Best 12000 BTU Mini Split

Mini Splits are rapidly growing in popularity as they’re energy-efficient, cost-effective, and have versatile installation options. They offer better temperature control as every indoor unit works independently to set different temperatures for the rooms in your home without maintaining uniformity in the entire space.

With this zone cooling, you can decrease your household’s energy usage, as you’ll only need to cool the parts of your home that you need.

However, it’s important to match your mini-split air conditioners’ size with the size of your room. Fortunately, a 12,000 BTU will give you enough power for small and spaces around your home.

When buying mini-split air conditioning systems, units with 12K BTUs are considered the most ideal because they are powerful, energy-efficient, and affordable compared to others.

While units below 12000 BTUs are energy-efficient, they might not be powerful enough for your room, depending on the square foot, insulation, ceiling height, and climate. On the other hand, units above 12000 BTUs tend to be less efficient but powerful enough for larger rooms.

Is a 12000 BTU Mini Split worth Buying?

For anyone looking for an effective air conditioner that saves energy costs and keeps you comfortable in any weather, a 12,000 BTU mini-split is a great option.

Although it’s important to match your air conditioner with your room’s size, 12K BTU mini-splits work well with most small and medium spaces. As such, a 12K BTU mini-split is worth buying for any weather, although some brands might not be very effective with negative temperatures.

Nonetheless, most 12K BTU ductless air conditioners will keep you comfy while saving on energy costs.

Benefits of 12000 BTU Mini-split system

Energy Efficiency

A mini-split is among the most energy-efficient ways to heat and cool your home. Reputable 12K BTU mini splits are energy certified and can save you 20-60% on your household heating bills. Unlike the central air conditioning systems that tend to leak, these mini splits are efficient as they don’t let any energy go to waste. 

Easier Control

Unlike central conditioners that heat or cool the air around your entire house, 12K BTU mini-split systems allow you to limit the temperature in one room and set a different temperature on another. Even better, most modern 12K mini splits come with wireless controllers to allow you to set the temperature you like. 

Room Size

When buying a mini-split air conditioner, the size of your room will highly influence the unit you choose. However, not many people are sure of their room size, which might lead to purchasing an underpowered unit.

Fortunately, a 12K BTU mini-split system will work well with most medium and large rooms around your home. However, it’s important to note your room’s insulation and the number of zones you’re planning to cool. 

How Many Square Feet Will A 12000 BTU Mini Split Cool?

The higher the BTU, the more power that a ductless air conditioning unit can deliver. As such, a 12000BTU mini-split heater and air conditioner will be perfect for any room between 350 to 500 square feet. However, you consider adding a 20% BTU if your house has poor insulation and 30% if you live in areas with over 90 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures.

How Much Will It Cost To Run A 12000 BTU Mini Split?

The cost of running your ductless mini split conditioner will depend on the brand you buy and your room’s requirements. However, you can reduce the operation costs by buying an air conditioner with a high SEER rating and reducing the number of hours you use it daily. Nonetheless, you can expect to pay about $0.16 per hour, even with the best 12000 BTU mini-split. 

How Many Watts Is A 12000 BTU Mini Split?

There are around three power levels with a 12000 BTU mini-split, including 1200 watts, 800 watts, and 400 watts. However, you’ll need all the power to stay comfortable during sweltering days. Fortunately, you can run the system continuously. 

Things To Consider When Choosing A Mini-Split System

Number of Zones

Before buying a mini-split, consider the zones in your hose that you need to cool or heat. Although most mini splits only have a single indoor unit, only servicing one area like a living room or the bedroom, you can get a unit that services multiple zones. With multi-zone mini split conditioners, you get several indoor units connected to a single outdoor compressor. Fortunately, each indoor unit comes with an independent thermostat to personalize your rooms’ temperature based on your preference. 

Energy Efficiency

An efficient way to remain comfortable with being energy efficient is by choosing a mini-split with an inbuilt heat pump. Instead of using large amounts of electricity to keep you warm, the built-in heat pump takes warm air from outside and transfers it to your home. The process uses very little electricity and thereby very economical.  

Temperature Range

While a 12000K BTU mini-split unit can work in different areas, your locality’s temperature is a huge consideration when buying an air conditioner. Whether you want to heat or cool your home, you’ll want a system that makes use of ambient heating and cooling that works despite scorching hot or frigid temperatures without breaking down the compressor. 

