Cheap Portable Air Conditioner Under $100

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Air conditioning is a great way to beat the heat during summer as well as improve the quality of indoor air. However, most people think that they have to spend a fortune to get the best air conditioner.

Fortunately, you can get an efficient air conditioner for a lot less than you might expect. Whether you’re looking to upgrade an old unit, supplement your primary cooling system, or a first-time buyer, the best cheap portable air conditioner under 100 will deliver enough cold air to keep you comfortable in your room.

The most important thing you have to consider when choosing a portable air conditioner under $100 is the size of your room. Most of these units have low cooling power and only ideal for small rooms. If you can spend a little more, you can consider portable air conditioners under $200 or portable air conditioners for large rooms.

Best Cheap Portable Air Conditioner Under $100

1. COSTWAY Portable Cooler with Fan & Humidifier 

Costway portable cooler is a multifunctional unit that conditions and humidifies your room. It’s recommended for hot, dry climates and suitable for small indoor spaces, including bedrooms, study rooms, and offices.

It has three adjustable speeds( low, medium, and high speed) that you can select depending on how fast you want your space cool or reach your set temperature. It also uses ice crystal refrigeration and air humidifying technology that reduces temperature while increasing relative humidity.

Since it automatically swings it blades both horizontally and vertically, you can direct the cold air where it’s needed the most, ensuring even distribution of air across the room. You can also take advantage of the timer to schedule for cooling before you back home.

This unit has a large-capacity water tank that holds up to six liters of water. With that size, you can go for quite a long time without refilling the tank now and again. Since it’s heavy to carry or move around, there are caster wheels to help you move it freely.


  • The speed is adjustable
  • It can deliver wind at a wide-angle.
  • Large capacity water tank.
  • It has wheels that enhance portability.


  • It has some white noise.