The 10 Best Wood Stove Fan No Electricity Reviews 2022

Wood stoves have become popular because of how efficient they heat a room and how cheap they are to run compared to turning on the central heat.

However, the space around the wood stove is usually hotter than other zones in the room. To fix the temperature variation, you need a wood stove fan to disperse the heat evenly throughout the room.

When selecting the best wood stove fan, you can choose between an elective stove fan or non-electric wood stove fan. Both have their pros and cons.

In this review, I’ve only included the best wood stove fan no electricity. These fans help create a more even and comfortable temperature in the room. They also reduce fuel consumption, are easy to operate, and require low maintenance.

My Overall #1 Rated Pick

Ecofan AirMax Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan
This heat-powered fan doesn't need electricity as it converts heat from the wood stove into power. As a result, it warms spaces up to 38% faster and is 18% more efficient than other models. It's been tested in the harshest winters and is ideal for all room sizes.


Best Value for Money

Voda 4-Blade Heat Powered Stove Fan
Designed to run quietly, this fan works without electricity or a battery. It's made of long-lasting materials, which makes it last long. It circulates air 80% more efficient than 2 blade fans.

Wood Stove Fan Comparison Table

What is a Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan?

how does the best wood stove fan no electricity work?A heat powered wood stove fan is a special type of fan that does not require electricity to operate.

The fan is composed of a small motor, thermometer, and other components needed to convert heat energy into kinetic energy and then distribute it around a room. Thus, you do not need any other form of energy apart from your wood stove to keep a fan working.

The fan is usually placed on the top of a wood stove. When the woodstove warms up, the fan automatically begins to run. The blades of the fan distribute the warm air generated from the heat of the stove, thus making your home cozy.

In principle, a stove fan spreads the heated air generated by your woo stove horizontally. Your wooded stove heats the air from burning wood fuel. Sadly, the air from a wood stove burner rises vertically.

The warm air from your energy-efficient wood stove cannot effectively move around the home to regulate the temperature. However, by using a wood stove fan, the air is redistributed all around the house.

How Does a Non Electric Wood Stove Fan Work?

To understand how a wood stove fan works, it is necessary to remember that energy can be changed from one form to another.

Primarily, a wood stove fan successfully drives the conversion of heat energy from your wood stove to kinetic energy that drives its blades. However, there are other complex processes and components involved in the process.

The fan usually has a wide base that is normally made of aluminum. The wide base increases the surface area of contact between it and the top part of your burner.

As such, the fan can collect as much heat energy from your burner as possible. Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat; therefore, it maximizes the amount of heat energy that the fan absorbs from your wood stove.

The absorbed heat then moves up from the base of the fan to a small component called a Peltier cooler. By default, the Peltier cooler will experience a small difference in temperature from the base of the fan.

This small difference in temperature leads to the generation of a small voltage. Thus, the base of the fan and the Peltier cooler effectively convert heat energy from the woodstove to electric energy.

The generated electric energy drives a small motor that is found inside the fan. The motor, in turn, drives the blades of the fan. As a result, the blades of the fan effectively move warm air all around the room.

The ability of the fan to warm large spaces depends on its air moving capacity measured in terms of CFM or cubic feet per meter. The higher the CFM value of a fan, the larger the area that is can effectively service.

In summary, your wood stove fan conveniently converts heat energy from the top surface of the stove into electrical energy. The electrical energy powers the motor, which in turn, drives the blades of the fan. Thus, electric energy is converted into kinetic energy.

Why you Need Wood Stove Fans on Top of Stove

the importance of wood stove fan non electricOne of the major benefits of using a stove fan is keeping your house warm without incurring additional costs of operating electric or oil-filled heaters.

Oil or ceramic heaters are usually good options for warming the house. They are quite powerful and can be controlled using a multifunction remote control device or simply the digital controls that are included in their housing.

However, they cost money in terms of maintenance and power. You will have to incur additional costs of power if you decide to keep them.

