Best Small Window Fan

Keeping your home cool in the summer can be a huge headache, especially if you live in a warmer climate as I do. 

As a kid, I struggled getting by in my parent’s old and poorly insulated home every summer even with an AC running. The house was poorly weatherproofed, and hot air would get trapped in my room more than others. 

What saved me during those summers, was electric fans no doubt. Their ability to draw, exhaust, and circulate air can be critical when it comes to improving your comfort levels. With that in mind, here are ten of the best small window fans and what you need to know about them before your home gets unbearably hot:

Best Small Window Fan

1. Holmes Window Fan with Twin 6-Inch Reversible Airflow Blades

If you’re looking for an energy-efficient way to cool your rooms this summer, this great Holmes Window Fan is a good option. With two extremely powerful fan blades, this lightweight unit is capable of cooling a room up to 500 sq. Ft. and uses very little energy in the process thanks to its lightweight construction. 

The fan’s best feature is its ability to cool a room on a budget without causing a significant impact on energy usage or noise. A few owners have reported that this unit has cooled their rooms by ten degrees or more, which is pretty impressive. As an alternative to an AC unit, this window mount fan might be all you need to cut down on your power bills.

As a minor drawback, to reverse the airflow, you have to manually remove the unit and place it back in the window facing the opposite direction. Controls on both sides of the unit allow you to operate it from either side, though for some, this added step is mildly unwanted.


  • Fits almost all double-hung and slider windows.
  • Energy Efficient.
  • Makes relatively little noise.
  • Good Airflow.


  • Reversing airflow requires manually reversing the fan.

2. Holmes Dual 8″ Blade Twin Window Fan with LED One Touch Thermostat Control 

This unit from Holmes is great to have around for creating airflow in your stale and stuffy rooms. It’s automatic features make it a convenient option for those who want something that will run consistently without causing them any extra effort by having to adjust a fan manually. Its lightweight construction is durable, but doesn’t produce an excessive amount of noise that would disturb you somewhere like a bedroom.

This fan features a simple switch you can use for reversing the airflow from intake to exhaust. It’s a highly convenient feature that not every window-unit features, which adds on to the convenience provided by this model of fan. Many other window units require being manually turned around to do this, so to have a simple switch that reverses the airflow is a feature that one should be sure not to overlook.

The downside is that this fan isn’t the most powerful model on the market. It’s great for casual temperature control and airflow but might not meet your needs in the hottest temperatures where a more powerful airflow is desired.


  • Produce very little noise.
  • Includes a three-year warranty.
  • Can be operated manually or automatically through its thermostat.
  • Electronically reversible fan blades.


  • Airflow isn’t the strongest.

3. Bionaire Window Fan with Twin 8.5-Inch Reversible Airflow Blades and Remote Control

Bionaire provides a somewhat more deluxe model of fan with this unit. This versatile model has a well-designed casing that fits easily and securely into most window designs. It has a powerful airflow and can be custom programmed to give you just the amount of comfort you need thanks to its thermostat. 

On a whim, you can change it’s setting from anywhere with its remote control if the programmed settings aren’t enough. Additionally, this fan is also electronically reversible for intake or exhaust, meaning it does not require being manually turned around for either function.

This model features powerful airflow that can make a difference in hot and stuffy rooms. It’s three-speed setting, and automatic controls do good work for moderating the temperature in any room.

This model runs into issues when it comes to cleaning, as the grates can not be easily removed. Because of its design, it takes some extra effort to remove the dirt and dust that eventually will accumulate, which can be some extra work for those who are concerned with keeping clean. 


  • Designed to fit most double-hung or vertical sliders.
  • Programmable thermostat settings.
  • Features three-speed settings.
  • Can be controlled via remote.
  • 5-Year Warranty.


  • Can be difficult to clean.

4. BOVADO USA Twin Window Cooling Fan with Remote Control by Comfort Zone 

This model by Bovado brings some unique and great features that are admittedly impressive compared to many other window fan units. It produces a reasonably strong breeze while also featuring electronically reversible blades, which make switching the airflow at any time a simple task. It features three speeds and three functions, which besides intake and exhaust, includes a circulating mode, which uses one fan each to take in and exhaust air at the same time.

It’s locking extenders make safely installing the fan relatively simple. As well, it’s bug screen works very well at stopping pesky critters from getting inside your home. As a bonus, this fan’s cover is simple to remove and clean off the grime that collects on it over time, which isn’t true for every design on the market.

Compared to other models, this fan has been known to make a bit more noise. It’s not unbearable but is something to keep in mind, especially if your planned usage is for a room that should be quiet.


  • Includes a bug screen.
  • Electronically reversible.
  • Fits a double-hung slider windows from 23.5” to 37”.
  • Removable cover provides easy cleaning.


  • Makes slightly more noise than similar models.

5. Bionaire BWF0502M-WM Thin Window Fan

This sleek and attractive fan from Bionaire provides a small and discreet unit that is perfect for places like your kitchen or as a low-intensity fan in other rooms. It has controls on both sides of the unit, so it can be manually reversed to act as either an exhaust or intake fan. Its adjustable thermostat is perfect for keeping a space with the right amount of airflow coming in or going out.

If all of that wasn’t enough, it features a generous 5-year warranty, which means that if the fan ever goes out over that long period, you can get it replaced for free. Five years is pretty generous for a warranty, so this adds some security to this unit and can cover you for a very fair amount of time.

