Can You Use A Forced Air Propane Heater In A Garage?

Forced air propane heater for garage provides instant, powerful heating for indoor and outdoor spaces with proper ventilation. While they are designed to utilize heavy propane tanks, these units are still flexible and portable enough to be transported from one place to another.

When using propane heaters, it’s important to take precautions and be mindful of gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning. That is why you need to consider features like programmable thermostats, a continuous spark ignition system, and automatic shut-off to protect you from the dangers associated with propane heaters.

If you’re on the market for the best forced air propane heater for garage, you’ll find reviews of the top-rated models on the market today.

Forced Air Propane Heater For Garage Comparison Table

How do Forced Air Propane Heaters Work?

how does a forced air propane heater for garage work?Primarily, forced air propane works by burning propane and ejecting the hot air to warm spaces. However, many technical processes take place. To understand how forced air propane functions, it is necessary to examine its most important parts.

The heaters comprise a heating element, an igniter, and the main burner. There are other additional features such as heat controls, the propane tank, and a horse. All these elements of the heater function in a coordinated manner for the production and supply of heat.

The process of production of heated air begins with the ignition system. This is a simple combination of a highly volatile material with a spring and a hammer-like object. Common heaters contain a modern ignition system referred to as piezoelectric ignition.

This is more efficient than the old ignition system. When you start your heater, the ignition system converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. A small spark is used to ignite the heating element.

The heating element, which is made of porcelain, plays one key function: to direct the flame towards the propane and ensure the efficient burning of the fuel. The propane is then burned rapidly to produce massive amounts of gases.

The gases produced from the combustion of propane would be useless if they are not directed outside. It is at this point that the importance of the fan becomes apparent. All forced air propane heaters have inbuilt fans to push the hot air outside. Thus, this type of fan produces much heat that can be used to heat large areas within very short times, hence considered the most energy-efficient propane heaters.

You can adjust the burning rate of the propane using either a control knob or digital controls. Most forced air propane heaters for garages that are currently available feature a physical knob.

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Advantages of Forced Air Propane Heaters

Proper Heat Distribution

If you are working in a large and closed space like a garage, then you may need a heater that distributes the produced heat effectively. Heaters that lack fans may produce enough heat but fail to distribute it across space evenly.

The good news is that a forced air propane heater is one of the most energy-efficient garage heaters since it has a fan that runs steadily and properly distributes the produced heat across the entire space.


It is very easy to carry your forced air propane heater from one place to another because this type of heater has been designed for portability.

Although only a few brands of common heaters have wheels to aid in transportation, all brands do have handles. The handles can be used to conveniently move the heater from one place to another without straining.

Moreover, the weight of forced air propane heaters makes it easy for one to carry them to and from work. The average weight of most brands of heaters is 25 pounds which is not a big convenience if you have to carry your heater to the garage and back.

Instant Heating

Sometimes when working in a large garage or any other job site, you may require an instant source of heat. Although there are many alternative sources, none matches a forced air propane heater in terms of delivering heat within the shortest time possible.

The operating mechanism of these types of heaters makes it possible for them to generate massive levels of heated air within seconds. Thus, using a forced air propane heater delivers instant heat enough to warm your garage.

Things to Consider when Choosing a Propane Heater for Garage

things to consider before choosing a forced air heater


When choosing a propane heater, consider the kind of controls that are included. Some heaters have manual control knobs that you can use to adjust the rate at which the propane gets burned. By changing the BTU level, you can effectively control the amount of heat that the device produces.

Other heaters including ventless propane heaters for garage have digital controls and additional features such as thermostats and timers. You can use all these control functionalities to adapt the operations of the heater to your preferences and the requirements of your working environment.


The performance of propane heaters is measured in terms of British Thermal Unit (BTU). One BTU is equivalent to about 0.3 watts. It takes about 40BTUs to effectively warm a 1 square feet space.

Therefore, to determine the space that a heater can effectively heat, divide the BTU value of the heater by 40. For example, a heater with a BTU value of 60,000 can be used to provide sufficient warmth in a 1,500 square feet garage.

Ease of maintenance

Maintaining your forced air propane heater requires a degree of technical skills. Following the maintenance procedures that are provided by the manufacturers may difficult for some people. Moreover, some technical problems such as leaks and others may cause bigger problems than anticipated.

Luckily, some brands come with designs that simplify the maintenance process. the use of a split barrel design makes it easy for one to access the motor and other internal components and service them quickly. Therefore, when choosing a heater, consider whether its design favors easy maintenance processes.