A fan for wood burning stove, on the contrary, does not require electricity to operate. It utilizes the heat that is generated by your wood stove to heat the home. Thus, if you own a wood stove, then it would be appropriate to get a wood stove fan for warming the house.

Two, owning a wood stove goes a long way in reducing the amount of wood fuel that you use on your wood stove. The savings in the costs of fuel result in an efficient way in which wood stove fans collect heat energy from the stove and distribute warm air around the house. Thus, a wood stove fan can be viewed as a special heat reservoir in your home.

Although the percentage by which circulating fans wood stoves reduce the amount of fuel that one may require for their wood stove varies, some manufacturers of the fans put are at 18% to 30%. This means that you will save up to 30% of the amount of money that you use to purchase wood fuel for the burner.

Reducing the amount of fuel that one uses on the wood stove may have far-reaching positive effects on the environment. Using a lot of wood fuel translates to many trees being cut and converted to wood. Therefore, a reduction in the amount of wood fuel consumed in your home will have a positive effect on the environment.

Three, using a convection fan for wood stove comes with the additional benefit of keeping your home warm for long. The fans have inbuilt self-regulating mechanisms to control their operations. When the temperatures rise to a given level, normally about 212 degrees Fahrenheit, the motor of the fan automatically starts to run.

The speed increases as the temperatures rise to a given level. When the temperature of the burner reduces, the speed of the fan follows suit. Thus, using a wood stove fan is one of the most effective ways of keeping a house warm.

Things to Consider When Choosing Wood Stove Fan Non Electric

using Ecofan wood stove fan


The design of a heat-activated fan for wood stove matters because you will place the device at the top of your fireplace.

If the design is not aesthetically appealing, then the presence of the fan may undermine the interior decoration of your house. However, if the design blends well with the style used in your home, then it will enhance the general beauty.

When buying a wood stove fan, consider not only the color of the body but also the general design. Some fans have elegant designs and colors that match with nearly all modern interior décor styles.

Others have been designed to be used in houses that have retro styles. Therefore, think about your interiors before choosing the most appropriate wood stove fan.


Although heat powered fan for wood stoves have been built to operate for long without requiring heavy maintenance procedures, they cannot be ignored forever.

Occasionally, you will be required to carry out low-level maintenance procedures on your fan. This may involve wiping the body and oiling the fans to ensure that the device remains in perfect working condition.

Some fans come with a maintenance kit that includes the right oil to be used for the blades. Others still are sold with detailed instructions on how to maintain all the parts of the fan. To get value for your money, consider how easy it is to maintain the fan before choosing one.

You also need to fireproof wall behind wood stove to protect your house from excessive heat and flames.

CFM Rating

The CFM rating measures the amount of air that a fan can move within a meter. The rating is important in helping you to determine how effective a fan will be in spreading warm air in your room.

The rule of thumb is that 1CFM is enough for a 1 square foot of space. Thus, a fan that has a rating of 200CFM can effectively distribute the air in a space that measures 200 square feet.

If you have a large room, then it will make sense to go for a wood stove fan that has a high CFM rating. However, fans with high CFM ratings tend to be more expensive than those with low CFM ratings.0

Temperature Capacity

Although stovetop fans operate within the temperature range of 212 degrees Fahrenheit to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, some require higher or lower temperatures than this range.

Some fans with low-temperature capacities require low levels of heat for their motors to start operating. Similarly, such fans reach their maximum heating capacity sooner than those with high heat requirements.

Checking the temperature capacity of the wood fans that you intend to purchase will help you get the right device for your home. A wood stove fan that has the proper temperature capacity will serve you better than one with either too low or high heat capacity.

Best Wood Stove Fan No Electricity

1. Ecofan AirMax Wood Stove Fan

Ecofan AirMax, Classic Styled, Heat Powered Wood...
  • Warm your room up to 38% faster with the largest and highest performing Ecofan model, the Ecofan AirMax
  • Ideal for all room sizes, the AirMax circulates more warm air further into your home!
  • Tested and proven to save you up to 18% in fuel with more efficient distribution of heat from your wood stove
  • No electricity needed, Ecofans generate power by converting the heat from your wood stove into electricity
  • Designed and manufactured in Canada for over 20 years, Ecofans have been tested in the harshest winters and come with a 2 year limited warranty

The Ecofan AirMax Wood Stove Fan is one of the best devices that you can use to warm the air in small rooms in your home. This model is a great improvement to the previous ones in terms of efficiency and performance.

