Best Reversible Window Fan

Maybe you already own a window fan. It’s powerful and circulates lots of air to make your home comfortable. The only problem is that you have to manually remove the fan, turn it around to change the direction of the blades and reinstall it to change the direction of the airflow. This might be frustrating, to say the least.

An electrically reversible window fan saves you all this problem. If you want to change the direction of the airflow, all you have to do is use a switch. Some fans can even draw in fresh, cool air from the outside and exhaust stale, hot air from inside simultaneously

Best Reversible Window Fan

1. Bionaire Twin Reversible Airflow Window Fan

Bionaire Twin Reversible Airflow Window Fan is one of the powerful and user-friendly fans to be used in dry or mild weather. If you are in search of a cost-efficient solution to your traditional air conditioner, then this is the way to go. Bionaire Twin Reversible Airflow Window Fan comes with a programmable thermostat that is digital to assist in the maintenance of a personal comfort level. This is one way to save energy costs. Let’s have a look at the features that the Bionaire Reversible Airflow Window Fan comes with;

3 Speed Setting: For Optimal Cooling and comfort, this airflow window fan has three-speed settings. This setting allows you to control the amount of airflow into the fan from high, medium, and low speed. This allows for optimal cooling and comfort.

Electronically Reversible Blades: One of the best features designed in this airflow window fan is the electronically reversible blades. These 8.5” blades are independently controlled. These blades allow you to change from intake to exhaust for full room circulation with just a flip of a switch.

Programmable Digital Thermostat: The programmable digital thermostat makes this window fan very efficient. It helps you maintain your comfort level at the same time saves on energy costs. This digital LED Thermostat allows you to set your desired temperatures from 60-80 degrees. In the case of ambient room temperature, the fan will automatically turn off. This LED Display is visible for dark/night time use.

Water Resistant Motors: The motors in this airflow window fan are water-resistant, making the fan ideal to use when raining.

Electronic Controls: This Airflow Window fan has electronic controls with a remote control that makes it easy to use all the time. The automatic control is backed up by an LCD screen that displays the currents.

Ideal for large: The Bionaire Airflo Window Fan is ideal for large rooms; this includes; your living room, bedroom, and even the Kitchen. It’s also designed to fit into most of the slider type windows with a width of 24.25” or the double-hung windows.


  • Electronic thermostat.
  • 3Speed setting
  • Digital LED Display.
  • Reversible Airflow.
  • It’s quiet.
  • Blades are reversible
  • You can control the temperature.
  • Remote controlled.


  • Only best for vertical skidding windows.
  • The seals can’t be closed when the device is not in use.

2. Holmes 7” Reversible Window Fan

Looking for the ultimate comfort in your large room? Then don’t look any further. Holmes Reversible Window Fan is a twin window fan that operates efficiently in taking-in fresh and cooler air as it expels warm and exhausting stale air. Let’s discover what makes the Holmes reversible window the perfect option for your large living room.

2 Speed Setting: This reversible window fan is designed with a two-speed setting i.e., high and low. This setting is meant to provide an optimal cooling and comfort. It’s designed with a manual-reverse airflow control to switch from intake to exhaust quickly.

Water-resistant Motors: This twin window fan is designed with water-resistant motors that makes it ideal for outdoor using when raining.

Cooling Blades: This reversible airflow window fan has a dual blade operation each 7” for a powerful and cooling breeze.  

Installation: When it’s installed facing outward, the fan will draw in cool air from the outdoor; it will also exhaust the stale air indoor. It fits virtually in all the slider windows or any double-hung windows. It’s ideal for any living room or room with its quiet and efficient operation. It also has extender panels that make it perfect to fit on any window fully.


  • Water-resistant motors.
  • Dual-blade operation
  • Has a slim design
  • Dual-blade operation.


  • It’s controlled manually.
  • It doesn’t have a remote control.
  • It’s quite big.

3. Holmes Dual 8” Blade Window Fan

The Holmes Dual 8” Blade window fan is one of the fans that can be set with more precision. It’s designed with two 8” blades that pull fresh air in and expel hot air out. You want to discover more about this reversible window fan? 

Well, let’s see what makes it the best.

Dual Blade Operation:This reversible window fan has a dual blade operation that is backed up by independent electronically reversible motors. This blade allows you to change from intake to exhaust for full room circulation with just a flip of a switch.

Water Resistant Motors: The water-resistant motors make it ideal to use during the rainy weather.

3 Speed Setting: This window fan is designed with a three-speed setting to control the speed of airflow. This includes; high, low, and medium settings. The three-speed setting feature is critical in achieving optimal cooling and comfort.

