Top 6 Best 110v Garage Heater – Guide To Heating Your Garage

Most garage heaters are powered through 240-volt plugs. So, what do you do if you have standard plugs? Can you still use a 110v electric garage heater?

110 volts is still the most standard power outlet in many homes in the United States. These power outlets have spots for two plugs and are rated at 15 amps. If you have these standard outlets, you’ll be able to use any of the best 110v garage heaters in this review.

Remember, 110 volts and 120 volts are usually used interchangeably; think of them as one and the same.

My Overall #1 Rated Pick

Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater
This is an energy-efficient heater that uses dual heating technology. It's perfect for large spaces, 1000 square feet, to be specific. It has all the safety features, including an automatic shut-off timer, Tip-over protection, and Overheat protection.

110v Electric Garage Heater Comparison

Voltage Differences: 110V, 115V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V

It is easy to get confused with the following terms used to describe voltages: 110V, 115V, and 120V. Interestingly, these terms refer to the same thing. Any standard live wire in your house has a voltage rating of 120V. This voltage is in comparison with the neutral wire which has 0 voltage.

However, this level of voltage is not maintained during consumption. If you connect a long extension cable to a socket on your wall, the voltage at the end of the socket is likely to be lower than that on the socket. This voltage reading may drop from the original 120V to 115V or even 110V.

This means that if you connect an appliance to a long extension cord, the device will get less than 120V of power. Thus, for the appliance to function properly, it must be configured to operate with a lower level of voltage than the typical 120V.

Many typical household electric appliances are labeled with much lower voltages than 120V. The information means that you can safely use the appliances even when the voltage drops slightly.

Similarly, the voltage terms 220V, 230V, and 240V should not sound confusing to you. To understand what they mean, remember that the utility companies supply 240V of power to domestic customers. This means that the main supply in every home in the USA has a standard voltage of 240V.

However, the companies do not provide a single line with 240V into homes. The supply consists of two phases of 120V each operating at 180 degrees out of phase. This means that the voltage of your home (which is based on AC) alternates between -120V and +120V. The neutral line in the home is 0V.

If you choose to use both phases at the same time, then the voltage in the home alternates between -240V and +240v. These figures may drop slightly to -115V and +115 (leading to 230V) or even -110V and +110V (leading to 220V).

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How to Choose the Right Voltage Heater for your Garage

Heaters come in a variety of voltages. Choosing the right voltage heaters is one of the most important decisions that you have to make when getting a heater for your home or office. If you end up with a heater of the wrong voltage, the chances are that you will not achieve the goal of heating your indoor space.

Using a heater with excess voltage on a low-voltage circuit is undesirable. If you install a 240V heater on a 120V circuit, then it is likely that the heater will not even turn on.

However, if it turns on, it will emit very little heat that may not even serve your purpose. Furthermore, when you connect a high-voltage heater to a low-voltage circuit, you will be running the risk of having a damaged heater.

Similarly, using a low-voltage heater on a high-voltage circuit is undesirable. If you connect a 120V heater on a 240V circuit, you will end up with a lot of excess heat.

The heater will get overworked and, most likely, damaged after a short time. Besides, the temperatures may rise rapidly and beyond the point required to keep the indoor environment cozy.

One way of determining the right heater voltage is by looking at the circuit breaker. The 120V circuit breaker is visually different from the 240V one.

Whereas the 120V circuit breaker has figure 20 marked on its surface, the 240V one has figure 15 marked on the surface. You can use this information to ensure that you get a heater of the right voltage for your house.

Alternatively, you can use a voltmeter to determine the voltage of the heater. However, remember that using a voltmeter to determine the voltage of heaters of any other electric appliance is a high-risk activity because live wires are involved. Ensure that you observe all the recommended safety precautions during the process.

Garage Heater Types and Costs

A wood worker using the best 110v garage heaterElectric Garage Heaters

Electric garage heaters convert electric energy into heat energy. The heat energy is then used to warm the air in indoor and outdoor spaces, in this case, the garage.

Electric heaters vary in terms of design, heating capacity, and mounting options. Some electric heaters have modern designs that are used to enhance the aesthetic value. For others, functionality s more important than aesthetics.

Electric heaters can be used as freestanding devices or mounted on the wall or ceilings. It is also possible to keep electric garage heaters on a flat surface in your garage. Heaters that are usually mounted on the ceiling or wall are sold with special brackets.

The main cost of electric heaters is electric power. This largely varies with the capacity of the heater and the length of time that you keep the device on.

However, it is typical for people to pay an additional $80 on their monthly electricity bills as a result of using an electric heater as a source of supplemental heat.

Propane Gas Heaters

These heaters burn propane gas to produce heat. Most propane gas heaters are designed to be used in outdoor environments. This is because the burning of propane produces the highly-toxic carbon monoxide gas. However, it is safe to use propane heaters in your garage.

