Payne Air Conditioner Problems

Like any other machinery, an air conditioning unit is also prone to problems. There will always be a reason behind these problems, but luckily, most of these problems are manageable and can be resolved.

In this article will look at the various common issues that your air conditioning system may experience from time to time.

Is Payne Worth the Money?

Payne air conditioners are worth every penny! They are an attractive choice for those homeowners looking for value as they offer good quality and average efficiency at a competitive cost.

How to Reset a Payne Air Conditioning Unit

Running your air conditioner for more prolonged periods could cause it to have problems, the same way running your phone for more extended periods may cause it to have issues operating. However, resetting your indoor and outdoor equipment could help it function properly. Below are Payne air conditioner troubleshooting tips and steps you could try.

Power Source

Ensure your air conditioner is connected to the power source and turned on. If the power source is off, it is pretty apparent your unit will not run.

Thermostat Setting

If the thermostat setting is not correctly set, you will have trouble with your air conditioner. If you are trying to warm your home, then be sure the thermostat is set to the warm setting and cooling mode if you are trying to cool your home.

Air Filter

Suppose your unit’s air filters are filled with debris, dust, and dirt, then your problems. So make sure the air filters are clean to ensure proper airflow.

Thermostat Batteries

If your Payne air conditioner thermostat uses batteries, you could try to check whether they are fully functional. If not, then you can replace them with new ones.

During hotter days, your system will have trouble maintaining the set temperature. The more significant the difference between the outside and inside temperature, the harder your unit will struggle to maintain the temperature. If this happens, you could try giving your air conditioner a break and wait until the temperatures fall.

AC Drain Line And Condensation Pump

In the event of a leak, most Payne air conditioners have a safety switch that turns the unit off. But if your system switches off, try to check the drain pan under your plan to see whether the drain pan is clogged and empty it and be sure to flush the drain line.

Payne Air Conditioner Problems And Solutions

Some of the most common AC issues include:

Payne Air Conditioner Not Cooling

Thermostat setting- If your thermostat setting is incorrect, your unit will not blow in cold air. If the setting were left in the warm setting mode, your air conditioner would not cool the room as you expected.

Dirty Air Filter- If you have not been cleaning and replacing your air filters, then clogged air filters will restrict airflow into your home and cause damage to other AC parts such as evaporator coils. When these parts are damaged, your air conditioner will have trouble blowing in cold air and, in turn, blow in dust into your room.

Mechanical Problems- Payne air conditioners are also prone to wear and tear, especially if they have been in service for the longest time. An old Payne air conditioner will always have mechanical problems resulting in it not blowing in cold air.

How to fix it:

Always make sure the thermostat setting is correctly set at all times, and make sure the air filters are always clean and are replaced regularly. Suppose you have been using your air conditioner for the longest time possible and notice frequent mechanical problems and other physical signs causing problems. In that case, it is time to purchase a new unit.

Payne Air Conditioner Not Turning On

Power Switch- If your air conditioner is not correctly connected to the power switch, it will not turn on.

Low refrigerant level- Low refrigerant levels are caused by refrigerant leaks in your system, and if the levels are low, your air conditioner will not turn on.

Tripped breakers- A tripped breaker will always cause air conditioners not to turn on. If the circuit breaker has tripped, then it will automatically switch off. This happens especially if you are using too many appliances simultaneously.

Unplugged condenser unit- If your condenser unit is not plugged in, the air conditioner will not turn on, especially if you have a window unit.

Dirty air filter- A dirty air filter will cause your AC system to shut off due to reduced airflow due to clogged filters.

How to fix it:

Through visual inspection, you could check whether the condenser unit is plugged in and if not, make sure to plug it in. If the problem is a tripped circuit breaker, try to find the electrical panel, check the unit switch, and turn it on; if the breaker trips after this. A technician will also help you bring the refrigerant level back to normal.

Payne Air Conditioner Fan Not Working

Frozen Evaporator coils- Your Payne air conditioner fans not working are caused by frozen evaporator coils, which are always found in the furnace. The coils freeze due to low refrigerant and low outdoor temperatures.

Faulty capacitor- The capacitor provides energy to your Payne air conditioner motor and is responsible for starting up the system; if the capacitor is defective, the fans will not work.

How to fix it:

You will be required to shut down your air conditioning system and allow the frozen evaporator coils to melt up for the evaporator coils. A faulty capacitor will need to be replaced by a technician.

Payne Air Conditioner Leaking Water

Clogged drain line- The drain line can get clogged with mold, dust, and dirt. If this happens, water cannot escape, and the drain line becomes backed up, causing condensation to come back and leak into your home.

Dirty air filter- Dirty air filters lead to clogged filters, which will force your Payne AC unit to work harder, resulting from wearing and tearing to other parts, which will, in turn, lead to a refrigerant leak. Clogged air filters restrict airflow, thus causing the unit’s coil to freeze up, and when the frozen coils melt, the excess water could lead to water leakage in your room.

