10 Incredibly Decorative Bathroom Exhaust Fan With Light 2021

We spend a lot of time in the bathroom – it’s a calming place to begin and end each day aside from using it to maintain health and hygiene.

Whether you have a small or grand master bath, you can try plenty of decorating ideas to bring style and character to your room.

A decorative bathroom exhaust fan with light is a great way to improve and give your bath a touch that truly reflects your personality.

These units not only improve the lighting and remove the stale air but also eliminate excess moisture without your having to open a window, protect bathroom surfaces, and add supplemental heat during the cold weather.

10 Incredibly Decorative Bathroom Exhaust Fan With Light

1. Hunter 81030 Halcyon Bathroom Exhaust Fan and Light in Contemporary Cast Chrome

The cast chrome design and swirled marble glass enclosure of this fan can be great additions to the décor of your bathroom. They match very well with almost all color schemes that are used in bathroom interiors. Therefore, you do not have to spend a lot of time figuring out whether the fan will enhance the general look of your bathroom.

Apart from the elegant design, this fan has several other features that make it an ideal choice for use in your bathroom. With a 90CFM score and a 4-inch duct connector, this ventilator fan can effectively suck all the bad odors and excess humidity from your bathroom.

Also, it can effectively circulate air in your large bathroom to maintain excellent conditions at all times and prevent molds from forming. 

However, the main drawback of the Hunter 81030 Halcyon Bathroom Exhaust Fan is that the light combo does not come with bulbs. The good news is that it is fairly easy to get a good bulb from the market. 


  • The cast chrome finish blends well with contemporary styles
  • Great ability to circulate air because of the 90CFM score 
  • Operates without distractions because of the low loudness value of 2.5 sones


  • The light combo does not include the bulbs 

2. Hunter Home Comfort 90052 Hunter Saturn Decorative Bathroom Ventilation Fan with Light

The Hunter Home Comfort 90052 stands out from the rest because of its great design. The combination of frosted glass and metal with a satin white finish gives this exhaust fan an elegant and irresistible look. It’s slightly wide housing that measures 7.78 by 8.35 by 6.45 helps to brighten up space in your bathroom.

Using this fan can be quite convenient if you take advantage of some of its features. To make the clearing processes easy, you can replace the frosted glass cover with a screwless design. Having a screwless cover will eliminate the need for screwing and unscrewing it back whenever you would like to perform simple tasks. 

Also, you can choose whether to wire the fan motor and lamps together or independently. This decision, however, does not affect the overall performance of the fan. 


  • Great design that blends well with modern and traditional décor styles 
  • It can be used directly above bathtubs because it is fully resistant to wet conditions 
  • Great performance in collecting and removing odors and excess humidity from bathrooms


  • The typical ceiling installation process takes long

3. Hunter 83002 Ventilation Sona Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light

The Hunter 83002 has been designed for use in large bathrooms. With an airflow capacity of 110CFM, this fan can effectively ventilate the air in spaces that measure up to 110 square feet such as large bathrooms.

When the high CFM value is combined with the 4-inch vent duct connector, this fan can effectively free your large bathroom of all excess moisture and small organic compounds that usually cause bad odors. 

Apart from its performance, this fan has several features that enhance its appearance and functionality. The use of the sophisticated scrollwork housing complements the imperial bronze finish to give the fan a majestic look.

Also, unlike many other decorative fans for bathrooms, the Hunter 83002 has the additional option of a night bulb. You can install this to maximize the illumination in your bathroom at night. 

A major drawback of this fan is that it does not come with the additional night bulb. If you would like to increase illumination in your bathroom, then you will have to by a replacement night bulb kit for the fan. 


