How Long Can a Landlord Leave You Without Air Conditioning?

Your landlord has certain responsibilities and duties. These obligations are clearly outlined in the landlord-tenant law. Some things can malfunction in the house. One of the most important ones is the air conditioning unit.

Landlord-tenant laws state that your landlord should fix the air conditioner as soon as possible. This is if there is a problem with the unit. So, how long can a landlord leave you without air conditioning?

The landlord-tenant law states that a landlord has about ten days to fix issues. However, the period reduces to five days if the issue relates to health or safety. If the air conditioning breaks, the safety of the people in the rental units is under threat. Therefore, typically, a landlord has five days to fix the problem.

Should Landlords Provide Air Conditioning?

The laws governing what landlords should provide vary from one state to another. In most states, property owners are not required to provide air conditioning.

However, they should provide habitable living conditions. This means that they need to provide heat to their tenants.

Heat is considered an essential service in almost any state law. However, air conditioning is not considered an essential service.

If it is the landlord’s responsibility to provide air conditioning, they also need to maintain it. The landlord should organize repairs if the air conditioner breaks during use. However, if the tenant damages the unit, the landlord is not bound by the law to repair it.

A landlord must provide air conditioning in some states but not maintain it. If the air conditioner breaks, the landlord does not worry about repairing it. Thus, the tenant has to repair the air conditioner as soon as they wish.

Is a Broken Air Conditioning System Considered an Emergency? 

A broken air conditioning system is considered an emergency if it meets any criteria. If it does not meet any conditions, it is not an emergency.

  • If the broken unit has caused water leakage. The leaking water may be damaging any part of the house. If this happens, the renters’ rights demand that the landlord repair the unit as soon as possible.
  • The air conditioning unit breaks down when there is extreme heat. Temperatures of more than 90 degrees Fahrenheit are considered very hot.
  • If you have people who have very low immunity levels in the home. They may include children, the elderly, and the sick.

Responsibilities of the Tenant When There Is No Air Conditioning

Rental laws differ regarding the responsibilities of the tenant. This is when there is no air conditioning. In some states, you as a tenant need to call your landlord immediately when the system collapses.

This is usually the case if it is an emergency. A broken air conditioner is an emergency if it meets the criteria discussed before.

In some cases, a broken air conditioner is not considered an emergency. Thus, property management teams can take a few more days before fixing it. But you may still not be comfortable staying in a house without the air conditioning. This may be because of your physical health or comfort.

In some states, you can repair the unit and then deduct the cost from your monthly rent. You can do this if you call the landlord without success. What matters is the time frame that is considered reasonable for the landlord to respond to your distress call.

Responsibilities of the Landlord When There Is No Air Conditioning

Property owners have various responsibilities when there is no air conditioning in their rental units. These responsibilities vary among different states.

The responsibilities are generally under the implied warranty between landlords and their tenants. For example, landlords need to pay interest on the security deposit they receive from tenants in Wisconsin.

This implies that the longer your tenant stays, the higher the amount of interest their deposit earns. However, you will have to keep the interest until the tenant wants to leave.

In some states, air conditioning is considered an essential service. This means that you must provide air conditioning units in your rental houses. Also, when the air conditioner breaks, you, as the landlord, should fix it immediately.

Failing to fix the air conditioner would fail to provide habitable living conditions for your tenants. The tenants may be allowed by the law to take other measures. One of them is withholding rent until you fix the air conditioning problem.

In some states, the statutes allow the tenant to repair the air conditioning unit. This is the case in Arizona. For example, the law may allow the tenant to fix the problem if it costs $300. The tenant may then deduct the amount from the monthly rent.

Is it Illegal for a Landlord not to Fix an Air Conditioning System?

It is illegal for a landlord not to fix a broken air conditioning system. This is the case if the landlord-tenant law at work state that the landlord should fix the system.

If this is the case, the landlord must fix a broken system. If they fail to fix it, the tenant can resort to various remedies. The remedies are usually contained in the lease agreement between them.

The stipulated time for the landlord to repair a broken air conditioning system varies a lot.

In Arizona, a landlord has five business days to repair a broken air conditioning unit. This is usually clearly stated in the rental agreement as well. Air conditioning is considered one of the essential services.

In California, the local state laws require landlords to fix broken air conditioners within thirty days. Therefore, fixing a broken air conditioner is considered one of the necessary repairs that landlords should handle.

If the landlord fails to repair the system within time, the tenant can refer to the lease agreement for remedies. The tenant may argue that the landlord has failed to provide safe living conditions.

This may be the case if the damage materially affects the other parts of the rental units.

How Long Can a Landlord Leave you Without Air Conditioning?

A landlord can leave you without air conditioning for about 10 days. This is the case in many states. However, if the temperatures outside are very high, landlords need to repair a broken air conditioner within five days.

Also, if there is water coming from the broken air conditioner, your landlord is responsible for fixing it within five days. The running water may damage other parts of the house. The law requires landlords to repair broken air conditioning systems faster if the tenants’ health is at risk.