Unfortunately for a few users, you can’t adjust the speed that the fans run at, only how many of three fans you’d like on at a time. The result is roughly the same, but for some uses such as having a pure, ambient breeze, it doesn’t give you many options.


  • Manually reversible.
  • Low noise.
  • Adjustable thermostat.
  • 5-year warranty.


  • No options for adjusting the fan speed.

6. Genesis Twin Window Fan with 9 Inch Blades

Genesis presents a high-quality product with some exciting features with this window fan unit. This one is both powerful yet relatively quiet, and provides a motor for both of it’s fan blades. The dual motors not only add to the overall performance of the unit but also allows it to circulate air by venting old air and taking in fresh at the same time.

It provides a thermostat to keep your cooling at a precise level, as well as three speeds you can run the blades at. If you ever decide that you’d rather have a floor fan over a window fan, this unit includes plastic feet that can allow the fan to be used for that purpose as well.

As a fan with two independent motors, it can be slightly louder than average when running at lower speeds. Incidentally, the fan is found by most users to run quieter on high, which is a very small drawback to an overall great package.


  • Thermostat that ranges from 60 to 80 degrees.
  • Can be used for intake, exhaust, or both simultaneously.
  • Removable legs that allow it to double as a free-standing floor fan.
  • 3 speed settings.
  • Powerful airflow.


  • Slightly louder at lower speeds.

7. Comfort Zone CZ319WT 9-inch Twin Window Fan 

This Comfort Zone twin window fan provides some great features in a simple package. It’s manually reversible, meaning that you can turn the fan around for intake or exhaust and control it from either side. It includes a fabric cover that helps to keep the fan clean and free of bugs when in use or when not in use, as well as keeping out hot, humid air when you’re not using it.

It features two speed settings, high and low, and is considered to be reasonably powerful for a fan of its size. Additionally, this model features two removable feet that allow you to convert this fan from a window fan, into a table fan. Pretty nifty for a more economical model.

Most buyers have found this fan to be a tad noisier than other models, which means it’s well suited for some situations more than others. For example, you will likely be happier using this one in a workspace than your bedroom when you’re trying to sleep.


  • Includes feet for tabletop usage.
  • Removable fabric cover for keeping out bugs and other nuisances.
  • Manually reversible for intake or exhaust.


  • Noisier than some models on the market.

8. Comfort Zone CZ200A 20″ 3-Speed Box Fan for Full-Force Air Circulation with Air Conditioner

This Comfort Zone model is a single blade box fan that works well for a straight forward product. It has a durable metal construction that feels rigid as well as safe. It features three speeds it can run at, which provides a good amount of control for whatever amount of airflow you desire.

As a box fan, it’s relatively versatile and can be put to good use in several situations. It’s light and has a simple design, meaning that it’s great for taking back and forth from home to a workplace, for example. It can be stood on its feet and used as a table fan, or mounted to a window to make use of outside air.

When window mounted, the position of the controls on the fan can sometimes be a little tricky to get to, which is a downside. To change the speed or turn it on or off, you may have to adjust either your fan or your window. Overall, this fan’s strength lies more in its simplicity and versatility.


  • 3-speed options to give you the right amount of air.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Sturdy construction.


  • Controls can be difficult to access when window mounted.

9. Air King 9155 Window Fan, 16-Inch

This window mount fan by Air King touts its powerful motor and certainly does not disappoint. With 1/6 HP, it works very well as a small window fan, pulling or expelling a considerable amount of air without making much noise. It has three-speed options, mounts easily, and a rigid construction that uses both impact-resistant plastic and steel for the front grill and blade.

Another great feature of this model is that the airflow is fully reversible without having to adjust the fan manually. Once mounted, the airflow can be reversed using the knob that controls its speed. In effect, you won’t have to adjust or move this fan nearly as much as one with manually reversible airflow.

While installing the fan is relatively simple, some windows have been known to make this unit vibrate more than others. A little creativity can fix this and yield you a great fan, but it’s good to keep in mind that you might need something like weather stripping around where you mount it to get a perfect fit.


  • 1/6 HP motor provides reliable airflow and power.
  • 3-speed options.
  • Complies with ETL and OSHA.
  • Easy installation.
  • Reversible airflow.


  • Certain window designs may cause extra vibrating.

10. Lasko 16″ Electrically Reversible Window Fan with Storm Guard, 16900G 

Lasko is a company that’s been known for making quality fans for a long time, and this one is no exception. It has all the features you’d expect from a fan, such as speed controls or the ability to reverse the airflow. What’s more, this window mount fan provides a design that’s easy to install and offers convenient features that won’t leave you struggling to put the fan up or take it down continually.

Namely, it’s designed with a storm guard that allows you to shut the window while the fan is mounted. This means that if a storm pops up that you weren’t expecting, or if you’d like to ensure your privacy, you can shut the window at any time without taking the fan down. Then you can resume your usage of it whenever you’d like.

The fan is constructed almost entirely from plastic, so while it is lightweight, it also lacks the durable metal parts a few other models on the market might feature.


  • Features a storm guard that allows you to shut the window while the fan is mounted.
  • Electronically reversible for either intake or exhaust.
  • 3-speed controls.
  • Strong output.


  • All plastic construction, no metal.

So there you have it: ten excellent fans for cooling your home and saving on power while you’re at it. With any one of these, you’ll be able to significantly improve the air circulation in your home or workspace, which can have an abundance of positive effects besides making you more comfortable.