Best Forced Air Propane Heater For Garage

1. Mr. Heater 125,000 BTU Forced Air Propane Heater F271390

Mr. Heater 125,000 BTU Forced Air Propane Heater...
  • Quiet Burner Technology-50% Quieter than a standard propane heater
  • 10ft hose & regulator
  • High-Temperature limit switch
  • Heavy-duty handle
  • Split barrel design for easy maintenance

Mr. Heater F271390 is one of the ideal forced air propane heaters that you can use in general outdoor settings, including factories, construction sites, and sporting scenes.

It has several features that enable it to deliver standard performance, last longer, and require easy maintenance procedures.

You can choose between two heat settings when using the heater: low and high. When running at the low mode, it produces heat equivalent to 75,000BTU. This amount of heat energy is enough to warm properly warm a 1,350 square feet wide area.

When running on the high heat mode, the heater generates energy that is equivalent to 125BTU, which is sufficient to cover a 3,150 square feet area.

The biggest drawback of this heater is that it is not easy to move it from one place to another. Many similar heaters have wheels that aid in mobility. However, if you manage to move it to the right location, then it is possible to enjoy its standard performance.


  • It comes with a standard 10feet long horse that delivers great performance (125,000 BTU)
  • It is easy to maintain the heater because of the use of a split barrel design
  • The quiet burner technology reduces noise by 50% during operations


  • Not designed for easy mobility because it lacks wheels

2. ProTemp Propane Forced Air Heater

ProTemp 125,000 BTU LP Propane Heater | For...
  • Matched direct drive motors and blades for highest achievable levels of airflow, rated up to 12,000 cfm
  • Powder coated steel guards for corrosion resistant and durability
  • Energy efficient designed for additional cost savings, draws as little as 1.6 amps
  • Thermally protected, heavy-duty, maintenance free, 2-speed motors for long life
  • Two year warranty

One of the things that make the ProTemp Propane Forced Air Heater a reliable companion at job sites is how it has been specially designed to ease your work. You will find this heater very convenient, effective, and useful when working on areas that do not exceed 1,000 square feet.

Three features maximize the level of convenience that you can enjoy when working with this heater: a useful piezo ignition system, an adjustable heat angle functionality, and a fan assembly.

The piezo ignition system makes optimizes the ignition process when you start the heater. Furthermore, you can utilize the adjustable heat angle and fan assembly to determine the direction in which the heater ejects the warm air.

Although this heater offers great performance, it is limited to small spaces that measure less than 1,000 square feet. Its BTU value of 40,000 does not permit one to use the heater in large open spaces such as big job sites.

Nevertheless, if you only heat a small space, then the ProTemp Propane Forced Air heater with its piezo ignition system and adjustable heat angle functionality may be the right choice.


  • The piezo ignition system optimizes the propane combustion processes
  • You can adjust the heat ejection angle of the heater for maximum effect


  • The heater is of limited usage in areas that exceed 1,000 square feet

3. DeWalt DXH150FAV Forced Air Propane Heater

Dewalt F340725 110,000 - 150,000 BTU Forced Air...
  • Quiet Burner Technology
  • High temperature limit switch
  • 20' hose and regulator included
  • ETL Certified

DeWalt has a history of building robust equipment for outdoor use. As one would expect, the DXH150FAV is a robust forced air propane heater ideal for use in small and standard-sized garages, thanks to its several features.

You will find using this heater to heat your garage convenient because of the 20-foot horse. Most similar heaters come with a 10-foot horse.

Besides, when the 20lbs tank of the heater is filled with commercial propane, you can get a maximum of 12 hours of operation. This high running time means that the heater is ideal for use in areas where it is not practical to use electric energy for heating.

The major drawback of using the DeWalt DXH150FAV relates to the longevity of its automatic high-temperature limit switch. Although this feature is supposed to enhance the safety of the heater, it can easily get damaged when repeatedly gets exposed to high temperatures.


  • Its rugged design and high running time of 12 hours are ideal for use on construction sites
  • Utilizes Quiet Burner Technology for ultra-silent operation
  • The 20-foot horse enhances the usability of the heater


  • The high-temperature limit switch can easily get damaged as a result of repeated overheating.

4. Remington REM-60V-GFA-O Portable Forced Air Heater

Remington 60,000 BTU Portable LP Propane Space...
  • RELIABLE—great for construction sites, workshops, farms, or garages
  • RUGGED—steel construction
  • HIGH-OUPUT—variable BTU for heating up to 1500 square feet
  • Class-exclusive electronic ignition, adjustable heat angle, fan assembly, and a 10-foot hose and regulator. Air flow capacity: 300 CFM
  • 1-year limited warranty

The Remington REM-60V-GFA-O is a combination of state-of-the-art features that results in a forced air propane heater that reliably delivers great performance.