If there are no health issues involved, your landlord can take long. However, it is common for tenants and landlords to expect action within a reasonable time. Therefore, it is always good to have sufficient time indicated in the lease agreement.

Also, tenants need to inform their landlords about broken air conditioners. They may have to do this in writing. Once a tenant has sent a note to the landlord about the broken conditioning unit, the tenant can wait for a few days.

Landlords may acknowledge they have received the note. They may then act through the property management company and have the broken unit fixed. This should be done within the time frames allowed by the state or city laws.

Can a Tenant Withhold Rent if There is No Air Conditioning?

It is not good to withhold rent if landlords fail to repair broken conditioning units. Different states have specific laws that govern such a situation.

The general principle is that if you have a broken AC unit, give the landlord written notice. Communicating about the situation in writing ensures that you follow the right channels.

Depending on the state, the landlords will have a set number of days to fix the problem. The whole idea is to ensure landlords fix broken AC units on time.

In some situations, landlords may fail to fix the problem promptly. Every good lease agreement should have a remedy to this situation. For example, you may find temporary housing.

You may then find legal advice about the situation. If your lease agreement provides a repair-and-deduct arrangement, you may use it as a remedy.

But many landlord-tenant laws have a maximum amount of what you can spend and then deduct from the monthly rent. You may find a licensed contractor to assess the cost of the repairs before going for this option.

Can Tenants Claim Compensation for the Lack of Air Conditioning?

Tenants can claim compensation for the lack of air conditioning. The conditions under which they may do this vary from state to state.

Generally, this remedy works when the state laws require landlords to provide and maintain essential services. They may include heating and air conditioning.

In such states, renters have a right to seek compensation if landlords fail to repair broken ACs. In other states where such provisions are not available, renters need to find alternative ways of dealing with the situation.

In Arizona, renters can file for an injunction if the landlords fail to honor their duties. Renters need to notify landlords about broken AC units. The landlords have between five and ten days to have the problem fixed. If they fail to do this, renters have various options.

One of the options is to move out of the building to a temporary housing facility. The renters may then compel the landlords to complete the repairs.

Another alternative is for renters to file for an injunction. The renters need to notify the landlords about the injunctions.

Finally, the courts of law may force the landlord to repair the broken AC. Alternatively, the courts may award compensation for damages to the tenants.

Support for Landlords with Fixing Air Conditioning

Landlord-tenant laws also protect the rights of landlords. This is the case even in places like Arizona and other states. The landlord’s responsibility is to repair broken air conditioning systems in such states.

Of course, this is if conditions beyond the tenant’s control caused the damage. But landlords, too, get support fixing air conditioning in their rental units.

Landlords are supposed to provide secure living conditions for their tenants. This is the legal provision in many states, including Arizona, California, Florida, etc.

Secure and habitable living conditions may be open to interpretation. But, if you are in Arizona, you should provide heating and air conditioning for your tenants. Also, you must repair the air conditioning system.

Landlords do not have to carry out any repairs to their air conditioning system. However, many state laws limit the amount of money that landlords can spend on repair costs. In some places, tenants may carry out the repairs and then deduct the cost from the monthly rent.

You can always search the website of your state government. They always contain information about landlord-tenant laws. Do not assume what is true in one state or city holds for the others.

In some states, tenants have a lot of leverage. The laws even allow them to sue landlords for compensation. However, tenants cannot withhold rent in many states, including Arizona.


How long does a landlord have to fix AC in Florida?

A landlord has seven working days to fix a broken AC in Florida. The state laws in Florida state that landlords should provide tenants with working air conditioners. If landlords fail to repair the AC within seven working days, tenants can seek remedy.

How long does a landlord have to fix ac in Texas?

Landlords in Texas have seven days to repair broken air conditioning systems. This is after the tenants have provided them with written notice. The local state laws say landlords are responsible for maintaining air conditioning. The tenants can always seek remedy if the landlords fail to comply.

Does my landlord have to fix my ac in California?

Your landlord has to fix your AC in California. Suppose you move to a rental unit that already has an AC system. Also, you must not be responsible for the breakdown. However, if a tenant damages the unit, the landlord can demand the tenant pays for the cost of the repairs.

How long does a landlord have to fix the air conditioning in California?

A landlord has up to thirty days to fix an air conditioning system in California. After that, a landlord can fix the problem within a reasonable time frame. But after thirty days, the tenant may seek a remedy. The tenant may exercise their rights as outlined in the lease agreement.

How long does a landlord have to fix ac in Arizona?

Landlords in Arizona are supposed to fix an AC problem within 48 hours. This is after the tenants have given them written notice. Air conditioning is considered an essential service in Arizona. This is why landlords need to carry out repairs as soon as possible.


State laws differ on the time frame for landlords to repair broken ACs. In some states, landlords need to carry out repairs within 10 days. If the damage poses a health risk, the landlords have to fix it within five days. In other states, landlords have up to thirty days to repair broken air conditioners.