Top 7 Best Exhaust Fan For Smoking Room

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Tobacco smoke is harmful not only to a smoker’s health but also to indirect smokers. Even worse, smoking leaves the surroundings smelling like an ashtray, a stench that isn’t appealing at all, which is why you need an exhaust fan for smoking room.

Unlike regular room and ceiling fans that circulate air inside a room to cool it, exhaust fans for smokers draw in fresh air from outside while pulling stale air out to keep your surrounding air clean.

There are different cigar room ventilation systems you can try, including window exhaust fans for smokers and smoke eaters. They’re all effective at reducing cigar smoke risk to your loved ones and keeping your home smelling fresh all the time.

Here are the different exhaust systems you can use in your home cigar rooms

7 Best Exhaust Fans For Smoking Room

1. Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator

Enerzen Ozone Generator 6,000mg Industrial O3 Air...
  • 40% LARGER FAN W/ INDUSTRY LEADING CAPACITY – With 6,000 mg/h ozone output and a 40% larger fan compared to competing units, areas are sterilized and deoderized in less time. Low maintenance and a portable design has our customers operating the O-777 in their homes, offices, warehouses, boats, cars, garages, and just about any space, large or small.
  • SELF-REGULATING FOR LASTING RESULTS - Enerzen's patent pending circuit board regulates fan speed and ozone output throughout the treatment process based on your timer input. Simply turn the timer knob up to 3 hours, or use the constant-on HOLD function. This "cycling" effect aids the odor elimination process resulting in longer lasting treatments in the time allotted.
  • DESTROYS ODORS AND POLLUTANTS INSTEAD OF MASKING THEM - Unlike other deodorizing methods, ozone actually searches out and destroys problem gases. With three oxygen atoms in each molecule, rather than the two oxygen atoms in the air we breathe, ozone is unstable, so its extra oxygen atom can detach and grab onto odor polluting molecules to change their molecular composition. If the molecules are stinky ones, they can change to be non-smelly aka neutral.
  • GETS RID OF THE SMELLY BITS YOU CAN'T SCRUB AWAY - Ozone reacts with any contaminants in the air, water, fabrics, walls, and ceilings. And unlike other types of air purification systems, an ozone generator does not depend on the air passing through the machine to do its job. Ozone generators are for use in UNOCCUPIED SPACES ONLY. The space may be re-occupied after a minimum 30 minute "airing out". CE and RoHS certified and approved (HBSC2013012307).
  • OVER 100,000 UNITS SOLD W/ A 3 YEAR WARRANTY - As the #1 volume seller of ozone generators in the USA, short inventory turnover allows us to quickly improve features and reliability with each manufactured batch. The unit you receive will have been manufactured within the past 2 months with all of our newest performance and reliability improvements incorporated. Enerzen is a subsidiary of OIon Technologies (pronounced "oh ion").

The first product is an air purifier, not necessarily an exhaust fan but still does a great job at eliminating smoke not only odors but also pet odors, paint fumes, dust, and other sources that pollute indoor air.

 Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator works well to remove irritating odors in your indoor environment. It has ceramic ozone plates that ensure the unit runs for a long time with consistent ozone output. This minimizes the need for constant ozone treatments in your affected areas.

The generator is fitted with a large fan to evenly distribute ozone over large areas in a short time, which results in efficient and long-lasting treatments. Also, the unit has a 180-minute timer with a “HOLD” function that allows your appliance to run for longer without the need for constant monitoring.

In addition to that, the unit has an industrial-grade aluminum alloy casing with a powder coating, which ensures the maximum durability of the generator. The powder coating makes it easy to clean as grease and stains wipe off easily.


  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • It is powerful enough to treat large areas
  • CE and RoHS certified


  • It leaves an unbearable odor   after use

2. Fan-Tastic Vent 801250 1250 Series Vent

Fan-Tastic Vent 801250 1250 Series Vent - White
  • Fits standard 14" x 14" openings
  • Three fan blade speeds
  • Manual lift dome
  • Quiet operation
  • Reversible air flow

The Fan-tastic Vent 801250 is a fan that fits all 14’’ by 14’’ window spaces. With ten fan blades, this unit is sure to freshen the air around you in just minutes. Also, the blades are made of clear plastic which allows sunlight to brighten up your space.