It circulates warm air in a room 38% faster than the earlier models. Also, the fan can efficiently reduce the amount of fuel that you burn in the woodstove by 18% because it effectively converts the heat to electric and, consequently, kinetic energy.

Therefore, it can keep the entire room warm and keep your woodstove fuel consumption levels low.


  • Circulates warm air in rooms 38% faster than early models
  • Reduces fuel consumption by 18% through the effective conversion of heat into electric energy


  • Unsuitable for use in rooms that measure more than 175 square feet

2. Sonyabecca Heat Powered Stove Fan

Heat Powered Stove Fan with Magnetic Thermometer 4...
  • Heat powered: Heat powered stove fans generate power by converting the heat from stove into electricity, electricity generating units convert the heat energy into kinetic energy to drive the motor, then the blades spin.No batteries or electricity required, eco-friendly.
  • 4-blade, large air volume: Upgrade 4 blades, diffuse warm air throughout the whole room. Just place the stove fan on a smooth flat surface of your stove top ,near the side or back of the stovepipe. Need to place stove fan at least 4" away from stovepipe. It will work when the stove surface hot.
  • 50°C(122°F)-340°C(644°F) working temperature: The fan spins when the temperature is reached 50°C(122°F).The hotter the base of the fan gets, the faster the fan turns, and the more air the fan circulates into the room. It will slow down and stop as the stove cools. Also come with a magnetic thermometer to monitor temperature.
  • Anodized aluminum material: The whole fan is made from anodized aluminum, which will not rust or corrode when the fan is getting hot.
  • Quiet, no noise: The only moving part is the blade assembly, quiet and no noise generate. You will not even know this fan is there, but you will feel the warmth. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question.

With an air moving capacity of 360CFM, four high-quality blades, and an included magnetic thermometer for monitoring temperature, this fan can be the ideal choice if you are keen on performance.

Its four leaf-shaped blades are quite effective in collecting and distributing warm air in spaces that measure up to 360 square feet.

The use of rust-resistant anodized aluminum for the body of the fan enhances its durability and usefulness.

Additionally, the magnetic thermometer lets you monitor the temperature and stop the fan from overheating when the wood stove temperature rises rapidly.


  • It is sold with a magnetic thermometer for monitoring the temperature
  • Its four blades are very effective in distributing warm air
  • Highly durable because of the use of anodized aluminum material


  • The fan can be slightly noisy when running at high speed

3. Tomersun 3 Blades Heat Powered Stove Fan

Tomersun 3 Blades Heat Powered Stove Fan for...
  • Compact Size--8.7 x 6.7 x 3.6 inches, the material of the stove fan is aluminum.
  • No Batteries or Electricity required--The wood burner fan uses heat from the stove surface to spin, adjusting its speed automatically with the stove surface temperature.
  • Longer lifetime--There is a Bi-metallic safety device at the base of the stove fan. If the surface temperature rises around 300℃, the safety device gently elevates the front of the fan to protect the TEG and motor.
  • Whisper-quiet--The only moving part of this heat powered fan is the blade assembled. You don't even know the stove fan is there, but you will FEEL the WARMTH!
  • Less Consumption, More Efficiency--The stove fan will help reduce the fuel consumption and make the room warmer quickly.

The Tomersun Fan Stove is an outstanding device because of the inbuilt safety features. When the temperature of the woodstove rises to about 550 degrees Fahrenheit, a safety device is activated.

The base of the fan is slightly elevated to shield the sensitive parts against getting into direct contact with the heat from the stove. As a result, the fan delivers value for money.

This fan operates silently because of two reasons: the compact design of its blades and the nature of its body.

