What Are The Most Efficient Electric Baseboard Heaters

If you use space heaters to supplement your central heating unit, you know how important it is to consider energy efficiency.

If you have a peripheral space and looking for a secondary heat output to keep it warm during the cold season, consider the most efficient baseboard heaters to do the task.

Best baseboard heaters come in two different types, including convection and hydronic. Both these heaters have common similarities in shape, style and provide a slow, gentle, and quiet trickle of heat output through the room.

The difference is that convection baseboard heaters stay warm for a short time after the thermostat kicks off compared to hydronic baseboard heaters.

No matter the option you prefer, make sure you choose the most energy efficient electric baseboard heaters that will save heating bills.

Most Efficient Electric Baseboard Heaters Comparison Table

Are New Electric Baseboard Heaters More Energy Efficient?

New electric board convection heaters are not more energy efficient than the old ones. Primarily, there is no difference in the mechanism of operation between new and old baseboard heaters. All types of electric baseboard heaters operate using the same principle. Electric current is passed through special components called resistors.

The resistors are poor conductors of electric current. As a result, a percentage of the electric current is converted into heat energy. It is the radiate heat energy that is transferred to the atmosphere and used to heat the living space in buildings.

New and old brands of baseboard electric heaters convert about 30% of the electric current that passes through them into heat energy. This means that 70% of the electric current that passes through electric baseboard heaters is not converted into radiate heat energy.

Therefore, because new and old electric baseboard heaters have a conversion rate of 30%, it means that new models are not more efficient than old ones.

A difference in energy efficiency levels among types of electric baseboard heaters can be realized based on the way you use them.

Best baseboard heaters provide the much-needed supplemental warmth in homes. They are installed on the baseboards and largely remain in the background throughout their lives. Unlike energy-efficient wall-mounted heaters and stand-alone electric heaters, baseboard heaters are hardly visible, yet they play a key role in central heating homes.

The best approach is to ensure that baseboard heaters are in action when they are needed most and switched off when they are not needed.

Furthermore, it is possible to realize a difference in the efficiency level of your heater by ensuring that the air supply is not blocked in any way. Dust and other particles may accumulate on the surface of your baseboard heater.

This may limit the level of efficiency of the flow of hot air from your baseboard heater. The reduced performance of the baseboard heater implies that your device is less efficient than when the flow of cool air is optimal.

Lastly, the mode of heat output transfer may influence the level of efficiency of electric baseboard heaters. There are two types of electric baseboard heaters based on the mode of heat transfer, radiant heat units and hydronic heaters.

Hydronic baseboard heaters have a fluid that acts as a heat sink. When the fluid gets fully heated by an electric current, it remains hot for a long time. Thus, it continues to warm the cool air in the room for some time before it completely cools down. This makes it easier for you to control the level of energy consumption of hydronic baseboard heaters than radiant ones.

Pros & Cons of Baseboard Heating Systems

Here are some of the most common benefits of installing an electric baseboard heater in your home or office. You can also check the difference between hydronic baseboard heaters vs electric.

  • Silent operation. Baseboard heaters are quieter than many other types of convection heaters. This is because convection baseboard heaters do not have the forced air systems that many other types of heaters have. Therefore, you can use baseboard heaters in your bedroom and never worry about persistent sounds of bursts of forced air, like other electric home heating devices.
  • Low footprint. When compared to wall-mounted and standalone heaters, baseboard beaters occupy very little space. They are simply mounted on the baseboard, unlike electric fireplaces that have to be installed in special recessed walls or standalone counterparts that have to be properly positioned in the room.
  • Once properly installed, electric baseboard heaters can last for more than ten years. Thus, they tend to outlive other types of electric heaters such as electric fireplaces that may need to be replaced after a few years.
  • Ease of maintenance. It is easier to maintain an electric baseboard heater than other types of baseboard heating systems. The process normally entails using an ordinary vacuum cleaner to remove any dust and other particles that may have accumulated on the surface of the convection baseboard heater. You can complete this process easily and regularly without requiring external help.

The following are some of the key disadvantages of using a baseboard heater in your home. If you want to explore other heating options, you can choose any of baseboard heater replacement options that are efficient.