Noise Levels

With the compressor located outside the house, most 120000 BTU mini splits can operate quietly without interrupting your sleep, studies, and other activities. However, you’ll need to consider those close to the compressor as they’ll be the ones most affected by any noise it creates. However, you shouldn’t have noise issues with units running at 45 dB or lower.  


The best 12000 BTU mini-split comes with an installation kit, making the set up easy. That typically includes electrical wiring, copper wires, draining tubes, and wall sleeves, though that may vary depending on the brand. However, most units require a professional to install, although they might be advertised as DIY friendly. 

Best 12000 BTU Mini Split – Reviews

1. Pioneer Air Conditioner WYS012A-19 Wall Mount Mini Split

Built-in a wall-mounted design to save you ground space, the Pioneer WYS012A-19 is an affordable air conditioning system ideal for 500-square-ft rooms. This mini-split system comes with an impressive 17.2 SEER rating, showing off Pioneer’s efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

With the loudest parts of this mini split located outside, the WY012A-19 delivers a nearly silent operation that’s hardly audible when running. Besides being extremely quiet at different speeds, it supports multiple modes to make you comfortable regardless of your area’s temperature. You can choose between cool, heat, dry, or fan modes. 

The auto-restart feature ensures that the air conditioner turns on with the original setting after a power blackout is restored. You also get a programmable timer that the mini-split on or off for up to 24 hours in advance. Even better, you can angle it to push the air directly where you want it. 


  • Affordable heating and cooling system with installation kits
  • Precise temperature control with multiple modes and a timer
  • Optional Wi-Fi control when connected to your tablet or smartphone


  • Professional installation required to connect the indoor and outdoor units
  • Pioneer only gives a warranty for the parts, so you’ll need to hire a professional to troubleshoot in case of breakages

2. Senville SENL-12CD Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump

The Senville SENL-12CD is a versatile 12000 BTU mini split that comes as an affordable solution to heating and cooling in your home or business. This air conditioner and heater boast a 19 SEER high-efficiency rating, with an inbuilt heat pump that can work up to -15 degrees Celsius to make it suitable for most climates.

This exceptionally designed and efficient mini split air conditioner hardly produces any noise, ensuring you get a comfortable experience while running it. Senville has also included a high-efficiency inverter that delivers advanced eco-friendly performance, drastically cutting your energy costs by about 20%. 

With the Senvile SENL-12CD, the installation costs are low as this mini split model comes with the installation kit and other accessories. Unlike many inferior models, the SENL-12CD 12000BTU mini splits include the necessary piping for the hookup, and they’re pre-charged with R410A refrigerant. 


  • Impressive energy ratings for maximum efficiency
  • Comers with multiple operating modes for heating, cooling, dehumidifying and more
  • It’s among the quietest air conditioning and heating systems on the market 
  • It offers a two-year warranty for parts and five years for the compressor


  • It might be challenging to install on your own. Therefore you need professional HVAC installation services.

3. Bosch Ultra-Quiet 12K BTU Mini Split Air Conditioner and cooling system

The Bosch Ultra-Quiet 12K BTU Mini Split is an energy-efficient unit that’s flexible enough to offer ion-demand comfort in different areas. This 2nd generation mini split model from Bosch is also easy to install and maintain, making it an incredible option to the traditional HVAC systems. 

With a 20.7 SEER rating, this 12K BTU mini-split from Bosch uses a combination of energy-efficient technologies to reduce your electric bill. It comes with compact and modern aesthetics, with an easily concealable outdoor condenser. The system is even better for places where traditional HVAC electric ductwork isn’t practical, like enclosed patios.  

You get a wireless back-lit remote for easy personalization, allowing you to set a timer, silent mode, or turbo speed to give you the best comfort. Additionally, this 12K BTU Mini Split conditioner is ideal for room reaching up to 400 square feet, cooling your home even when the outdoor temperature reaches -13 degrees Fahrenheit.   


  • Features combination of energy-efficient technology to save money and maximize comfort
  • Compact design and easily concealable outdoor condenser
  • Easy to install and it features an integrated multi-part filter that’s simple to access and clean
  • Unbelievably quiet


  • It doesn’t work well with very large rooms

4. Classic America WiFi Ductless Wall Mount Mini Split Inverter Air Conditioner 

With an elegant design that suits most modern homes, the Classic America Ductless air conditioner is a powerful and highly dependable mini-split unit. The system uses 220-230 VAC electric power, with a 15 SEER efficiency rating and ETL approval. 

