
  • You’re after efficiency or comfort at low costs

It’s a premium product with a warranty and good tax rebates from Goodman AC. However, if you want to spend more, go for other AC brands.

But if you want to go with Goodman, I advise you to pick GSXC16 or GSXC18. I say that because the two models have some valuable features. But they cost less if you plan to use the air conditioner for a long time. That is, compared to GSX16, GSX14, and GSX13.

Also, with the Goodman tax credit, the prices drop even further. The bigger units’ price tags seem fearful, but it pays off. You’ll benefit from

  • Comfort
  • Relaxation
  • Economical summers

Goodman Cost Expectations and Price Comparison

Goodman air conditioner units are among the brands with the highest quality units. Moreover, their primary focus is on efficiency. The Goodman air conditioner brand has five models to choose from. And it depends on your budget or needs.

Here are the Goodman prices according to model numbers


  • $1,850 without installation
  • $4,100 with installation


  • $1,580 without installation
  • $3,620 with installation


  • $1,405 without installation
  • $3,505 with installation


  • $1,250 without installation
  • $3,250 with installation


  • $1,190 without installation
  • $3,100 with installation

After you incur the initial AC cost, you should consider the unit’s running costs. Moreover, the running costs of each Goodman AC depend on electricity consumption. But your location and room size affects the AC running costs too.

For more on the AC running costs, see the table on the price comparisons. On the AC brand’s tax breaks, refer to the table too.

Goodman Air Conditioner Models

As I mentioned before, Goodman has a wide range of air conditioners. And each model comes with exclusive features.

goodman air conditioners

GSXC18 & 16

Letter G in GSXC represents Goodman’s brand name. And S represents the unit’s product category, a split system. In comparison, X represents the AC unit type. The C in the condenser represents its communication. Whether it automatically controls itself or not.

Here, the manufacturer included the integrated communicating technology. And 18 represents the SEER rating on the AC Unit.

Among the Goodman air conditioner line, GSXC18 is the most efficient. It’s because the unit is affordable and provides better cooling level control. So, in the long run, GSXC18 you better performance, unlike other Goodman units.

Also, GSXC16 matches the GSXC18 in every feature but the SEER department.

Customers who have the GSXC18 or GSXC18 are happy with their cooling capabilities. Also, the units are energy-efficient due to their automatic adjustments. And low energy usage.

GSX16, 14, and 13

The three Goodman units don’t have the Comfort Bridge communication technology. For that reason, the units don’t make automatic adjustments to cut energy usage.

Goodman Pros and Cons


  • Low prices and reasonable quality units
  • Outstanding warranties
  • Good after-sale services
  • Energy star rated
  • Eligible for rebates
  • Uses R-410 refrigerant, which is less harmful to our environment
  • Dealers or installers are available at ease in the US


  • Goodman isn’t reliable compared to Trane, Heil, Lennox, Maytag, and Carrier.
  • Their warranties are excellent. But doesn’t cover the units beyond the first year
  • When your Goodman unit breaks down, you’ll need a repairman
  • In terms of SEER rating, there’re more efficient units in the market
  • Not efficient for dehumidification compared to other AC brands
  • If you compare 26 SEER Maytag to Goodman, it’s better.
  • They wholesale their units to crooked HVAC installers

Grandaire vs. Goodman: Face To Face Comparison


The tables below compare the prices of Grandaire and Goodman air conditioners. Also, in the table, you’ll find the running costs (per year) and tax breaks of the ACS.

We’ve calculated the annual Grandaire and Goodman ACs running costs on

  • 21 cents/kWh
  • 2000 cooling hours/year

Prices on:

  • 2.5-ton condenser
  • Air handler 1300-1400 CFM
  • Programmable thermostat

But remember the running costs of the ACs change due to exterior factors

Table one – Grandaire air conditioner prices per model

Grandaire ModelsGrandaire AC Models PriceGrandaire AC Models Price + InstallationGrandaire Running Cost Estimates Per YearGrandaire Tax Breaks From The Government
WCA3$1590 – $1890$3590 – $3890$490 – $520Nill
WCA4$1650 – $1950$3650 – $3950$470 – 515Nill
WCA5$1780 – $2200$3780 – $4200$455 – $490Nill
WCA6$2180 – $2660$4180 – $4660$440 – $480$300

Table two – Goodman air conditioner prices per model

Goodman modelsGoodman AC Models PriceGoodman AC Model Price + InstallationGoodman Running Cost Estimates Per YearGoodman Tax Breaks From The Government

Energy Efficiency/SEER Rating


SEER measures the efficiency of your AC system. Also, it’s a ratio between your HVAC system’s wattage input and BTU output capabilities. For example, with the SEER rating, you can determine models that:

  • Are more efficient
  • Cost less
  • Qualify for rebates

Grandaire AC units range from WCA3 (13 SEER) to WCA6 (16 SEER). You’ll notice that they aren’t viable in southern parts of the USA. That is, legally.

You’ll need the models with 14 SEER minimum ratings in specific areas. But a unit with a 15+ SEER rating is efficient in hotter or more humid climates.


The higher the AC’s SEER rating, the higher the energy efficiency levels. The SEER rating is a British unit’s cooling ratio to energy used in watt-hours. The Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration institute coined the SEER rating.

Goodman units differentiate in terms of SEER rating. The following is a list of Goodman units that I’ve arranged from the best to the worst. The list is about their SEER rating.