 Additionally, the three-speed fan settings let you keep control of your environment. You can set it to low, medium or high speed at your comfort.

This unit also has a smoke-colored polythene self-sealing cover (dome) that filters UV rays while letting sunshine into your room. It has reversible airflow control which allows you to either push out stale air or draw in fresh air from outside at your convenience. 

It is energy-efficient, operating at only 3 amperes at its highest speed. 

To top it all off, the unit is small, compact, and its installation is fairly easy.


  • The fan operates quietly
  • Has three adjustable fan speeds
  • It is energy efficient
  • The unit comes with a 2-year limited warranty on the parts and a lifetime limited warranty on the dome.


  • Operation of the unit is fully manual

3. Broan-Nutone 504 Exhaust Fan

Broan-Nutone 504 Exhaust Fan, White Vertical...
  • VERSATILE FAN: Exhaust fan helps eliminate humidity, tobacco smoke, and cooking odors. The galvanized steel house installs easily between ceiling joists for use wherever you need it most
  • EFFICIENT: Operates on 350 CFM and 6.5 Sones to ensure high-quality performance
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Includes steel mounting brackets with keyhole slots for a fast and easy installation
  • DECORATIVE: Paintable polymeric grilles allow you to ensure the fan is cohesive with your existing decor
  • SAFE: This 10" fan is ENERGY STAR qualified and HVI certified to ensure safe use for years to come

The Broan-NuTone 504 exhaust fan is a versatile must-have home appliance. It can be used in any room in your house to keep the air fresh and clean, from eliminating humidity in laundry rooms to pushing out tobacco smoke, among others.

This powerful fan operates on 350 CFM and 6.5 sones, making it one of the most efficient and high performing ventilation appliances. It is powerful enough for rooms up to 425 sq ft.

Its polymeric grilles are paintable, so if the white does not match your home decor, you have the freedom to choose an appropriate colour and paint over it. The steel mounting brackets that come with the fan ensure easy installation.

Furthermore, its adjustable housing can fit in walls with a thickness between 4.5 inches to 9.5 inches. The fan motors are permanently lubricated to ensure that your fan keeps working efficiently for longer.


  • It is easy to install
  • HVI certified hence safe for use
  • Powerful enough for large rooms
  • Can be decorated to your liking


  • Can be a bit loud for some rooms

Best Window Exhaust Fan for Smokers

4. Bionaire Window Fan with Twin 8.5-Inch Reversible Airflow Blades

Bionaire Window Fan with Twin 8.5-Inch Reversible...
  • Draws in cool air, exhausts hot air, or exchanges air with outside. Displays the current on LED digital display
  • Electronic control with LCD screen and remote control; three speeds
  • Programmable Thermostat turns fan off/on to maintain selected comfort level
  • Fits double-hung, vertical slider, and width 24.25 inch (61.6 cm)
  • Extenders permit custom fit; 13 inches high overall, with 8-1/2-inch fans

The Bonaire BW2300-N window fan works well to keep smoke and stale air out of your home. It has twin blades with independent settings, which allow you to set the fan functions to suit your situation. 

For instance, If you are smoking inside the house, you can set one blade to expel stale air and the other to draw in fresh air from outside to keep your interior atmosphere fresh and comfortable even with all the smoke.

This window fan also comes with a programmable thermostat that allows you to choose a comfortable temp level for your room. The thermostat will automatically turn on and off to maintain your selected temperature levels.

The motors are water-resistant, which makes the fan usable even in rainy weather. This unit is remote controlled, a convenient feature for those times you are lazy to set everything manually. You can switch the fan on/off or adjust the speed settings and blade directions from wherever you are in the room.

It has built-in adjustable extenders that give you a custom fit for all your windows between 24 inches- 37 inches. It is designed to fit double-hung, vertical slider, and casement windows. The unit also comes fully assembled, so installation is instant.


  • It has three-speed settings
  • It is remote controlled for your convenience
  • It comes with a programmable thermostat.
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Water-resistant motors


  • The unit is a bit noisy, hence unsuitable for quiet rooms like studies and bedrooms.