Even when running at high speed, the small-sized blades of the fan move elegantly and produce very little noise. Therefore, you can comfortably use the fan in the house when you need total silence.


  • Compact design adds to the general décor of your fireplace
  • Contains inbuilt advanced safety features to prevent overheating
  • Operates quietly


  • It can easily get damaged when the temperature of the woodstove rises to over 600 degrees Fahrenheit

4. Ecofan UltrAir, Heat Powered Stove Fan

Ecofan® UltrAir, Classic Styled, Heat Powered...
  • Ecofan has been designed with premium materials and tested in Canadian winters since 1994
  • Tested and proven to save you up to 14% in fuel with more efficient distribution of heat from your wood stove
  • Patented design, tested and proven to warm a room 31% faster
  • Ecofan blades are CE compliant with rounded edges for FingerSafe operation
  • Made in Canada with a 2 Year Limited Warranty

The Ecofan UltrAir functions by automatically detecting the temperature of your woodstove and adjusting its speed accordingly. When the temperatures start to fall, the speed of the fan reduces.

Therefore, you can use the speed of the fan as an indicator of the status of the fire in the woodstove. Moreover, the speed of the fan can show you when to stop the fan to prevent damages from overheating.

The most notable disadvantage of using this fan relates to its air movement capacity. Although wood stove fans do not have exceptionally high capacities, the 125CFM of this fan is lower than what most fans in the category have.


  • Reduces fuel consumption by 14% as a result of efficient distribution of heat
  • Highly durable because the body of the fan is made from high-quality metal
  • Its self-regulating feature enhances the user experience


  • Low CFM value of 125

5. Warpfive Heat Powered Stove Top Fan

Heat Powered Stove Top Fan for Wood Multi-Fuel...
  • The Steelhead operates across a broad temperature range from 110 C to 450 C (230 F and 842 F)
  • Works on any wood burner, multi-fuel or coal stove and moves in excess of 320 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air
  • Small precision engineered Stirling engine with no electrical components -runs quietly and uses only heat as fuel
  • Made in the UK with durable materials such as aluminum, brass and stainless steel.
  • Includes clear dome dust cover and maintenance kit

The Warpfive Heat Powered Stove Top Fan is an excellent device that you can use to effectively warm standard-sized rooms in your home. The fan has a CFM value of 320 that is enough to provide warmth in large indoor spaces.

Moreover, the use of steel, aluminum, and brass makes this fan very durable and appealing. Every blade has been specially engineered to maximize the general efficiency and appearance of the fan.

Although the Warpfive Heat Powered Stove Top Fan comes with a maintenance kit, you need a good level of knowledge of how these fans function to use the kit properly. This may be a challenge for new users.


  • High air moving capacity of 320CFM
  • Highly durable because the body is made of stainless steel, aluminum, and brass


  • Using the maintenance kit may be problematic for new users

6. Home-Complete Stove Fan

Home-Complete Stove Fan- Heat Powered Fan for Wood...
  • ECO-FRIENDLY- This eco-friendly fan is powered by the heat produced by your fireplace or wood burning stove; the blades spin faster as the fire gets hotter, dispersing the heat throughout the room, no electricity needed!
  • STOKING INDICATOR- The blades will slow as the fire goes down, giving you a built-in indicator of when to stoke and add more wood.
  • QUIET- The blades are the only moving parts on this stove fan so unlike noisy forced air fans, it is whisper quiet.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE- The fan requires very little attention to keep it running well, simply dust it off occasionally, and put some light oil on the blade shaft to keep it spinning smoothly and quietly!
  • PRODUCT DETAILS- 170-190 CFM Above 900 RPM and MAX Temperature of 644 F (340 C). For safety, Fan should be placed on the back of the stove (not in front) at least 4 inches away from the stove pipe.

If you are looking for an effective yet easy to maintain wood stove fan to keep your house warm, then the Home-Complete Stove Fan may be the ideal choice.

To keep the fan in a good state for a long time, you only need to occasionally apply a little oil to the blades. Moreover, the steel blade is highly durable, thus helping you save the money that you would otherwise use to replace the fan regularly.

