Tempstar vs. Trane: Which Air Conditioner is Better?

Are you in the market for a new air conditioner but can’t decide between Tempstar and Trane?
Both brands make high-performing and energy-efficient air conditioning systems, but Trane is more robust in more departments and offers more options.

So, is it worth more going with Trane, which has a variety of options to choose from, or is Tempstar a worthy alternative?

In this comparison of Tempstar vs. Trane, you’ll learn the difference between the two brands, including how AC units compare in terms of:

  • Models available
  • Costs or prices
  • Condenser fan options
  • Noise levels
  • Warranties

Keep reading if you’re ready to find out which central air conditioner is right for you.

What are Tempstar Air Conditioners?

Background of Tempstar Air Conditioners

Tempstar falls under the wing of companies that manufacture HVAC units and components.

High chances are you’ve heard of Carrier too. An AC brand. Well, both Carrier and Tempstar are under the same umbrella. The parent company of the two AC brands is the United Technologies Corporation group. And it has several brands and names under its control.

They produce and store the Tempstar units in the same plants as Carrier and Hail.

The difference between Carrier and Tempstar AC brands is price. Carrier HVAC units sell at higher prices than Tempstar ones in typical cases. Moreover, their AC parts are similar. But that doesn’t mean you’re buying Carrier units at lower prices.

Tempstar Cost Expectations and Price Comparison

tempstar vs trane air conditioners

Tempstar air conditioners come at several costs. The most common ones are

  • The unit alone
  • Installation
  • Running costs

Each of the new air conditioner costs varies between

  • Models
  • Installation location
  • and labor fees in the area you stay

Tempstar produces several models across two lines. And the two model lines are premium and value.

The Tempstar premium models cost more. But are quieter when they operate. And they offer high-quality compressors. Moreover, they utilize the Ion System Controls.


  • $2800 – 3000 without installation
  • $6000 – 8500 with installation


  • $2000 – 2500 without installation
  • $5200 – 8000 with installation


  • $2250 – 2700 without installation
  • $5450 – 8200 with installation


  • $2000 – 2500 without installation
  • $5200 – 8000 with installation


  • $2000 – 2500 without installation
  • $5200 – 8000 with installation


  • $2250 – 2700 without installation
  • $5450 – 8200 with installation


  • $2000 – 2500 without installation
  • $5200 – 8000 with installation

Tempstar Air Conditioner Models

Tempstar, an air conditioning company, has four AC models in its premium line. At the same time, the Value line has more choices, eight to be precise. In addition, this line has the NH4A4 models for houses with space for outside units.

ModelTonSeerNoise LevelsBTU’sCompressor
TVA92 – 51956dB24000 – 520005-speed variable
TCA72 – 51770dB24000 – 520002-stage
TSA52 – 51574dB24000 – 52000Single-stage
N4A72 – 51771dB24000 – 520002-stage scroll
NH4A41.5 – 51466dB18000 – 52000Single-Stage Scroll

Tempstar Pros and Cons


  • Higher than middle SEER values
  • Affordable options for many people’s budgets
  • No hassle replacement limited warranty on specific models
  • Energy-efficient HVAC systems
  • Government tax breaks eligible
  • Lower decibel ratings compared to other HVAC  brands


  • Warranty periods are a bit low
  • Brand dealers/retailers are not available in some areas
  • Must use compatible units, whether interior or exterior
  • Unreliable corrosion resistance compared to other HVAC brands

What is Trane Air Conditioners?

Background of Trane Unit Brand

As you’ll notice later, Trane’s air conditioners focus on energy efficiency. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for

  • cheap air conditioners
  • Good warranty
  • A low-profile air conditioner

There’s always a Trane AC for your needs.

But that’s where Trane’s problem lies. Each one of those features is available but in different units. So, for example, when the Trane AC system is cheap, it isn’t quiet or efficient. But for you to get all the features, you’ll need the XV20i premium unit.

But remember that the XV20i isn’t the model option for someone in regions with short summers. And that’s because its efficiency kicks in after running it for 7+ hours a day for a year.

Trane Cost Expectations and Price Comparison

tempstar vs trane

Referencing Energy Star, typical households spend 13% on cooling systems. The 13% goes up when they fail to choose a suitable AC unit. Hence, it’s essential to get an efficient and cost-effective AC unit.

A Trane AC unit is a more reliable unit in the HVAC industry. In addition, their air conditioners have a 10-year hassle replacement limited warranty. And a high energy efficiency promise.