The main cost associated with propane heaters is installation. You may need the services of a certified expert to ensure that the installation process is properly completed. Occasionally, you may have to conduct basic maintenance procedures to keep the heater in excellent working condition.

Natural Gas Heaters

Installing a natural gas heater in your garage may cost you $1,000. This amount covers the fees of a certified HVAC technician and other additional items that you may have to purchase.

However, just like is the case with propane heaters, it is easy to operate natural gas heaters. The prices of natural gas and propane are lower than those of electric power. You may also incur small additional costs of maintaining or repairing the heater to keep it in good shape.

What Size Electric Heater Do I Need for my Garage?

garage heater size

The size of an electric heater that is appropriate for heating your garage depends on several factors, including the insulation level and size of your garage.

Garages that have normal insulation levels neither require additional nor less heating than those with either high or low insulation levels. Similarly, large-sized garages will require more heating than small-sized ones.

The standard method of determining the right size of the heater for your garage involves calculating the size of the garage and then converting this value into wattage requirements.

It is assumed that for every 1 square foot of space, 10w of power is required to keep the temperature within the desired levels. However, this may greatly vary based on the factors mentioned here.

For demonstration purposes, we can assume that a garage measures 20 feet by 20 feet. Therefore, the surface area of the garage is the product of its dimensions, which is 400 square feet. In effect, the garage requires 4,000 watts of heat.

However, this figure will not be helpful because the heating size of garage heaters is usually indicated in British Thermal Units (BTUs). To convert wattage into BTUs, we multiple our values with a factor: 3.41. Therefore, 4,000w is equivalent to 13,640BTUs.

You may have to make a few adjustments to the BTU value based on the insulation level of the garage. If the garage has a lot of openings, then it may be wise to adjust the BTU value upwards by a small percentage (10 or 20).

The additional BTU value will cover for increased draftiness. Conversely, you may need to reduce the BTU by 10% of 20% if the garage is warmer than normal. You can then look for a heater that has BTU values that fall within your range.

6 Best 110v Electric Garage Heater

1. Maxx Air HeTR Outdoor Rated Ceiling or Wall Mount Infrared Heater

Maxx Air HeTR Outdoor Rated Ceiling or Wall Mount...
  • GENTLE WARMTH - High efficiency carbon fiber heating element provides quick, reliable heat at only 1500 Watts of power. This simple to use infrared heater only requires a 110/120V plug and you are operational right away for covered outdoor patio heater or indoor heater needs.
  • WALL MOUNT HEATER - High rated aluminum reflector and anodized extruded aluminum alloy housing for unparalleled durability. Easy to hang from wall or ceiling.
  • ELECTRIC HEATER - Secure locking system with tip-over safety off switch - our electric infrared heater is simple, attractive, and an efficient heating solution.
  • OUTDOOR PATIO HEATER - Easy to use on a covered patio, garage, shop, workshop, barn, or shed. Our heater is durable and easy to setup and use.
  • SAFE HEATER - ETL listed and tested for safe operation. 7' power cord with remote control.

The Maxx Air HeTR is notable for producing radiant heating from a special carbon fiber heating element.

This is complemented by a powerful reflector that ensures the effective distribution of infrared radiation. As a result, the heater offers a quick and effective heating solution in indoor and outdoor spaces.

Additionally, it has all the standard safety features that you would expect to find in an electric space heater.

If the temperature of the heater rises dramatically, the automatic shut-off system gets activated. This helps to keep the internal components from getting damaged.

If you are looking for a highly convenient heater, then the Maxx Air HeTR may not be a perfect choice. It is designed to be used in only two modes: mounted either on the wall or the ceiling.

This means that the heater is ill-suited for providing zonal or directional heating. Nevertheless, its excellent heating capability tends to cover this shortcoming.


  • The radiant heating from a carbon fiber element is exceptionally comfortable
  • Small footprint and a compact design are of aesthetic value
  • ETL-certified for safety


