Most Realistic Electric Fireplace TV Stand Combo

Instead of buying a TV stand and an electric fireplace separately, why not save the money and invest in a whole unit like the most realistic electric fireplace tv stand.

An electric fireplace tv stand produces the best 3-Dimensional flame effect, effective heating function, and a decorative display for your TV.

While these electric fires look like real flames and even simulate the charm of robust crackling flames amazingly, they don’t pose any risks or dangers that come with actual fires.

However, not all electric fireplaces feature realistic flames, which is why you want to consider your needs before making a purchase.

We’ve curated this list to help you pick the most realistic electric fireplace tv stands.

Benefits of Electric Fireplace TV Stands

Here are some reasons for buying and installing an electric fireplace TV stand in your home.

most realistic electric fireplace tv stand

Aesthetic Value

Electric fireplace TV stands have great aesthetic value. You can use them as the focal point of your living room if you select the right one.

The fireplaces come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. Some designs are modern, while others are traditional or antique. You can select a design and color that matches the interior décor of your living room to enhance the general look.


Electric fireplace tv stands are safer than traditional fireplaces. Electric fireplace tv stands that are available on the market have been tested for performance.

Manufacturers and regulators use the tests to determine the risk level that you will assume when using the devices. Traditional fireplaces are not subjected to such tests. Therefore, it is safer to use electric fireplace TV stands in your home.

Effective Heating

Electric fireplace TV stands are more effective than traditional fireplaces unless you use the most efficient direct vent gas fireplace. They contain sophisticated heating systems that ensure the rapid warming of relatively large indoor spaces.

The heater uses either infrared or inbuilt fans to provide sufficient warmth. Moreover, you can tailor their performance to your needs by adjusting the inbuilt thermostats and other control features.

Easy Maintenance

It is straightforward to operate and maintain an electric fireplace TV stand. The routine maintenance procedures for such devices usually entails cleaning the surface to remove dust and changing the bulb after some time.

If you install this device in your home, you will not have to waste a lot of time carrying out detailed maintenance procedures.

Furthermore, operating an electric fireplace TV stand is a straightforward procedure. You do not have to carry out complex maneuvers like restoking real fires, as is the case with traditional fireplaces.


Electric fireplaces are more efficient than traditional ones. Whereas traditional fireplace converts chemical energy into heat energy, an energy-efficient electric fireplace convert electric energy into heat energy.

The conversion of electric energy into heat energy in electric fireplaces is a highly efficient process. Moreover, using electric energy for heating is environmentally -friendly than using firewood or carbon fuels, including kerosene and propane gas.

Are TV Stands with Electric Fireplaces Safe?

TV stands with electric fireplaces are safe. All the brands that are available on the market have inbuilt safety features to protect users from harm.

The most common safety feature of TV stands with electric heater is protected against overheating. Some brands have cool-to-touch surfaces so that kids and pets do not get burned when they accidentally touch them.

But as it is the case with all devices, the level of safety depends on how you use them. Here are a few tips to help you reduce the level of risks associated with electric fireplace TV stands at home.

  • Keep your wires from getting tangled by using zip ties. Having tangled wires behind or under your TV increases the risk of fires and other forms of accidents. If you keep many other devices on the top of your stand, ensure that the wires are separate by using zip ties.
  • Switch off the electric fireplace when it is not in use. You do not have to leave your electric fireplace TV stand on overnight. Similarly, switch it off even when you are stepping out of the house for just a few hours. Leaving the device unattended to dramatically increases the risks of accidents. Imagine what will happen if you leave the fireplace on, and kids start playing with the controls.
  • Do not leave combustible materials near the fireplace. Plastics, papers, and fabrics can easily catch fire if they contact the hot surface of your fireplace. Although many fireplaces now have cool surfaces to the touch, they still get hot enough to cause problems if a combustible material comes into contact with them.
  • Keep all the ventilation ports clean. Occasionally, dust accumulates on the surface of the fireplace and ends up blocking the ventilation ports. When the ports are not functioning correctly, the level of effectiveness of the fireplace reduces. Ensure that the ports are free of dirt by routinely cleaning them.
  • Contact an electrician if there is something strange. Do not attempt to solve faults such as exposed wires by yourself. It is wise to get the services of a certified electrician to troubleshoot and solve the problem. Similarly, if your fireplace starts to produce strange noises, then get an expert to help you solve the problem.

Features to Consider Before Choosing the Best Electric Fireplace TV Stand

electric fireplace tv stand combo

Getting the perfect electric fireplace TV stand for your home is difficult. There are many brands that are available on the market. More so, the brands vary in terms of features, performance, and other aspects.