Classic America has included a remote controller with this ductless mini split inverter, together with an easy installation kit. Even better, the Classic America Ductless Mini Split Inverter is easy to use thanks to its automatic air swing, timer, sleep function, and auto-restart. That means when there’s a power outage, the mini-split will restore the previous setting when it’s restored. 

To complete the installation, you’ll need to have a manifold gauge and a vacuum pump. Fortunately, the Classic America Ductless air conditioner is pre-charged, meaning that if there’s no air purging out, check for leakage signs.


  • Very low maintenance with everything you need to clean the washable filters regularly regularly
  • Great efficiency and performance packed in an elegant design
  • The sleep mode mimics your body’s changing temperature levels


  • Needs a licensed contractor to install
  • Not as energy-efficient as other competitors

5. Daikin 12,000 BTU Wall-Mounted Ductless Air Conditioner

The Daikin 12K BTU Wall-Mounted ductless air conditioner is an all-in-one cooling and heating system with a smart inverter for energy efficiency. This Daikin 17 series air conditioner comes with a host of convenience and operating features to cool any space less than 550 square feet. 

With the Daikin 17 series, you’ll not only stay all summer but also when winter comes. This 17 SEER air conditioning unit also comes with an auto changeover feature, which will keep you cozy as long as you set your desired temperature. Additionally, it comes with several special operating modes, including Auto, Powerful Operation, Quiet Function, and ECO+.

Outfitted with various convenience features, this wall-mounted ductless air conditioner from Daikin gives you a worry-free operation while providing reliable and warranty-backed heating. It comes with an automatic defrosting system with an anti-corrosion treatment and a 10-year warranty on parts. 


  • Heating and cooling with automatic changeover for a seamless transition through seasons
  • Multiple operating modes for any weather
  • Various safety and operating features
  • Anti-corrosion treatment 


  • You might need supplemental heat for negative temperatures

6. Klimaire 12,000 BTU KSIV 19 SEER Mini-Split

Klimaire’s highly effective mini split air conditioner features an outdoor and an indoor unit with remote control for a seamless operation. The outdoor unit comes pre-charged and can accommodate up to 25 ft of refrigerant lines. 

The Auto-Clean feature cleans and dries the unit’s evaporator seamlessly, keeping it fresh for your next operation. Even better, this 19 SEER air conditioning unit comes in an ultra-quiet design while operating effectively and efficiently to heat and cool spaces of up to 550 square feet. 

Klimaire’s 19 SEER mini-split also presents a range of extraordinary features like low ambient heating and can cool down to 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Other incredible features include remote control settings, customizable infrared, turbo operations, self-cleaning, auto restart, and sleep mode. The compressor is also backed by a 5-year warranty, although it’s not designed for negative temperatures.


  • It comes with a modern inverter that optimizes energy usage while offering exceptional heating and cooling
  • The auto-clean function makes the unit easy to clean and prevent the growth of mildew
  • It comes with a home freeze protection feature that keeps your home cool when you’re away for extended periods. 


  • Not ideal for a DIY installation, and hiring a professional might be costly

7. Cooper and Hunter 2 Zone Mini Split

With the Cooper and Hunter 2-zone mini-split, you’ll enjoy a comfortable home no matter the temperature outside. This multi-zone mini split works with temperatures as low as -13 degrees Fahrenheit, with a whisper-quiet operation that saves you up to 60% of heating power compared to other alternatives. 

Cooper and Hunter’s multi-zone system allows you to cool and heat two areas in your home/ office, with an incredible 21.3 SEER rating. It also features whisper-quiet technology to ensure you enjoy a peaceful night with ambient cooling options that work with up to 13 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The Cooper and Hunter 12000 BTU mini-splits are Wi-Fi ready, and you can pair your smartphone for easy control, although you need an additional adapter for the feature. More importantly, the outdoor unit comes pre-charged, and you get several accessories to help you with the installation and a five-year warranty on parts. 


  • It comes with an in-built heat pump that’s energy-star certified
  • The unit is Wi-Fi ready for seamless operation via smartphone
  • An installation kit is available
  • Turbo cooling to keep you comfortable at different temperatures


  • Slight bulky
  • The warranty is only valid when installed by a professional


Whether you’re in the height of summer or the plight of winter, a 12000 BTU mini-split is the perfect multi-purpose unit to stay comfortable all year long.

These ductless systems work great for medium and small spaces while being energy efficient to save you money on electricity costs. Feel free to buy any of the seven best 12000 BTU mini-splits above.