  • It can only be mounted on the wall or the ceiling

2. UFO UK-15 Electric Infrared Heater

UFO UK-15 | Energy Efficient Space Heater |...
  • The UFO UK-15 ’s rustproof aluminum casing is and approved rated for both indoor and outdoor use – perfect for your home, backyard, balcony, gazebo, workshop, restaurant, gym, and much more. Since UFO heaters are medium-wave infrared heating technology, they are not harmful for living beings It can be mounted horizontally on a wall, ceiling, or telescopic stand (sold separately) and heat an indoor area of up to 160 sq. ft. or outdoor area of up to 105 sq. ft.
  • For your convenience, the remote control can be set to five different levels, and the heater can be set to shut off automatically at a specific time. Its safe, odorless heat will provide comfortable, consistent warmth that is not affected by wind or rain.As it uses our innovative heating system, this infrared heater is cost-efficient, with little to no maintenance costs, and environmentally friendly, reducing your carbon footprint.
  • UFO infrared heaters use medium-wave infrared rays, which are beneficial and safe for everyone in your house, including pets, children, and the elderly.
  • Power: 1500 watts Voltage: 110-120 volts
  • Amps: 13.64 A Frequency: 60 Hz Maximum Heat Output: 5200 BTU Color Options: Silver or Bronze Power Source: Corded Electric Heating Method: Infrared, Radiant
  • Thermostat: No Remote Control: Yes
  • Product Dimensions: 30 x 4 x 7 inches Package Dimensions: 31 x 5 x 9 inches Item Weight: 6 pounds Package Weight: 8 pounds
  • Heating Area Indoor: 160 sq. ft. (based on average temperatures) Heating Area Outdoor: 105 sq. ft. (based on average temperatures)
  • Included Components: Heater, User Manual, Mounting brackets

One of the hallmarks of using this heater is that you can control it remotely from the comfort of your couch. By using the remote control, you can change the heating settings of this device according to your preferences.

Additionally, you can mount the heater in any way, including on the wall, and ceiling. If you would like to use the heater in a freestanding position, then it will be necessary to obtain a stand for the purpose.

As it is the case with all infrared heaters, the UFO UK-15 delivers eco-friendly, and gentle heat rapidly. It is ideal in warming indoor spaces because it directly transfers the heat to the objects that are found in the room. Thus, you will enjoy the rapid and gentle heating capacity of the UFO UK-15.

You will have the additional costs of obtaining a stand mount if you would like to use this heater if it’s freestanding. It does not come with a stand for mounting it in this position. However, this is not a big issue because the stands are easily available.


  • Easy installation because the heater comes with the hanging brackets and easy-to-follow instructions
  • Convenience and ease-of-control remotely
  • Effective and rapid radiant heating


  • The stand for optional floor mounting is sold separately

3. Heat Storm HS-1500-TRC Infrared Space

Heat Storm HS-1500-TRC Infrared Space, 8 ft Cord,...
  • Power Source Type: Propane Natural Gas.Heating Coverage:170 square feet
  • INSTANT HEAT - Infrared heat is silent and comfortable. It warms objects instead of just the air. 5200 BTU Output
  • PLUG & PLAY - 110 V plug in cord for use anywhere there is a normal outlet
  • IPX4 WEATHERPROOF - Protected against rain and dust
  • EASY SET UP - Have your infrared space heater up and running within 5 minutes of delivery
  • PORTABLE ROLL CAGE- (8' cord) Ideal for patios, balconies, workshop, garages, etc

Several features make the HS-1500-TRC one of the best heaters that you can rely on to provide warmth in your standard-sized garage.

With a heating capacity of 5,200 BTUs, a powerful radiant heating system, and excellent design, this heater can be a great companion.

The radiant heating helps to create a cozy environment quickly. This will be a great benefit particularly if your garage is very cold or drafty.

The inclusion of a roll cage and 13-inch-long cable enhances the level of portability of the heater. It is easy and convenient to move it from one place to another without running the risk of getting the internal components damaged.

Moreover, you can extend the heater to any location in the garage to carry out zonal heating.

The HS-1500-TRC has limited mounting options. For you to have the heater mounted on the ceiling, you must ensure that the black box is mounted vertically.

This may be a significant inconvenience if you either overlook it or are interested in having the heater on your ceiling but in a vertical position.


  • Highly durable and able to withstand the effect of the weather elements
  • Excellent radiant heating capacity of 5,200 BTUs, ideal for small garages
  • The roll cage and 13-inch cord enhance portability


  • Limited mounting options

4. Xbeauty Wall Mounted Infrared Space Heater

With a conversion rate of more than 90% and a design fit for indoor and outdoor use, the Xbeauty Wall Mounted Infrared Space Heater can be an excellent heating companion.

Its heating elements are made of carbon fiber and are designed to ensure at least a 90% conversion rate. This high level of efficiency helps to keep your heating costs within manageable levels.

The heater is resistant to water, dust, and other elements. This means that you can use it in garages, porches, and even patios without worrying about the components getting damaged.

Moreover, its modern and compact design can be used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space. When mounted on the ceilings of patios and porticos, the heater blends perfectly with the décor style and helps to improve the overall look of the space.

This heater has a limited heating capacity of about 110 square feet. This range of heating may not be enough to provide the required warmth in medium-sized garages. However, you can use it to heat a small garage or any other indoor or outdoor space.