  • Low heating capacity. convection baseboard heaters can hardly be used as primary heating sources in a home or office. This is the case because the heaters have a lower heating capacity than wall-mountable fireplaces. Therefore, you will have to use baseboard heaters as a supplemental source of heat in your home or office.
  • The high cost of operation. Although your baseboard heater remains barely visible or audible, it is a significant consumer of electric energy in the house. Best baseboard heaters convert only 30% of the electric energy that they consume into heat energy, making baseboard heaters expensive in the long term. Other heating methods have higher conversion and efficiency rates than this.
  • The surfaces of electric baseboard heaters often get hot. What Size baseboard heater is needed? although baseboard heaters are small in size, they do get hot after operating for a long time. Other types of electric heaters are designed with additional features such as cool-to-touch. The surfaces of such heaters remain cool even when the heaters are operating at their highest electric heating modes. Sadly, electric baseboard heaters can get quite hot and pose a danger to kids at home.
  • Electric baseboard heaters take up space. Although electric baseboard heaters have smaller footprints than other types of electric heaters, they still occupy space in homes. You will have to think about their positions and arrangement of furniture in your home. Besides, you ought to ensure that the low-hanging window curtains do not block the baseboard heaters, which are ideally placed below windows.

How can I lower My Electric Bill with the Most Efficient Baseboard Heaters?

It is possible to lower your electricity bill when using the most efficient electric baseboard heaters. The basic principle is to ensure that the heaters are used when and where you need them most. It is important to adopt this approach because you cannot improve the inherent efficiency rate of electric baseboard heaters.

Here are a few tips for reducing your overall electricity bill when using electric baseboard heaters.

  • Use a programmable thermostat. A modern digital thermostat that can be programmed is more accurate than a conventional one. You can use it to determine when the heater goes on and off. The thermostat senses the ambient temperature accurately and uses the result to determine when the heater goes on or off. To get the most from your electric baseboard heater, ensure that you use an electric and programmable heater.
  • Zonal heating. Zonal heating entails using your source of heat to provide warmth to specific areas in the house sequentially. If you are using a portable heater, you may easily carry it to specific places in the room to provide heat. Alternatively, you may change its position to project heat to specific sections. However, baseboard heaters are not portable. Therefore, to heat specific zones in your home, you need to place them in strategic locations such as hallways.
  • Ensure the maximum flow of warm air into and out of the baseboard heater. When airflow into and out of the baseboard heater is obstructed, the overall level of efficiency of the heater declines. As a result, you will need the baseboard heater to function for long to provide the much-needed heat. This will lead to an increase in electricity bills. To avoid this scenario, ensure that your baseboard heater is three centimeters above the carpet and ten centimeters below the window drapes.
  • Minimize drafts. Strong drafts from open windows interfere with the performance of your electric baseboard heater. To get the most from your device, use blinds or curtains to minimize the drafts. Doing this will help to ensure that the baseboard heaters experience ideal airflow from the windows and successfully heat it to provide warmth in the entire space.
  • Clean the baseboard heater regularly. Constant wiping of the surface of the baseboard heater and occasional vacuum-cleaning of the fins will help to keep the heater in ideal working conditions. When particles accumulate on the fins and surface of the heater, they interfere with the flow of hot air. If this happens, your heater ends up using a lot of electric heating power to provide warmth in the room. This translates into high electricity costs.

Here is what you can do if your baseboard heater sin’t working.

6 Most Efficient Electric Baseboard Heaters Of 2021

1. DIMPLEX North America PC6025W31 2500W 60″ Wireless Heater

DIMPLEX NORTH AMERICA PC6025W31 2500W 60" Wireless...
  • Connex, 2500W, 240V, 60, white, wireless baseboard heater, energy efficient, built-in electronic thermostat
  • Highly durable product
  • Manufactured in China

The PC6025W31 is a reliable electric baseboard heater that you can use for zonal warming in large living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways. The baseboard heater has several features that make it an ideal electric heater for your home or office.

It is compatible with wireless and wall-mountable temperature control units. You can use the control units to determine when the baseboard heater operates and minimize unnecessary utilization of electric power.

The inbuilt electronic thermostat is quite accurate in reading the ambient temperature. It enables the heater to effectively adapt to the heating requirements of the environment in your home. In the end, you avoid wasting electric power on needless heating.

However, this baseboard heater has one major flaw; its surface becomes hot after a long time. You will have to keep kids and pets away from the electric baseboard heater for their safety. However, this is a common problem among electric baseboards and other types of electric heaters.