Digital Thermostat: It’s designed with a digital thermostat that makes it a little bit “Smarter.” This digital thermostat allows the fan to blow until the room achieves the precise temperature for an ideal comfort level. When the temperature drops down, the thermostat will automatically shut down. This will save you on energy costs.

Size: This reversible window fan is designed to fit on a slider window, or a double-hung with a minimum opening that is 25” wide. It also comes with an extender panel that can extend up to 35” wide.


  • Durable cause it can be used in all weather condition
  • Dual blade operation
  • Easy to control; digital thermostat.


  • It’s very big.
  • Quite Noisy.

4. The BOVADO USA Twin Window Cooling Fan

The BOVADO USA Twin window cooling fan is one of the highly sorted reversible window fans that comes with remote control for a tranquil setting. This electronically reversible fan also features a lot of specs that include; Bug Screen and a fabric cover. 

Let’s discover more features that make it the best reversible window fan.

Turbo 9” Blade: This window fan features 9” dual turbo blades that blow refreshing air around your apartment, dorm, office or even your home. The electronically reversible feature makes allows you to use your remote to turn the fans around automatically.

Remote Control: This reversible window fan comes with a remote control that allows you to switch it on and off without walking over to the window every time. Just by the touch of a button, you can make yourself comfortable.

Size: This reversible window fan comes with locking extenders that fit into the large windows. This limits the window frame needed to be 23.5” and the window dual window frame to be 37”. This panel is meant for safety and custom fit.

Designed to Keep all the Bugs Out: The bug screen plays a very crucial role in preventing bugs, flies, or any other insect from coming to your room. It also features the removable cover that prevents hot air from coming in when the window fan is not in use.

3 Fan Functions and Speeds: This airflow window fan has a dual-fan that renders three fan functions that include the Circulate Function. Exhaust function and the intake function. The Circulate function works in such a way that; one fan will suck the humid hot air out while the other fan will draw in the cold fresh air. For the exhaust function, the fan reverses, and they both work to remove the hot, stuffy air. 

Lastly, for the intake function, both fans will operate to bring in fresh cool air into the room. It has three speeds setting, and this includes low, medium, and high. This turbo window fan is ideal for your dorm, office, apartment, and home.


  • Easy to control.
  • Durable.
  • Quiet in nature
  • Very sturdy


  • Its design is big.
  • Difficult to clean.

 5. Portable Twin Reversible Window Fan

Take some time to cool off your living room or your office with this portable twin reversible window fan. This is a convenient fan that is fully equipped with independently controlled motors, two removable covers a remote control and 2 Snap-On Feet. The Snap-On feet, which is removable, allows you to put this window fan on the table or floor. 

Designed for 3 Functions: The 9” Blade in the in the twin fan performs a set of three functions which includes; Cool, exhaust and circulate functions. For the circulate function, the blades will suck out the hot, humid air and replace it with fresh air. For the Cool function, the blade will operate to bring in the cool fresh air. Lastly, the exhaust function works to remove the hot, stuffy air in the room.  

The Fabric Cover & Bug Screen: It’s designed with a fabric cover on the front meant to keep hot and humid air when not in use. The Bug Screen attached to the back of the fan is intended to keep pests out.

Size: This ETL listed airflow window fine can fit windows measuring 23.5” to 37” wide and 23.5” to 12“ Height. Thanks to the Locks extenders that it comes with.


  • 3 Function setting.
  • Fabric Cover and Bug Screen.
  • Its E.T.L Listed.
  • It is designed from Light Plastic material


  • A little bit noisy. 

6. The Genesis Twin Window Fan

The Genesis Twin window fan is currently the best in the market. If you can’t afford the Bionaire Twin window fan, then this is the right choice that you can make. This is an easy to operate window fan that was designed to provide the right conditions to your house. It’s electronically reversible, making it easy to install. 

 Designed with a Max Cool Technology: The Genesis Twin window fan was designed with the max cool technology and fitted with a thermostat. The thermostat has an in-built LED indicator that lights for a comfortable temperature setting. Its features makes this fan rated among the most highly innovative window fans in the market.

Functionality: It can be used both as an exhaust fan or an intake fan, thanks to the reversible airflow feature designed in it. The intake fan brings in the clean and fresh air in while exhaust will blow away stale air. It’s one of the most durable fans in the market cause of the copper motors which can endure all weather conditions.

Speed Setting: This window fan is equipped with three-speed settings. This includes; medium, low and high. It’s up to you to select the comfortable speed level with ease.