It is very easy and convenient to use the fan. The built-in fire stoking indicator lets you know when it is time to restoke the fire in your stove.

Also, by monitoring the speed of the fan, you can stop it altogether when the temperature exceeds the recommended maximum value of 644 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Low maintenance costs and processes
  • It has a built-in fire stoking indicator for monitoring when the fire goes down


  • Low CFM value of 190

7. VODA Heat Powered Stove Fan

Heat Powered Stove Fan for Wood/Log...
  • Heat powered - no batteries or electricity required.
  • Efficiently circulates warm air throughout the room.
  • Less consumption, more efficiency.
  • Innovative and durable design.
  • Silent operation

This Heat Powered Stove Fan is the perfect solution when you need to keep your house warm without incurring extra costs associated with maintaining and electric heater.

Apart from giving you warmth by converting heat energy into electrical and kinetic forms, this fan helps to minimize the amount of fuel that you use on your woodstove.

It is quite efficient in converting the energy from burning wood, thus saving you the extra costs of buying fuel and minimizing your impact on the environment.

Because only the blades of the fan move during operation, you can use this fan without worrying about noise. It is more silent than other alternatives, including blowers.

Moreover, maintaining it is not a big problem: you only need to oil the moving parts occasionally to keep things going smoothly.

The only drawback of using this weed stove fan is that it can easily get damaged when it falls. However, if you are careful enough, you can get real value for your money from using it.


  • Its innovative design can be a great addition to your interior décor
  • Has an extendable handle for easy management even when the fan is hot


  • It easily gets damaged when it falls down

8. VonHaus Large 4 Blade Heat Powered Wood Stove

VonHaus Large 4 Blade Heat Powered Wood Stove Eco...
  • IMPROVE THE PERFORMANCE OF YOUR STOVE HEATER – heat-powered fan increases the efficiency of your freestanding stove heater/pellet heater, or wood/log burner by effectively distributing heat. Includes a magnetic temperature gauge to monitor the heat and stove fan performance
  • NO POWER SOURCE REQUIRED – a thermoelectric module acts as a small generator to power the fan’s premium quality motor. No batteries or electricity required!
  • SELF REGULATING – operates automatically between 122 - 660°F with self-regulating speed. The temperature gauge included allows you to monitor and optimism stove fan efficiency to avoid damage by overheating. 160 - 190 CFM
  • ENERGY SAVING – there’s no need to invest in additional heat sources or turn up the power on your stove, you can enhance the conditions with effective distribution alone
  • DIMENSIONS – H9" x W7.4" x D3.5 inches. Extra-large design to make maximum impact

This is a highly versatile wood stove fan because of three things: its large size, the use of four blades, and the inclusion of a self-regulating feature.

Compared to many other wood stove fans that are currently available on the market, this fan is larger. It measures 9 by 7.4 by 3.5 inches. This extra-large enables the fan to have a greater effect of moving warmed air around the house.

The use of four blades also enhances the motor capacity of the fan to ensure that a lot of warm air is distributed within the house in a short time. Thus, the fan helps you to effectively utilize the fuel that you use in your wood stove.

The self-regulating feature improves the performance of the fan as much as its overall safety. By ensuring that the temperature does not exceed 600 degrees Fahrenheit, you can keep the fan functional for long.


  • A temperature gauge is included to help you monitor the fan
  • Has four large blades for maximum performance


  • Low maximum air moving capacity of 190CFM


9. GALAFIRE Wood Stove Fan

GALAFIRE 4-Blades Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan +...
  • ✅[ Must-Have Fireplace Accessories ] - Premium anodized aluminum heat-powered wood stove fan N430 makes your room warm faster + Magnetic thermometer monitors stove temperature to avoid over-heat.
  • ✅ [ No Running Cost ] - Self-starts at temp as low as 50°C / 122°F, no batteries or electricity required. Ideal operation temp is around 482°F/250°C, if the max temp on your stove top is even below 212°F/100°C, our stove fan is NOT recommended for you.
  • ✅ [ Powerful & Efficient ] - Warm air is pushed into the room rather than simply rises up to the ceiling or being trapped around the stove. This improves the stove efficiency and maximizes heat distribution throughout the room.
  • ✅ [ No Noise ] - Whisper quiet operation, soft heat circulation, ideal for a sweet cozy room.
  • ✅ [ 2-Years Warranty ] - The frequently asked questions can be found on the USER GUIDE, if any other questions or complaints during usage, please contact us directly for solutions. GalaFire is always here for help.