Old Air Conditioner- If your air conditioner is old and has served for the longest time, it is prone to wear and tear, and water leakage is one of them.

How to fix this:

Dirty air filters need to be frequently cleaned and unclogged, which also applies to clogged drain lines. The only way to solve this problem is by replacing it with a new one for an old air conditioner.

Payne Air Conditioner is Loud Or Noisy.

Because most Payne air conditioners these days are quiet, any sound coming out from your AC could mean there is something wrong with it. There are various sounds that you will hear coming out of the unit, which include:

  • A banging noise: A loose or broken part inside the air conditioner’s compressor. It could also mean your compressor needs to be replaced.
  • A clanking noise: The components inside the sealed unit has failed, and the compressor has become loose. It could also mean the indoor blower motor or the condenser fan are out of balance.
  • A buzzing noise: This implies an accumulation of debris in either the outdoor or indoor units. Another reason for the noise is the condenser coils need to be cleaned, or the outdoor fan motor is loose. A very dirty air filter will also cause a buzzing noise.
  • A clicking sound: A constant or ongoing clicking is not regular and could be a sign of defective control or a failing thermostat.

How to fix this:

Contact a technician for professional repair on the parts that need attention.

Payne Air Conditioner Short Cycling

Wrong-sized AC system- If you recently bought an air conditioner and you notice that it is short cycling, then the reason behind it could be the system is way oversized for your home. Your unit size needs to be proportional to your home’s square footage.

AC losing refrigerant- Your air conditioner experiencing a refrigerant leak will cause your system to short cycle. This is because, without enough refrigerant, your HVAC system will struggle to operate.

How to fix this:

For an oversized Payne air conditioner, the only way of solving this is by replacing the old furnace with a new one that perfectly fits your home. Call an HVAC guy to run through a complete diagnosis of your unit and develop a solution for the short cycling problem.

Payne Air Conditioner Compressor Won’t Run.

When you realize the compressor to your air conditioning system is not working, the first thing to do is check the furnace switch and ensure you have properly plugged in. Another reason for the compressor not running is a blown fuse, a broken thermostat, a very dirty air filter, or a tripped circuit breaker.

Low refrigerant levels, insufficient oil lubricant, blocked suction lines, and incorrect suction line size are common issues that will cause the compressor not to work.

How to fix this:

Be sure to clean the dirty air filters, ensure sufficient oil lubricant, and correct suction line. An HVAC guy can help with low refrigerant levels and replace the thermostat, the blown fuse, and the circuit breaker.

Payne Condensing Unit Does Not Run

Any fan malfunction will cause your Payne air conditioner to stop working. Another reason for this problem is electrical issues, issues with refrigerant line and freezing coils.

How to fix this: 

A certified technician will be able to help you out with this.

Payne Air Conditioner Error Codes

Below are some of your model’s error codes that you need to watch for.


This means that the air conditioner is operating in emergency heating


The microprocessor of your Payne air conditioner has malfunctioned.


The air conditioning system is operating in high heat.


The air conditioning system is operating in low heat.

Code 11

There is no fault in the recent history display, and no faults have occurred in the past five cycles.

Code 13

This code indicates the occurrence of ten successive limit tris during high heat or three successive limit trips during low heat.

Code 21

Invalid model selection. This means that the model plug is missing or incorrect.

Code 22

There is a setup error for setup switch SW1 or SW6, which may be positioned improperly.

Code 23

This error code indicates an improper A/C or CF switch setting.

Payne Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Some of the maintenance tips you need to follow are:

Examine the Thermostat

Always ensure to occasionally check your thermostat and make sure it is working correctly, and it keeps your home at the right and current temperature. If you have an old thermostat, consider upgrading to a better one.

Clean or Replace Air Filters

You can choose to replace the air filters s frequently as possible or clean them and replace them from time to time. Cleaning and replacing air filters are the most crucial air conditioner maintenance chores. Cleaning and replacing the air filters ensures your unit serves you longer.

Clean the Outside Unit

Leaves, twigs, grass, and dirt tend to build up outside the Payne cooling systems, decreasing the unit’s capacity and reducing airflow. To clean the outside unit, you need to shut off power to the system, then use a garden hose to wash out the debris gently. While cleaning and making minor repairs to the outside unit, trim the shrubs or other plants growing around the unit.

Check Wiring and Components

The internal connections to your air conditioner are essential to its operation; thus, ensuring proper wiring and components is vital. While your system is off, you could check this by removing the access panel and looking for any signs of overheating.

Call for Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance

As much as you will do the above maintenance tips, it is also advisable to call an HVAC technician every once or twice a year to do proper maintenance and adjustments. Your Payne air conditioner needs to be checked before winter falls and before the hot summer months begin.

Final Words

Keep your family’s comfort in your capable hands through the following troubleshooting tips mentioned above and the maintenance tips. Let us avoid these common problems that destroy our Payne air conditioners!