Reversible airflow: The Genesis Twin window fan was designed uniquely to accommodate simultaneous operation for the intake and exhaust processes. This is possible with its reversible blades, where it can use one fan for intake and the other one for exhaust simultaneously.  


  • Three-speed setting.
  • Dual Blade operation.
  • Durable
  • Easy to control.
  • Comfortable to control the thermostat.
  • Energy-efficient.


  • Its design appears cheap.
  • It’s a little bit noisy.

7. Lasko 2155A Electrically Reversible Window Fan

Lasko 2155A is an electrically reversible window fan that is medium-sized and designed with a lot of functionalities. This functionality is what makes it more efficient when compared to other reversible window fans. Its universal fit makes it a perfect choice for different home types.

3 Intakes and 3 Exhaust Speeds: The three intakes and three exhaust functionalities improve the performance of this airflow window fan review in bringing fresh air into your home. It’s also equi[ped with three powerful speeds that work in each direction. This makes it ideal for cooling your entire room. These speeds are also energy efficient.

The Motors are electrically reversible: This window fan comes with powerful 3-paddle blades that are 16 inches. These blades are powered by an electrically reversible motor that makes it easy to control with just a simple turn of the dial.

The Exclusive Storm Guard Feature: This E.T.L Listed window fan features an exclusive storm guard feature that makes it possible for your window to close behind. This improves your safety and security of your house during storms, especially when you are away.

Size: The size of this window fan is ideal to fit in many window sizes. Thanks to the expandable side panels allowing you to install this window fan on windows from 26.5” to 34.5” in width and 22” in height.


  • Highly durable
  • Easy to operate and use
  • It’s affordable


  • The fab is noisy

8. Optimus PTROPSF7345BK Window Fan

The best deal in the market is Optimus PTROPSF7345BK Window Fan. It’s one of the fantastic window fans in the market meant to improve the air in your home. The quality of air in your room will be enhanced by pulling in the fresh air and exhausting stale air out.

3 Speed Rain Resistant Motor: This window fan is designed with a three-speed rain-resistant motor which makes it ideal to be used in all weather. This motor makes it more powerful and efficient to be used in large rooms.

Easy to control: This fan comes with an LED temperature display that makes it easy to control. The automatic thermostat makes it easy to control also. Lastly, it has an inbuilt slide screen that is adjustable with locks.


· Durable.

· Controllable

· It’s affordable.

· Designed with precision and technology.


· It’s quite noisy.

9. Lasko 2138 Twin Electric Reverse Window Fan

This is a 9” twin electrically reverse window fan that is equipped with independently controlled motors. The fan has double functionalities which include two intakes and two exhausts. It’s designed from high-quality plastics and it’s highly resistant to water. Naturally, the design of this window fan is ideal for windows with the following dimensions width of 25” to 35” and height of 12”.

Easy to Control: The motors are powerful and electrically reversible controlled for air intake and exhaust. This makes it easy to control. It’s equipped with an automatically adjustable thermostat that allows the fan to shut down once it reaches the desired temperature. The Snap-on feet features enable it to be placed on the table or floor for use. 

Performance: The 8 inch electrically reversible motors operate with two whisper-quiet speeds which makes it easy for the window fan to operate on large rooms. It also features the E-Z Click expander panels that improve the safety of the window fan and it’s also ideal for a custom fit.


  • Electrically reversed.
  • Durable
  • Water resistant.
  • Sleek design.


  • Its noisy

10. HowPLumb Dual Blade Twin Window

Its lightweight in nature makes it potable, providing you with maximum comfort with whisper-quiet operation. The HowPlumb Dual Blade twin window fan is equipped with a 9-inch blade that makes it one of the powerful window fans in the market at the moment. The 9” blades run at two speeds which allows it to have a quiet operation which is great for your bedroom at night or during day time.

Operation: This is a manual reversible fan that supports air intake and exhaust manually. Can be controlled easily, thanks to the remote control that comes with this fan. If you have a small or medium premise, then this is the optimum choice of fan that you can consider.

Size and installation: This window fan was designed with auto-locking accordion expanders that do adjust and fit in many windows with widths ranging from 22.5” to 33”. It also comes with a removable fit, and this makes it unnecessary to install in your window because it can work while on a removable table.

Safety: This window fan comes designed with a removable fabric cover which is essential in keeping out, humidity, hot air, and bugs when it’s not running. This is an E.T.L listed product making it ideal and safe to use in your premises.


  • It’s powerful for large rooms.
  • It’s reversible
  • Equipped with fabric covers.
  • 3 Function set.
  • Easy Fit


  • Hectic to maintenance when it comes to disassembling the unit.