5. HOLMES Dual 8″ Blade Twin Window Fan

Holmes Dual 8" Blade Twin Window Fan with LED One...
  • Designed to fit into most double hung and slider windows (Measures approximately 13.3" x 25.5" x 6")
  • Adjustable extender screen and bonus extender panel help to secure fan into larger windows (Can extend up to 37" with extenders)
  • Dual blade operation with idependent electronically reversible motors allows for air intake, exhaust, or air exchange for full room circulation
  • Plug in the power cord into a 120 AC Outlet. Refer to the PDF attached below in Technical Specification for User Manual.
  • Troubleshoot- if air does not seem to be blowing in properly adjust airflow directional switch to intake. Note-for slider windows set the fan vertically in your window opening with the left side of the fan situated on the bottom and the built-in extender panel on top. Aluminium lock
  • Dual blade operation with independent electronically reversible motors; Two speed settings
  • Water-resistant motors are safe to use during rainy weather; Designed to fit most double hung and slider windows

The Holmes HAWF2041-N window fan is one of the most versatile window fans on the market. It has three speed settings allowing you to set the blades to your desired speed (high, medium, or low).

It has independent and electronically reversible motors that allow for exhaust, exchange, and intake of air according to your desired intentions.

The unit has water-resistant motors and is designed to fit double-hung and slider windows. It also has a programmable thermostat that allows you to maintain your ideal comfort levels at all times.


  • Works quietly
  • Has three variable fan speeds
  • Has water-resistant motors
  • Has a programmable thermostat 


  • The thermostat is quite sensitive and needs constant calibration

6. Comfort Zone CZ310R Expandable Reversible Twin Window Fan

Comfort Zone CZ310R 3-Speed 3-Function Expandable...
  • 3-SPEED FUNCTIONALITY: Choose between low-, medium- or high-volume air speed options on this twin window fan in order to optimize air circulation and airflow to suit any environment.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION OPTIONS: Select the cooling function to refresh a room, the exhaust function to remove stale air or the circulating function to move the blades on each fan in opposing directions.
  • ADJUSTABLE WIDTH: Accordion expanders adjust from 23-1/2" to 37" to accommodate most window sizes, then can be locked to secure the twin window fan in place.
  • CONVENIENT CONTROL: The included remote control allows you to conveniently change speed settings, choose fan functions and power on the fan from a distance.
  • WINDOW FAN: This Comfort Zone 9in. Reversible Twin Window Fan with Remote Control has a 3-in-1 design that allows you to choose from three different settings. The cooling setting brings in fresh air, while the exhaust setting removes stale air.

The comfort zone multifunctional reversible twin window fan is a versatile fan that is sure to meet all your needs. It has three fan speed settings and three fan functions for you to choose from to ensure your ultimate comfort. 

The intake function brings fresh cool air into a room; the exhaust function has the fans working to remove stale and stuffy air from your place, and the circulate function sucks out humid hot air.

It has a remote control that gives you full control of the unit without touching it. You can use the remote to power the fan on /off, choose different fan functions or fan speeds. The unit also includes a removable screen that helps to keep bugs, dust, and debris out of the fan, ensuring total protection of the unit.

It also has adjustable accordion expanders, which can be adjusted to fit windows between 23.5’’ to 37’’ in size.


  • It has three fan functions; intake, exhaust, and circulate.
  • It has three-speed fan settings.
  • It has a removable cover screen that keeps bugs, dust, and debris away.
  • The fan comes with adjustable width extenders to provide a custom fit for windows between 23.5’’ to 37’’ in size.


  • The unit has no thermostat

7. BOVADO USA Twin Window Cooling Fan

The Bovadon USA Twin window cooling fan has durable 9’’ turbo blades that ensure it stays useful for the longest time possible. This window exhaust fan has a remote control for you to operate at your convenience and has three fan functions and speeds that give you comfort options when you are running the unit.

The Bovadon USA window fan has adjustable locking extenders that allow you to custom fit the window fan into windows between 23.5 inches to 37 inches. To top it all up, this unit includes a bug screen that conveniently keeps all kinds of bugs out of your fan and room.


  • It has three fan functions and three fan speeds
  • It is remote controlled for convenient operation
  • It comes with a bug protection cover.


The unit is noisy and shakes when you set the fans to high speed.


Smoking may be an individual habit, but keeping the people around you safe and comfortable as you indulge should be your priority. With the best window fan for smoking, you can keep your home smelling fresh and keep it cool at the same time. 

You can also try other smoke ventilation systems for homes, especially for kitchen and other confined spaces. If you have a smoke room, the best option would be an exhaust fan for cigar room