  • Compatibility with wireless and online temperature control units enhances efficiency
  • It has an inbuilt electronic thermostat for great control of the heating capacity
  • Has CSA certification for safety and great performance


  • The surface temperature warms up after the heater has been in use for a long time

2. Fahrenheat PLF Liquid Filled Electric Hydronic Baseboard Heater

Fahrenheat PLF Liquid Filled Electric Hydronic...
  • USE ANYWHERE DESIGN: This heating unit provides gentle heat with maximum efficiency. Its hydronic design and safety grille means it stays cool to touch while providing unobstructed radiant heat, making it safe to use around small children and pets.
  • OPTIMAL HEAT: The low-profile design makes it perfect for home use in bedrooms, basements, bathrooms, and living rooms, and perfect for commercial use in waiting rooms, day cares, offices, and more.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: This unit can mount directly to any wall, and flat on the floor to wood, tile, and even carpet; the trim and low operating temperature allows for carpeting to be installed around it.
  • SAFE AND EFFICIENT: This energy-efficient design reduces unnecessary on/off cycles, and the overheat protection feature prevents the heater from running when its air intake is blocked, reducing risk of fire.
  • QUIET AND EFFECTIVE: The convection heater operates without the annoying popping and pinging noise that many other models give off. The fan-less operation keeps dust, allergens, and dander from circulating through the room. This is not corded.

The Fahrenheat PLF Liquid Filled Electric Hydronic Baseboard Heater is notable for its design and functionality. It has an appealing Navajo white finish and elegant design that blend perfectly with most baseboard heaters’ colors.

This electric baseboard heater uses a hydronic heating system to warm the air. Once the heating fluid gets fully heated, it continues to release electric heat energy to the atmosphere for some time. Therefore, this baseboard heater is more efficient than radiant baseboard heaters.

Moreover, the built-in safety features maximize the level of efficiency of this heater. The overheating feature prevents unnecessary wastage of electric energy when the airflow systems of the hydronic baseboard heater have been blocked.

Because this hydronic baseboard heater does not have a forced-fan system, it operates silently. This makes the baseboard heater ideal for use in bedrooms and other places where silence is paramount.

However, you will have to bear with the need to regularly clean the grilles if you choose this baseboard heater. It is common for dust and other particles to accumulate on the grilles. The dirt can easily interfere with the performance of your hydronic heaters if left to accumulate for long.


  • The overheat protection feature enhances efficiency and prevents accidents
  • The hydronic heating system maximizes efficiency by reducing on and off cycles
  • Silent operation because the heater does not have a forced fan system


  • Dust, allergens, and other particles easily accumulate on the grille of the heater


Marley HBB500 Baseboard HEATERS, Navajo White
  • Heat your space without kicking up dust or other allergens. The natural convection airflow doesn't rely on a blower or fan to move warm air throughout the room.
  • Hydronic baseboards put out smooth, steady warmth without large temperature swings. Their sealed-tube heating element heats up quickly and stays that way, for a more stable room climate.
  • Even after the thermostat turns off, this unit continues heating the room, thanks to its fluid-immersed heating element that better retains warmth to keep your room cozy for longer.
  • This convection heater starts up and stops without the disruptive popping or pinging sounds given off by traditional baseboard models.
  • For maximum efficiency, the unit converts all incoming electric energy into heat, according to Department of Energy standards.

If you are looking for a perfectly designed and high-performance electric baseboard heater, then HB550 may the right choice for you. This baseboard heater has several notable features that enable it to provide smooth, long-lasting, and uniform warmth in living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways.

The HB500 has been specially designed to help you minimize your heating expenses. Its fluid-immersed reliable heating elements continue to warm air for a long time. This helps to minimize the amount of electric current that the baseboard heater utilizes to provide warmth.

Moreover, the heating element gets hot within very short timeframes. This minimizes the amount of electric power that the heater requires to warm a living space according to your requirements.

However, the HBB500, like all products, does have flaws. Primarily, you cannot rely on it as the main source of supplemental heat in your home. However, this is a common issue for all-electric baseboard heaters.


  • Utilizes the more efficient hydronic heating method
  • It has passed the Department of Energy standards on safety and efficiency
  • Effective utilization of energy because the fluid-immersed heating element remains hot for a long time


  • It can only be used as a supplemental source of heat

4. Cadet Manufacturing White 05532 120-Volt Baseboard Hardwire Electric Zone Heater

Cadet F Series 36" Electric Baseboard Heater...
  • Requires A Thermostat
  • 25 Gauge Steel
  • 20 Gauge Junction Box With Ground, All Metal, And Powder Coated
  • UL Listed Heater
  • Requires A Thermostat
  • 25 Gauge Steel
  • 20 Gauge Junction Box With Ground, All Metal and Powder Coated
  • UL Listed Heater

One of the most notable features of the Cadet 05532 electric baseboard heaters that maximize its efficiency is the automatic shutoff system. When the baseboard heater is unable to function normally as a result of poor airflow, it automatically goes off.

