Why Your Portable Air Conditioner Exhaust Hose Gets Hot

Air conditioners are some of the best appliances to have in your home, especially during the hot summer season. The main objective of an AC is to offer you comfort in your home or workplace by cooling you when the weather is too hot or keeping you warm when it’s too cold. Air conditioners have been around for years, and the fact that they offer convenience to users makes them worth buying.

But just like many other appliances on the market, air conditioners also have their benefits and disadvantages. One such disadvantage is that the exhaust hose of your AC can get hot and cause you to panic. This may cause a panic because not many people are familiar with this issue, and you may be scared that it can cause a fire. 

But, the good news is that it’s normal for the exhaust hose of your air conditioner to get hot. So, why is it normal? Because uninsulated hose can easily get hot due to hot air. Therefore, what you need to do is to try and stick most of your AC’sAC’s exhaust out of the window.

This will significantly help to reduce the risk of the exhaust getting hot. However, you need to compensate with the location. 

Why the AC Exhaust Hose Gets Hot

You need to understand that air conditioners function by compressing gas to a liquid that is released through a fine jet into the evaporator inside a room that takes the heat out of the room as the liquid boils off. 

When that gas is compressed back to liquid again, it releases the heat from the condenser on a fitted unit, which then goes to the outside air. Therefore, you’ll notice that if you walk past your portable AC unit, you realize that the exhaust hose should be placed at an open door or window to prevent the recirculation of hot air inside the room to defeat the purpose of the evaporator. 

This is why your air conditioner’s exhaust hose will get hot to about 15 degrees of the ambient temperature. Heat is usually pumped out via the hose, and this is why it ends up getting hot.

If you want to make your air conditioner more efficient, you can use a shorter hose. You can also use an uninsulated hose, although it’s never included in portable air conditioners. 

When the heat is getting pumped out of the room, it will usually get too hot to about 80-110 degrees Fahrenheit since this is the heat that is leaving the room. Therefore, it is supposed to be warm for it to function efficiently.

What to do if your Portable Air Conditioner Exhaust Hose Gets Hot

How do you solve the issue of portable air condition exhaust gets hot? This is a question that a lot of people ask. There are several ways that you can do that efficiently, although you have to ensure that everything is done perfectly.

1. Consider Replacing the Air Filter

The first solution to prevent your air conditioner’s exhaust hose from getting hot is to replace the air filter. Note that a dirty air filter can easily clog your AC unit and force it to run longer. Therefore, the best way to prevent this from happening is to replace the air filter at least once a month. 

2. Always Clean the Condenser Coil

Another great solution is always to clean the condenser coil, which is found in the outdoor unit. The job of this condenser coil is to dispel heat outside your home, and it can perform this function perfectly. 

It would help if you always kept this coil clean because it acts as an insulator when it’s dirty, thereby keeping the heat inside. Therefore, it will make your air conditioner work tirelessly to achieve a low-temperature setting on your thermostat. This is usually a vicious cycle that will end up making your system overheat, which is not that good. That means the best way to prevent that from happening is always to ensure that the condenser coil is kept clean and you check on it often.

3. Keep Your Fan Blades Clean

The fan blades in your AC unit are designed to function efficiently. But to do so, they need to be kept in good condition. When your AC unit’s fan blades have excess dirt and dust, this adds extra weight and eventually makes it difficult for them to move. This will force the motor to overwork for several hours a day, thereby leading to burnout. Cleaning the fan blades often will help to prevent such an issue.

4. Confirm If There Is Low Refrigerant

Another way to prevent a portable air conditioner’s exhaust hose from getting hot is to check whether there is a low refrigerant. Refrigerants are not supposed to run out.

Refrigerant is known as the “charge,” and the amount inside the system should be perfect. Therefore, if you happen to have low refrigerant, then there’s a high chance you have a leak in your AC unit, or you may have improperly charged it during installation. 

Refrigerant is very important since it helps your AC to function properly. Your AC unit will work twice as much as it should to move the remaining refrigerant through the system. It is also a big problem for your air conditioner, which means you need to call a professional when you notice a leak.

5. Check the Age of Your AC Unit

During the summer season, your AC unit will probably work harder than usual. This is mainly because air conditioning units are prepared to work in the heat. However, an AC unit that has been serving for years may be susceptible to overheating. 

This is why you always need to ensure your air conditioner is well maintained to prevent it from suffering from wear and tear. An AC unit that is not in good shape will find it hard to adapt to the high standards it was designed initially for as time goes. To prevent this issue which may make your unit’s exhaust hose get hot, you need to maintain the AC well.


It’sIt’s not abnormal for the exhaust hose of your air conditioner to get hot. But, as you’ve seen in this post, I’ve shared some of the ways you can prevent that issue from happening. If you have any questions or feedback regarding this post, please send them in the comments section below or reach out to me through email.