Choosing A Basement Air Conditioner To Keep Cool In Summer

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Since a basement can be used for several purposes; whether it’s a storage room, laundry room, or you carry out any other activities, it’s important to look for the best basement air conditioner to keep it cool during summer.

But that’s only possible if the room has a proper ventilation system, so that you can comfortably spend long periods of time down there.

Poor ventilation would promote the growth of mold and mildew, whereas humidity can result in dust mites, which would contaminate the air in the basement. The excessive moisture in the air can also lead to serious structural damage of your place.

To protect your family from deadly infections, and your property from damage, the best solution is installing an air conditioning unit for efficient ventilation.

Best Air Conditioner for Basement Apartment

If you have a large apartment with basement, you can use ductless mini split air conditioners. While you can choose a single unit for your basement specifically, you can also consider multi zone mini split systems that will allow you to cool both your basement and other rooms in your apartment individually.

Ductless air conditioners are not the only option for cooling an apartment. There are other air conditioning options for apartments you can try.

1. PIONEER Air Conditioner Mini Split Heat Pump

The PIONEER air conditioner mini-split heat pump comes with a 9000 BTU rating. It is perfect to be used for a space up to 350 square feet in size. The system also includes a heat pump, due to which it can be used as a heater as well.

With a 17 SEER rating, the high-efficiency unit offers four modes, including cooling, heating, dehumidification, and ventilation. Other features include a timer, auto-restart function, automatically swinging louvers, refrigerant leak detection, and variable speed compressor. The night mode function changes the temperature settings automatically.

The unit has an LED display and remote control that helps adjust the settings. It comes with easy to clean removable air filters and a complete installation kit.

However, all these features come at a high price, which isn’t affordable for everyone. The unit is also bulky in size. The heat pump only works till a specific temperature; beyond that, the electric heating coils activate for heating the place, causing the BTU heating capacity to fall and an increase in your electricity bills.


  • The unit has a heat pump providing heater functionality.
  • It’s pre-charged with a refrigerant leak detection system.
  • Four operating modes controlled with remote control.
  • Features timer, auto-restart, night mode function.
  • Includes removable easy to clean air filters and a complete installation kit easing installation.


  • It can prove to be a bit costly for some consumers.
  • The air conditioning unit is quite bulky.
  • The heat pump is only effective to a particular temperature.

2. Pioneer WYS012-17 Air Conditioner Mini Split & Heat Pump

The Pioneer WYS012-17 air conditioner mini-split heat pump offers a 12000 BTU rating. This air conditioning unit is a good option for installation in a single zone small sized bedroom, or equivalent spaces. The ductless wall-mounting system includes a reverse cycle heat pump for heating.

This air conditioner is one of the most affordable inverter systems available in the market. This unit has superior efficiency and comes with a 17 SEER, which helps you save money throughout the year. It has four operation modes; cooling, heating, dehumidification, and ventilation. 

In addition to these features, the inverter compressor operates at variable speeds to help maintain the temperature to provide comfort that can be controlled with a remote. This ultra-silent split air conditioner comes pre-charged with refrigerant. It also includes an installation kit that makes the installation process super easy.

However, you shouldn’t go for this option if the room you want to install the unit in is large or has high ceilings.


  • This air conditioner is an extremely affordable option on the market.
  • The air conditioning unit comes with a reverse cycle heat pump for heating.
  • The unit comes pre-charged with refrigerant.
  • It offers four operation modes with remote control and programming module option.
  • The system comes with an installation kit to make installation easy.


  • It’s not a viable option for installation in large rooms with high ceilings.

Best Basement Window Air Conditioner

If your basement has windows, then a window or portable air conditioners would be ideal. However, not many basements have windows. In that case, you can consider other cooling solutions or try air conditioners for rooms without windows.

Depending on the size of your room and windows, you can choose an AC cooling capacity with the size in mind.

3. Frigidaire FFRE0633S1 Window-Mounted Mini-Compact Air Conditioner

The Frigidaire FFRE0633S1 window-mounted mini-compact air conditioner features 6000 BTU of cooling capacity. It can quickly and efficiently cool rooms sized up to 250 square feet. Along with cooling its also capable of removing 1.3 pints of water from the air per hour to dehumidify the room.

The Energy Star system has an energy efficiency ratio of 12.2. Also, the low power start-up of the unit and highly efficient operation further help to conserve energy and decrease the money spent on your power bills. This sleek-looking unit offers 3 cooling and fan speeds with 8-way air direction control.

The air conditioning unit has a convenient temperature-readout display and a full-function remote control, allowing you to change settings to your comfort. It employees the ionizing technology that helps to give fresh and clean air making it breathable for allergy sufferers.

However, several customers said that the fan creates rattling noises causing a loud operating environment.


  • The air conditioner is Energy Star certified and is highly energy efficient.
  • The low power start-up function and operating help lower energy bills.
  • The air conditioning unit offers 3 cooling and fan speeds with 8-way air direction control.
  • Includes clean air ionizer to provides fresh air free of airborne particles.