  • Great performance because of the 110CFM value 
  • Causes minimal distraction as a result of the low noise level of 3.0 sones 
  • Exquisite design comprising of the housing of scrollwork and an imperial bronze finish 


  • The additional night bulb is sold separately 

4. Hunter 80707 Garden District Oil Rubbed Bronze Bath Exhaust Fan and Light 

The oil-rubbed bronze finish and sand glass enclosures for the builds are the two features that make Hunter 80707 a unique bathroom fan. The oil-rubbed finish blends perfectly with most modern décor themes. Besides, if you choose to use a white bulb, then the fan can truly enhance the look of your bathroom even at night. 

Apart from its elegance, this fan is quite effective in ventilating the air in your bathroom. although it is only effective in small spaces that measure up to 70CFM, it is strong enough to circulate the air property and fight all the bad odors. And it remains quite silent even when the fan is at full speed. With a sones score of 1.5, you will hardly hear this fan in your bathroom. 

Hunter 80707 gives you the luxury of choosing how to wire the motor and lighting kit. For your convenience, you may keep the two components on one circuit. This way, you will have the added level of control of managing them from one switch. 


  • Unique design because of the sandglass enclosures for the bulbs
  • Ultra-silent during operation (1.5 sones)
  • Great control because of the inclusion of the 2-way switching feature 
  • Ideal for all types of homes because of the unique design and an oil-rubbed bronze finish 


  • The airflow capacity of 70CFM makes it unsuitable for use in large bathrooms

5. Lift Bridge Kitchen & Bath Decorative Series Oil Rubbed Bronze Exhaust Bath Fan

One of the biggest problems with exhaust fans is back drafting. Pockets of air may easily get sacked back through the duct into the fan.

This usually forces a fan to overwork to keep the air and odor-causing organic compounds out of the room. As a result, you may end up paying more for power because your fan works harder than it should be. 

The solution to this problem is including a damper within the fan. The damper prevents backdrafts from getting into the fan, thus enhancing its efficiency in eliminating odors and keeping a room clean.

The good news is that the Lift Bridge Kitchen & Bath DSQR110ORB has dampers installed within its system. Because of this, you end up enjoying a clean environment and not overpaying for power. 

In addition to its high level of efficiency, this fan has a notable airflow capacity of 110CFM and ana amazingly low sound level of 1.5 sones. This means that you can use it to clean the air in a bathroom that is 110 square feet and neve worry about it producing distracting noise when operating. 


  • Can provide ventilation in bathrooms that are as big as 110 square feet 
  • The use of steel in making the housing makes the fan very durable 
  • Efficient operation because of the damper that prevents back drafting 


  • Complex installation procedure 

6. Homewerks Worldwide 7117-01-BN Bathroom Fan

Homewerks Worldwide 7117-01-BN is a sturdy fan with a beautiful brushed nickel finish and great performance in terms of circulating air in rooms, removing bad odors, and keeping your bathroom humidity-free.

The use of galvanized steel for its housing maximizes durability and protects the fan from corrosion. You will end up not wasting money on repairs and replacements if you get this fan for your bathroom. 

Installing this fan is not a big problem if you have basic knowledge of mounting fans on ceilings or even walls. Its small footprint means that you may not have much cutting to do as it is the case when your fan is large. By using the brackets properly, you can have your fan up and running in under 30 minutes.  

The four-inch duct connector is a standard; however, some exhaust fans that are designed to be used in bathrooms have 6-inch duct connectors. The diameter of the duct connector does not determine the actual performance of your exhaust fan. 


  • Easy installation because of its small footprint 
  • Delivers value for money, thanks to its durability 
  • Ultra-silent operation because of the 1.0 sones value


  • 80CFM is average: the exhaust fan cannot be useful in a large bathroom

7. Tosca 7117-02 Bathroom Fan with Built in LED Light

One of the things that make the Tosca 7117-020BN stand out is the design. It has a modern brushed nickel grill that perfectly blends with almost any color of the walls and ceiling.

Moreover, the circular-shaped and mid-sized housing of the fan is small enough to fit naturally into you’re the opening of your ceiling. This enhances the appearance of the fan on the ceiling of your small bathroom.

