Mr. Cool vs. Goodman: Which Air Conditioner is Better?

Did you know you can incur huge savings by installing the DIY Mr. Cool mini-splits? They are cost-effective, the DIY process is easy, and their energy efficiency is amazing.

 In addition, they have been technologically enhanced, like in the 12k mini-split,t which has a new smart HVAC controller that can be controlled using an android mobile phone or iPhone. 

On the other hand, Goodman has the best budget-friendly heating and cooling air conditioners. They also test their products at least three times before leaving the company. 

What is Mr. Cool Air Conditioners?

They are DIY ductless mini-split air conditioning and heat units. They have an advanced HVAC system that is quiet and cost-effective, thus appropriate for the homeowner who wants a dependable HVAC system.

The Mini-splits have a sheet metal that protects the compressor and condenser.

Easy to control using either remote control or a smart HVAC app on your phone, you can operate from any place in the room. They are easy to install, and no expensive tools are needed. With the manual, you can make the system function within a day, and there is no need to hire an installer.

They come in different sizes. You can choose the right one for your home or space.

Mr. Cool Mini Split Cost Rates

A quality 12k DIY mini-split that is energy-efficient can save you up to $100 electrical bills annually. The new DIY installation products aim to save you half the money on installation fees.

The SEER unit rate Mr. Cool price. The higher the seer, the higher the cost. It also has implemented a reasonable cost on its gas furnace, which ranges between $1370 to $1750. They also sell at an online retailer rate ranging from $1500 to $3200 on their ductless system. 

Being one of the cheapest to purchase, Mr cool mini split air conditioner’s price ranges from $1600 to $2500.They also sell insulated aluminum line sets for the ductless mini-split at an affordable price better than their competitors.

Mr. Cool Air Conditioner Model

Below is the available Mr. Cool air conditioner model.

12k Model

It has a 22-seer rating, with an HSPF rate of 10.0, a voltage of 115v, can cover an area of 500 to 600 sq ft, has a quick pre-charged r-410A 25 connect line and is durable for 15 years.

18k Model

The 18k unit has an 18 000 cooling BTU and 18000 heating BTU. Its seer rating is 20 with a voltage of 230v and an HSPF rating of 10. It can cover an area of up to 750 sqft. It has a more manageable price than the 12k unit.

24k Mini-split

It can cover an area as big as 1000sq ft with a voltage of 230v, an HSPF rate of 10, and a seer rating of 20.0. Its cooling BTU is 23000 while its heating BTU is 25000.

36k Mini-Split Unit

It has a 34 500 BTU cooling and 36000 BTU heating rate, with a seer rating of 16.0, and can cover up to 1500 sq ft. Its HSPF rate is 8.9 with a voltage of 230v.


  •  They have a high seer rating with a 10 HSPF rating, especially the 12k unit with a seer of 22.
  • They have quiet pumps.
  • The 24k unit is quite affordable given it can handle an area of 1000sq ft.
  • The 12k unit uses a minimum voltage of 115v, saving a vast electrical charge.                      
  • DIY install saves the installation fee.
  • Cons
  • Apart from the 12k mini-split, the rest models are tougher to install and need extra assistance.
  • 18k, 24k, and 36k models require a high voltage of up to 230 v
  • The 12k serves a small area of 500-600 sq ft.

What is a Goodman Air Conditioner?

Goodman Air conditioning & Heating manufacturers are HVAC products manufacturers. Having been operational since 1975, they are one of the leading companies in producing the most advanced air conditioner and heat pumps.

Each of the six different air conditioners has reliable energy, excellent features, and a durable compressor. They also have reliable installers who are ready to install their customer-supplied equipment.

Goodman Cost Expectations and Price Comparison

The Goodman HVAC units were once cheap in terms of price. The brand has managed to keep its prices lower than average and significantly improved its quality.

The purchase price for the equipment, including the condensing unit, refrigerator line, and the indoor coil, is as follows, s inclusive of the $3000 installation fee;

  • GSXC 18 ranges from $5400 to 7000
  • GSXC 16 c ranges from $5400 to 7000
  • GSX 16 $3850 to 4900  
  • GSX 16 from $3850-490 
  • GSX 14 from $5600-6600
  • GVXC 13 is rated at $10,730

Goodman Air Conditioner, Mini-splits

Below is the available Goodman air conditioner, mini-split Model.

Goodman GVXC20

It has a SEER Up to 24.5. In addition, it has a variable high-speed compressor. It has a 10-year warranty on parts and replacement.

Premium GSXC 18

Has a SEER of up to 19 with a two-stage Copeland ultra-tech cylinder with a sound of 71 dB and a 10-year warranty on parts and maintenance.

Premium GSXC 16

It has a two-stage Copeland compressor and 71 dB sound. Its SEER is rated at 16. Has a 10-year warranty on parts and replacement.

Gsx 16

It’s a universal mid-range system with a SEER rate of 16, a single-stage Copeland, UltraTech scroll supercharger, and a sound of 72 dB.

Gsx 14

Its SEER rate is 15, Sound 72 decibels, and single-stage Copeland UltraTech scroll cylinder.

Gsx 13

The SEER rating of 13, Sound 73 decibels, single-stage Copeland UltraTech scroll compressor, and SEER performance of 14. It’s okay for a low-income earning homeowner.