  • Many customers complain about the loud, rattling sounds of the fan.

4. LG LW6017R 6,000 BTU 115V Window Air Conditioner

 The LG LW6017R window air conditioner has 6000 BTU of cooling power. This air conditioning unit is made for cooling a room up to 260 square feet in size. Another one of its features includes dehumidification power that is capable of removing up to 1.8 pints of water per hour.

This window air conditioner from LG has an auto-restart function that’s helpful in case of a power loss. The unit has 3 different cooling and fan speeds, which allow you to adjust the settings according to your preference. The two-way airflow and auto cooling help to keep the room cool and free from excess moisture making the space comfortable. 

The 24-hour on/off timer and the energy-saving feature of the air conditioner saves energy and lowers your energy bills, saving your money. It also comes with electronic touch control and remote. Its also equipped with a filter alarm function that tells you when it needs cleaning.

However, when the air conditioner is running, it can be slightly noisy and distracting.


  • The air conditioning unit comes with an energy-saving mode.
  • It has an indicator light that tells you when the filter needs to be cleaned.
  • The timer in the air conditioner allows you to set it according to your specific cooling requirements. 


  • The air conditioner can only be used in rooms that are up to 260 square feet in size.
  • The cooling unit can be a bit noisy and distracting.

Best Portable Air Conditioner for Basement

Portable air conditioners are not ideal for basements without windows. However, you can be creative with the installation and find a way to get the exhaust hose out of the room. If you’re a looking for a way to vent a portable air conditioner without a window, there are some tricks available to help you through the process.

5. Black + Decker BPACT10WT Portable Air Conditioner

The Black + Decker BPACT10WT portable air conditioning unit offers 10000 BTU of cooling power. This system can efficiently cool a room up to 250 square feet in size. It’s one of the more affordable air conditioner options available in the market.

It has a 3-in-1 functionality of cooling, dehumidification, and three fan speeds. It quickly reaches the set temperature and maintains it. It also provides a 24-hour programmable on/off timer and sleep mode. It has electronic controls with an LED digital display. It also comes with a remote control through which you can control other functions.

The side carrying handles and four rolling casters provide easy maneuvering transporting. The unit includes slide-out washable air filters that are easy to clean. It comes with an easy to install window kit as well.

While this unit works in double-hung or sliding windows, this isn’t a suitable choice for crank windows. Another downside of the system is that it’s very noisy, so go for another option if you’re looking for a quiet operating environment.


  • The unit is quite cheap, with numerous features.
  • It offers a 3-in-1 functionality with three fan speeds.
  • The portable air conditioner has side handles and four castor wheels for ease of moving.
  • The air filter slides out and washable for easy cleaning.
  • Includes a window installation kit making the process easy.


  • The air conditioning unit is a little louder as compared to others.
  • The unit can’t be installed in crank windows.

6. Honeywell MN12CES Portable Air Conditioner

The Honeywell MN12CES portable air conditioner comes with 12000 BTU of cooling capacity. This makes the unit ideal for use in a 550 square feet space. Also, the air conditioning unit also features a dehumidification capacity of 66 pints per hour.

The unit has an impressive auto-evaporation system meaning a no-drip no-bucket design. The 3-in-1 technology offers cooling, fanning, and dehumidification to provide a comfortable environment. The automatic timer, sleep settings, and feather touch controls with LCD make it a smart pick.

It has a washable electrostatic filter with a light reminder. It’s the most suitable choice for people who want to move around the unit from one space to another as this doesn’t require permanent installation, and castor wheels make pushing easy. For ease of installation, it comes with a window venting kit.

But many users have complained that the unit is a bit noisy. They also suggested that the compact air conditioning unit would’ve been easier to transport from one place to another if the unit had handles as well.


  • The unit doesn’t require permanent installation, and caster wheels allow easy mobility.
  • It features an auto-evaporation system with the no-drip bucket-less operation.
  • Auto timer and three operating modes with soft-touch controls and LCD.
  • Washable electrostatic filter with filter light reminder.
  • It comes with an easy to install window venting kit.


  • The unit has complaints regarding the loud operating environment.
  • The air conditioner would’ve been easier to move if it included handles.

Buying Guide for Basement Air Conditioner

Should You Use an Air Conditioner or Dehumidifier to Cool Your Basement

The major difference between a dehumidifier and an air conditioning unit is that a dehumidifier functions by passing the air over a series of cooling coils and right after that over a set of heating coils that passes out the same air back in the room but it has been dried out. 

An air conditioner, on the other hand, passes the air over the cooling coils and then into the room. Next, the heated Freon passes through a tube and in the heating coils while the outside air passes over it before exiting. 

The reason an air conditioner is a better option is that it maintains the humidity inside the room and removes the bad odor. It is also able to prevent the risk of fungus formation due to high humidity levels. Besides that, a dehumidifier keeps providing the same indoor air, which can be contaminated with airborne particles and infections. 

Buying an air conditioner is a viable solution as these units usually come with a dehumidification feature, eliminating the need to buy a separate dehumidifier. 