Trane XV20i

  • $2880 without installation
  • $5600 with installation

Trane XV18

  • $2645 without installation
  • $5205 with installation

Trane XR14

  • $1655 without installation
  • $4055 with installation

Trane XL18i

  • $2550 without installation
  • $4970 with installation

Trane XL16i

  • $2200 without installation
  • $4690 with installation

Trane XR17

  • $2390 without installation
  • $4800 with installation

Trane XR16

  • $2190 without installation
  • $4490 with installation

Trane XR16 Low Profile

  • $2190 without installation
  • $4690 with installation

Trane XR13

  • $1595 without installation
  • $3850 with installation

Trane Air Conditioner Models

ModelTonnageSEERNoise LevelsBTU’sCompressor
Trane XV20i52255 dB24,000-60,000Two-Stage
Trane XV182-51855 dB24,000-60,000Two-Stage
Trane XR142-51672 dB18,000-60,000Single Stage
Trane XL18i2-518.5073 dB24,000-60,000Two-Stage
Trane XL16i2-516.5069 dB18,000-60,000Single Stage
Trane XR171.5-51874 dB24,000-60,000Two-Stage
Trane XR161.5-51770 dB18,000-60,000Single Stage
Trane XR16 Low Profile1.5-51760 dB18,000-60,000Single Stage
Trane XR131.5-514.575 dB18,000-60,000Single Stage

Trane Pros and Cons


  • Cost-Effective air conditioners
  • Reliable air conditioner
  • Trane air conditioner services are available in most USA regions and popular cities
  • Energy Star rated air conditioners
  • Eligible for tax breaks
  • Reliable air conditioner brand
  • One of the most efficient air conditioner units in the HVAC market with 21+ SEER ratings
  • Good Warranty periods


  • No sound-reducing features
  • Less efficient brand 
  • Not worth the prices for people who stay in cooler regions
  • Loud air conditioners
  • Slow post-sale services
  • No labor unless you purchase an extended air conditioner warranty 
  • Below average efficiency choice. There are cheaper registered air conditioners available.
  • Trane wholesalers their air conditioners to external installers without checks. And that gives room to inferior installers.

Tempstar vs Trane: Face To Face Comparison


Tempstar Prices

ModelPricePrice with installation Running cost estimatesGovernment Tax Break
TVA9$2800 – 3000$6000 – 8500$360 – 440$300
TCA7$2000 – 2500$5200 – 8000$390 – 460$300
TSA5$2250 – 2700$5450 – 8200$475 – 525$300
N4A7$2000 – 2500$5200 – 8000$390 – 460Up to $300
N4A6$2000 – 2500$5200 – 8000$400 – 490Nill
NH4A4$2250 – 2700$5450 – 8200$510 – 625Nill
NXA4$2000 – 2500$5200 – 8000$510 – 625Nill

Trane Prices

Price with installationRunning cost estimatesTax Breaks
Trane XV20i$2880$5600~$484$300
Trane XV18$2645$5205~$525$300
Trane XR14$1655$4055~$713Nill
Trane XL18i$2550$4970~$551$300
Trane XL16i$2200$4690~$649$300
Trane XR17$2390$4800~$848$300
Trane XR16$2190$4490~$689$300
Trane XR16 Low Profile$2190$4690~$691$300
Trane XR13$1595$3850~$788Nill

Energy Efficient/SEER Rating

Most Tempstar AC reviews claim how the brand has the highest SEER rating in the HVAC market. But unlike other brands, Tempstar doesn’t have the lowest SEER ratings. The Tempstar premium models have a SEER rating of 15 to 19. Tempstar model number TVA9 has a SEER rating of 19, which is the best.

Tempstar models in the Value line have 14 to 16 SEER ratings. And the stackable and compact NH4A4 leads the way with SEER ratings of up to 16.

Most Trane customers consider the AC to have high energy efficiency and be wallet-friendly. And that’s in comparison to other air conditioner brands. That’s how the Irish air conditioner company has gained additional market shares.

Brands like Mitsubishi, LG, and Lennox may be more energy efficient but are expensive. Hence, the Trane air conditioner manufacturer has the upper hand on AC prices. And warranty covers too.

Compressor Options

AC manufacturers don’t build compressors the same way. The most common AC unit compressor type is single-stage. When the single-stage compressor is on, it runs at one speed. And controls the refrigerant flow at the same single speed. Moreover, the single-stage compressors are the worst compressor type. They’re inefficient.

Dual-stage AC compressors are extra efficient. And scroll compressors have a longer lifespan. However, a variable speed compressor beats the other compressor types.

Tempstar offers the TVA9 model at the top of their line. The model comes with 5-speed variable compressors. At the same time, the other Value and Premium models have dual or scroll compressors.

The compressor in your AC is responsible for refrigerant transportation. It transports the refrigerant through the unit’s coils. Moreover, it needs high pressure to do so. The high pressure cools the gas down.

Trane has single and double-stage compressors.

Condenser Fan Options

Most condensing units come with single-speed fans within the system. And shut off whenever the AC system turns off.

Tempstar has different visions. They utilize the variable speed fans among their premium line with 2-5 speeds. Moreover, Tempstar designed the speeds to the compressor speed. Hence, you’ll have a suitable heat removal amount.

The Tempstar Value line maintains its single-speed fans, though. And while that isn’t a wrong choice, it doesn’t improve the system’s lifespan.