This prevents the occurrence of accidents as a result of overheating. But most importantly, the automatic shutting off helps to keep your heating bills low because the baseboard heater does not utilize power inefficiently for a long time.

Apart from the efficient utilization of power, the Cadet 05532 baseboard electric heater has been built to last for a long time. Its casing is made of high-quality 20-gauge steel that has been sprinkled with special power to minimize the effect of scratches. Thus, you will end up getting value for your money because the heater can remain functional for more than ten years.

The only significant drawback of using this baseboard heater is that it does not come with a thermostat. You will have to purchase and install your thermostat to get the best from Cadet 05532 electric baseboard heater.


  • Highly durable because the casing is made of 20-gauge steel
  • Easy installation, thanks to the presence of pre-punched knockouts and universal wiring configurations
  • Advanced inbuilt safety features, including temperature shutoff


  • The thermostat is sold separately

5. KING KPH1210 3-Foot Portable Baseboard Heater

KING KPH1210 3-Foot Portable Baseboard Heater,...
  • Built-In Thermostat To Control Comfort
  • Aluminum Finned Crushproof Element
  • Full Length Safety Cutout
  • All Angle Tip-Over Switch
  • Quiet and Efficient Convection Heat

The KPH1210 electric baseboard heater has an inbuilt thermometer that you can use to maximize its performance and efficiency.

By effectively programming the thermometer, you can eliminate the wastage of electric power which usually occurs because of overheating. If you use this approach, you will have great control over the heating costs of your home.

Additionally, the inbuilt safety features of the thermometer play a critical role in keeping your power expenses down. The heater automatically shuts off to prevent overheating. This, in turn, ensures that you do not waste electric energy on the baseboard heater.

You will have to bear with one significant flaw when using this baseboard heater: the surface gets quite hot. Given that kids and pets in your home can easily access the best baseboard heaters, this is a serious issue.

One way of going about it is by installing the baseboard heater behind chairs. However, you must be careful to avoid obstructing cold airflow into and out of the baseboard heater.


  • The inbuilt thermostat can be used to control heating performance and efficiency
  • Built-in safety features improve the overall level of safety and usability
  • Easy installation using universal wiring conventions


  • The surface of the heater becomes quite hot after some time

6. NewAir AH-600 1500W Ultramodern Baseboard Heater 

No products found.

The NewAir AH-600 is a highly efficient baseboard heater, thanks to its advanced control and safety features. You can successfully utilize the safety and control features to maximize the level of efficiency of this baseboard heater.

It has multiple control for adjusting the heating capacity and timing of performance. The knob and push-button can be used to adjust the temperature of the baseboard heater as well as determine how long it can work.

Ideally, the baseboard heater works non-stop for 7.5 hours. However, you can change this setting to suit the heating requirements of your room.

The portability of this baseboard heater can be a great advantage. If you need to baseboard heater to heat your large spaces, then it is easy to move the heater to the exact positions where you need it to be. This helps to improve the overall energy efficiency of your heating and eliminate cold spots.

However, the high level of portability of the baseboard heater comes at a cost. You will have to bear with the increased danger of the heater getting damaged or knocked. Luckily, it has a special feature that automatically turns it off when the heater gets knocked.


  • Great control for adjusting heating capacity according to requirements
  • Highly portable for zonal heating
  • Easy installation using universal wiring conventions
  • Great modern design with a black finish that can be used to enhance the interior décor


  • The baseboard heater is prone to get damaged or knocked because of its high degree of portability

Wrap Up

The most efficient electric baseboard heaters will provide supplemental heat in a relatively small room. You don’t have to remodel your heating from scratch or stay in the cold.

While the supplemental heat that comes from the best baseboard heaters is localized, you still provide energy-efficient heat rather than turning up the thermostat in your home.

These types of heaters are best suited in spaces like cabins, basements, or additions. Keep in mind that you must never use them as your primary source of heat unless you live in a warmer climate where additional heat is rarely needed.