If you are looking for a modern wooden fan with excellent design and great performance capabilities, then the GALAFIRE wood stove fan may be the right choice for you.

It comes with a magnetic stove thermometer to help you ensure that the fan runs within its recommended temperature range. The fan automatically starts running when the surface temperature at the top of your wood stove is 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

Apart from helping you avoid the costs of maintaining an electric-powered fan, the GALAFIRE wood stove fan enables you to minimize the amount of fuel that you use on the stove.

The fan is quite efficient in utilizing the heat energy to warm the house, thus reducing your overall impact on the environment.


  • Comes with a magnetic stove thermometer for monitoring the temperature
  • Its whisper-quiet operation makes it ideal for maintaining the coziness of your home
  • Its high level of operational efficiency helps to reduce your fuel bills


  • The technical information provided on the user’s guide may be difficult to follow and apply

10. CWLAKON Heat Powered Stove Fan

CWLAKON Wood Stove Fan Heat Powered - Upgrade...
  • 【Start Automatically】Upgrade Technology,Reinforced 4 Blades,Faster Speed,Larger Air Volume.The heat powered stove fan is designed to circulate the warm air created by a wood / coal or pellet burning.Efficiently circulates warm air throughout the room.
  • 【Operating Temperature】No batteries or electricity required, this fireplace fan is powered by heat from the stove surface to spin. Auto start-up temperature is as low as 176°F (80°C), and higher temperatures lead to faster rotation (Don’t exceeding 608°F / 320°C). If the max temp on your stove top is even below 176°F/80°C, the fan will not work.
  • 【Whisper Quiet】Newly Designed Blade,Larger Air Volume,Lower noise.You don't even know the stove fan is there,but you feel the warmth!You will enjoy the warm air in a quiet and comfortable environment.
  • 【Safty Design】The stove fan support is made with Anodized Aluminum, able to resist high temperature up to 608°F(320°C), no deformation and no discoloration even after long time working under high temperature.
  • 【Longer Lifetime】There is a Bi-metallic safety device in the base of the fan.If the surface temperature rises above around 400°F (200°C),the safety device gently elevates the front of the fan to protect the TEG and motor.

The CWLAKON heat powered stove fan is a great device that delivers robust performance and great value for money.

It has an inbuilt safety mechanism to prevent possible problems that may arise from overheating. When the temperature on the surface of the wood stove reaches 662 degrees Fahrenheit, the base of the fan is slightly raised. This process protects the sensitive components from getting damaged by excess heat.

Furthermore, the fan has been made using high-quality metals, including anodized aluminum and steel. As such, you will end up getting a real value for your money from owning this fan because you will not have to replace it frequently. However, great performance comes at a price. Maintaining it requires good knowledge of how such fans work.


  • The high-temperature capacity of up to 662 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Very durable because the body is made of high-quality metals including anodized aluminum
  • Has an inbuilt safety feature to protect the motor and other internal components


  • The fan produces some noise when running at high speeds

Wrap Up

If you pick the right wood burning stove fan, you can save up to 20% of fuel. This might seem like a hoax, but it’s true. Just take into account all the important factors I’ve discussed in this review, and you’ll be able to find the best wood stove fan no electricity for your home.

If you’re not sure what product to pick, VODA’sheat powered stove fan is my top choice. It distributes more air across the room with 80% efficiency than any other 2 bladed stove fan models.

Also, it has a high CFM, easy to install and operate, and doesn’t require a battery.