Besides, its small size makes the installation process easy because you do not have to make additional cuttings. 

Apart from the design, the performance of the fan is worth commenting on. Although it is designed to cover small areas that are no more than 80 square feet, this fan is quite effective in removing bad odors and keeping the air fresh in such spaces.

Besides, it comes with a 4-inch duct connector that maximizes the amount of air that the fan can circulate in a room. 


  • It operates silently (1.1 sones)
  • The no-cut design makes the installation process fast and easy 
  • Its powerful while LED light of 4,000K is strong enough to illuminate a standard-sized bathroom at night 


  • At 80CFM, the fan can only function properly in small-sized bathrooms that do not exceed 80 square feet

8. Aero Pure ABF110 L6 W ABF110L6 110 CFM w/LED Light

The Aero Pure ABF110 L5 ABF110L5 may be the right bathroom fan for you if you are keen on performance.

With an airflow capacity of 110CFM and sone score of 0.9, this fan can circulate air successfully in large rooms that measure up to 110 square feet without causing distractions. A normal whisper measures 1.0 sones; therefore at 0.9 sones, this fan is barely audible even when it is at its peak performance. 

The fan has several other features that enhance its functionality. The integrated LED light kit is powerful enough to provide enough illumination in a large bathroom.

The night light option that is included provides the right illumination that you may need to do a few simple things like responding to an email on your phone while in the bathroom. 

The main drawback of this fan is in the installation process. If you are not skilled in managing ceiling fans, then following the manual during the installation process may be tedious and confusing. 

9. Broan-Nutone 744LEDNT Recessed Fan and Light Combo

The Broan-Nutone delivers great performance when used in a small bathroom. Its centrifugal fan effectively removes all odors and circulates enough air to keep such spaces fully ventilated. The 70CFM may just be enough to keep the air in your bathroom fully conditioned. 

The recessed light is one of the most innovative features of the fan. Mostly, handling protruding light kits in ceiling fans requires one to consider how their shapes match with the décor. However, having a recessed light kit makes things easy because you do not have to give much thought to how the shape of the kit blends with your interiors. 

As it is the case with all products, the Broan-Nutone 744LEDNT has its drawbacks. The biggest one relates to its capacity to move air in large spaces that measure up to 110 square feet or even more. In such a case, you may have to mount several of these fans because their capacity is limited to rooms that are about 70 square feet. 


  • The recessed lights provide an easy decoration solution for your ceiling 
  • Can be mounted directly above bathtubs when connected to a branch circuit that is GFCI connected
  • The included hanger bars simplify the installation process 


  • You will require to mount several fans if your bathroom is larger than 70 square feet 

10. Delta Electronics (Americas) Ltd. GBR100LED-DÉCOR

The BreezGreenBuilder GBR100LED is a beautiful fan with great performance, silent operation, and long-lasting life. It comes in four great finishing types: brushed nickel, brushed bronze, chrome, and polished white.

All these finishes enhance the beauty of the fan and make the decoration process easy. This is so because most contemporary bathroom finishes are in any of the colors of the finishes. 

The great performance of this fan is in the way it can conveniently move air within a room. Its innovative brushless DC motor delivers power enough to move 100CFM air at modest energy consumption rates.

If your bathroom is slightly larger than 100 square feet, you do not have to waste money installing two small fans. One BreezGreenBuilder GBR100LED is enough to keep the air in such a room free of all the bad odors that linger in bathrooms. 

When installing this fan on your ceiling, you may have to make extra cuttings to accommodate its size. This may be additional work to anyone who wants to get the fan up and running within the shortest time possible. 


  • The four different varieties of finishes blend with most contemporary bathroom accessories 
  • Operates very quietly because of a 1.5 sones score 
  • 100CFM provides enough capacity for clearing the air in large bathrooms 


  • The mounting process may require additional cutting on your bathroom ceiling