  • The Copeland two-staged ultra coil compressor is considered to be very accurate.
  • They have indoor aluminum coils, which are small and compact.
  • The pre-installed smart diagnostic device helps detect a problem at any location.
  • Reduce installation of charging units by 15 feet of refrigerated space.
  • With a variable-capacity compressor, it runs at 65%. In that case, cooling and heating will reduce energy by running at a two-stage.
  • The 2 stage model is lower when it comes to sound.
  • They have good warranties.


  • They only have one high-performance Model, the GSXC 18. The others are at an average level.
  • The installation cost is high compared to most HVAC companies.
  • The filter fan in the SEER 16 is boisterous.

Mr. Cool vs. Goodman: Price

Mr cool mini-splits brand is cheaper with a price ranging from $1600 to$ 2500On the other hand, the Goodman air conditioner model costs range from $3,200 to $4,300. It is inclusive of the company installation fee.

On the other hand, the 12k is the only Mrcool DIY unit that uses 115V, and no electrical wiring is needed. It’s a modernized mini split to cool a room. In comparison, the most energy saver for Goodman can only manage to use a two-stage compressor which runs at 65%.

 Mr cool DIY saves you an installation fee of about $3000, making it more convenient.

Mr. Cool vs. Goodman: Energy Efficiency/SEER Rating

Goodman brand has SEER rates ranging from 24.5 to 17 with an HSPF rate, while the Mr. Cool mini-split system’s highest SEER rate is 22 to as low as 16. 

Comparing the SEER rating of the Mr. Cool 12k and the Goodman GSX 18 k show that the 12k HVAC system is more efficient.

Goodman has a great heat pump that ranges from 13 SEER, 7.7 HSPF to 19 SEER, 10 HSPF, respectively, while Mr. Cool is rated to heat at -5f down to -22f.

Goodman has some of the most durable HVAC systems that have been operational since 1975, ranking it as the third best company in America, besides carrier and Bryant companies. Its products are ranked behind in technology while the future relies on technology.

Mr. Cool vs. Goodman: Compressor Options

Mr. Cool uses R-410 compressors with a pre-charged connect line. This compressor has a high-speed capacity and cuts annual heating and cooling costs.

Mr. Cool products also use a DC inverter compressor that saves energy for your home. Compared to others, it has creative details that can save more money on bills.

On the other hand, Goodman uses stage one in GSX 16 -13 and only stage one on GSXR 16 and 18. The stage two compressors are the best in the long run since they can run for over ten years without replacement.

Mr. Cool vs. Goodman: Air Handler Options

Mr cool fan has an electronic control board that monitors different humidity sensors and adjusts the variable speed compressor.

The air handler has only one speed which can either be heating or cooling. Changes can only be done by internally setting the air handler. A sound duct system can be installed from room to room.

On the other hand, Goodman’s air handler is one of the top HVAC systems. They are revered as Trane and carrier. They are cheaper to install, and they pass the rated capacity brand.

Mr. cool ductless system can be installed from room to room.

Goodman ductless HVAC systems are built with inverter technology to regulate their temperatures. They are quiet and have an aluminum heat exchanger; a flex duct is unnecessary.

Mr. Cool vs. Goodman: Heat Pump and Furnaces

Mr. Cool’s heat pump and gas furnace can deliver quality heat, have a short turner for an excellent start, a high-efficiency blower motor and aluminum exterior sheet, and a heating efficiency of 80% AFUE. They range from;

  1. 45000 BTU with an updraft of a 14.5-inch cabinet
  2. 90000 BTU with an updraft of a 17.5-inch cabinet
  3. 110,000 BTU with an updraft of a 21-inch cabinet

To top it up, Goodmans produces gas furnaces to keep you warm with up to 90% (+) AFUE rating; these gas furnaces will save money due to their high SEER. The 80% AFUE rating gas furnace can keep you warm and saves you up to 80% of the cost implied in its installation. Their features are as follows;

  • Primary heat exchanger with wrinkle bend technology built from an aluminized steel tubing designed to transfer heat and are pretty durable.
  • The permanent split capacitor (PSC) electric motor reduces energy consumption and noise with ample airflow.
  • Has an electronically commutated motor (ECM) as well.

Warranty and Taxes

Mr. Cool warranties can last up to 10 years on all HVAC units; they can replace your parts and service your equipment if your warranty is not expired. A short-term warranty is issued for the compressors and heat exchangers. In case of damages after you change ownership of your system, the warrant is not applicable.

If you purchase a Goodman HVAC unit online or other electronic means, warranty cover is offered. Goodman units come with two-year unit replacement and 10-year parts limited warranties. The manufacturer will replace the unit if it fails under certain circumstances within two years or will replace specified parts if they fail within ten years.

Goodman offers a lifetime compressor, 10-year unit replacement, and 10-year parts limited warranties. 

The US government taxed geothermal heat pumps in the past, but luckily, the credit will drop from 26% to 22% in 2023. The geocool line is the most energy-efficient way to heat and cool.

For Goodman, the following tax is applicable for homeowners installing an advanced primary air handler, home heat pump equipment, mini-splits, and packaged units are liable to a tax of $300 on expenditures and subject to an overall lifetime limit of $500 for all taxable years ending after December 31, 2005. Under section 25 of the IRC.


Finally, the Mr. Cool brand is the best equipment to install, the DIY installation manual is provided, and all its components are in the box. Also, with the 12k, you’ll have to pay fewer electrical bills. In addition, It’s suitable for a customer within a location without access to an HVAC contractor.

If you are not into this homeowner install product and are looking for a central system, the Goodman, Carrier, Armstrong, and Bryant, among other HVAC manufacturers, have it for you. Always compare prices and quality; visit their website for more information.