  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • Highly efficient and effective heating because of the carbon fiber heating elements
  • Great aesthetic value, thanks to a modern, and compact design


  • Limited heating capacity

5. Solar Comfort 1500 Infrared Heater

Electric 1500 watt Wall mounted Infrared heater...
  • Indoor/outdoor infrared heat source produces no harmful UV rays With remote control or manual control options. Three power settings for a simple Low/ Medium/ High output. Instantly provides a quiet warmth with simple power settings (1500W). Comfortably heats an area of up to 20 sq.ft.
  • Perfect for patios, decks, hot tub & BBQ areas, Horse stables, Barns and so on.
  • Weather/ Dust proof IP65 rating with CETL/ UL certifications. Read about IP65 before any purchase of any IR heater, make sure they are IP65 listed. 1500 Watt, 110v. Engineered for both Indoor and outdoor use.
  • Silent operation and full heat output within seconds. Low glare light output with approximately 5400 BTUs of heat output. Patented Gold coated Quartz crystal heating element rated for 10,000 hours.
  • Comes with the adjustable wall mount brackets, 1 remote control, on off switch, High, Med. Also has our new low glare heating element.

If you are looking for a versatile heater for the garage, then the Solar Comfort 1500 Infrared heater may be the right choice. It has been designed to deliver effective radiant heating without high glare lighting.

Its wall mount bracket is adjustable for added convenience. If you want to carry out zonal heating in the garage, you only need to turn the heater to face the right direction.

You can toggle between the manual and remote-control modes. When using the remote-control mode, you can conveniently change the heating performance of the heater across the low, medium, and high modes. The manual control knobs are conveniently positioned on the front surface of the heater for your comfort.

Thanks to the three heating settings, you can adjust the performance of this device to the heating requirements of your indoor or outdoor space.

The only significant drawback of using this heater relates to the installation process. It may be wise to obtain the services of a certified technician to help you get the heater properly up and running.


  • Adjustable wall mount bracket for targeted and zonal heating
  • The convenience of selecting between remote and manual control modes
  • Effective radiant heating with low glare


  • The installation process is detailed and may require the input of a technician

6. Star Patio Electric Patio Heater

Star Patio Electric Patio Heater, Outdoor Heater,...
  • STAR PATIO: YOUR OUTDOOR PATIO HEATERS EXPERT. Instantly provides a quiet warmth with simple power settings (1500W). Heats an area of up to 110 sq.ft. In addition,this infrared heater works very quietly,has no peculiar smell,and does not output CO2 like propane or natural gas heaters that burn fossil fuels.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY & OPERATION: ON-OFF Touch switch with remote control makes the electric wall mounted heater very user-friendly. Loosen the two M6*10 screws to easy adjust the veritical angle of heater. This patio heaters come with stylish classic black design includes an aluminum casing and a stable articulated wall mount bracket,which is strong and reliable, waterproof, dustproof, rust-free, wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant and corrosion-resistant.
  • SAFE & ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: No Noise Heater. Outdoor patio heater producing no odors, chemicals, or fumes. Ideal for gazebos, patios, outdoor cafés and restaurants, garages, balconies, workshops, and any other outdoor living space.
  • CERTIFIED AND WARRANTIED: IP55 safety certified; weather and dust resistant for outdoor use. cETLus certified. Comes with 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty. For transportation safety care, a remote battery is required but not included (2PCS x AAA 1.5V batteries).
  • HIGHT QUALITY: This wall mounted electric patio heater produces 5100 BTUs of high-quality heat. The Golden Tube provides environmentally efficient heating with a lifespan of 5000 hours. This infrared heater is hardly affected by wind.

The heater provides clean, environmentally friendly, and comfortable heating, thanks to several features. You do not have to worry about the noise because the heater does not have a fan.

Moreover, the radiant heating method of the heater is ideal for quickly raising the temperatures of indoor and outdoor spaces where the heater is placed.

If you are concerned about safety when using a space heater, then this may be the right device for you. It is cETLus and IP55-certified. Besides, it contains important safety features to protect the internal components from getting damaged in the event of overheating.

However, you will have to be careful with the screws that are used to adjust the vertical angle of the heater. They can easily become lose and fail to hold the heater properly.


  • Certified for the cETLus and IP55 safety standards
  • Provides clean and environmentally friendly heating
  • Easy assembly and installation


  • The screws that are used to adjust the angle of the heater easily get damaged

Wrap Up

The electric garage you choose depends on your garage size. As for power outages, you can replace your standard outlet with a higher voltage outlet.

If you have a small garage and only want to use the heater to supplement your primary heating system, you can use the best 110v garage heater.

Most of these heaters are wall/ceiling mounted, so they save you a lot of floor space that you can use for your tools and other equipment.

If your kids visit your garage often, make sure you choose a heater with safety features, including auto shut off and tip-over protection.

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