Therefore, you need to be careful when looking for the right electric fireplace. Here are a few important factors that you should consider when making a decision.

Heating Capacity

The heating capacity is one of the most important factors to consider when buying an electric fireplace with a TV stand. This factor indicates the amount of heat energy that the device produces. You can use the heating capacity to determine the ideal size of a room that the heater can be used to warm.

The heating capacity is usually expressed in terms of British Thermal Units, or BTUs. The higher the level of BTU, the bigger the space that the heater can effectively warm.

Electric heaters use either the forced-fan or infrared heating systems. Infrared heaters have dedicated fans that silently ensure that the generated heat is evenly distributed.

Such heaters effectively provide instant heat because of the infrared radiation directly warm objects and people in a room.

Forced-fan heating systems comprise of coils and fan. The coils heat cold air drafts that are sucked into the heater. The heated air is then forced out of the heater and distributed across the area in which the heater is used.

Check out the best electric fireplaces for large rooms


Electric fireplace TV stands come in any of the following three design types: traditional, contemporary, and modern. Traditional ones are usually made of classic wood types.

The design is simple, bold, and reminds one of the vintage objects. They can be a great choice if you are keen on having a vintage or rustic look in your house.

Contemporary designs are based on emerging trends. Electric fireplace TV stands that bear this type of design are usually bold and refreshing to look at.

If your interior décor is fresh and new, then you may consider complementing this with an electric fireplace TV stand that has a contemporary design.

Modern designs are exceptionally minimalist. Electric TV stands that are designed in this fashion easily fit with any décor style.

The focus for such fireplaces is functionality and not appearance. Nevertheless, fireplaces that are designed in the modern style can still be great focal points in your home.

Storage Space

The amount of space available for holding decorative and other items is critical. It is standard practice to keep many other items on your TV stand.

It would be useless to have an electric fireplace that cannot hold all the items that you would like to store in it. Consider the number and sizes of all the items that you would wish to store in your fireplace when choosing the right brand to purchase.

The Flame

The visual effects of the flame are as important as the heating capacity of electric fireplace TV stands. The fake fireplace of the devices is designed to produce highly appealing visual effects.

The fake flame may flicker or dance. In other devices, the flame may appear to be burning on logs. This feature gives a surreal experience of a fire burning inside the device. In other devices, you can change the color and speed of dancing of the flames.

Can you Mount a TV On a Brick Fireplace?

You can mount a TV on a brick fireplace, but it is not as easy as one may imagine. Drilling holes on your brick fireplace may cause the whole thing to crumble. Besides, installing the brackets can prove to be a huge challenge to anyone who attempts to mount a TV on a brick fireplace.

The best way of going about it is by getting an experienced hand to do it for you. Certified technicians understand how to drill holes, attach the wall mount, and deal with every other challenge that occurs when one attempts to mount a TV on a brick fireplace.

How Do you Mount a TV Over a Brick Fireplace and Hide the Wires?

If you insist on mounting your TV over a brick fireplace, then the best way of hiding the wires is to bury them inside the wall. Doing this will require that you grout and re-grout your wall to conceal the wires. You can use zip ties to keep the wires from getting tangled up.

Most Realistic Electric Fireplace TV Stand Reviews & Comparison Table

1. Ameriwood Home Chicago Electric Fireplace TV Console for TVs

Whether you would like to store common digital devices, including DVD players or ornamental objects, the Ameriwood Home Chicago Electric Fireplace has all the space that you would ever need. Its top divided shelf is ideal for keeping such items safe for as long as you would like.

The antique look of this heater blends perfectly with many interior décor styles. Its traditional wood finish can be a great focal point in your living room. You can always rely on the Ameriwood Home Chicago Electric Fireplace as a great conversation starter in your home.

You do not have to think about sophisticated maintenance procedures once you have the Ameriwood Home Chicago Electric Fireplace installed in your home. Occasionally, you may only have to wipe it with a dry or damp cloth to remove dirt.

If you have a huge living room, then you will have to consider getting another electric fireplace TV stands apart from this one. The Ameriwood Home Chicago Electric Fireplace can heat spaces that do not exceed 400 square feet.


  • The fireplace has massive storage space, including a divided top shelf
  • The traditional design blends perfectly with many interior décor styles
  • The stand requires very little maintenance procedures


  • The fireplace can only heat spaces that are as large as 400 square feet

2. Ameriwood Home Carver Electric Fireplace TV Stand

The Ameriwood Home Carver Electric Fireplace TV Stand has several features that make it one of the most reliable and effective sources of heat for your home.