Types of Air Conditioners You Can Use in Your Basement

The basement of your home can either get too hot or too cold based on the weather conditions and other aspects. It’s quite likely to experience temperature imbalance, which is mostly due to the structural characteristics. 

These spaces have high humidity levels making the indoor air quality poor, promoting the growth of mold and mildew.

It’s quite difficult to extend the ductwork of the centralized system, and the process will be too costly. In contrast, separate systems fail to achieve optimal temperature and increase your electricity bills. 

You require a unit that can efficiently cool, heat, dehumidify the space to give fresh and clean air, and is also cost-effective. Also, the installation process should be smooth and easy to manage.

Mini Split – The Best Option

Installing a ductless mini-split in your basement is the most sensible way to cool the space. The installation process is quite easy, and the unit can be installed anywhere. It doesn’t require any ductwork and is excellent for single-zone cooling and heating. This eliminates the need for two separate systems as it has dual functionality.

Most of these units include inverter technology and can efficiently cool or heat the room even in extreme weather conditions to your comfort level. They also come with a dehumidification function that helps to remove moisture from the air. The air filters help to provide clean and fresh air. As they’re energy-efficient systems, they help to save your money spent on the energy bills.

Window Air Conditioner

Another choice that you’ve got for cooling the basement is window air conditioners. The units can be installed in the windows. Usually, window air conditioning units are comparatively cheaper options. Besides that, they have several features that make them quite energy-efficient, which helps bring a noticeable decrease to your electricity bills.

These systems can efficiently cool the room, and the different cooling and fan speeds help to achieve the desired temperature in the room. They also have a built-in dehumidifier that makes the space comfortable. The air filters remove the air pollutants so you can breathe clean air. 

However, if you install a window air conditioner, you would need a separate system for heating purposes during the winter season. Or you can select a window air conditioner with heater.

Portable Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioners’ biggest advantage is that they can be moved around from one spot to another according to your requirements. This is a good option for a cooling unit if you’re not willing to make a permanent investment.

It can cool and dehumidify the room simultaneously and provide a comfortable environment. But again, you would have to purchase a different unit for heating the basement in the cold weather.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Basement Air Conditioner

Your Budget

Before you visit the market for a survey, you should first set your budget. It’s one of the most important factors that will have a major influence over your choice. You should consider the total cost of the unit and the installation costs as well. Once you’re clear, head out and explore the options that you’ve got within your price range. If you’re on a budget, we have reviewed the best affordable window air conditioners under 200 dollars.

Room in Square Feet

The size of the basement of your house will affect the choice of the air conditioning system that you pick. Always measure the room size before purchasing the unit. Get a system that would be suitable for the size of your basement. Getting the wrong sized air conditioner will make your investment go to waste, as a unit that is too small won’t be able to quickly and efficiently reach the set temperature. In the opposite case, a large size system would result in high electricity bills, putting you in a loss in both situations.


Before choosing the type of air conditioner, consider the installation process that it would require. The best option is to get a ductless system as it makes the process quite easy, and it can be installed anywhere. When planning to buy a window air conditioner, keep in mind the window size, orientation, and also if the window is double-hung, sliding, or crank windows. A misfit wouldn’t cool the room and cause problems later on.

Features to Look for When Buying the Best Basement Air Conditioner


A ductless air conditioning unit is ideal for installation in the basement as it keeps you tension free from any ductwork problems that might occur. On the whole, it makes the installation process hassle-free.

Heating and Cooling Functions

A smart move would be to get hold of a system that has the functions of both an air conditioner and a heater. This way, you wouldn’t have to spend money on piecemeal solutions. 


This feature helps to remove the excess moisture from the air making the insides of the room more comfortable. As the air in the basement tends to hold excess moisture, a dehumidification feature can help prevent the risk of growth of mold and mildew.

Air Filter

The air filter collects the impurities from the air and provides clean and fresh air. This feature holds significance when considering basements as the indoor air can get smelly and contaminated. While most of these filters need replacement from time to time, most of them are washable and can be used again.

Energy Efficient

An energy-efficient air conditioner allows you to stay cool without spending all of your money on your energy bills. They’ve a great energy efficiency ratio that helps conserve energy. Choose the product that is certified by Energy Star. Several other functions further help to decrease energy usage.

Automatic Timer

The automatic timer feature makes it possible to program when the air conditioning unit turns itself off. This feature helps you save money. The budget models allow you to set intervals, while the newer models have advanced timers that allow pre-programming the unit beforehand.

Noiseless Operation

Some of these units are designed to operate without creating noise. Though they aren’t as powerful, they are still best suited for smaller rooms that require silent operating environments.


We’ve provided you with several options that you can consider for cooling your basement. You can choose any of the best basement air conditioners based on your budget and needs. We advice you that you purchase a ductless mini split air conditioner as it’s the best option for a basement. However, if you plan to buy some other type of air conditioner for your basement, keep in mind the things that you need to consider and pay attention to the features it has to offer to make sure that you get the best basement air conditioner for your place.