Found within the outdoor part of the AC system, condenser fans keep the condenser cool. That is, during its quiet operation.

Also, condenser fan motors come in twos. Single and double-speed.

The following Trane models are single-speed

  • XR14
  • XL16i
  • XR16
  • XR16 Low Profile
  • XR13

And the following Trane models are double-speed

  • XV20i
  • XV18
  • XL18i
  • XR17

Heating Options

Almost each central air conditioner has heating capabilities. Moreover, the heating capabilities range from natural gas or electric heating. But both heating processes are the same. The interior handler has gas burners, heating elements, etc. And that hets up when the AC system is on.

Instead of the system blowing warm air through the coils, it blows it over heat sources. And through that, the air heats up. Tempstar AC brand has different heating options like

  • Gas furnaces
  • Electric furnaces
  • Ion air handlers that come with electric heat

The Ion series matches pairs with all condensing units. But, only the premium line models. They both have wireless communications.

Most AC systems can heat your home. Hence, don’t let the units gather dust or snow in the winter seasons. Most HVAC manufacturers pre-install heat pumps in their HVAC units. And compressors that you can turn into heat pumps.

Trane air conditioner compressors put negative pressure on the air for heating purposes. As a result of that, the air heats up. When cool air goes through the coils, they act as heat pumps. Hence, the air conditioner turns into a heater.

Noise Levels

 Without a doubt, Tempstar has quiet condensers, for example, TSA5 and N4A7. But some Tempstar models can produce noise. Sometimes going past 71dB.

But, the high-end and smaller Tempstar models average between 54 and 66dB.

The Trane AC systems are a blend of efficiency with sound-reducing features. And that’s due to their insulated bodies and sleek designs. Also, Trane designers used rubbers or other noise absorbents to reduce the noise. To be specific, the VX18.

In best conditions, the VX18 model can go to under 40dB. And to show you how the unit is quiet, 25dB is barely louder than your whisper.

Not only is the Trane VX18 model quiet, but other Trane AC systems are also quiet as well. However, other Trane competitors have more silent systems. However, Trane offers cheaper units but is more efficient unless noise is an issue.


Tempstar gives its customers no-hassle warranties. And those warranties cover your entire HVAC system and parts like

  • Compressors
  • Coils
  • Heat exchangers

If a major component fails within the warranty period, Tempstar replaces the unit.

Moreover, Tempstar offers

  • 10-year warranties on its top-tier models
  • 5-year warranties for mid-range models
  • 1-3 year warranties for standard-level models. Also, the entry-level split systems and furnaces.

However, the standard warranties cover the standard models. And not the no-hassle warranties.

The Trane AC brand doesn’t lag on such warranty offers. They give their customers limited warranties of up to 20 years on replacement parts. However, the warranties don’t cover labor costs, unlike other manufacturers.

Register your Trane AC in 60 days to increase the Base warranty to 20 years. And you can do so through your phone or the internet.

Also, you can buy an extended warranty whenever you wish. Through that, you’ll cover the AC labor and parts costs.

Tax Breaks

Residential systems qualify for $300 or fewer tax breaks with the currency agreement. However, for the system to qualify, there’re two criteria.

First, the HVAC system should be new and rated Energy Star. Used systems, refurbished systems, or systems with no Energy Star don’t qualify.

Second, a qualified service technician should install the unit for it to qualify. Part of the tax break program is to ensure proper unit installation.

When your HVAC unit meets the two criteria, apply for the break via 5695 forms.

The Trane AC systems qualify for $300 tax breaks on each unit you buy. But the HVAC units should have 16+ SEER ratings. Tax breaks and high energy-efficient units make up perfect saving costs.

Bottom Line: Should you Choose Tempstar or Trane

As you’ve seen, the Trane cooling systems beat Tempstar in most categories. That is

  • Models available
  • Costs or prices
  • Condenser fan options
  • Noise levels
  • Warranties

But the Tempstar and Trane debate isn’t easy to call. Both the AC brands outdo each other in some departments.

So, choose Tempstar air conditioners for

  • Energy Star SEER rating units
  • No-hassle replacement limited warranty of 10 years
  • Repair diagnostic systems
  • User-friendly communicator controls for walls
  • Decreased Energy Usage
  • Fewer Repairs
  • Reduced Environmental Impact
  • Added Incentives
  • Improved Cooling
  • Extended Lifespan
  • Increased Durability
  • Quieter Operation
  • Advanced tech smart features

And choose Trane central air conditioners for

  • History and reputation
  • Rankings and recognition
  • Comfort
  • Better air quality
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Expert engineering
  • Coastal areas
  • Humidity control
  • Smart home compatibility
  • Variable fan
  • Communication technology
  • Smart thermostat
  • TruComfort™ system

Both Tempstar and Trane cooling systems are unique in their ways. But Trane is more robust in more departments and offers more options.

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