Its fireplace system functions independently of the heating system. This feature can be a great plus when you need to use only the display function for aesthetic value during the summer.

The fireplace has adequate storage space. With the ability to support a screen that measures up to 60 inches and additional compartments, this heater can be the perfect storage space for all your decorative and other electric devices. The doors of the shelved cabinets are made of tempered glass for maximum security of your objects.

The only notable drawback of using this electric fireplace TV stand relates to its heating capacity. With a BTU rating of 4,600, the device can sufficiently warm the air in spaces that do not exceed 400 square feet. This average heating capacity can be a problem if you have an ultra-large living room.


  • The fireplace and heating systems function separately
  • The fireplace has adequate storage space
  • Great controls for personalized heating


  • The fireplace can heat up places that do not exceed 400 square feet only

3. Hogan Electric Fireplace TV Stand

If you are looking for an electric fireplace TV stand for warming large indoor spaces, you should consider the Hogan Electric Fireplace TV Stand.

This device can effectively warm areas as large as 1,000 square feet. Besides, it has large compartments for storing the cable box and other ornamental and electric devices.

You can easily personalize the performance of this fireplace using the easy-to-use controls. The flame can be adjusted across 125 different settings to deliver the kind of aesthetic appeal that you desire.

The inbuilt digital thermostat is exceptionally active in reading the ambient temperature. You can use it to program the device to operate according to your heating requirements.

Installing the Hogan Electric Fireplace TV Stand is very complicated than you may think. It may be wise to get a technician to help you complete detailed processes, including hiding the cables and ensuring the ventilation holes function properly.

But once the fireplace is installed correctly, you will enjoy its outstanding heating capacity and aesthetic value.


  • The heater can warm large areas that measure up to 1,000 square feet
  • Various settings for personalized performance, including 125 for flame effects
  • The classic design with white finish blends well with all interior décor styles


  • The installation process is quite complex

4. Southern Enterprises SEI Cartwright Convertible Electric Fireplace

The SEI Cartwright Convertible Electric Fireplace has an elegant traditional design that perfectly blends with vintage décor styles. Placing it in your living room provides a unique rustic aura that enhances your house’s general feel.

Apart from the aesthetic value, this electric fireplace has several other features that stand out from many others. It has several inbuilt features, including cool-to-touch.

You do not have to worry if your kids and pets accidentally touch it because the surface temperature does not rise abnormally.

It is relatively easy to operate this fireplace, thanks to its remote-control capabilities and broad settings. You can use the remote control to change every aspect of the performance of the fireplace from the comfort of your seat.

You will have to bear with the limited storage capacity of the SEI Cartwright Convertible Electric Fireplace. This is not your ideal electric fireplace TV stand with massive storage capacities. If you do not have many devices to keep in the stand, you may choose it based on its heating capacity and settings.


  • Elegant traditional design with a rustic feel provides excellent aesthetic value
  • Easy to operate using the remote control and other settings
  • Inbuilt safety features, including cool-to-touch


  • The fireplace has a limited storage space

5. Walker Edison Furniture Company Tall Wood Corner Fireplace Stand

The Walker Edison Furniture Company Tall Wood Corner Fireplace Stand has massive storage space. It has two cabinets which have two shelves. You will conveniently store the cable box, electrical devices, and even other ornamental objects in this device.

This electric fireplace TV stand is quite durable, thanks to the perfect combination of wood and steel in its construction. You will get value for your money because you will not have to replace it often.

It is easy to maintain the Walker Edison Furniture Company Tall Wood Corner Fireplace Stand. Apart from occasionally wiping the surface, you will not have to do anything to keep it in excellent condition.

The only drawback of this heater is that you cannot rely on it to heat exceptionally large spaces. With a BTU rating of only 4,600, the Walker Edison Furniture Company Tall Wood Corner Fireplace Stand can only heat spaces that do not exceed 400 square space.


  • Massive storage space comprising of two cabinets with two shelves each
  • Highly durable because of the combination of wood and steel
  • Designed for hiding cords


  • The fireplace can only heat spaces that are not more than 400 square feet

Wrap Up

There are plenty of electric fireplace tv stand combo on the market, but not all of them can provide a realistic flame. If you want a modern and most realistic electric fireplace tv stand, you have to consider all the important factors and your needs before deciding.

Different manufacturers use different technologies to make the flame as real as possible. But since you may only need the fireplace only in winter, you want to make sure the unit is safe and suitable for all-year-round comfort.