The use of split barrel design and Quiet Burner Technology in the making of the heater enhances its performance and usability.

It is very easy to maintain the heater and get value for your money. Besides, the heater produces half of the noise that heaters that lack the Quiet Burner Technology produce.

Additionally, this heater delivers excellent permanence when used to heat large garages. It has an air moving capacity of 300CFM ad a BTU rating of 60,000.

These two values mean that you can use the heater to effectively provide heat in spaces that are 15,000 square feet large. Its high CFM value means that it can effectively move heated air in large spaces within a short time.

Despite its great performance and excellent design, this heater has one major drawback: lack of wheels. It is easier to move heaters that have wheels from one place to another than those without.


  • Great performance because of a BTU rating of 60,000
  • High airflow capacity of 300CFM
  • The use of the split barrel design simplifies maintenance


  • Lacks wheels for easy transportation

5. Dyna-Glo RMC-FA40DGD Liquid Propane Forced Air Heater

Dyna-Glo LP Forced AIR Heater, 300,000 btu's,...
  • 300,000 BTUs
  • Heats up to 7,000 sq. ft.
  • Comfort Control Thermostat; 10 ft Regulator Hose Included
  • Continuous Electronic Ignition - Prevents Dangerous Delayed Ignition
  • Overheat Auto Shut-Off Protection

The Dyna-Glo RMC-FA40DGD is an amazing forced air propane heater, thanks to its inbuilt safety and performance-enhancement feature.

Although it has a manually adjustable variable BTU dial, this knob is accurate enough to let you determine the right temperature at which the heater should operate.

You can use it to regulate the performance of the heater according to the requirements of the environment in which you are working.

It has inbuilt safety features that protect the motor and combustion chamber from easily getting damaged. This feature helps you get real value for your money because it protects the internal components of the heater from getting damaged.

Additionally, the handle is tough enough to withstand the weight of the entire device when you have to move it from place to place.

Some heaters have been known for having week handles that get damaged after a short time. However, the heater cannot be used to heat large garages that are more than 1,000 square feet in size.


  • Precision heating as a result of the continuous temperature adjustment functionality
  • The handle is tough enough to allow easy carrying and transportation of the heater
  • Has advanced inbuilt safety features


  • Unsuitable for use in large garages that measure over 1,000 square feet

6. Ridgid 18-Volt 60K BTU Hybrid Forced Air Propane Portable Heater

Ridgid 18-Volt 60K BTU Hybrid Forced Air Propane...
  • Includes: (1) 60K BTU hybrid forced air propane portable heater, (1) R840086 2.0Ah battery, (1) R840095 18-Volt charger and an operator's manual, propane tank and extension cords sold separately
  • Hybrid technology power heater fan pairs with any RIDGID 18-Volt battery or extension cord
  • High heat output with variable power dial 30,000 to 60,000 BTU output to keep warm on the coldest jobsites
  • Brushless motor technology - delivers more runtime and longer motor life
  • Extended propane runtime - up to 12 hours of continuous tank runtime using a standard 20 lb. tank on low heat output (tank not included)

Although this hybrid forced air propane heater is sold without a tank and extension cords, it is worth trying if you can access any Ridgid 18V battery and cords.

The heater has certain features that maximize its performance and usability. The most notable ones include the use of brushless motor technology and high battery runtimes.

Brushless motor technology maximizes the performance of the heater. Besides, the heater tends to run for long times while producing minimal noise as a result of the use of technology.

Its average runtime, which is 12 hours when the 20lbs propane tank is full, is similar to that of many heaters that fall within this category of an average of 60,000BTU.

However, you will have either to buy a new propane tank and extension cords or use old ones if you have had a heater of the same brand before. But this is not a big problem, considering that the heater’s performance matches those of brands that are sold as complete units.


  • Enhanced lifetime and performance of motor because of the use of brushless technology
  • High runtime of 12 hours offers great services


  • The propane tank and extension cords are sold separately

Wrap Up

Forced air propane heaters are a most powerful way to heat a garage and comfortable in the summer. They produce more heat and considered cleaner than kerosene heaters for garages.

Safety is important when using propane heaters. Look for models with oxygen depletion sensors so that they turn off automatically when the oxygen levels are below.

If you’re still not sure what propane heater to choose, try Mr. Heater 125,000 BTU Forced Air Propane Heater F271390. It’s powerful and heats rooms up to 1350 square feet. It has all the safety features plus other convenient features to help you get the best out of it.