  1. GSXC18
  2. GSXC16
  3. GSX16
  4. GSX14
  5. GSX13

But there’re better AC brands to choose from like

  • Carrier
  • Lennox
  • Amana

Compressor Options


Unfortunately, the Grandaire AC brand offers a single-stage scrolling compressor. Unlike the dual-stage or the variable speed models, the compressor requires more energy. Their compressor is durable but isn’t energy efficient.


A compressor is the soul of any HVAC system. Moreover, they’re expensive and essential. The HVAC compressors enable the system to cool your room/house.

We’ve two compressor types

  • Single-stage
  • Dual-stage/two-stage

A single-stage compressor runs at faster speeds for it to cool the room/house. And turns off when it achieves suitable temperatures. When the room/house gets warm, the compressor cools it again. Although it cools the room, it causes temperature fluctuations. And higher energy bills.

A two-stage compressor cycles between higher and lower speeds. Moreover, they slow down once it has achieved suitable temperatures. The two-stage compressor is energy efficient.

The following Goodman units come with the one-stage compressors:

  • GSX13
  • GSX14
  • GSX16

But the following Goodman units come with two-stage compressors:

  • GSXC16
  • GSXC18

Condenser Fan Options


Like compressors, the condenser fan motors have a variable speed. And fan motor speed matches the compressor one.

Grandaire produces units with single-speed fans and single-stage compressors. But, placing a variable speed or multi-speed fan shortens a compressor’s life. That is if it’s a single-stage compressor. Moreover, it renders the unit’s compressor less efficient. 


Well-maintained condenser fan motors are key for your compressor’s life. 

Goodman’s GSX13, GSX14, and GSX16 have single-speed motors. And the motors turn off when they achieve suitable temperatures. 

The GSXC16 and GSCX18 model have high-level two-speed ECM  motors. The motors cool the unit’s compressor to improve its efficiency.

Heating Options


If you need both AC and heat, the Grandaire packages will fit you. Their air handlers have electric heat that goes well with their condensing units.

But if you don’t prefer the central heating/air option, they have:

Heat pumps

Mini-split systems


The above HVAC systems will satisfy your heating needs.


The condenser transforms gases into cold liquids through pressure. And the process helps to dispel warm air. But for heating, the condenser does the vice-versa. When air passes across the coils with hot gases, it heats. Thus the AC behaves like a heater.

Goodman’s AC systems work well as heaters and coolers.

Noise Levels


We measure noise in decibels (dB). Also, it represents the sound of an item about absolute silence. But numerically.

Construction zones and city traffic produce high noises that exceed 78dB. But the Grandaire AC models aren’t the quietest in the market.

The noise range from the four Grandaire models is 69-79dB. Moreover, you’ll hear the units when they start or run if you’re outside.


The noise scale of Goodman AC units ranges from 40 to 70dB. The 40dB range is when the unit runs in a normal state. While 70dB is when the unit runs under stress.

GCS13 and GCS16 are the loudest Goodman AC models. But GCSX16 and GCS14 models make less noise.

The GCSX18 model is the quietest.



Grandaire AC brand offers multi-stage warranties for their HVAC system models. You’ll get a 12-month replacement term. Thus, when your HVAC system becomes faulty, you’ll get a new system.

They give you a 5-year warranty on the sealed system and compressor. Also, the 5-year warranty covers the AC coils and condenser unit. Register before 90 days to extend the warranty to 10 years. Moreover, the warranty extension covers each part.


Both Amana and Goodman AC manufacturers offer lifetime warranties on their units. 

Goodman’s AC brand offers:

  • lifetime compressor cover
  • 10-year replacement warranty on parts

The Goodman warranty offers are the best in the HVAC market.

Tax Breaks


Your Grandaire AC unit will qualify for a tax credit when:

  • An HVAC pro installs the Grandaire AC unit
  • The AC unit is new
  • The unit has a 16+ SEER rating
  • You install the unit in a home you own

Thus, new constructions and rental homes don’t qualify for Grandaire’s warranty.

Your AC can qualify if it’s the WAC6 model. But you’ll have to fill out a tax form (5695). You can find the tax form on the IRS website. After that, you’ll receive your tax credit.


You’ll get a tax credit when buying a Goodman air conditioner with a 16+ SEER.  Also, the unit should have an EER of above 13. The tax credit runs up to $300 per Goodman unit (split).

For Goodman’s package systems, their threshold is lower. The system should have a 13+ SEER rating and a 14+ EER rating.


Grandaire units aren’t quiet, and only one of their models qualifies for the tax credit. But their models will save you a few bucks and provide you with comfort.

While on the Goodman side, their lifetime warranties overshadow their competition.

So use the Grandaire AC units if

  • You’re after tax credits
  • Comfort at lower prices
  • You want an AC with a scroll compressor
  • You’re in a region that has heavy rainfall.

So go for Goodman AC units if

  • You stay in hotter regions
  • Their lifetime compressor warranty impresses you
  • You’re after a unit with trustworthy and durable parts
  • The unit replacement warranty covers your needs

Both Grandaire and Goodman have excellent AC models.

But each brand has a stain. Moreover, your environment dictates your AC’s performance. So, in heavy rainfall areas, pick Grandaire. While in hot regions, pick Goodman. But that depends on how much you’re ready to sacrifice. In terms of price, running cost, or tax credits, let’s say.