How To Save Money With Electric Baseboard Heat

Surviving in extremely cold weather is a task. Sometimes you need external accessories to keep you warm.

Many people use electric baseboard heaters to keep their homes warm. However, this comes at a cost since electric baseboard heaters are quite expensive.

Even though they are expensive, you can find ways to save money. Some of those ways can be to turn down the heat, insulation, or consulting with the power company.

Knowing about these ways would be wise whether you have electric baseboard heaters or plan to buy one. It will help you reduce the heating costs and stay warm during the harsh winter.

Are Baseboard Heaters Energy-Efficient?

Electric baseboard heaters are highly energy efficient like any other type of electric resistance heating. It gives you 100 percent energy efficiency. That means the baseboard heater consumes 100% electricity to produce heat.

That said, the efficiency of baseboard heating will depend on multiple factors. Those factors are the heater’s condition, age, location, and the present climatic condition.

In most climatic conditions, you will find heat pumps to be more efficient than electric baseboard heaters. However, the baseboard heater will also be efficient in warming your home.

How Much Does It Cost to Run Electric Baseboard Heaters?

Electric baseboard heaters are said to be very expensive along with being highly efficient. Ideally, the heater consumes around 12,000 Watts for a 1200 sq. ft. house.

The average cost for this would be somewhere around $400 in a month, given the heater runs the whole day.

There will be variations in the given pricing depending on the runtime, climate, insulation, and efficiency. However, you can understand from the above figure that running an electric baseboard heater can be quite expensive.

The amount of money you save will also depend on the type of baseboard heater you choose. Hydronic baseboard heaters are cheaper and cost less compared to electric baseboard heaters. To understand the difference, read our guide on the difference between hydronic electric baseboard heaters vs standard.

Why is Baseboard Heating So Expensive?

An electric baseboard heater is very efficient, which means it consumes high electrical power. That results in an increase in electricity bills which causes the expense.

You will see an increase in the expense, especially during the winter months. That is when people run the heater for a longer period.

Apart from the electric baseboard heating costs, there are other reasons for it being so expensive. There are costs for the installation and maintenance of the heating element.

However, depending on your home’s size and the runtime of the electric baseboard heater, this expense will vary.

Ways to Save Money with Electric Baseboard Heaters

By now, you know that electric baseboard heaters are expensive. However, they help in keeping the overall temperature of your house warm. If you want to stay comfortable but do not want to bear hefty expenses, you need to search for efficient solutions.

Electric baseboard heaters provide supplementary heat to your place with the central heating system; this makes electric baseboard heaters zone heaters.

If you wish to reduce your overall electricity bills during the winters, here are some ways.

1. Maintenance

The maintenance of the baseboard heating is extremely crucial to keep it efficient. You should always keep the heater clean and follow the manual for this process.

Ensure you clean the necessary components so that they do not consume more power than they are supposed to.

The cleaner your baseboard heater, the better it will work. You can also take proper help to clean the heating element.

2. Turn Down the Heat

You do not need to turn up the baseboard heating to keep your home warm. If you want to save money, the best thing is to turn down the heat. However, the temperature should be set right so that you do not feel uncomfortable.

Change the temperatures until you find the right one that keeps the house warm. The heater’s temperature would vary at different times of the day and in different situations.

You can keep a note of the temperature settings to know which is the ideal one.

3. Thermostat Adjustments

Before you purchase baseboard heaters, check if it has built-in thermostat controls. Many heaters have a programmable or digital model thermostat, which controls the temperature when you do not need high heat.

If the temperature is too low, water pipes can burst and cause damage. When going out of home, set the temperature. Hence, the water pipes remain warm.

If the thermostat is not present, your house could heat up extensively when you are absent. Moreover, it is better to switch off the electric heater when you leave your house.

The cooler air will lower the temperature of the heating element.

4. Room Insulation

Materials that do not conduct heat are called insulators. They prevent the electric heat molecules from escaping your space. It is essential to lower the winter heating costs.

For running heaters optimally, it is best to insulate your room correctly. You can close the door to block the adjacent spaces that you do not want to heat. It will keep the electric heat confined in that one room that you use most.

Another way of energy savings is to put strips under the door, so there is no space for the heat to escape from this one room. Using rugs and proper window coverings are also great ways to heat rooms.

If you are unsure what to use as insulators, you can ask your interior designer or contractor.

The professionals will advise you on the right insulators to make the baseboard heaters more cost-effective and reduce your heating bills.

5. Installation Style

Ideally, you can install baseboard heaters under your window. This is the most efficient installation style since your windows will be the coldest area in the room. The rest of the space will be warmer than the window from the dense cold air.

If baseboard heaters are placed under the window, the heat goes upward. This heats the cool air that comes from the window. For making the whole process more cost-efficient, you can go for energy-efficient windows.

Make sure you keep baseboard heaters away from curtains, drapes, and blinds.

6. Thick Carpets and Rugs

Using thick carpets and rugs will keep your feet warm at all times. Try to keep a distance of 1/3 inches between the carpet and the electrical heating element inside. The heat would not be good for the wool or fabric of the carpet.

Another reason for this distance is the thickness of the rug can block the heat. This will make most heaters inefficient and increase your heating costs.

For safety reasons, you can trim your thick rug and then place it.

7. Communicate with Power Companies

A professional can provide you with a better idea of how you can save your electricity bill. You could speak to the power company and ask them for solutions. They might have certain programs which can inform you of the reasons that make baseboard heating expensive.

You can do this immediately after you install the baseboard heater. For future reference, it is always better to keep a note of the solution the company provides.

With proper guidance from the power company, you might see a significant decrease in your heat bill.

8. Usage of Appliance

The electric baseboard is not the only appliance that contributes to your electricity bill. Moreover, you might have some other appliances that generate heat. Some of these appliances are the dishwasher, dryer, and washer.

You can run these appliances during the night or late evening. They will help to heat hallways and rooms along with saving energy costs.

The heating system of these appliances will get rid of the cool air. It means you do not have to completely depend on the electric baseboard to keep your house warm.

9. Use Fan System

Ceiling fans can help reduce the heating bill to a great extent. Running the fan will allow free movement of the air. When the heat increases, the fan will spread the warm air in the ceiling throughout the room.

If the ceiling structure is ideally slanted, the fan will push the warm air down into your room. Hence, you do not have to turn up the heater to heat the space.

You can save money and also use the natural heat that the ceiling fan produces.

10. Use Warm Blankets

The blankets make a huge difference to the usage of heat. If you have good warm blankets, you will not have to depend on the heater to keep you warm and toasty at night. So rather than spending more on heat bills, it is better to invest in great blankets.

During the night, you can turn down the heat since the blankets will keep you warm. However, make sure you do not feel uncomfortable in the middle of the night when the cold increases.

People who have an issue tossing in their sleep might face this problem. In that case, set your heat at a moderate temperature to keep you warm throughout the night.

11. Manage Electric Baseboard Heaters Efficiently

You know the many ways in which you can save money with electric heaters. It is best to try out all the ways and see which ones are ideal for you. You should also check all your doors and windows before installing the heater.

Every outlet should be properly closed so the heat is trapped inside and the cold is kept outside. You can use a window film to reduce heat loss from the room.

Do you know of any other ways that will help you save heating costs with electric heaters? Tell us in the comments below!