What Is The Highest CFM Bathroom Fan

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1. Broan-Nutone L400 High Capacity Ventilator Fan

The Broan-Nutone L400 is marketed as a commercial fan that can be used in commercial buildings. True to this assertion, the fan has several features that make it worth considering if you are looking for the right tool to remove excess moisture and bad odors in large bathrooms in commercial buildings. 

Its capacity to move air is amazing: 434CFM. This means that the fan can provide sufficient ventilation in rooms that measure as much as 450 square meters.

It has a very powerful brushless DC motor that is fully greased to reduce the noise level of the fan and operate without requiring constant repair. The fan is amazingly quiet with a loudness score of 2.3 sones.  

Although this fan can be installed anywhere, including the wall or ceiling of your bathroom, the process is not easy. However, once you align the fan ducts properly, then the fan will be good to go. 


  • High performance because of the 434 CFM value
  • The sturdy metallic body and connector ducts enhance its durability 
  • The fun ducts are easily customizable vertically, horizontally, or the standard in-line


  • The installation process is long and complicated for non-technical users 

2. Broan-NuTone L300 High Capacity Ventilator Fan

The Broan-Nutone L300 is a heavy-duty fan ideal for use in large spaces that measure up to 310 square feet. These may be bathrooms and restrooms in commercial buildings, and conference rooms that need continuous ventilation.  

The fan provides steady, powerful, and effective performance, thanks to the inclusion of high-quality components and the use of a 20-gauge galvanized steel housing for their protection. 

Good fans should maintain a very low profile even if they are used in bathrooms and public restrooms in commercial buildings. Fans may be noisy because their moving components are not properly greased or they end up vibrating during operations.

Luckily, Broan-Nutone has been designed with these challenges in mind. It’s motor and other internal components are well greased. As a result, they can remain in excellent shape and operate silently for a long time.

Additionally, the body of the fan is sturdy enough to operate without much vibration. As a result, the fan maintains a very low profile. 

The only disadvantage of this fan arises when you have a large space that requires ventilation. The 310CFM value limits this fan to spaces that are less than 310 square feet. 


  • High-capacity fan suitable for use in large spaces like commercial restrooms
  • Low vibration during operations maximizes its durability and minimizes noise 
  • The installation process is straightforward and easy for anyone to follow 


  • Unsuitable for use in very large spaces that measure over 350 square feet 

3. Delta BreezProfessional Pro300, 300 CFM Bathroom Exhaust Bath Fan

Although this fan has been made for use in large bathrooms, it can still be used in large areas that require continuous ventilation, including work areas and recreation rooms.

It has an above-average airflow capacity of 300CFM, which is enough for mid-sized spaces such as standard bathrooms and kids’ rooms. 

This fan is excellent for use in the bathroom for two reasons: it is completely water-resistant and has built-in dampers to protect back drafting.

When drafts of air get sucked back into your fan, they end up casing the fan to overwork. This results in higher power consumption rates. 

There is a small green LED indicator light that you can use to tell when the fan is working or not. This can be helpful particularly when you are installing the fan for the first time and would like to test whether it is functioning.

Because of its low noise level, the small indicator light is the only way of telling that the fan is powered on and working.


  • Delivers value for money because the motor has been engineered to run continuously for 70,000 hours
  • Great user experience because of several features, such as the LED light indicator
  • Operates with minimal distraction because of the 2.0 sones score 


  • Installing this fan on the ceiling may require cutting for additional space

4. Panasonic FV-30VQ3 WhisperCeiling Ventilation Fan

The Panasonic FV-30VQ3 is one of the most amazing bathroom fans with mid-level technical capabilities. The greatest thing about this fan that you will enjoy is the way it moves fairly large volumes of air silently. 

Some fans with a CFM of over 270 tend to be noisy whenever they are set to operate at the highest speed level. However, this fan remains fairly silent yet its airflow capacity is 290CFM.

This is due to the excellent engineering of the fan and housing. With minimal vibration and a well-greased motor, the fan can only produce 2 sones of sound when operating.

Its installation, however, may be more complicated than you may think. The recommended procedures for installation using 6-inch ducts and the incorporated double hanger-bar system may be problematic at times.

But if you understand how to use the hanger system, then it will be easy to position this great fan and enjoy its amazing ventilation capabilities. 


  • The double hanger-bar system enables ideal positioning for optimal performance 
  • Can be installed directly over a bathtub using a GFCI protected circuit 
  • The heavy-duty housing guarantees longevity thus cutting down on repair and replacement costs 


  • Managing the double hanger bar during installation may take longer than expected 

5. BV Ultra-Quiet 200 CFM, 2.0 Sones Bathroom Ventilation, and Exhaust Fan

Although the BV Ultra-Quiet Bathroom Fan has an average CFM value of 200 (some high CFM fans have 350), it can still be relied upon to ventilate small areas quite well.

It can maintain the air quality of spaces that measure up to 200 square feet by effectively sucking excess humidity and bad odors that are found in bathrooms. 

Additionally, the fan requires a small opening on the ceiling that measures 10.5 inches by 10. Inches. Some large fans require large cuttings or even 15 by 15 inches.

Cutting the small opening makes it very easy for the grilles to cover the fan completely and maintain the beauty of your bathroom ceiling. 

Mounting this fan should not be a problem if you understand the basics of installing fans on ceilings or bathrooms. The suspension brackets are supposed to be used as extensions when mounting the fan on the wall of your bathroom. Some people may find the entire process very time consuming and technical.  


  • It causes minimal distraction because of a low sones score of only 2.0 
  • The housing has been built to withstand excess moisture and other environmental conditions and keep the motor safe for long
  • The inclusion of the dampers helps the fan to more efficient in consuming energy by preventing backdrafts 


  • The installation and mounting procedures are long 

6. Broan-Nutone 504 Exhaust Fan

The Broan-Nutone 504 Exhaust Fan can be a great companion for collecting and removing all the bad odors and excess humidity in your house. The grilles are effective at sucking in all unwanted odors from the kitchen and the bathroom and directing them outside through the duct. 

Also, when you need the house to be warm, this fan can suck warm air that accumulates near the ceiling and distribute it across all the rooms in the house. It is a multipurpose fan that you would want to have in your house at all times. 

The installation process is straightforward if you understand a thing or two about such fans. The mounting brackets and keyhole strokes are supposed to make the mounting process very easy to complete. 

The main drawback of this fan is that its level of loudness is high. Some high-performance bathroom fans with CFM scores of over 300 have sones scores of less than 3.0.  


  • The polymeric grills can be painted to match the color of your walls
  • Great performance because of the excellent airflow capability of 350CFM
  • Low footprint means that you do not have to make big cuts on your ceiling during installation 


  • The loudness level of 6.5 sones higher than that of the majority of bathroom exhaust fans that are marketed as high-performance brands