How Much Does It Cost To Install A Wall Mounted Air Conditioner?

Wall-mounted air conditioners cost $700 to $7,800 to install, depending on the type of AC and the complexity of the installation process.

Low-capacity single-zone units are the cheapest to install, typically costing in the region of $700 to $4,100 to install. Meanwhile, multi-zone mini-split systems are more expensive to install, with prices ranging from $1,900 to $7,800+.

If you’re thinking about purchasing one or perhaps have already made the purchase and are trying to find the best technician to install the unit, you may want to ask for estimates and compare the prices.

Begin by shopping online to see the average installation prices in your area. Then, pick three of the best installation services providers you can find (make sure they’re licensed) and request quotes. It will allow you to find the right technician at the right price.

Wall-Mounted AC Standard Installation Prices 

Shortly, we’ll discuss some of the factors that directly and indirectly affect AC installation cost. However, let’s look at ball-park figures for some of the most common installation projects first.

National average

The national average cost for mini split installation is $5,600. This figure is for all mini-split AC configurations, from single-zone units with wall-mounted air handlers to 8-zone models with ceiling cassettes. The average installation cost is $5,600.

Minimum cost

The minimum cost to install a mini-split air conditioner is $1,800. This includes the costs of installing both the outdoor condenser and indoor air handlers. It also includes the cost of connecting the two. Of course, you’ll pay less if you only need to replace the indoor air handler.

The maximum cost

The maximum cost for installing a mini-split air conditioning system is $20,000. You may only pay more is if you’re doing a design project with a designer AC. Otherwise, even high-end mini-split systems cost under $20,000 to install.

Cost for wall-mounted AC systems

For wall-mounted air conditioners specifically, installation costs range from $1,900 to $7,800. This is significantly cheaper than ceiling cassette models that cost between $2,600 and $9,000 to install and floor-mounted models that cost $2,700 to $8,000 to install.

Wall-Mounted AC Installation Prices Based on Various Considerations

Let’s not find out how various factors impact the installation prices so you can prepare accordingly depending on your project.

Single vs. Multi-Zone Air Conditioners

The first main factor is the number of zones. Zones refer to the number of rooms or independent areas the AC can serve at a go. You can tell the zonal configuration by counting the number of air handlers.

A mini-split with just one air handler is a single-zone unit, one with two air handlers is a dual-zone model, and so forth. Mini-split AC models with more than one air handler are collectively known as multi-zone configurations.

Single zone air conditioners are cheaper to install than their multi-zone counterparts. For example, the average cost to install a single-zone wall-mount ductless mini-split air conditioner is $1,800 to $6,000.

Meanwhile, multi-zone prices start at $2,500 with an extra $500 to $2,000 for every additional air handler. It means that you could pay up to $14,000 to install a 4-zone mini-split system.

Geographic location

Yes, AC installation costs also vary widely depending on which part of the country you live in. Unfortunately, specific stats for this vote head are difficult to come by.

However, Miami, Florida, and San Antonio, Texas, are the areas with the lowest AC installation prices in the US. Installation prices in Miami are as low as $1,322, while in San Antonio, figures are as low as $1,311.

It may be due to competition because these areas have more AC professionals than anywhere else. Areas with the highest installation costs are New York City, New York, Houston, Texas, and Chicago, Illinois. Remember that actual costs may also vary from one municipality to the next within the same state.

Permits and license costs

You need a permit for all AC installation projects in your home, just as you do for heating system installations. The primary purpose of the permit is to protect you, your family, and everyone else in your area from the harmful effects of air conditioners.

In addition, permits ensure that all the work performed during the installation is done correctly, with no shortcuts. They also help you avoid unlicensed contractors and ensure that your installation is in line with local building codes.

Permit costs generally range from $250 to $400 in the US. However, the prices can be much higher depending on the type of AC and where you live. For instance, in Colorado, permits cost as much as $1,200. These costs are added directly to the AC installation costs.

Season of the year

The cost of air conditioner installation also varies depending on the time of the year. The main reason? The law of supply and demand. During spring, when no one needs air conditioning, and HVAC technicians are largely unoccupied, installation prices are lower. In fact, all the prices mentioned so far are for the fair season, such as spring, when demand and supply are well matched.

However, prices can shoot by as much as 100% at the peak of summer. Technicians know that you’re at their mercy and can charge a premium without adverse consequences. AC repair and replacement prices are also very high in the summer.

Cost to purchase and install accessories separately

If you need to purchase and install a few accessories separately, the installation cost will likely be higher. For instance, some mini-split systems are remote-control ready but require that you purchase a wireless remote controller separately.

A wireless remote controller costs $50 to $300 depending on where you’re buying and the type of controller. You may also be required to purchase a wired thermostat separately. Wired thermostats cost between $100 and $300. Outdoor condenser wall brackets are another accessory that’s rarely supplied with the AC.

The technician will list these costs separately from labor charges when determining total installation fees. Moreover, you may pay extra to install these accessories.

Labor charges

Finally, the technician must charge a labor fee for their time and skills. This is another area where figures vary significantly. On average, professional HVAC technicians charge $500 to $2,000 for a regular AC installation job. However, the amount you pay eventually could be much higher or slightly lower depending on several factors.

For instance, if the technician is also tasked with electrical wiring, they may charge an extra $200 to $800. Remember that you may also need to purchase the wiring equipment separately. The cost is also higher if the process involves removing an existing AC. Technicians charge $80 to $150 to remove old air conditioners.

So, How Much Does it Cost to Install a Wall-Mounted Air Conditioner?

Typically it costs $700 to $7,800 to install a wall-mounted air conditioner. However, the actual price can vary up to as much as $20,000.

Generally, you’ll pay in the region of $2,000 for a typical, single-zone mini split installation and up to $4,000 for a medium-size multi-zone system.

However, you should prepare at least twice the amount for your budget, considering that you may be the one buying necessary accessories such as the condenser wall bracket, drain line set, and even electrical wiring components.